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My Family Oct. 2010

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Are you kidding me? This is really ME? I cried the first time I saw this picture!

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After the finish line Rock and Roll Half Marathon 11-15-09

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*********Tiffany's Tidbits*********
1/6/2018 Wow! Thank you Carol for reminding me what an amazing place SparkPeople is! I joined in 2006! Crazy!
1-28-16 Trying to get back at it. I have gained pretty much all of my weight back.
6-5-12 I am signed up to complete a Triathlon (Sprint Distance) on September 29th!
1-1-12 Still at it! Signed up for a 4 miler on Jan 21st. Slowly getting back to running. My goal is to do a Tri this year and a half marathon.
1-13-11 Just an update. I was named a Healthy Hero with the company I work for. It's an honor and even though I am not at my goal weight I still have a story to share and motivation to give to others that need help on their journey. I have been asked to do inspirational speeches to my peers. I have done one so far that went very well. I give my next one on March 1st. Still nervous about them but helping others is such an amazing experience. I will also get the opportunity to visit the Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX sometime this year. Very exciting! I still have so much to learn.
Exercise is going great and although the scale isn't kind I feel good and that is what matters most!

1-3-11 Although I haven't posted much in 2010 I have never strayed too far from Sparks! Love this place! I am going strong and working on losing some of the weight I had gained back. Maintaining a 50 lb loss over several years now and working on making that number grow to 75+ lbs lost!

11-15-10 Struggled is not even the word for it! But I am going to be one of those people that yes... lost their way... but found it again and got back on track! Joined a gym that I LOVE and am ready to do this for myself.

7-26-10 Been a long road. So many things going on. Not sure how much weight I have gained back I am scared to weigh myself. But I am back and that is the important part.

1-13-10 Been sick over a month. Back to the doc today for the second time in as many weeks. 3 more prescriptions including two inhalers. Doc says I may have Reactive Airway Disease... meaning that any trigger (cold or allergies etc) and my lungs get inflamed and asthmatic... oh joy! All I want is to feel better and run again!

12-8-09 Had a fabulous time running the half marathon in Nov and spending time with friends LL, Quirkles and CJ! But I had a let down afterwards and wasn't sure what to do next... so I didn't do anything and gained! Now I am back on track and working hard to get back down to 192 and below!

11-12-09 running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in two days with CJ, LL and Quirkles. Cannot believe it's already here!

10-6-09 Still running.. getting ready for the Rock and Roll half marathon in Nov! Nervous and excited! So many days i feel like I am not ready and other where I feel strong and willing. Just keep moving forward never give up!

9-7-09 Still on track! Doing my running and training for the half marathon in Nov. Work is insanely busy and wonderful all at the same time. Maddie is loving Kindergarten.. Life is good!

7-16-09 OK OK.. I am back on track.... whew!

7-13-09 inching back up towards 200 lbs today.. NOT good.. I have got to get back on track!

7-11-09 Celebrating 3 years with SP! Whoohoo! Not at my goal weight yet but getting there! I have run 13+ miles so far this week... I couldn't have even walked that 3 years ago! Thanks SP for helping me change my life forever and to all my SP friends... you are amazing! I love ya'll!

7-1-09 Magic mile today: 10:36

6-16-09 NOT a happy camper with my weight today.. geez I am really starting to get frustrated.

6-10-09 Still doing good! Gotta reign in that bad eating in the evenings but I did ok last night. Need to get my water in today.....

6-8-09 Today I am getting back on track.. I have a few good days and then a couple of bad days. This has got to stop! And pronto!

5-28-09 Alrighty.. I am on day 4 of eating fairly good, getting exercise and drinking lots of water... gotta keep it up!

5-26-09 Jeans are tight today. Not a good feeling at all! I really need to get my night eating under control!

5-25-09 Had a great weekend! At work today and wishing I was home spending time with family. My weekends are so full now that I have all this energy I'm loving it! Did a 7.57 mile run yesterday (thought it was a bit farther than that) and it was good! I needed a good run like that! I'm feeling it today though!

5-22-09 OK so today... I am going to get my head skrewed on straight.. not been the best two weeks for me... got to get back on track!

5-17-09 I am proud of myself today for getting up at 430 am to go for a run this morning before work even though it wasn't the longest or best run I have ever had... still happy I did it.

5-10-09 I stopped getting all my Spark emails and notifications for some reason!

5-7-09 It's been a busy week but I am doing my best to stay on track!

5-2-09 I ran 9.81 miles on Sunday with my running buddy. I cannot believe it! Wow! I feel great today! Not too sore either! Plus I have this huge sense of accomplishment...

4-25-09 First run tomorrow with a running partner. He's faster and stronger than I am... Hopefully it goes well.

4-19-09 Had a fabulous day out with the sis yesterday and ate good all day! 192.6 this AM. Hit the road this morning for 8.11 mile run my longest yet! It was fabulous! I'm so proud of myself! Weight after my run (I know it doesn't count but... 189.6! Whoohoo!) It was cool to see nonetheless!

4-15-09 Been a while since I updated- Ran 3.15 miles today 36:13 not bad. Feeling pretty good. Hoping to see the 180's soon!!!

4-4-09 New LOW!!! 192!!!

4-2-09 So I hit the stairmaster on my lunch and did 100 "floors" was dripping sweat and I decide I had enough of that and hopped on the treadmill. Still yearning for a sub-11 min mile... and I did it!! Ran a mile in 10:35!! Thought I was going to DIE!!!!

4-1-09 Ran 2 miles was wanting to do more but ran out of time. Mile one 11:11 min Mile two 11:03 min. Wanted to do them faster but needed to get back to work.

3-28-09 Ran 7.88 miles on Sat. Whoohooo!

3-24-09 I was in an accident this morning. I'm ok but my car needs work. Not totalled thank goodness! See the insurance adjuster tomorrow afternoon. Freaked me out really bad BUT I managed to keep it together and not go crazy on food. Still did my lunchtime workout even though I got to work late and really should have worked through lunch to make up the time. But I really needed it. I'm still shaken up and it was tough to drive home. 18-wheeler hit me from behind says I turned in front of him.. not true. Spun me around and well.. let's just say if we both hadn't been going slow I probably wouldn't be talking to you right now.

3-16-09 OK.. Things hurt that I have not felt before.. YIKES!!! I think that is called a hip flexor.. dang!!! whew! Official chip time posted: 1:12:48! whoohoo! 11:45/pace I am very happy with that considering it was my first ever 10K!!!

3-15-09 Ran in my first 10K this morning! It was awesome!!! Not sure what my official time was but it was somewhere in the 1:12:00 range... Not shabby!!!!

3-1-09 I had an AMAZING 6.3 mile run today! I am so excited! Felt awesome!!

2-14-09 Ran 6.3 miles today! So proud of myself!

2-7-09 Back from my 4 mile StockShow Stampede race and it was awesome!

12-13-08 Ran my second 5K in record time for me 34:15! Whoohooo! Feels GREAT!

I'm Tiffany and I live in south TX. I joined Sparks on July 11, 2006 after a dear friend recommended it to me. Thanks PENPRIDDY! I am aiming to lose about 85 lbs. I'm a busy wife and mom that also happens to work full time.

I was thin when I was younger but always had that "tendency" to be overweight. Luckily I was active. After starting college I gained and gained. At one point in 1996 I lost it all working at a Girl Scouts camp all summer and staying very active. After coming back, meeting my now husband and well.. life just sort of took over and I lost sight of staying healthy. After I had my daughter I suffered from PPD and the weight piled on me. Until I joined Sparks I thought I would always be overweight and unhappy.

I joined and of course was gung-ho in the beginning. I remember thinking ok... I can do this. All it is about is diet and exercise. I can do that. Never thought it would be easy but thought once I got my mindset it would be ok. Never thinking about the mental aspect of literally CHANGING your life. This has been and continues to be my biggest hurdle. Overcoming my negative way of thinking. I continue to struggle with this but I strongly believe that I can overcome it. And you can too!

I have been with Sparks for a long time now. There are so many moments to reflect back on. Physically I was so tired all the time. It was horrible. I used to drink literally and this is probably bottom line estimate... 5 of those 20 oz cokes a day. I was a negative person that didn't have many friends and no real direction in life as far as career etc.

I have worked very hard these past couple of years to not only stay focused in my weight loss but to build positive things in my life. Physically I am not tired anymore. We all have our days but I have so much more energy than I used to. I do drink an occasional coke now and then but it's fairly rare. I drink lots of water. I have worked hard to rebuild friendships that are healthy and not one sided as so many others have been in my life. I have a positive outlook on life that has reflected in my marriage, relationship with my family, working relationships with co-workers, last but not least.. my relationship with myself and my daughter.

I handle stress much differently now and I believe that has helped not only my weight but my overall health. From Jan-Oct 2007 I gained and lost the same 5 lbs no matter what I tried, but I never gave up! It's because of this site that I stuck with it. My SparkFriends mean the world to me and I will acheive my goals. I want people to know that yes I had 10 full months of not losing anything but you don't have to give up.. it's YOUR choice to give up. If you can see yourself through the hard times and seek out help from your friends you will get through it. If you just keep on trying..

*Update 10-14-08* Today I got a promotion at work that I have been working towards for a long time now. It wasn't until I joined Sparks that I started to gain my self-confidence and believe in myself enough to even try for a promotion at work! My point is... you never know where "just losing weight" might lead you!

*2009* Well I have said it before. 2008 was going to be my year to reach my goal. I did reach a major milestone even if it wasn't reaching my goal. I got to ONEderland and that makes me happy. In 2009 I will reach my goal. I am so close if I can just stay focused I will get there. My weight has come off super slow- much slower than most people and I have to fight for every single ounce it seems but I am not going to give up. I am almost 6' tall and the doctor told me he would like to see me at 180 lbs so that's what I am shooting for. With my height and build 180 sounds like a good number to me. When I get there I will reevaluate and decide if I will maintain there or lose more. I am focused and ready to work hard and make progress! Are you? Come join me for the ride!


2008 Goals:

1. DONE APRIL 19,2008 Jog/Walk a 5K Final Time: 37:33 min 12:05 pace
2. DONE Continue to work on my running pace/distance
3. DONE SEPT 13,2008 Reach 199 lbs
4. Reach 190 lbs
5. Reach 180 lbs and re-evaluate
6. Stay patient with my weight loss. Frustration gets you nowhere.
7. DONE Continue drinking lots of water and VERY few sodas.
8. DONE Incorporate a cleaner lifestyle- go green wherever I can including what I put into my body. - still work to do.
9. DONE Support others in their journey and help motivate everyone that I can.
10. Be the best person that I can be and learn not to be so hard on myself. Still working on this
11. DONE DEC 13, 2008 Run a 5K no stopping (34:15 11:01 pace)

8 out of 11 is not bad...

2009 Goals:

1. Continue to work on running distance/pace.
2. Run at least 2 5K's this year. (4 MILER DONE)
3. Run at least one 5 miler this year. (10K RAN 3-15-09)
4. Contemplate training for the R&R half marathon in Nov. (if my shins will cooperate) (SIGNED UP!)
5. See a running shoe specialist regarding my shin splints. (DONE)
6. Pay off 3 credit cards.
7. Refinance house at a lower interest rate. (DONE!)
8. See at least two SP Buddies.
9. Join the National Weight Loss Registry.
10. Share my story.
11. Get to 190 lbs
12. Get to 185 lbs
13. Get to 180 lbs Go to coast with DH and DD.

1. Set attainable but challenging GOALS for yourself with a timeline.
2. Make REWARDS for reaching your goals (NON-food related rewards)
3. LOG ALL your food and make your tracker public so you are accountable for it.
4. Drink 8-10 glasses of plain WATER everyday! The more you drink it the more you will learn to love it. Cut sodas OUT! You always want to avoid drinking your calories!
5. Join an active team and PARTICIPATE!!! Get involved! Make friends! These will be the people that will pick you up when you are down and celebrate with you when you succeed! It's important to have support!
6. Don't be afraid to ask for HELP!
7. SOUL search.. there is a reason why you are overweight and most often it has nothing to do with food. Take time for yourself to work through issues non-related to food and you will be more likely to keep the weight off when you reach your goal by not having that baggage.
8. CELEBRATE victories! Don't be afraid to give yourself a "shout out!"... celebrate when you accomplish something no matter how big or small you might think it is.
9. BLOG, BLOG, BLOG!!!!! Get your thoughts out.. it really does help! Also helps track your progress! Take your measurements at the very beginning and make a note of them. You will rely on this if you hit a plateau you may not lose weight but inches! You will want to have this information.
10. Be PATIENT with your progress! It may be slower than most (like mine) but it's progress nonetheless! Focus on 5-10% at a time! You can do it! Believe in yourself!

***What Stage Are You In?***
1. PRE-CONTEMPLATION- Thinking about change but will move forward when you are ready.
2. CONTEMPLATION- Within 6 months will be making a change.
3. PREPARATION- Develop a plan and share with others. Do not skip this step!
4. ACTION- Make plan a reality, account for obstacles, examine setbacks, challenge yourself and build consistency.
5. MAINTENANCE- Keep positive, ask for support, share experiences of success.

Set S-M-A-R-T Goals
S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Attainable
R- Realistic
T- Timed

Long Run Log
Jan 18th- 4.3 miles
Jan 25th- 5.6 miles
Feb 7th- 4 mile race (49:48)
Feb 14th- 6.3 miles
Feb 22nd- 4 miles
March 1- 6.3 miles
March 14 2.5 miles
March 15- 6.2 miles my first 10K
March 26- 3 miles
March 28- 7.88 miles long run
March 30- 3.5 miles
April 1- 2 miles speedwork one-11:11 and one 11:03
April 2- Fastest mile 10:35
April 3- 2.10 miles
April 4- 2.5 miles walk
April 5- 3.3 miles run
April 7- 3.15 mile run (3.1 35:09)
April 9- 2.75 mile (run 2 walk .75)
April 12- 4 mile run slow
April 14- 1 mile 11:22
April 15- 3.15 miles 36:13
April 16- 1 mile 11:32
April 17- 3 miles 34:42
April 19- 8.11 miles!
April 21- 1 mile + circuit training
April 22- 3 miles
April 23- 1 mile + circuit training
April 24- 3 miles
April 26- 7.56 miles
April 30- 3.10 miles 35:26
May 3- 9.81 miles 2:12:00
May 4- 1.5 miles walk
May 5- 2.5 miles
May 6- 1 mile 11:33 + crosstraining
May 7- 2 miles
May 8- 3 miles
May 11- 3 mile run 37:43
May 13- 3.1 mile run 35:16
May 15- 3.1 miles run 35:43
May 17- 6 miles
May 20- 3 miles
May 22- 3.15 miles 35:20
May 24- 7.57 miles
May 26- 1 mile + cross training
May 27- 1 mile 11:43 1 mile 10:47

Member Since: 7/11/2006

Fitness Minutes: 27,440

My Goals:
I want to learn about why I eat so much and what my triggers are. I need to come to terms with what causes me emotionally to feel like I need to eat.

My Program:
I have no idea where to start other than to try and surround myself with people that are seeking help like myself. The one thing I know I need to do is to take time for myself and eat right and exercise.

Weight Loss Log:
7-11-06 265 lbs
8-7-06 253.5 lbs
9-4-06 245 lbs
10-2-06 240 lbs
11-3-06 236 lbs
12-1-06 235 lbs
1-5-07 234.5 lbs
2-2-07 235 lbs :(
3-2-07 235 lbs :(
4-30-07 231.5 lbs :):):)
6-21-07 227.5 lbs!!!
10-16-07 226.8 LBS
11-19-07 222.5 lbs
12-10-07 220.2 lbs
12-17-07 220.8 lbs
12-31-08 223.4 lbs
1-7-08 219 lbs
1-15-08 217.6 lbs
1-21-08 216.4 lbs
2-12-08 219.4
2-19-08 217
2-26-08 220.4
3-4-08 215.6
3-11-08 215.4
3-18-08 213.6
3-25-08 214
4-7-08 214.4
4-11-08 210.8
7-2-08 205.8
7-11-08 204.5
9-13-08 199.4
9-30-08 194.4
1-3-09 195
2-22-09 192.2

Personal Information:
Mom and Wife


Other Information:
I love to spend time with my family first and foremost!

I love to scrapbook and stamp.

I like to go for long walks by myself.. Me Time..

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