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Spend a little time on our site, and it won't take long to discover that our positive and supportive Community is unlike any other. That's why we're excited to launch a new feature, designed to help you celebrate success, get a boost of support when times are tough and engage more easily with other members just like you! Did you know that SparkPeople members who are active in the Community tend to lose more weight than those who try to go it alone? This new feature can help you reach your goals, all while having fun along the way.

The Community Goal Feed (found on your Start page or homescreen) is a place to post updates and photos, share your goal progress and tell others a little more about yourself! Here are the features the Community Goal Feed has to offer in more detail:
  • Make a post. Tell us how your day is going—what went well or what needs to improve. Ask for tips to tweak your program for maximum results. Share a milestone or ask a question. All posts are viewable by the entire community, so you'll get support and answers from thousands of community members.
  • Share a picture. Want to share a post-workout selfie? Did you make a delicious meal that others might enjoy? Do you have a motivational mantra that keeps you going when times get tough? Post those pictures for everyone to see.
  • Track a goal. Log your workout here and it carries over to your Fitness Tracker. Choose from other goals that you accomplished today. Did you resist a food temptation? Get enough sleep?  Give yourself a pep talk? Track those goals here for added accountability.
  • Comment on someone else's activity. You can "like" or comment on any of the activities listed above. Perhaps you see another member who could use a kind word, or a friend who shares a goal he or she accomplished today. Helping others expands your network of support while you make new friends working toward similar goals.
  • Filter your feed. You have the ability to filter your feed by Trending Topics (those posts that are currently the most popular), People I Know (members I am "following" so that I'm sure to see everything they are posting), New Posts, Goal Posts and My Posts. You can also filter by hashtag—popular tags (most commonly used), interests (such as low-carb or running) and goals (which are the tags connected to the goals tracked in the feed). Filters are a simple way to sort posts by topic.
The Start page (on the full site) and the home screen (in the app) will look slightly different with the integration of this feature. Here is a breakdown of those changes, so you know what to expect.

On the full site:

  • My Challenges, SparkPoints & Streaks, My Community Quick Links, Featured Member Blogs, Hot Message Board Topics and More Articles & Videos have moved to the right column on the page, making way for the Community Goal Feed on the left.
  • There are fewer articles and blogs at the bottom of the Start page, but those are still easily accessible from the Learn tab at the top of the page.
  • Team Bonus Points and What's New in My Teams are no longer available. We looked at which features were most popular when deciding what to remove, and these two were used less frequently than many others.
  • Edited on 3/10/17 to add: You have the ability to make a feed filter your "default", so that each time you log into the site that is the feed view you see on your Start page. We quickly made this change based on feedback from our members, so thank you for your input!

In the app:

  • SparkPoints are no longer on the homescreen. To access points, use the menu at the top left (Android) or My Spark button on the lower right (iOS).
  • Member blogs are no longer on the homescreen. To access someone's blog, click on their profile page.
  • Friend Feed will only be linked from your profile page on Android, and there will be a new link to it on the MySpark/profile tab on iOS.
  • Mobile Chat is no longer a standalone feature.  All of those posts will appear in the new Community Feed.
You will be able to get notifications when someone replies to your posts in the feed. You will also get SparkPoints for posting in the feed.

We encourage you to start posting today in the Community Feed, and hope you will find it to be a useful tool as you work toward your healthy living goals!

Have you posted yet in the new Community Goal Feed? Tell us about it!

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Thanks Report
I don't care for the Community Feed at all. I have a small computer screen and it eats up the whole thing. It's been a while since I've logged into SparkPeople and honestly, this new home page isn't making me want to come back. I find it fairly useless. Make it customizable so a person can get rid of all the junk they don't want to see. It's nothing but absolute clutter. Report
Add me to the list of people who don't like this community feed. I want to know how my Sparkfriends are doing. I want to be able to connect with the people who support me and the people I have chosen to support. Bring back the old friend feed please. Report
The current text on the community posting section, besides having a link to this article, encourages people to post to the community section to achieve 1 million posts. I was wondering if there is any way to monitor the number of posts and/or know when 1 million or 2 million or what ever has been achieved? Seems like another motivator, which SP does so well! Report
I agree with Acrossthesea. I paid for premium and then they changed the format without any input from us. Also, after paying for premium I noticed many ads in the form of sponsors. As an example one of the challenges was nothing more than ads for Eggland eggs. I did come back after being away for a while but am still dissapointed. Report
I don't mind the community newsfeed, but I do have a question. I liked and commented on someone's picture of a lunch they had made. I asked if they could provide the recipe. Will I or can I get notified if they respond to me in their comments? I have no clue who she was, so I can't "find" her on here. It was just a random post in the feed. Report
How about reporting an inappropriate post/picture? I can't find how to do that. Report
I purchased SparkPeople Premium about a year ago. I was motivated to log on to SparkPeople because when I went to the Start page, I appreciated the lay out. I could gain Team points and have quick access to all the teams, and my goals. I even created personal Word & Excel Documents based on Spark's previous format.
When Spark People decided to change the Start page, I felt cheated and robbed. I invested in Premium and you altered things without request from those who've financially contributed - like myself.
I was so angry that the Start page was essentially ruined; I closed my account within hours. I later re-opened but am still frustrated with the new layout.
How could you make such a big change without consultation from those who've financially contributed? It was insulting and offensive. Report
I too don't like the *in your face* feed - it is WAY too big on my start page. Please either reduce in size by half or make it an option. Second problem - I made a comment today for the first time and now keep receiving emails about responsed on the board! I don't want my personal email filled with notifications several times a day but cant seem to find a place to turn off notifications for the link. I won't be making any more comments if I cant turn off notifications for the feed. Report
How do you change the filter from "Trending" to "New Posts?"

Ah! I found it. Thanks anyway!

It went away and option left too! Report
Thanks to a previous comment about changing the filter I too am able to turn the feed off. The blank area is much easier to view. I have just returned to SPARK People after a few years and definitely like the "old SPARK" better. Report
I join many others on not liking the "in your face" community feed. Let it be an option to click on and NOT on everyone's start page. Hope it changes soon!! Report

The community feed is a great idea. One I start my day off with. Helps keep me focused and motivated. And pretty apparent and available on the start page! Great upgrade Spark! Report
Ok I am considered pre diabetic. Last a1c was 6.8. I need to loose about 110 pounds. Looking at 30 day challenge to start or just do the diabetic plan what do you suggest? Report
I am finding that where you have slow internet (which I do), it takes forever to download, so I do not do as much Sparking. Report
I agree with the others. I'm not a fan of the community feed. If there is a way to block it from my page, I would sure like to. Report
Like others here, I detest the new community feed. If I wanted to do this on Facebook, I'd do it on Facebook. I can't find the inspiring people I used to follow, and that's a shame. Report
I absolutely hate the community feed. It's so in-your-face, and takes up so much space. I don't appreciate having to scroll around all of that just to find my friend feed, etc. If I want to give support and encouragement, I'll go to one of my teams to do so. And I know it's been a while, but I really miss logging my water on the front page too. Report
Not specially fond of the community feed. Report
Do NOT like the new start page format, sorry :( Liked the old version much, much better. Report
I prefer the old start screen. It showed things I was interested in and my friends. The new one is too busy with status I don't care for. Report
enjoy this feature but would like to go to the friend feed occasionally Report
I don't want to see the community feed and trending. Please tell me how to get rid of it. I think it is awful. Report
I'd like to see my friend feed instead of the community posting. Is there a way to swap out the community feed with my friend feed? Report
I cant activate the feed my screen has a little citcle continually just spinning around Report
Spam on my homepage. The feed is horrible. But I understand that earning money with this spam is the most important.... I dont feel very happy on SP anymore. It changed for the worst. Report
I like the community feed for a quick check in just to touch base. But I find some of the pictures very offensive, when people are showing too much skin - whether they are slim or fat. It's just not appropriate in a community setting with strangers - which we all are in fact - that is visible to the entire rest of the world on the Internet. What's next? Totally naked? Report
A significant number of people have asked to have a way to remove the community feed from their Start page. I am adding my name to that list. The posts there are not inspirational, I do not know any of those people in the feed (except that I may have friended them), and it takes up too much room. Put back the articles, put back the challenges. Just get that feed off of our Start page. Report
I dislike this new feature. You just cannot unsee the pictures people post. Some of them are in very poor taste. I have to find a way to not see it each time I go to my Start page. Report
There's a lot of the changes you made that I like, theirs a few I don't. To go to the points page I have to hit the three vertical dots day in history then go to sparkpoints to get to the main Spark page. It's a lot of trouble some times. Other than that I like it pretty good. Report
I want to permanently stop the communities postings but can't seem to find a way. As I said before, I don't want to see pictures of belly's and bottoms when I log on to my start page. Report
Is there a way to not get this community feed site so up front and all over the page - ? I'd rather not see so much from people I just am not interested in learning or seeing or spending so much time with? I haven't been on Spark People for a bit and I like to see about the things I can do for myself to earn points and be motivated- I am NOT interested in all this other time consuming stuff from so many onthers HOw do I turn this off!???? Report
I really like the update to the app! I like being able to see a steady stream of fellow sparker is and their current successes, questions, and cries for help. I like being able to help out when I can, and be inspired by others. I like being able to share what I am doing great throughout the day. I know not everyone agrees. But I like it! Report
I really dislike the new goal feed. I don't know these people. The feed itself takes up a lot of space...and the tools I actually used have been pushed off of the main page. I've been on SP since 2009...and this is really not working for me at all. Report
I do not like the new Start page at all. I am sorry to have to say it doesn't help NOW not only have you taken away the team challenge to get the points for my teams, you have taken away the the check in spot. It had a picture of my great grandson when he one just months old. Where is it? To me the sayings were motivation and sincere. You had a place for blogs and now you stick pictures and blogs all over the start page. More articles by professionals there would be preferable. Most of the people I talk to don't even come to the start page anymore. HELP! I changed my setting to see only people I follow. You changed it back. I tried to give it a chance but I just plan do not like the changes you made. I have in the past loved everything you've done for this. Not this time. So I will just thank you for the good you do...this isn't one of them. Report
Prefer the previous start page and I like to give points to the teams I chose. I don't like the new start page. Report
Dear SP: I've read dozens of posts left by members and yet, you haven't improved the feed since you introduced it. Some people say they aren't allowed to post religious stuff and yet, it's on the feed all the time. My issue is this: I read the posts, get to the end and press the more key, then the page bounces up to the beginning again so I scroll down to where I pressed the more key and then the same posts pop up double and triple for the same one. At the bottom of the page, couldn't you put a key "back to the top"? If you really want people to continue to post then please please make changes to reflect what most of the posters ask for. Report
I'm really sorry, but I don't like this new feature. I preferred being able to see my goal board and my friend feed. I have to search for friend feed now, which means I see less of what my friends are doing and give them less encouragement. Sorry..... Report can't post anything of a religious or spiritual nature on this community even though that is something that is not listed up above. I know I had a picture removed. My heart dropped when I got that message in my SP Mail. My spiritual life IS the first thing that keeps me motivated.. all of the other is icing on the cake.
I enjoyed being able to give points to my sparks teams every night. Why did you take that simple pleasure away? Not as enjoyable here anymore. Report
I can't stand the Facebook looking mess on my Start page. I finally learned that I can filter it to 'my posts' only. ...and since I never post... the entire left side of my screen is blank. Still better than seeing all the garbage.

The community is what I love about Spark but the cluttered mess took away from that. I make friends through the chat forums and Teams.

Edited my comment: I didn't realized until I read more comments. You can go into the community feed to turn it off.
Can't ever find my friend feed! Report
I don't like any of this. I can't get to Pinterest, my Spark Points, & my Spark Teams aren't there. I've been thinking about changing groups. Now is about as good of time as any. I wish the best to all of you! LYL! Report
I don't like any of this. I can't get to Pinterest, my Spark Points, & my Spark Teams aren't there. I've been thinking about changing groups. Now is about as good of time as any. I wish the best to all of you! LYL! Report
Yes best health support here Report
I don't like having this new feature take up my entire start page. I liked my start page the way it was...I was able to see my challenges and my goals; I was able to more easily access my teams. I wish SP had asked the members what we wanted to see...given us the opportunity to try it to see if we liked it and to go back if we didn't. I don't mind supporting others on SP and I like getting support as well, but I really don't want to see this in the middle of my start page. Is there a way to remove it? Report
I understand the concept and love to do my friend feed everyday to support my spark friends. But, why does it have to take up 2/3rds of our start page? I noticed a glitch you need to fix...the friend feed link I usually use to the right of the community goal feed does not sync up with each other! I filtered the community goal feed recently to people I only follow, because it is easier that going through another link to get to the regular feed. Then I noticed my comments from that feed was not on the community goal feed!!!! So if my friends are only using that goal feed, they will not see my comments! This is aggravating for sure! I say keep the community goal feed, make it smaller on the start page for those of us who want to support the millions of other sparkers whether all the time or once in awhile (which I do off and on) and give us our regular feed and status update back on our start page! Thank you. I love sparkpeople but, sometimes changes need to be fixed. Report
I definitely agree that I don't like this forced feed either. It isn't something that SP should've just sprung on us without the choice to opt in or opt out. Now that I have had it a few days I am seriously not liking it at all. I prefer the original way which gave us more control of what we choose to look at and be a part of. Report
This was a seriously bad move by SP. I have shut off the Community feed by filtering, and now visit my Start page as little as possible (which effectively means never). My main team pages also seem to be noticeably less active, because people find it harder to navigate to the pages and there is less motivation to do so (no team bonus points and those nice little flags). This used to be a really great healthy living site when I first found it (2012) and I recommended it to people; now it is half full of commercially sponsored rubbish and FB-style social media gimmicks, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Report