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See this image largerHappy monday all! Hope everyone starts your week off good. Have my meals prepped for the week and ready to go! Starting with an ice coffee with Premier Protein carmel flavored. Just like having an iced macchiato minus ll the sugar!See this image largerSee this image largerPremier protein drinks. I use this one for my iced coffee.See this image largerWalked 5 miles today and finished my audiobook which was definitely worth listening to!See this image larger5 miles nd audiobook completed.See this image largerHappy Tuesday all! My son is even enjoying some healthy new habits. Butterfinger Protein Shake. I add some spinach in for extra iron. Spinach has no flavor in protein shakes son doesnt know the difference.See this image largerThis is my protein shake this morning. If you like pistachio pudding or ice cream, this is for you! I haven't tried freezing it yet. It's on my to do list to try. I add 1/3 serving of yogurt for added protein s the Trim Shake only has 8 g. Adding the yogurt boosts it up to 13 g and not lot of added calories.See this image largerWent metal detecting today and ended up hiking. The detecting was a bust but the hike was beautiful. It as 67 degrees today in the high desert and a really nice change to colder weather and snow expected on Tuesday. Great day with the family and dogs. Didnt get a pic of our view today but here are a couple of hiking buddies.See this image largerMy hair is not reflecting the sassiness I'm feeling inside today. Down another pound. Feeling confident today. Chose not to wear the frumpy shirt I originally picked and went with something more stylish. Ready to start my day! Yes my spice rack is this image largerSee this image largerWent for 60 min walk this morning. Jogged part of the last bit. Had beautiful views. See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Not much progress seen. That being said I lost 5 pounds. I also had 1042 minutes of exercise for February.See this image largerGood morning Sparkpeople! Just back from vacation. Had every intent of tracking my food and did not for the entire vaca. Up few pounds before going but starting anew today. My view for 7 days. Miss it so much!!See this image largerI made a goal at the end of March that I wanted to jog a mile by the end of April. I do not believe I have ever jogged an entire mile. Not even in high school sports (I was a smoker then, so likely no way). I want to complete a 5K in the Fall and I want to do it jogging. Baby steps. Either way, today I jogged a mile! I didn't stop and walk during the mile. The jog was at a pretty slow pace but I don't even care! I FINISHED! I am so proud of myself right now. See this image largerThree miles to start my morning! Wish I would have taken a pic of the alphalfa fields I walked past! Much prettier view.

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