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Mardi Gras Party 03/08/14 168.5lbs - I think my face is skinnier here compared to the NYE Pic

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New Years Eve 2013 - Heaviest weight ever 178ish (at the time)

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d losing weight (post pregnancy): June 3, 2015 Starting age: 28 Height: 5'2 and a half Weight: 197.4 BMI: 35.5 =Obese Current date: August 16, 2016 Current age: 30 Weight: 174.8 BMI: 31.5 Weight loss percentage: 11.45 = Still Obese Goal weight: 138-ish Overweight BMI goal: 29.9 Healthy BMI goal: 24.9 ***********************************
04/06/2016: I am down to 187lbs and joined a gym a few weeks ago. With the baby I am only able to go 2-3 times a week but I am going to start working out at home on the elliptical in addition. Its coming off slow (mostly due to not being strict enough with my diet) but I am still aiming to weigh 180lb by summer.... 7lbs to go! 12/05/2015 : Gained 39lbs during pregnancy which had me at 220lbs the day before having my daughter (4/15/15). Today I am down to 194lbs and have been losing weight consistently for about 1.5 months. I hope to be down to 180 by the summer 2016 which is 1lb below my pre-pregnancy weight. I still want to lose more after that though... as 181lbs was my heaviest weight prior to pregnancy so I was not happy or healthy at that weight. 01/23/2014 : I'M BACCCKKK!!! I know I have said that a lot in the last year or two, but I mean it this time. Me and my Husband are probably going to to try to get pregnant later in the year and I really want to be at a healthier weight before that. I know the healthier your weight, the better your chances are of having a healthy pregnancy. I'm really bad at doing things for myself, but I am really good at doing things for people I love. Since I am also doing this for my Husband and un-born (hell... my un-conceived lol) child I feel very motivated. That is what makes this time so different when I say I'm realllyyyy back. I started a new job last month, and they do a "Biggest Loser" weight loss challenge in the office. I have ALWAYS wanted to do that at work or a gym but have never had the opportunity. It was perfect timing since I wanted to start being healthy again anyways. It has been going two weeks and I have won both weigh-ins (there are 7 of us participating) and lost 4.4lbs! I'll check back in every once in a while, but probably not on a daily basis like I used to. Started losing weight (this time): January 9, 2014 Starting age: 27 Height: 5'2 and a half Weight: 178.6 BMI: 32.1 = Obese Last updated the info below: March 22, 2014 Current age: 27 Weight: 166.6 BMI: 30.0 = Obese (only .1 more until I'm not obese!!) Weight loss percentage: 6.72% Weigh-ins: 01/09/14 - 178.6 01/16/14 - 176.0 01/23/14 - 174.4 01/30/14 - 172.4 02/06/14 - 172.4 (I have been sick, glad I didn't gain!) 02/14/14 - 171.4 02/22/14 - 170.0 03/01/14 - 168.6 (exactly 10lbs down!) 03/16/14 - 167.4 03/22/14 - 166.6 04/05/14 - 166.8 :( 04/26/14 - 167.0 05/12/14 - 166.8 (I don't want to delete everything I have on here, so anything below this line is old.) ____________________________________
____ 12-01-09 (ish): OK so here it is. My goal is to lose 42lbs which would bring me from 172lbs to 130lbs (which is a healthy BMI for me). Update 1-2-10: I'm currently 160.6lbs. I recently started taking vitamins for 'active' people and they give me so much extra energy to help me get through my workouts and through the day (GNC- W omens Ultra Mega Active). I'm losing an average of 5lbs a month. I'm happier then I was before & I feel proud of my accomplishments :) Update 5-4-10: Today I weighed-in at 145.6lbs. I am still averaging 5lbs a month but that will probably slow down the closer I get to my goal weight. I have been doing C25K on the treadmill and on my "off" days from running I do the elliptical. I'm not gunna lie & say that I have realized I love running and it's my new favorite pass time. I still hate it lol. I just finished week 4 (after doing it for about a month haha) and today will be day 1 of week 5. Running is not coming easy to me at all, but I'm sticking with it because I WANT to like it, & it is a good change from my normal cardio routine. Starting last week my boyfriend is going to the gym with me & my gym buddy Lisa a few days a week. He is mostly only working on building muscle since he only wants to lose around 5lbs. This is good motivation to keep me on track though, because it will also effect him if I stopped going to the gym. You see, I have a membership that allows a free guest whenever I go. He doesn't have his own membership. I'll take any motivation I can get! I only have 8.6lbs to go before I reach the max "healthy weight" for a woman of my age & height. After that I'll have 7 more pounds until I hit my goal weight. It's looking like I might have to re-think my goal once I get to 130 and make it in the mid-low 120's. The 120's sound so small to me, maybe even too small....but I keep underestimating how much my height plays a roll in this (5'2). Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it :) Update 11-3-10: Soo I have come to realize that the Summer is the hardest season for me to keep myself moving & to eat healthy. I go out with friends a lot more in the summer, I eat at a lot of BBQ's, I drink more alcohol, because I'm not home as often I eat at restaurants more, all the ice cream & fried seafood stands open. I like going to Festivals which are filled with fried food. get the idea. Most people have the hardest time with the holiday season, & well I'm not perfect, I can control myself a lot more during this time. So I am slowly but surely getting back on track now. I have a goal of getting into the 120's by Christmas (even if that means 129.9 lol). I am trying to be realistic because I know it's not easy to get back into the habit of frequent exercise & healthy eating and also because I know the weight comes off much slower the lower your weight gets. So as of today I am 136.0 (At some point in June I was 134.4..which was my lowest weight I have been as a teenager or adult) which means I need to lose at least 6.1 pounds to be in the 120's by Christmas. 7 weeks & 3 days. Which means if I average .8/.9 pounds a week I will meet my goal. Totally do-able! Also I changed my ticker from a goal weight of 130 to a goal weight of 125. I might even need to revise it again when I get to 125, but I'll decide when I get there. Update 12-29-10: For the first time in my life I kept a New Years resolution. Which was to get back down to 140lbs, the lowest I had ever been in my adult life. Today I am 131.6 and still working on losing more! I wanted to be in the 120's by Christmas, but with having a holiday party just 2 days before I didn't succeed. I am totally fine with that. Try, try again. I refuse to be disappointed in myself and feel like I failed. I will try for 120's by New Years(which is in 3 days). & if that doesn't happen I will surely get in the 120's for my dad's side of the family Christmas Party on January 8th. I set goals because I am somebody that works harder when I set deadlines for myself- this doesn't work for everybody. It's also taken a lot of work for me to realize that if I don't achieve the goals I wanted, but I tried my hardest..I did not fail. 41lbs gone since Thanksgiving 2009, in what way could that be interpreted as a failure. In 2011 I will reach my goal weight (whatever it is. I am always changing it. This is because I don't really have a goal weight, I have a goal 'feeling'. & I'm not stopping until I feel it.) Update 02-17-11: I've been struggling a lot with weight loss lately. On the bright side I've learned that maintaining is gunna be fairly easy...since I've been doing it for over a month lol Today I did day 1 of the thirty day shred! I'm gunna couple this DVD with still working out at the gym & doing my Cardio Boxing classes once a week. I'm only gunna do the 30 Day Shred every other day because I believe in resting muscles for at least 24hrs before working the same one's again. So I'll check back in 60 days and let you know if I stuck with it and how it went! Update 04-11-11: My plan of doing the 30 day shred every other day died real quick. I did do it a few times a week for the first few weeks. Then I had a weekend away in Boston and did a ton of walking (about 23hrs of standing/walking in 3 days) and the bottom of my feet were so sore when I came back I couldn't even walk correctly, never mind get back to the DVD and do jumping jacks lol. A little over a week ago I threw my back out and the only exercise I trust doing right now if walking or doing step-ups. I'm still getting sharp pains & don't want to risk being injured for longer than necessary. I've thrown my back out often in the past 7 years so I know I will make a full recovery and I'm just hoping it's sooner rather than later, cause the whole not lifting weights/doing intense cardio thing is really cramping my style. & with bathing-suit weather just around the corner....ugh. On a brighter note I looked back at my weigh-ins on here (SO glad I have those to reference) and realized that in 3 months & a few days I lost 4 pounds. Well that may not be impressive, I hit a plateau a lot of that time and was surprised to see that I had even lost that much. If I can do 4 more pounds in the next 3 months then I will be 124 in July (yesterday's weigh-in was 128.0). Although I wanted to be 120 by June, I'm realizing that it's not just about determination like it was before. No matter what I do, the weight-loss will be slow from now on because A) I'm getting closer to my goal weight & B) Although lifting burns more calories over the short term it could make the scale not be my friend too often lol UPDATE ^ : I spoke to a personal trainer friend & she told me a couple of ST moves I can do that won't bother my back. Also tested out my elliptical and realized that it doesn't both my back either. So I have to stay away from certain ST moves... most of which are abdominal related- boo :( ...& any sort of running/jumping. But I'm happy I have cardio & ST options still available to me. Especially since this back issue is fighting to stay around. Update 06-18-2013: I'm BAAACCCKKKKK! And a lot heavier :( 163 (166 a few weeks ago). I have almost gained back all the weight. I absolutely hate being that statistic. I absolutely hate how exhausted I always am and the sluggish way I feel. I am doing things different this time. Clearly being extreme did not work for me. I need balance to make this work long term. I will be eating healthier, but I will not be punishing myself when I get off track. I will simply get back on track and continue my day/week. I will not deprive myself at family events and on holidays, I simply just wont eat until I feel sick. And again, I will get right back on track the day following the holiday. My main goal is to not burn myself out again. I don't just stop for no reason or self sabotage just because. Every time I 'give up' it's because I'm burnt out on work, exercise, cook, obsess about food, spark, wake up and repeat. My entire life was about losing weight and reaching the next goal. I was depriving myself of my favorite foods (or punishing myself when I had them... therefor not enjoying them because of the guilt) and not letting myself have any down time because my thought process was "if I have time to relax that means I should try to sneak in another exercise or go on spark and research new healthy meals or look for inspiration" Don't get me wrong, I love Spark and will be on it occasionally... but not for hours at a time all the time. I need to have fitness and healthy eating be a part of my life, not my whole life. Even hanging out with friends or at family parties I wiuld big time restrict myself and end up talking the whole time about how I lost the weight (people would ask). I don't mind sharing every once and a while, but this just added to my "obsessed" ways. Basically all this comes down ot is that I need to learn balance. If you read some of my old blogs you'll see that I would always say I am an "all or nothing person". Well I'm not taking that at face value anymore. Just like my weight and health, I am going to work to change that about myself. Without balance I will never maintain... so I need to learn it BEFORE I get to maintenance mode. Also this time it isn't so much about looking good in a bikini or naked. I focused on that way too much before. That is more of an added bonus this time around (if it happens). I am doing it because I want to be healthier. From experience I have learned I am happier, more focused, have better relationships with friends/family/my Husband, have energy, etc. etc. This is about the way I feel when I'm heavy and unfit vs. the way I feel when I am feeding my body the right stuff. I really hope this is for life this time. I hope I have learned from my mistakes in the past and can change things for the better. I will post my weight from time to time, but I am not weighing in as often as I used to as this isn't about the scale for me anymore. Oh, and other than the reasons I already listed, another reason I want to lose weight is to prepare for pregnancy. I am currently overweight (to be honest I am literally .1 away from being Obese according the the BMI scale... yes, .1) and would like to be a lot closer to the "health" zone or ideally in it BMI wise. I am doing this for myself, my unborn child, and my Husband. I want to have a happy healthy family! I also want to teach my kid from a young age how important health is which will be a lot easier leading by example. Nobody likes a hypocrite ;) 172- START WEIGHT 158- New pair of jeans (DONE! & down a pants size!) 145- New haircut and highlights (DONE) 137- A HEALTHY weight for me!- Pedicure (DONE) 132- New fitness pants (DONE) 128- A few new pairs of earrings (DONE) 124- Buy your first pair of skinny jeans...EEK! Goal "feeling"- New wardrobe!!!! -As long as I don't gain weight within 6months of reaching my goal weight I'm going to reward myself by getting a tattoo on my hip (which I have always wanted to do, but have always been too chubby & self-conscious about getting it done and wearing any kind of bathing suit that would show it off!) ***********************************
*** Started losing weight: December 1st 2009 Starting age: 23 Height: 5'2 and a half Weight: 172.0 BMI: 31.0 =Obese Current date: April 10th, 2011 Current age: 24 Weight: 128.0 BMI: 23.0 Weight loss percentage: 25.58% = A 'healthy' weight & BMI for somebody of my age and height :) Goal weight: 120-ish A Healthy BMI- Short Term Goal: 24.9 (DONE!) Long Term BMI Goal: 22.0 *************************************
* ~As often as possible, Monday's are my weigh-in days. Tue 12/01/09 - 172.0 Tue 12/08/09 - 168.6 (3.4lbs in one week? LOVE IT!) Mon 12/14/09 - 165.4 Mon 12/21/09 - 165.0 (sick just in time for the holidays! I don't weigh-in when I'm sick) Wed 01/06/10 - 169.0 (gained 4lbs while sick/holidays, ugggh!) Mon 01/11/10 - 165.8 (& I'm back in the game!!) Mon 01/18/10 - 164.2 Mon 01/25/10 - 163.4 Mon 02/01/10 - 161.0 Mon 02/08/10 - 158.4 (Sick AGAIN! Why is it now that I exercise & eat healthy I get sick more often than when I was lazy & ate junk food?) Mon 02/22/10 - 157.8 (at least I didn't gain weight this time!) Mon 03/01/10 - 155.6 Mon 03/08/10 - 156.8 (Ugh, did 2hrs of cycling yesterday...retaining water?) Mon 03/15/10 - 155.0 Mon 03/22/10 - 154.2 Mon 03/29/10 - 151.2 (-3lbs..WOOT!) Mon 04/05/10 - 151.0 (Chinese for Easter. Big drop next Monday!) Mon 04/12/10 - 151.4 (Moved this weekend= pizza & chinese :[ ) Mon 04/19/10 - 147.8 (...aaaahhh that's more like it :D) Mon 04/26/10 - 147.6 Mon 05/03/10 - 146.6 Mon 05/10/10 - 145.6 Mon 05/17/10 - 144.2 Mon 05/24/10 - 143.2 (Still steadily going down. Not looking forward to the plateau I know is coming soon!) Tues 06/01/10 - 143.2 (...was down lower until memorial day weekend happened!) Mon 06/07/10 - 142.0 Mon 06/14/10 - 140.4 Mon 06/21/10 - 140.2 (was down to 139.0 yesterday.. grrr) Mon 06/28/10 - 139.8 (was down to 138.6 yesterday...) Tues 07/06/10 - 138.0 (& engaged!!!!!!) Mon 07/12/10 - 136.2 Mon 07/19/10 - 137.4 (honestly thought it was gunna be worse...) Mon 07/26/10 - 140.0 ... (not sick anymore and done with weekend getaways for now. Now back to healthy living...) Mon 08/02/10 - 134.6 (..kinda shocked my body with healthy stuff) Mon 08/09/10 - 135.4 (I think I had too much sodium last night) Mon 08/16/10 - 136.2 (maybe it wasn't sodium last week :( I totally deserved this number this morning. Time to get serious..) Mon 08/23/10 - 135.8 Mon 08/30/10 - 136.0 (not at all going in the right direction) Mon 09/06/10 - ..keeping you in suspense til next week lol Mon 09/13/10 - 136.8 (= seafood fest & a 11:30 dinner last night) Mon 09/20/10 - 134.6 Mon 09/27/10 -140.0 (super bloated from the crap I ate camping) Tue 10/05/10 - 135.8 *I have been bouncing around in weight the last few weeks and it's been really aggravating me so I haven't posted it. Gotta keep myself accountable though so I'm gunna start Posting again come Monday morning. November is going to be my month! My goal is to be in the 120's by Christmas... Mon 11/01/10 - 136.8 (this is actually low for me latley..) Mon 11/08/10 - 135.0 Mon 11/14/10 - 135.0 (..thanks for that TOM) Mon 11/22/10 - 133.8 (was 133.0 yesterday..) Mon 11/29/10 - 134.6 (Thank you Thanksgiving...) Mon 12/06/10 - 134.4 Mon 12/13/10 - 132.4 (!!!) Mon 12/20/10 - skipped weigh-in Tues 12/28/10 - 132.4 ...Holiday party & Christmas halted my progress. Back on track now though! Mon 01/03/11 - 132.0 Mon 01/10/11 - 130.2 (...omg I cannot wait til the 120's!!!! ...I never thought it was possible for my body type!) Skipped a few weigh-in's. Once because I had Chinese Food the day before so I knew the scale was lying lol & then I was sick for a week. Back to scheduled Weigh-in's, but I'm changing the day to Sundays. Sun 01/30/11 - 129.4 :) Sun 02/06/11 - 128.8 Sun 02/13/11 - 129.4 Started day one of Jillian Michaels "30 Day Shred" DVD yesterday 02-17-11. I'll be doing it every other morning for the next 60 days and continuing my regular workouts as well after work. Hopefully throwing in some extra strength training and adding in over an hour more of exercise a week will help get these last 10 or so pounds off before bathing suit weather! Sun 02/20/11 - I don't know... 131ish. I went to dinner last night... Sun 02/27/11 - 129.4 ...(One word: Tequila.) Mon 03/07/11 - 129.2 (Really annoyed with this 129 business...) Sun 03/20/11 - 128.6 (!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gunna do everything in my power to not jump back into the dreaded 129's!) Sun 03/27/11 - 128.8 (I don't even care I'm up .2...cause I'm still in the 128's!) Sun 04/03/11 - (Back injury- skipped weigh-in) Sun 04/10/11 - 128.0 Sun 04/17/11 - 129.2 (I've eaten out for my last 2 dinners, but both meals were under 500cals & 10g of fat...hoping this weight is due to the sodium or the alcoholic beverage I had with the Friday night dinner. I guess we'll see next week...) Sun 04/24/11 - 127.8 Sun 05/01/11 - Skipped weigh-in Sun 05/09/11 - 127.4 I had some back pain going on for about a month (see notes on week 04/03/11) that hindered me from most exercising. There was some things I could do though...and I did for a while.... and then I stopped exercising all together (I'm kinda an all or nothing girl...& in this case that's not a good thing). My back pain has been gone for almost a month now....and although I'm still eating mostly healthy...I'm allowing myself to overeat, have 'cheat' meals far too often, and I've been letting myself off the hook when it comes to exercising. This needs to stop! I'm gunna try this week to work out twice....slow and steady to get back into a routine and work my way back up to where I want to be. Sun 06/12/11 - 128.4 (extremely happy this is all I gained!) Sun 06/19/11 - 129.8 (not that you can tell, I succeeded in working out twice..) Mon 8/15/11 - 136.4 SUPER :'( back pain came back 4th of July weekend and still isn't gone. When I don't exercise I slack w/ eating as's not good. I have no valid excuses. My wedding is 1 year away, which means I have 9 months to lose 10-15lbs (can't keep losing after first dress fitting). That's do-able even with minimal long as I get strict with food. Mon 9/5/11 - 136.0 Starting to get serious this week and start exercising and HOPEFULLY strengthening my back and not injuring it further Sun 9/11/11 - 136.0 Sun 11/6/11 - 140.4 ...mark my fricken words... I am DONE gaining weight, unless it's muscle! in the coming weeks my weight WILL be a lower number. I am a bridesmaid next June and a bride next August...and I'M GOING TO feel confident & hot on those days/in those pictures. End of fricken story! Sun 11/13/11 - 139.4 ...down a pound! First success in a LONG time Sun 11/20/11 - 142.0 ...just switched BC's and getting TOM for the first time in a year Sun 11/27/11 - 141.4 Sun 12/4/11 - 140.2 Started the 30 Day Shred Thursday (12/8/11) and am GOING to complete it in 38 days or less. Reason it won't be 30 days is because I will be having a rest day once a week, and starting the 21st I will be going back to doing cardio boxing classes once a week therefor I will be shredding 5 times a week starting the 21st (this time I'm doing Cardio Boxing classes with 'BIKERBABYZ', woot!! I couldn't be more excited to get back to this class AND have a friend in it with me.... Jillian beating my butt in these workouts the next week and a half is just what I need to prepare myself!) I'm off to take my "before" photo's (although I'm 2 days in...I forgot before!)...but you don't get to see them until I've completed the DVD and don't look nearly as bad!!!!(.:crosses fingers:.) Sun 12/11/11 - 140.0 (this is after 3 days of the 30DS...I am sore as sh*t so I wasn't expecting a low number this week. But I can feel myself getting stronger and I know changes are on the way!) Sun 12/18/11 - 140.6 (muscle I assume. I've been good in diet & exercise so I'm just being patient about the weight coming off. This is exactly why I took "before pictures" for the if I don't lose any weight I will still be able to see the changes in my body.) Sun 01/11/12 - 141.6 ( almost half way through level 2 of the 30DS and I noticed that with each passing my day my knees were hurting more and more (even though I was doing the modified moves which was less jumping). So I stopped doing that and attempted my at home elliptical. That hurt my knee's too though (Its a piece of crap and I cant change the setting to a less resistance)...for whatever reason I can't drag myself to the gym lately. So as of last night I am going to do the stepper a few times a week. I found that I wasn't losing any weight while on the 30DS because I was gaining so much muscle. I don't want that right now, I was that later on. I am okay with doing some light lifting, but for the most part I want to drop pant/dress sizes right now and then as I get smaller I'll start to lift heavy weights/do more reps to build muscle before getting to my goal weight. I have also not done cardio boxing class the last two weeks. I'm hoping my knees will start feeling better this week and that I can continue next week. if not then the week after.) Sat 01/14/12 - 140.6 **************************** 11/10/2012 I'm back at it!!! Trying not to be as obsessed about my weight as before so I might be logging it less. No specific weigh-in date anymore, I'll just update it when I think to********************************* Sat 11/10/12 - 154.5 Wed 11/14/12 - 154.0 (happy, but realistically know it's only cause of the drastic change in diet these last few days) My big & mini milestones: 03/07/10- 2hrs of intense cycling for the 'Spin for Hope' event 05/22/10- 12 mile hike at Pawtuckaway State Park 06/24/10- First 5k 'Lite Up the Night'- VERY difficult trail race-Time: 37:06 07/05/10- Second 5k (90+ degree's out!!)- Time: 33:23 = PR for 5k 01/01/11- 1 mile race- Time: 7:51 PR for 1mile :)

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I am currently in the "Obese" zone for BMI and would like to be closer to the "Healthy" zone by the summer/fall of 2014.

My Program:
No current program, just eating healthier than I was and moving more than I was. Starting things off slow and steady.

Personal Information:
My name is Amanda and I am 27 and Married. My Husband and I want to have a child soon and I am trying to get to a healthier weight so that I am more likely to have a healthier pregnancy when the time comes.

Other Information:
"That first step you take is the longest stride."

"The groundwork of all happiness is health."

"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently."

"A year from now, you'll wish you had started today."

"If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always be where you've always been."

"It's not how far you have to go, it's how far you've come."

"It might not always be easy, but it will always be worth it."

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching!"

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