Spark Spotlight: Rebecca (COUNTRYGAL1975)

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At SparkPeople, we love helping people accomplish big goals—but we believe it's equally important to celebrate the small successes along the way. Each week in the Spark Spotlight, we'll check in with a featured member about his or her proudest moments, biggest challenges and advice for others on living, thinking and feeling healthier. We hope these quick snapshots will help motivate you to keep moving steadily toward your own goals, week by week.
This Week's Spotlight: Rebecca (COUNTRYGAL1975)
Age: 43
Location: Colorado Spring, Colorado
Small Success of the Week
Rebecca recently shared in the Community Goal Feed that she went for a walk with her grandchildren. During her walk, she had to carry the youngest grandchild a few times and noticed that her fitness had improved so much that she didn't have trouble breathing at all.
What's your overall goal? 
My overall goal is to be able to move without huffing and puffing, be able to put on my shoes without losing my breath and to have the energy to keep up with my grandchildren. 

How is SparkPeople helping you get there? 
I've started SparkPeople many times, but the difference this time is the effort I put into it. When I log into SparkPeople daily and read articles and the community posts, I am able to stay on track more often. I have also joined some of the challenges this time around and that helps to keep me accountable. 

What's your biggest challenge right now? 
Boredom eating. I work from home sitting at a desk all day and, when I get bored, I eat. 

What advice do you have for someone who just joined SparkPeople today?
Keep logging into SparkPeople. Use the tools and get active in the community. I don't post a lot, but when I do, there is someone out there to help. 
Want to be the next small success we spotlight? Share your successes on the goal feed or in the comments below, and you might be the next person we contact! 

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Awesome...a true inspiration to the rest of us! Report
Thanks for sharing your story! Report
woohoo...keep going one step in front of the other and you will reach your goals Report
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That's fantastic Report
We all need and have our reasons, SparkFriends and our AHA moments. Keep up the good work. Report
What a great feeling that was! Good for you!
That is an awesome accomplishment! Report
Fabulous job! Report
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Awesome! Report
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Awesome Job!!!!! Report
Excellent! Keep it up! Report
Fantastic NSV's! Well said that the difference is the effort you are putting into it this time! We have control!! Report
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Congratulations Report
Congratulations Report
Congratulations! That's WONDERFUL, Rebecca! :) Report
That's great! I had my kids in my thirties and I am still waiting for grandchildren and hope through my weight loss that I can be as active as you and not "huff and puff" when I am a grandparent! I also want to be able to get on the floor to play with them and be able to GET BACK UP!! Congrats! Report
keep moving forward. Report
Congratulations that is an awesome NSV. I wish you continued success on your journey. Report
Great job Report
Good determination Rebecca and it's showing you're successful!! WTG!!

You'll be playing with the brand's all the way as they grow older. You'll be joining those of us who when they're teens declare you I "World's Greatest Grandma!!"

WTG That is Awesome Report