12-Minute Seated Core Workout

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In this workout, Coach Nicole will lead you through a series of seated exercises that will help you tone your entire core, improve your posture, and increase your spinal mobility and flexibility.

Member Comments

Excellent workout-thanks. Report
LOVED it. For someone with hip problems, this is wonderful. Report
Loved it! Made me realize how weak my arms are as well. Report
Great workout! Report
This is a great workout. Its brief but effective Report
Nicole makes great videos! Something for every body! Report
I love this and the 9 min seated arm workout! I have been thru many surgeries/cancer treatment as well and it is a go-to to being regaining lost strength! Report
Thank you Nicole! This makes it easy to exercise on a work day. Report
I'm glad I found this video. Coach Nicole is my favorite! Report
Always great exercises! Report
thanks Report
Really liked this short ab workout.
May do this a few times each day.
Need to concentrate on the ab muscles more. Report
I loved this! I really needed this guidance! Report
Wonderful for this old lady!!