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  • v ALYCAT29
    OK so i threw a little fit on your fb page and now i feel a little better. :P I know the soda and candy apples, and cake, and candy was a bad idea this weekend. Now i just have to learn from it and move forward. I will not have any more soda as long as i'm trying to diet. And will not be tempted by sweets. I have to put my foot down and JUST SAY NO! It's ridiculous that 2 days can blow a weeks worth of working out and eating right. I'm going to recoup today and start fresh (again) tomorrow. I need to know if this green tea i'm drinking is making me bloat as well. It's diet so maybe not. I do know it sure makes me pee a lot!!! At least i'm not throwing my hands up and giving up like i normally do. I think since i have been working out i have a little more energy to keep pushing ahead no matter what. Even though i was tired last night and today i understand it's bc of lack of sleep. I'm waitin on my cousin to get here and am taking my booty back to bed to try and force myself to get a nap. Got dinner going in the crock pot. It's a lean pork roat with peppers. Just gotta figure out what to put with it. Who knows. Green beans probably. Hubby likes those. Did you get any exercise in yesterday? I mowed the back yard i guess about an hour. I logged that in here and it said i only burned about 319 calories. I know that is not right bc i had to go back and forth each little bit bc our lawn mower is ancient and the grass was so high and soft. Really hard to cut grass like that. The front has St. Agustine and it's much easier to cut. I think that's why my husband always mows the front and not the back. I really hope it's done growing for the year. I sooo... don't want to do that again. I'll get my exercise some other way thank you very much! Well i hope you are having a better week! Later girl.
    3911 days ago
  • v ALYCAT29
    I thought i would write you back on here instead of fb bc i needed ot log in anyway. I did my 30 min on the elliptical this morning and will walk another 2 miles in the morning if i can. My feet kinda hurt after today. I'm going to take Friday off for sure. Gotta rest up for my Sat. morning walk witht the girls and Thomas. So I weighed myself after i back from running around doing errands this afternoon and was 292.4!!! So as long as i'm good this weekend, after my weigh in on Monday i should be able to move my tracker! That's pretty exciting for me since it has not moved in a long time.
    Oh yeah, my precious poochies would die if they had to stay outside more than 15 minutes. They are indoor doggies and would beat the door down if i tried to keep them out there while i slept. It would not be pretty. They are divas.
    I bought a bunch of apples today so that the girls (my cousin's kids) and I can make them into candy, caramel, or chocolate covered this weekend. I just could not see myself spending $15 per apple. I got some peanuts to roll them in and some sprinkles. I will be sending all the "bad" ones home with the girls. I also have to make a cake for the youngest who will be 14 next week. My husband told me the apple idea sucked and she HAD to have a cake. :P Thank goodness it will not stay in the house long either. I'll stick that darn thing in her backpack myself if i have to. She may have to sleep with it in her room to make sure i'm safe. I'm really more excited about decorating it than eating it. It's going to be black and white with little skull candy pieces on it i found in the Halloween section. I hope it turns out good. I want to do a two layer round choc. cake with white vanilla frosting and a layer of strawberry jelly in between cake layers. Kinda like it's bleeding! She will totally dig that i think. I will take lots of pictures for sure.
    Well tonights dinner did not turn out so well for my husband. He hated it. I made brown rice with curry and a Spanish chicken from a McKormick spice pack. He did not like the brown rice texture and there was too much Thyme in the chicken. :( He would have ate it if i would have made white rice with curry and left out the Thyme. I think i would have liked it much better that way too. It was not the best but not my fault. So anyway i ended up making him some more chicken and dumplings. That may be the very first time he flat refused to eat what i cooked. I understood though. I was not mad. Just tired and didn't want to cook another whole meal. But i did it bc i love him and he's been working long hours at work. Did Wesley go back to work? Did you end up playing basketball with the kids? I love bball! And that really stinks that you have nowhere to walk. What about a school track or something? Probably 20 miles to the nearest school if you really are out in the boonies. lol ;) And the school is probably so small they don't even have a real track! I used to go to a school like that. But we did not live that far from it. Just 20 miles to the nearest decent sized town. It was all good bc i lived on a lake.
    Well i'll talk to you later. I'm going to try and read. Work has really been stressing me out lately. I have seen a guy twice now who has broken into a couple of cars. One last Thur. and one last night. I run him off with my flashlight but did not catch him before he had broken into the car. It really makes me mad. We are getting cameras put up outside this week. Not soon enough i guess. Not that they can actually stop a robber but maybe it will deterr them. I can only hope. Later tator!
    3917 days ago
  • v ALYCAT29
    Hey chick! Where were you today? How was your weekend? Hope you are doing ok. I held myself together this weekend and even worked out 20 min. this afternoon. I am going on my first walk tomorrow with my coworker at the park. I may have to put in my headphones just to drown her out. I'm serious she is quite the talker. I may just do one lap if she starts driving me crazy. I want to do 2 though. That would take about 45-50 min. That would be a really good workout. I weighed 294 this morning. Wich is not good but better than last Monday. It took a week to get all that soda out of my system.
    I made some veggie beef stew today in the crockpot. It was sooo... yummy! I love the crock pot. I may do chicken and dumplings tomorrow. Who knows? Hope i hear from you today. I can't lose my diet buddy!!!!
    3919 days ago
  • v MLKDUD
    hey you! glad to have a fellow "serious about weight loss" friend here!!!
    3931 days ago
  • v ALYCAT29
    No cookies for me last night!!! Woot! I brought my own little pack again tonight just in case i get tempted. Things are going good. I did not want to get on that treadmill tonight but i did. Even stayed on it the whole 30 min! I'm pretty proud of myself. If i wouldn't have been so happy about being able to go home on time this morning i would have gotten it over and done with and not have had to worry about it. I am just flat exhausted. I was 15 min. late for work bc i did not get up with my alarm and just fell back asleep. Good thing my husband was paying attention tonight.
    Ok, Horchata is a Mexican drink made from rice water i think with cinnamon in it. It's this white milky goodness in a glass. When i was at walmart today i found a bigger container of the vanilla chai tea for the same price as the little one i got at HEB. I think i'll be stocking up on that.
    I also got me a new pair of capri's. They were a snug 24 but i will fix that soon. And yeah, i think i'm getting that willpower back. I started reading labels again. That is one of the reasons it took so long at the grocery store the other day. I know i need to eat more fresh fruit and veggies though. That drives me crazy that my husband does not. I already have to cook every night like i'm feeding an army so he can have leftovers for work the next day. I don't want to be making two meals. It's hard living with a no veggie eater. Well i take that back. He just does not eat the really good ones i eat. He only likes corn, potatoes, sweet peas, and any kind of bean. Oh and lettuce and tomato on a sandwich. He does not consider salad a meal. :( I will eat almost any veggie except tomatoes bc i'm allergic. And i don't really like them all that much.
    That's really great about the kids doing the workout with you. I bet that is fun. I want to get myself in shape and eating better so my kids don't turn out like me. Hopefully they will like the veggies i like instead of taking after my husband. Do your kids like veggies?
    Well wish me luck staying awake tonight. I took my multivitamin so that should help. I'm just exhausted. I am going to do 30 on the elliptical in the morning and then stop at the store for some things i forgot today. Then i should be able to sleep much later tomorrow. This 4 hours of sleep a day does not cut it. I have to get more. It's not good for me otherwise. Thanks for being there for me. This is working out pretty great! It's the sticking with it that is the hard part. My motivation is my vacation at the end of Oct. If i can keep working hard up until then, i will be able to keep going. BC by then i should be seeing some results. I already am noticing some. My face really looks slimmer than it used to. The double chin is not as evident. And when my work clothes start getting looser that is a good sign. My main motivation is a baby though. And i guess i just won't get pregnant unless i shed some major pounds. No matter how healthy i think i am on the inside. What are some of your motivations? I know being a good example for the kiddos is a good one. Anything else?
    3931 days ago
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