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Update: Wednesday, 09 September 2020
This year has been crazy. The world is turned upside down with COVID-19 attacking the globe. We lost my brother's cousin to it in March. Sad his mother couldn't be by his side as he was in a nursing home and they were all in lockdown.

Stepson and fiance have cancelled their wedding til next year.
My daughter had a beautiful baby girl on 06 June. Levariya. My stepdaughter had a beautiful baby girl on 25 June. Willow. Or as my hubby says, Levee and Billy. lol My granddaughter Dakota loves her sister Levariya. She's 9 and is the best big sister.

Dakota started grade 4 yesterday. Very odd school year with this COVID pandemic. Some kids online, some in class with masks....not normal but is the new normal I guess.

I started listening to my hypnosis again on my days off when no one is around. My hubby claims that hypnosis is for weak-minded people. I guess I am weak-minded as it helped me lose 50 lb. 10 years ago! lol

I have decided to start focusing on me again so I can keep trying to get this weight off. It's a challenge with so much going on.

Vacation time this year will be yard cleanup and prepping a frame for a new cabin for hubby and I. We will build next year on our weekend off. Just a small 16'x40' but bigger than the old building we have now. The property has been in my family 97 years and I am third generation. The old building is rotting away but so many memories there. It's on a road where my great-grandfather settled, grandfather and dad grew up. I will be getting lots of exercise at least!

Update: Tuesday, 18 February 2020
Another year that is going too fast! Scales went up on my again but I am getting them in the right direction at last.

I have a new ally in this weight loss journey - my hubby's ex. Sounds weird I know but we've become friends over the past year. Even had a couple of lunch and shopping afternoons together! She's 45 min. away and doesn't drive, so makes things a bit harder. We do chat on Facebook though.

I am going to be a grandma twice this year! I have a beautiful 8 yr. granddaughter. My daughter is expecting a second daughter on June 1st. My stepdaughter is expecting a daughter on July 7th. Hubby is hoping she arrives a few days early on his July 2nd birthday. lol
Stepson is getting married Sept. 19th as well, it is a busy year for us!
I have a baby blanket knitted and one almost done. Then will knit a big blanket for granddaughter so she doesn't feel left out. When I knit one for my great nephew's baby last year, she asked my daughter if Grandma might knit her one. Full size afghan so she'll have it a long time!

Focusing on my heath this year. 56 in a couple of days and need to feel better than this.

Update: Saturday, 14 December 2019
Yay!!! Weight is FINALLY heading back down again! I don't have much appetite lately, especially for sweets, so that is helping a LOT.
Scales show 207.2 lb. this morning! I am so happy. I did go well over my 10,000 fitbit steps the last few days. But still I am happy to see 207 instead of 217! I swore nine years ago I would never see 234 lb. again and I have kept that promise to myself!

Now to keep on the upswing with the weight loss.

Update: Friday, 29 November 2019
Very frustrated with weight these days! My tendonitis in my right ankle is no better since appearing in June. But I keep exercising it.
My weight has been bouncing between 209 and 216 lb.
This weekend we are hosting a Christmas party for 47 people. I'll definitely get my steps in and won't be eating much out of excitement of seeing everyone. Especially our family and friends that we don't get to see often due to distance and work schedules!
Next year we will have two more grandbabies to chase around and I will be watching one along with my 8 yr old granddaughter on my days off while daughter works. We work opposites so she doesn't have childcare worries and I have "grandma time".
Stepson is getting married next year too, and I NEED to be slimmer for pictures! I promised that for my own wedding two years ago but didn't happen. His mother and I are going to work together on this slimming before the big day next Sept. Not a contest, just encouraging each other. She is realistic in her weight goal too.

Update: Thursday, 29 August 2019
Today I got on the scales. Back up to 213.6 lb.! How did this happen? I was down to 209.4 and doing the happy dance last week! Scales were finally going down, down, down again.
I DID make it to ONEderland last year but then weight crept up without even trying to 217.6 lb. No, NO, NOOOOO......never seeing 220 again or 234!! Never ever EVER....

Got my six month blood work done last week. I checked my results online and my LDL is still WAY higher than my HDL. A genetic defect I call it! Stupid dyslipidemia! I have to work harder to lose and people don't understand. Especially hubby, whose weight just naturally goes up and down with the seasons. He doesn't care about nutrition which makes it more difficult.

I will figure this out. In the meantime, I am DREADING vacation in two weeks! I know that sounds weird. We are going to Florida for a week. Two days at Disney while my adult daughter, adult stepdaughter and 8 yr old granddaughter go for four. We are staying at a resort off site so at least I can try to control my intake somewhat with the microwave and fridge in the suite. I don't want to buy bigger clothes than last year. I am 10 lb heavier than last year's Dominican vacation and just want to cry. Crying won't help though, will it? To make matters worse, I've had Achilles tendonitis in my right ankle for the last couple of months or more. It's getting worse and I'm finally breaking down and going for physio next week hoping for some relief.

Need to make my vision board for beside my bed but will have to wait until granddaughter is back to school next week.

Update: Wednesday, 08 May 2019
Well here I am heavier than I was again. I gained the last few months without trying. Dyslipidemia (hereditary), diabetes, lifelong weight issue is not helping me but still not an excuse.
I did my measurements this morning for first time since March. Weight gain is all in my waist.
So....I have to MAKE time to concentrate on me. Something I have been neglecting with time management. I am working at simplifying my life. To do that, need things in order so I can feel more "in order". Everytime I do that, I am back to square one!
Well, it's a busy month but will survive it for sure. I got my family dinner and two restaurant visits down without overeating.
I know I am the only one that can help myself. I know no one can lose this weight for me. I know I did it before with 50 lb. and have kept at least 22 lb. of it off for the last eight years. I know, it's just getting my mind and body in gear to remember and stay motivated! No home support at all. So I look to my SparkFriends because even though I have a lot of acquaintances, I have few close friends and none that live around here.
We are going away for a couple of days the middle of June. I hope to be at least 10 lb. down for that. We are planning a trip to Disney World in middle Sept. I REALLY NEED to be down in weight for that.
So here I go again......

August 24, 2018 - I managed to lose 10 lb. over the summer! I am SO shocked and SO happy!! Down to 200 lb. One more pound to ONEderland!! I am eating more Greek yogurt and protein, and tracking food as often as possible. I have cut my coffee back most days. Drink water, herbal tea, and tea with honey. Also green tea.
Will never ever EVER see that 234 lb. I was in 2007!!

July 18, 2018 - Still struggling on my journey. I am working on another Biggest Loser Challenge and also on the 100 Days of Weight Loss team. I have started paying myself $5 a pound for each pound lost. That is in a jar beside my bed. I had $10 in it. I had to take it out for three weeks because I gained back those two lost pounds. I lost them again as of this morning so I was able to replace that $10. A good feeling and I hope I can continue to add more each week. Lifelong weight issue and frustrating.

May 20, 2018 - I changed my name from GrandmaThompson a few days ago. It was a tribute to my mother-in-law. My granddaughter called her that. Now I AM Grandma Thompson, but slimhealthierme is what I see when I sign in to drive the point home.

I am still here. But at least after gaining back over 20 lb. for some crazy reason, I am back on track! I admit we have a lot of family dinners for birthdays and special occasions during the winter months. It's pretty hard. We don't do Christmas parties and stuff, but we have one or two big family Christmas dinners. However, we all feel lazy in the winter months when not working because of the shorter days.

Recently, I have lost interest in food. I have to eat. I know that. Especially being diabetic. So smaller portions are very normal for me. Even smaller now because when I eat, I fill up fast and feel sick if I eat anything more. I guess that's a good thing!
At least the scales are finally coming back down! Here's to a slimmer and healthier me within the coming months!

March 28, 2018 - April is almost here, followed by May, June, and the rest of the year. Hoping to be down some by our few days away in May because there will be a lot of picture taking! And then vacation in Sept. At the end of the day, I want to be healthier. I'm 54 and time is wasting away. Only I can do this. No one can do it for me.

2018 is now here! Three days into a new year and I am heavier than I started 2017! This is going to change for sure. Having more health issues now and not liking it.

I try to take care of myself, I am always on the move, and don't smoke, rarely drink alcohol, and have never touched drugs. I get enough sleep now. And still health feels like it's declining.

My wake up call before it's too late. A lot of people in my family died young or had major health issues at my age or younger. I don't want to be in that majority!

Sticking with my SparkFriends who help me through everything. Love you all.

Previously on my page:

Always had a weight struggle from childhood.

In short, I am tired of the roller-coaster of weight loss. My fourth and last attempt at this on SP. I started at 234 lb. in 2008 at my heaviest ever, and have yo-yo'd back and forth. What saddens me is that with that weight I have lost, I would be at my goal, had I kept it up instead of falling off the proverbial wagon.

Update: October 8, 2017

Well, I am still teetering around the same weight! I asked for a fitbit at Christmas and my crew bought me one for Mother's Day. I wear it faithfully and most days meet or exceed 10,000 steps.

I started a job as security (doing that since 2006) in a gatehouse in a logistics yard for a major grocery chain here in Canada. Most shifts I log most of those steps on my fitbit and go up and down the stairs from the gatehouse to check the trucks.

Now with our wedding done, honeymoon complete, and our Thanksgiving family dinner yesterday, I can start concentrating on starting back with proper eating. I tried to eat well while on our honeymoon and I walked, swam and worked out in the water. Was SO nice to exercise on my own in the ocean with the warm, salt water on these arthritic joints!

In the wedding picture I posted, I knit all the shawls for us girls in the wedding party. My daughter was maid of honour, stepdaughter was bridesmaid and granddaughter was flower girl. My stepson was best man, hubby's best friend for 30 years was groomsman, and my son give me away. It was a very busy several months of planning and cooking! But it was worth it.

Now to reality and getting to weight goal.

Update: March 5, 2016

53 years old as of last month. I can't believe how time flies. Mom was right. The older you get, the faster it goes!

Still teetering between 186 and 190 lb. for months now. Frustrating, but trying to be positive. The positive being is that I have maintained a loss of over 40 lb. for a few years now. I NEVER want to be that 5'2" 234 lb. girl who gets out of breath going up a flight of stairs!

Getting married to the love of my life in Sept. of this year. My second marriage and his third. Our parents were close friends for 40 years. My motivation to lose so I can look good in my wedding dress, and also for our honeymoon. I never had one the first time, so he is making sure I have it done right this time.

In addition, I do aim to get off of my medications or at least less of them for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

Aiming high!

Update: June 5, 2016
After gaining some, I am back on the downward slide last week for two pounds. Hoping this keeps going because I really want this weight gone! Anxious to start my Biggest Loser Summer Strong Challenge on Wednesday. Also starting a walking challenge on my Keep Walking With Jesus team.

Update: May 27, 2016
Still barely lost anything since January, and was in a Challenge. Hoping it's a plateau that will be breaking soon. I'm human, and yes, there are days that I have gone over my calorie limit but not by much. I track everything. Frustrating, but must keep going!

Update: July 28, 2017
Still no big results. A yo-yo again. However, after a very long plateau I am back with a 3 lb. loss this week. I have started drinking a few cups of green tea with a little honey everyday again and it's helping with the water retention in this heat. I am well over my 10,000 step daily on my fitbit. In part thanks to my new job that has me going, going, going each 12 hour shift. I average 15,000 - 18,000 daily steps each workday! Hoping having to wear safety shoes burns more calories too. lol
Wedding coming up quickly in September. Can't believe it! However, I am hoping to fit into my dress that I bought two years ago! I will be honest. I bought it off the internet cheap from China so hard to say. I can't fathom spending tons on a dress for one day. Especially at my age. I had a teeny tiny wedding in my apartment for my first marriage, so this is all new to me. Fiance and I kept changing the date, so this is the fourth and last one.
Hope to keep shedding the pounds before the big day! And keep them off.

Member Since: 1/2/2016

Fitness Minutes: 54,835

My Goals:
A much healthier me. I have a number of health issues, and would like to be off my meds or most of them.

My Program:
I have been admittedly lazy about tracking food. Need to get back on that. And move more.

Personal Information:
Married to a childhood friend who has been by my side for seven years. I was married for 21 years to Mr. Wrong and have a son, daughter and granddaughter. I was alone for almost five years when Dana and I got reacquainted. We have my parents' cat Tabitha and dog Odie.

Work as security in a trucking yard for a major grocery chain. I work both inbound and outbound gatehouses. I get lots of exercise in outbound going up and down the stairs checking trucks all day!

Other Information:
Like doing needlework. I've been knitting since I was 15 when Mom taught me. I also enjoy hand quilting and cross-stitching.

I live for my time at the hunting camp, two miles back in the bush. I am blessed to be the third generation to own it. My grandfather bought the property from the Crown back in 1923. It's my haven, where I go to re-energize and feel my family from over the years in there.

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