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  • v ALYCAT29
    Hey there! I'm sorry i did not write much last week. I was just exhausted! I slept a bunch today trying to recover from Sat. and gear myself up for this 5-night work week. I'm feeling pretty good right now. I weighed myself today and was 292.2. Hopefully after tomorrows workout i will be back down to 291 or maybe 290. I'm going to really work hard this week to get under 290. I'm hoping to be 285 by this Sat. when we leave for our vacation. I did not end up working out Fri. or this weekend. Well, maybe you can count all the time i spent in the ocean working out. It was rough walking back and forth to the car from way out in the water. And trying to stand there fighting the waves while we fished. My husband and i both felt like we had been beaten this morning. OMG it was so worth it! It was such a beautiful day and the water was nice until it started getting later in the day and cooling off. I hope the weather is nice like that next week. I'm so excited i can hardly stand myself. I have plans on what we are going to eat and do for exercise. Our friends are on diets too so we will support each other. I plan on many long walks on the beach and around the town. And we plan on grilling out a lot. Fish and chicken and salad with my homemade dressing. My friends really love it. And i might make a fruit pizza for Jamie. Her birthday is Friday. We are going to have so much fun!!! Can't wait!
    I have the same problem with soda at my parents house. Well, i do ok there it's just out at the winery. There is always soda there bc they sell it. They also have bottled water but i get tired of drinking that all day when the soda is right there in front of me. We don't buy it at home either. I got myself a cream soda Sat. to go with my lunchable i got for lunch. Some lunch huh? There was not a big selection at the little food mart we stopped at. Thomas was in too much of a hurry to get to the beach. We did not go out in the boat bc the battery was dead. Just gotta get a charger so this does not keep happening.
    Anyway, i would just walk up and down the driveway if i were you. Take your ipod and push Casey in the stroller. Do at least 6 trips each time. It takes me 5 min. per 1/4 mile. We need to get at least 30 min. of exercise each day or at least 5 days a week remember. I have big plans this week. Hopefully nobody will be in the workout room in the morning bc i'm going to try and do 45 min on the elliptical. I want to try and burn 1,000 calories!!! I'm pretty sure i can do it bc i burned 700 that one time in 30 min. I got my new mp3 player and a good book so i should be good to go. I will also try walking 45 min. at the park Tue. I will alternate all week between those two things. I wish i could lose 10 lbs in one week! That's kinda crazy though. I need to cook some healthy stuff this week. Now if i can just keep my grubby little hands out of the candy bowl at work!!!! It has Tootsie rolls and Dots. I LOVE Dots! I read that tootsie rolls are not that terrible so i don't feel that bad. But i need to watch everything i put in my mouth this week if i want to do good.
    So why were you excited about tomorrow night? I hope you have a great week! Take that baby for a walk girl!!! Talk to you later!
    3898 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/18/2010 2:42:52 AM
  • v ALYCAT29
    Okey Dokey! Sorry I did not get in touch yest. I kept remembering to log in here and then forgetting again! Anyway I did good this weekend!!!! I had 1 diet sprite and even had some Mexican food. So i went down a little yesterday when i weighed. I was 292 but since i did not log it in until today and i was 291.2 i just put in that number. I went for a walk at the arboretum yesterday about noon. It was a little warm but still had a nice breeze. Oh, and i walked there from my house instead of drove since my hubby had my car. :P I've really come to love those Sat. morn. walks with my husband. I missed him and the walk this weekend so i had to make up for that! So I thought i would be safe if i walked in the plant part of the park. The first thing i see when i walked on my side of the park to go under the road was a creepy looking guy with a hooded sweatshirt walking towards me. It was WAY to warm for that! So that was weird. Good thing i took my mace with me. Next was the unmarked cop car sitting in the parking lot i had to cross. Then a Precint 4 van pulled up with a bunch of jail inmates to do clean up or something. I was like Great! I was walking pretty fast through that section. I was pretty spooked walking alone under that road too. On the othe side there was a bunch of people. I felt much safer until i was leaving and saw all the women inmates in the bathroom area. They didn't really scare me though. And the other ones were gone on the other side of the park. That's why i like my husband to go with me. I don't really get scared at my other park by my work. Except the other day when i was walking around the lake alone. It's kinda woodsy back there and set back off the main track that is out in the open. I walked about 40 min. yesterday and took pics probably the other 20 min. since i got back 1 hour after i left. (You have to look at my kodak album i posted on my fb page. I got some amazing shots!) Today i was going to work out on the elliptical but there was a guy on the treadmill and i don't like going in there when guest are in there. So i went to the park since i was taking that way home anyway and walked 30 min. I go that back way when traffic is really bad.
    Ok, now it's your turn! How was your weekend? Did you get out any? That soup, salad, and shake diet sounds really good but i'm like you and need real food too. I have been making a lot of shakes and smoothies. It's a good way for me to get my yogurt and fruit and they are yummy! Well todays experiment was not a raging success. I had a mix for a fat free choc. banana shake. You can add yogurt to any of these mixes and i usually add vanilla but only had one left that i wanted to use tomorrow on my pineapple shake. Well, i used raspberry. It was the only other flavor i had left. (Going to the store tomorrow) I love choc rasp. stuff so thought it was a good idea. It was ok but not great. I had an organge banana yougurt shake yesterday. It was really good. I made my husband drink the other half after dinner. I don't think he will drink the rest of todays mess. Kinda funky. :P I made homemade chili bc i had a ton of cornbread left over from Sunday. I brought home some beans and sausage my mom made so i made my cheese/corn/jalapeno cornbread. I did good Fri. night at the buffet. Had some veggies, rice, boiled shrimp and a small piece of chess pie. Saturday i had to have a soda so i had a diet sprite. You might try it next time you are craving a soda. It's low sodium and satisfied my craving for soda. Then for dinner i had half a chicken chimichunga and chips and hot sauce. I just did not eat a bunch so that helped. And i had worked almost all day decorating the winery. So overall i did good this weekend. I hope you have gotten some of your energy back and got some working out in this weekend. Did you go for that walk with Casey Jo? I'm glad to hear you have not given up. It's so easy to do that. I know for sure. But i realized the more you work out, the more energy you have to keep going. And when you see a loss it really motivates you. I just have to be careful not to overdo it this time. Oh, i finally pulled out my food journal. I have less than 2 weeks before vacation. I want to lose at least 5 lbs by then. More if possible! I need to figure out whats for dinner! Talk to you later girl. Sorry this was soooo... long!
    3904 days ago
  • v ALYCAT29
    Well it sounds like you have just had a bad case of pms this past week or so. The cramps and being tired and probably the Taco Bell all sound like pms to me. But you said you don't have your monthly so that's weird. Do you still get pms though? I hope it passes soon. Gotta get your booty back to exercising! Have you done any this week? That does kinda stink about not being able to go walking in the morning. Maybe you could just go on Sat. mornings and take the kids. There has to be some place to go around you. I would go crazy if i didn't have anywhere to go walking. It's so relaxing and a good way to relieve stress.
    I did my 30 min. on the elliptical this morn. I actually put in my age and weight and SP was right! I thought i only burned about 400 calories in 30 min. but when i added my info, it was 708!!! Can you believe that? Walking 40 min only burns around 300 calories. That is crazy! But i kinda feel like i get more out of the walking for some reason. It's weird. I'm going to do another 2 miles at the park in the morning. I'm so exhausted though. And then i have to get up, do dishes, and drive two hours to Palestine. Yuck. I'm going to be ready for bed at 8pm again. I wanted to go see some friends but just don't have the energy to drive all the way out to their house in Cayuga. Oh well, maybe another time when my husband is with me. It's kinda scary driving out there at night alone. It's waaaaaaayyyyy out in the boonies! And close to the prisons.
    Well my sweets problem is still not fully under control yet. I guess it's just gonna take some more time. I'm not going to give up trying though. This weekend i have to make good choices bc i am NOT going to have to lose this freaking weight again. I've messed up two weekends and had to basically start over twice! It really sucks and can't be good for me! I'm done with that though. No soda whatsoever! I'm pretty sure i got that one. And i will try to keep my foods as low in sodium as possible. No Mexican food for me. :( I've been craving it too. I think that is a big issue with my fluid gain. The sodium. At least i kinda know now what not to do. I'm going out to dinner Fri. night with my parents at a seafood buffet place but i am not going to get the buffet. I only want some grilled shrimp and rice. It's really good there. Hope it's not too high in sodium. I think i'm coming home Sat. so that does not give me too much time to screw up! I do pretty good at home when we don't have company and don't go out to eat. I only have about 2 more weekse until vacation so i really need to stay straight. I really want to be under 280 by then but i would really have to do good. I'm trying but if i'm under 285 i will be happy. It's possible. :) As long as you keep me in line! I need to start bringing my food journal with me to work. I thought about it today and just forgot to pull it out and put it in my bag i bring to work. I will do that next week and see how that helps me.
    I hope you have a good weekend. Go out and enjoy this awesome Fall weather! Later Girly!

    3908 days ago
  • v ALYCAT29
    Ha Ha! Look at my last comment. I said a SAP day would be nice! OMG! How funny! Yeah lets head on up to Maine and get us some sap from those maple trees. I hear it's beautiful in New England in the fall! ;) My goodness. Actually i have a friend in NH that wants us to visit sometime. One of Thomas' old army buddies. I love New Hampshire.
    Well i went to the park this morning and walked 2 miles in the chilly morning air. My nose was running and my face frozen but it's ok bc i found a little pond stocked with fish! I am soooo.. taking my husband there this weekend. May have to be Sun. bc i'm going to Palestine Fri. night. Gotta pick up a couple of Houston wine orders and decorate for Halloween. Anyway this park is awesome! I am just amazed that there are 2 cool parks within 15 min. of me. They have really been adding on to these places the past couple of years. I took some pictures on my phone this morn. There was a lady throwing her Golden Retriever a ball out in the lake. He would just jump in and go after it and bring it back. So cute! I sure wish i had a good walking partner down here. I was almost tempted to start talking to these two ladies this morning that past me and said hello. I wish my cousin lived closer. She is up in Willis about 40 min. from me. :( Oh well i needed some quiet time this morn. Last night right before i got to work a guy had a heart attack at the hotel and passed away. So sad. His wife came back later and then her son showed up around 3am. She has stayed with us before so we all knew her. We were pretty sad for her loss. On my walk i was thinking about how good this is for my heart and health. I will get to the size i want eventually. Just gotta control a few things like the soda and sugar. I am in control, they don't control me! Those things are my two main obstacles. I can do this. Just need to wear a thicker sweatshirt next time i go walking in the cold! ;) Hope you are having a good day! Oh, i'm on Farmville now. Lets be neighbors! I never thought i would play that stupid game. Thanks to Henry my coworker. He roped me into it. I felt sorry for him. :O later tater!
    3910 days ago
  • v ALYCAT29
    yeah, i'd say a sap day would be great! We should go to Hot Springs, AR to one of those cool old bath houses! I went there when i was younger and my sister went to one, i chickened out bc i was ashamed of my body. :( How sad is that? I have to go back and redeem myself! Let's kick some butt this week!
    3911 days ago
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