More Fall Favorites for Every Budget

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I'm not one who loves a lot of stuff, and I'm constantly trying to get rid of things rather than amass them. That said, when I find something I love, I want to share. Today I'm spreading the word about some of the products that I love this fall.

Fun Notebooks:
I keep a recipe journal. I leave dinner instructions for my boyfriend, track our food budget, and write out shopping lists and recipe ideas in it. I found this one at Target for $2.99. I love the motivational message.

Good (Cheap) Pens:
I do a lot of writing, and these pens make it more fun. I love making lists (and writing in my recipe journal), and a good pen makes writing more enjoyable. Who doesn't need a bit of color in life?

Amaya dresses from Prana
I love dresses. You feel put together but you only needed to pick out one item of clothing! I wear these dresses year-round, though with a sweater on top in fall plus tights and boots underneath in winter. I've bought one per season for the last year and a half, and they're worth every penny.  I feel dressed up but I can still move freely, which is so important to me. I dislike restrictive clothing. This is literally the only piece of clothing I bought for fall. (I'm on a no-shopping "diet" through the end of the year.)

Urban Gym Tights from Moving Comfort
Confession: I got these leggings for free. However, I have been wearing them at least weekly for the last two months. I love them--they're super long, but they look cute when they're bunched up at the ankles--kind of like ruching--or pulled over the heels. The waistband is high and doesn't bind. I usually only wear black yoga pants, but these are awesome. I have them in blue, too.

Benriner Cook Helper Slicer (Spiralizer)

My grandma gave me this spiralizer a couple of years ago, and I use it in waves. Lately, I can't get enough of salads made with finely shaved veggies. I shredded potatoes for a casserole. I shaved beets and radishes for a salad. I turned zucchini and squash into pasta. It's super easy to use, too!

Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo Bean Flour
I love seeking out new-to-me nutritious flours. Lately I've been digging garbanzo bean (chickpea) flour, which I found at my local supermarket. I love socca, a traditional Mediterranean flatbread, and I've been making my own version with loads of rosemary, black pepper, and onions. The secret is to use a cast-iron skillet! Chickpea flour is higher in protein than wheat flour, and it's gluten free if that's something you're avoiding. I love the creamy texture, but beware: cook it thoroughly. I undercooked some socca and ended up with a bloated belly. (And the batter will taste terrible so don’t  try it! It's like eating raw beans!)

ALBA Botanica ACNEdote Deep Pore Wash
I have a bit of adult-onset acne. (Thanks, hormones!) I really like this face wash from Alba Botanica. It's fairly natural, but it's tough on acne without drying out my skin. It doesn't discolor my bed linens, which can be an issue with some acne products.

Moonrise Kingdom
I've been eagerly awaiting the DVD release of this film since watching it in theaters over the summer, so I preordered it as a gift for my boyfriend's birthday. This film left me feeling warm and fuzzy all over, perfect for a chilly fall night cuddled up with hot apple cider or tea.

Delta Rae: Carry the Fire
Speaking of cool fall nights, I've been making it a habit to walk a few nights a week in my new neighborhood in the mountains of North Carolina. This band started in Durham, N.C., and I heard them on NPR a few weeks back. Their debut album makes the perfect soundtrack for my walks, when I'm not just listening to the sounds of nature.

Vinegar + baking soda
I'm a really green person, and we're also on a budget after a big move to North Carolina. I've long used baking soda and vinegar around the house, but now I'm starting to use it as a beauty aid, too. I use a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar as a rinse after I shampoo, and I use baking soda as an exfoliant. It's gentle, but it really does a great job of stripping off the dead skin cells.

Apple cider
On the way home from dropping off our moving truck, we discovered a stretch of hghway dubbed Apple Valley. Aptly named, as we counted upwards of a dozen apple orchards. We bought a bag of North Carolina apples along with a jug of apple cider. At 143 calories for 8 ounces, I drink it in small portions, but it sure is a tasty fall treat! I've even reduced it by half and used it as a sauce for baked tofu. (I'm sure it would be a great pairing with meat, too!)

What do you love this fall?  Any must-have items?

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Pretty dress! Report
Thanks for the blog. I enjoyed reading it but it difficult to get one of those dresses I have not reached a size 16 yet. Report
Stepf, you must be in western NC. I miss the PA apples since moving to the Raleigh area and Monday we came home from Ohio bringing 3 bushels of apples we picked there. Just ate one and it is so much better than those bought in stores.
We leave in morning for FL taking winter supply of NC sweet potatoes and OH apples. YUM!!! Report
Vinegar in a spray bottle! Use it to clean counters and stove tops! Report
LOVE apple cider. Thanks for sharing the stuff you love. I may have to try that Alba Acnedote. AND the baking soda and vinegar for skin and hair. ;o) Report
I love a cup of vanilla chai tea in the fall! Report
Thank you for this blog--I found some really interesting things to try at your suggestion. Report
Welcome to North Carolina! Came back from the mountains Saturday with a bag of apples from Altapass Orchard. Loved the notebooks from Target. I'm a writer, too, and am always a sucker for notebooks and pens. Thanks for the suggestions! Report
I love the dress and the! Report
Oh boy! Kitchen gadgets are my favorite and I'm going to check out that spiralizer right now! I also have to replace my Boerner V-slicer - I had it for years and loved it and my daughter "stole" it! ; ) Report
Love your blog. There are so many great ideas and products. Have copied them down and will hopefully be able to use them as I go along. Those dresses are wonderful. I am a far distance from being able to wear one, but it is something to shoot for and treat myself with when I get further along. Thanks for sharing.

ps. also love reading the comments - they are often filled with other new and wonderful ideas. Report
Thanks for the fun blog :) Love the little books..they are one of my many passions for lists and notes, etc. I also use them to make gifts for friends and family of quotes etc Report
To each her passions! I love "good" pens, agree on the cider and vinegar/soda combo, probably not on the clothes, etc.

It's great to hear what other people find important.

Enjoy NC. It's a beautiful state. Report
Welcome to the South! The hubby and I love to explore in the NC mountains - we live in Georgia. There are some wonderful farms and I'm sure you'll enjoy being able to get local produce depending on your location. I hope you get to enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway some - it's really close to that area.

My sister started using baking soda as to exfoliate years ago because everything she wasn't allergic to was too expensive. I've used vinegar for a rinse in the past but don't remember anything beyond the smell. I'm curious how it does with curly hair or hair that tends to frizz. Report
I always find it funny what people have to spend money on since I'm very frugal. But, each person has their own needs. $72 for a dress isn't one of mine or $65 for a pair of pants (urban gym tights). I got a pair of gym shorts at Walmart on sale for $7 that are Danskins and they work fine. The dress is pretty as it looks "Japanese" with the prints. Report
Cool notebooks - and I LOOOOOOOVE those Sarasa gel pens - write so nicely! No kiddin'! Report
$65 for those Urban Gym tights, that is NO bargain! Report
I've used garbanzo bean flour for a few things. Although they tasted fine, everything gave me nasty gas. Report
I agree on the sizes. Gives me motivation to get to work to get back to a 16 though. Report
Hot tea and a warm cat! Report
Love the dress...wrong size! Report
Hot tea, scarves and hats! Report
I don't think it's anything surprising that come fall, knits are back in style! I love this season's look of chunky knit wear - especially scarves. I've always found it hard for myself to wear knitted hats, mitts/gloves, or scarves and feel stylish. The chunky knit look is not only cute but easily obtained if you're into crocheting or knitting as a hobby!

Most scarves or hats are reasonably priced at this time, but if you're penny pinching or looking for a time buster, it's great to try to make your own! The only cost is one or two rolls of yarn, and if you'd like to try finger knitting, you won't even need the needles (Google " finger knitting " !) !

I love that idea because I'm a frequent boredom eater and I also have difficulty finding the right length of scarves for myself . Report
Too bad that dress only goes up to size 16 :( Report