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See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerMy first "before" photo. I have lost 11 lbs this month. Looking forward to losing my cortisol belly!See this image largerFirst mini goal met! At the top of the "normal BMI" range. About the only thing "normal" about me.See this image larger19# down, 18# to go! Halfway there!See this image largerLast photo is a little over 2 months before I started. #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerSee this image largerToday’s my birthday! Started here in September with a weight of 182 and I have 5 more to go before I hit my goal. Giving myself increased energy and health this year. 😁 #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerThat smile is because I know the rest of the route is downhill. 😁 First run since Hand-Foot-and-Mouth took me out. Gorgeous route, and that downhill track? It felt the closest I’ve ever come to flying!See this image largerSee this image larger🎶 I love the mountains! I love the rolling hills! I love the flowers! I love the daffodils! 🎶See this image largerMy flip flop busted on our daily constitutional, but the moment I stop enjoying views like these, I’ll lay down in a hole and cover myself up with dirt. Gorgeous day!See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerWent for a walk in a *sigh* sensible pair of shoes today. Anyone spot the deer? I almost didn’t, and then I felt something staring.See this image largerHappy First Day of Summer! Taking advantage of all that gorgeous daylight for a walk.See this image largerTook the Rattlesnake Mountain trails this morning. The downed trees made it a fun obstacle course.See this image largerI just found out that our state marathon starts in the next town over, and the half practically lines up in our driveway! Trying to decide between focusing on running a strong 10k or trying the training for the half in September...See this image largerBack for a new trail at Rattlesnake Mountain! There’s a toad peeking out of the grass in the upper left.See this image largerPrepping for the afternoon. My three, growing kids are continually hungry, so putting half this watermelon and carrots out for grazing. I used to dislike cutting watermelon, since the juice would drip off and under the cutting board and onto the floor, but cutting it in a 3 quart Pyrex dish keeps the juice contained.See this image largerToday’s adventure.See this image largerBest time yet for five miles! I guess making sure I’m there for bedtime stories for my kids is a powerful motivator. We’ll just call this the effects of humidity, shall we?See this image largerStressful week, but I’m keeping a date with my running shoes. Have a Happy 4th, SparkFriends!See this image largerFrom our short two-mile walk to celebrate the 4th! Happy Independence Day!See this image largerLots of activity today-gardening, cleaning house, a five mile trail run (with appropriate shoes 😁), and a two mile walk with the family to cool down. Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerCardio today is tilling up a garden bed and pathway between the random hosta in the middle of the yard to the random bridge. Great core workout.See this image largerFinally visited the beach. Also ran and did some gardening. Hope you all had a great day!See this image largerDid 2 hours of gardening while my boys played in the wading pool, and took a two mile walk around the neighborhood together. Hope you all had a great day!See this image largerTypically, I’m more of a free spirit; but with the longer runs I’ve been taking, I want to streamline the dinner-making process to preserve family time. When I’ve done this before, I’ve cut the grocery bill by 1/3-1/2. So, here’s the plan for the next 12-14 weeks!See this image largerFelt like taking a tip from this barred owl we saw at a nature center this afternoon and taking a nap, but I went for my long run anyway. I feel a little more energetic now!See this image larger* Breaks pinkie toe * Googles “Can I run on a broken toe?”See this image largerRough morning, but I know of no better way to reset the day. Happy Friday!See this image largerWell, I got in 3.5 miles of my 4 miles in (power walking, because of my broken toe) before my treadmill broke too. Did some gardening, heavy-duty cleaning, and a hike earlier today, so not a bad day for activity.See this image largerTaped my broken toe and ran my five miles. My toe held up fine, but it’s the first time I didn’t enjoy the peace of the trail. Hope you all had a great weekend!See this image largerStarted out running my 7 miles and finished the last 2 swimming. My view just before it started to rain hard. 😁 A great time either way!See this image largerSee this image largerRest day! Going to fix the treadmill (hopefully!) I wore out during the last thunderstorm and then test it out for a short walk. So excited for these peaches to ripen!See this image larger3 mile hill run tonight. This is from an Onion article last Friday, but the struggle is real! 😁See this image largerRainy day batch cooking today. Isn’t it a blessing that the foods that are healthy for you smell and look great, too? While cutting these carrots and parsnips I smell the rich, damp soil they were pulled from. And the beautiful colors and textures! Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday afternoon!See this image largerBeautiful evening! Made a personal goal of reaching the next village over on my 8-mile run tonight. My broken toe started acting up, so I had to slow down my pace for the last two miles to pay close attention to my foot fall, but a win regardless! River is swollen from the rain we’ve been getting. Have a great night, everyone!See this image largerIt’s been raining all afternoon, but I laced up and ran my four miles anyway. I didn’t melt, as I might have done in high school. 😁See this image larger3.5 mile hike this morning with the kids. Resting my toe, since it really hurt after the last run, but but still getting the cardio logged in.See this image largerSwimming at the river today. Such a beautiful spot!See this image largerView from the summit of Mt Prospect this afternoon. Trying to figure out what percentage of my planned 9 mile run I want to take after 5 miles on the trail. Hope you all had a wonderful afternoon!See this image largerGot in a 5 mile run before dark. I’ve never considered myself to be competitive, but I’ve found that when I’m competing against myself, the gloves are off. Kind of disappointed that I didn’t fit the nine miles I had planned in. 😁. Great weather this weekend!See this image largerAccomplished a few milestones- 9 mile run, under 10 minute miles (barely 😁) for a “long” run, and reaching the lake. Great evening, great run!See this image largerOut of the 12 miles I got in today, apparently one was upwards instead of sideways. 😂 #gonnaFeelThatTomorrowSee this image largerLoving the cooler weather in the late afternoon for the last week. It’s beautiful out there!See this image largerGot in some gardening and a short hike before the rain. Hope you’re all having a great Friday!See this image largerFour miles tonight. The routes with hills wear me out! Will need to work on that. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!See this image largerHike with my boys this morning! They told me it was too hot, so we compromised and did the shorter trail. The view was stunning, nevertheless!See this image largerThe blackberries have gone crazy! This is the harvest from tonight. Any suggestions on recipes or sharing?See this image largerTrail run tonight in the rain. So many puddles to jump tonight! Hope you all had a fun evening, too!See this image largerPicked blackberries for 2 1/2 hours today! I still see them when I close my eyes! 😂. I found some company, too! A little monarch caterpillar munching on the milkweed.See this image largerThe 3 mile walk to the park (round trip) took 4.5 miles with the kids. 😂 Lots of fun, though! Hope you’re all having a great day!See this image largerNice and cool for tonight’s run. My last mile was my fastest yet. #downhill #stillAwesome 😁. It’s incredible to think that three miles was HARD in January, and feels like a warmup now. Keep at it, friends!See this image largerMy run in this humidity. 😉 #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerConflicts with my running schedule again for the evening. Will try for my long run tomorrow night, since I’m out of daylight. A bit overtaxed tonight. It’s crazy how addicting exercise is for stress relief!See this image largerDressed up (for running) and nowhere to go. Ah, well! There’s always tomorrow. #ExerciseEnnui #MissingADateWithMyRunningShoes(2 comments)See this image largerFound this book for my daughter at the thrift store. Silly me! I’ve been eating boy food all this time!See this image largerMade my summer goal of 10 miles run tonight! Beat a thunderstorm home. Nothing like that ozone smell before a storm!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThree mile run tonight after the rain. Yoda? Is that you?See this image largerSo, this grasshopper had a dream to wear human pants. Unfortunately, he chose mine while I was already occupying them. And more unfortunately still, he chose to make himself known as a fellow pants-occupant as I was driving into town. But as fortune favors dreamers, we both lived to tell about it. Now, does removing him count as HIIT? or dancing? #notReallyTrackingIt #justCheckingIn. #didSomeGardeningSee this image largerMy parents are staying with us until they close on their house, but I snuck out for a five mile run tonight. Are these quail or wild turkey? #MilesForMollieSee this image largerThree mile hike up North Peak today. Mountains are a reminder that the struggle of pushing forward, and facing your challenges head-on is nothing to the pain of giving up.See this image largerSee this image largerI’m overwhelmed and thankful that so many people here would take time to encourage and congratulate me. You all are incredible! I took a four mile trail run tonight, and here are some photos I took along the route. I’m so grateful for the community here!See this image larger6 mile run instead of the 10 I had planned. My weather app told me it “feels like 93*.” And I had to agree. Beautiful night, and I got a good enough run in anyway! My dad told me that I look like I lost an argument with a neighbor’s hose. 😁See this image largerWell, I didn’t chop it, but I guess this wood is still going to warm me twice. 😁See this image largerSee this image larger3 miles into an 8 mile run, I ran past the town forest, and then in an unexpected detour, into the forest. To re-render a John Muir quote, “The (forest) calls me, and I must go.” I was so glad I changed routes tonight. Gorgeous place to explore, and my soul feels a little lighter. Hope you’re all having a lovely long weekend!See this image largerMy new walking partner, Courtney. She’s so 90s cool, her brand name is spelt “KoolStride” and she rides as smooth as Yanni at the acropolis. 😁See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThree mile run tonight. Love the changing colors!See this image larger(3 comments)See this image larger3.5 mile hike with my three urchins after school. Loved catching up on the week’s events while getting some fresh air! A bite to the air today that tells me fall is on its way!See this image largerA chilly 55 degree run tonight, but I made 10 miles. And on my way past this field, I inspired this calf to join me for half an acre. 😂.See this image largerThree mile hike with a three-year old who didn’t want to walk. Arm day, for sure! 😁See this image largerRain expected tonight, so I took my run at lunch with my 80 lb middle son in the jogging stroller. So hard to run up hills pushing that much weight, and my pace was so slow, but I realized as I made it to the 5k mark that I had run faster than my first 5k in March! Go me! #fitFeatsSee this image largerPool’s open! Love that good exhaustion that you can only seem to get when swimming. So excited to have winter cardio ready to go!See this image largerSick kid today, so I’ve racked up a little more than 1000 steps - mostly to and from the washing machine. Kind of nice to just sit and read kids books and listen to music. Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image larger5 mile walk and 3 mile run tonight. Have a wonderful evening!See this image largerSquee! 🤩 I’ve never been a shoe aficionado, but getting a new pair of running shoes makes my heart beat a little faster! My toes were hitting the front of the toe box of my Hokas and blistering during long runs, and I’ve run more than 400 miles on them.See this image largerSat in the car driving to an autism conference where I sat and listened to speakers and then sat driving home. So, not on point today, but I did get some great nutritional info and reminders and some new avenues for helping. In all, a day well spent.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI froze a batch of lower-sugar cookie dough for occasional treats for my children. That way, I don’t have a tempting box around the house to raid during the witching hour. 😁 1c nut or seed butter, 1/2 c sugar, 2 eggs, 2T cocoa powder (optional), 1 t vanilla. The original recipe called for a full cup of sugar, and I’ve been slowly reducing.See this image largerTook an hour walk with the kids and found the two caterpillars on the right. My amateur lepidopterologists and I looked up what they would become. Strange and amazing how different they become after their transformation. But, as my daughter says, they were beautiful in each form. Don’t wait to become a butterfly to celebrate how unique and wonderful you are as a caterpillar!See this image larger8 mile walk tonight. So beautiful out there! Soaking up the sunshine while it remains!See this image larger9 miles walking and running this afternoon. The street is being painted for this weekend’s marathon. I decided to run the last mile with my son in the kids’ marathon, but I have to admit a moment of sadness when I walked past the half start point just feet from the driveway, since I was training for it. But just a little. Much more excited to run that last mile and see my kids finish something they have worked so hard at this summer!See this image largerI’ve been doing a poor job of tracking for the last two weeks and have been making some questionable food choices. So, a reminder to myself not to be that guy!See this image largerFour miles walking at an outdoor mall with my daughter this morning and six miles in this gorgeous, cooler fall (officially!) weather. Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerFamily hike today! Love this crisp fall weather!See this image largerStuck at three pull-ups. My smallest son is stuck at 0. But we’re both trying! 😁See this image largerSet a challenge for myself accidentally again. 😁. I was telling my husband last night that if I did 5k per day, I would beat the year challenge for MapMyRun (which I started June 25 with no thought of beating it). He took it as a non-hypothetical. 😳 My resolve was challenged today, as it was cold and wet. But my 5k is in the books for the day! 97 more days to go! Guess I better fix that treadmill! #5kEveryDaySee this image largerDid my 5k run/walk this morning with the boys. Ran most of the way to the park when my son had a scooter accident. We walked back without playing. So grateful he was wearing a helmet, since it cracked! Came back to our winter order of cod liver oil, and made some elderberry syrup as a first defense against the flu and cold season. A spoonful of elderberry makes the cod liver oil go down?See this image largerSee this image largerFinished my 5k today, even if I was as tired as these ladies. 😁. Apparently, running with a stroller works different muscles than regular running, because my biceps, deltoids, and glutes are really worn out today! Guess I’ll be sitting gingerly for a while!See this image largerRan the kids’ Marathon with my son this morning and did 5k this afternoon. ✅ Beautiful day!See this image largerI logged 197 miles walking and running this month. Makes me want to go out and do 3 more. 😁 Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image larger5 mile run tonight! Back in time to take roasted apples and chicken out of the oven for dinner (with a salad). Loving the autumn weather and view! Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerWalked indoors for 5 miles because of thunderstorms all day. Made some ham-bagels for dinner (not sure about the utility of the hole in the center besides being able to say the word “ham-bagel” 😁), clarified some butter to make ghee and made some paleo banana bread. Planning to harvest the backyard apples tomorrow for applesauce. I love fall baking and canning! Have a wonderful evening!See this image larger15 miles today between walking and running. Beautiful day to be outside! Hope we get a few more like this!See this image larger5k run around the park while my kids played this morning, then a walk in the rain this afternoon. Looking forward to clear skies for the next few days! Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image larger8.5 miles walking and running in this glorious fall weather! Did an hour of gardening, and got the rest of the soil amended for the front bed, weed block down, and plants in. Hope you all had a great evening!See this image largerCleaned the attic of our new home for three hours today with my husband. Brought down 33 garbage bags of unusable building material, a crib, an antenna, toys, and holiday decorations. Tempted to skip the commitment I made to 5k every day. It’s cold, and a little wet out. But a one-off pass sometimes becomes a habit, so I’m going to get out of my own way and get to it! Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerAn hour hike with the family and half hour run today. Bow and arrow hunting season started here, so we made sure to wear our fashion-forward orange gear. Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerIt rained most of the day, so the light shining through the wet leaves felt incandescent and unreal. As Anne of Green Gables put it, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” 5k ✅ off for the day.See this image largerThe hot water heater broke this morning, my daughter missed the bus, and the check-engine light went on in the car on the way to school. But it’s all good, my long run is tonight!See this image largerI didn’t get a run in yesterday, but I did walk with my kids for two hours in the afternoon up into an area we hadn’t yet explored. The picture of the waterfall does not do it justice! Busy clearing out the mess in the A frame this afternoon. The picture is after I already took in two loads to the dump!See this image largerCould have run/hiked to Boston and back this month! But, as a former math teacher, I’d like to point out that being in the top 0% is NOT 👏A 👏THING👏! 😁See this image largerHot water heater remains broken (and that’s unlikely to change in the next few days), so I was 100% happy to run tonight, even with the rain, but 100% miserable to take a cold shower afterwards. #5kEveryDay #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSee this image largerDay 1/28 of a sugar-free challenge is complete. Ran a little over 5 miles this afternoon. So serene out there!See this image largerDay 2/28 Sugar-free. The sun was out today, and we walked/ran 8.75 miles. My boys and I built the garden boxes this afternoon, too. Looking forward to growing some veggies next spring! Hope you all had a great day!See this image largerIt snowed this morning, and despite the chill, my son and I wrapped up for a stroller run this afternoon. I’d like to say that there’s no bad weather, just bad gear, but my mouth is frozen shut. 😁 It WAS beautiful out there! On Day 5/28 of a sugar-free challenge. Doing well, except for a piece of one of my kid’s cereal that I popped into my mouth and swallowed before my brain caught up. Hope you’re all having a great afternoon!See this image larger5 mile run tonight, up to the waterfalls. I got a call on the way back that I was officially licensed (again) as a LNA! On Day 6/28 of a sugar-free challenge, and I am craving a bowl of cappuccino chip ice cream. 😁See this image larger4 mile hike this afternoon. The woods are so much lighter with the fallen leaves. Day 7/28 Sugar-Free ✅See this image larger4.5 treadmill run tonight. My view of the wall was not as good as I’ve become accustomed to. 😁 But, I made it to 804 km since July 25th. Day 8 Sugar-free ✅. And, less relevantly, Day 15 of pioneer living without a water heater. 😳See this image largerStarted exercising at 9:30, but I got my 5k run done for the day! Day 9/28 Sugar-Free!See this image largerMade apple pies today with the boys. Mine was sugar and crust free (Day 10 Sugar-free). I taught preschool for a year, and one of my favorite days was bringing in the apple peeler/slicer/corer and watching the amazement on the kids’ faces as they peeled. No less magical today!See this image largerRan in light snow this afternoon, which is a new favorite thing for me. Beautiful, peaceful day. And we got good news -the water heater will be installed next Thursday! Day 10/28 Sugar-free ✅See this image larger5 mile stroller run this afternoon. The sun came out, and I had to take off my jacket it felt so balmy. I came back to find that the temperature had only made it to mid 40s! I guess my internal temperature is adjusting to the current weather! Day 11/28 sugar free ✅See this image largerHappy Halloween! On day 17/28 sugar-free challenge. Hope you all have a wonderful day!See this image largerDidn’t make the planned 900 km, but I came close! Sugar free day 17!See this image larger7miles tonight in the rain, but I didn’t mind because I got to take a hot shower for the first time in over three weeks! Hot water heater installed, and reveling in our return to the 21st century! Day 18/28 sugar-free! I bent the rules a bit to dose myself (and my kids) with kombucha. Sneezing kids everywhere today!See this image largerStill running, or at least jogging slowly with a stroller, 5k a day. It’s still lovely here. The reds, oranges, and yellows have been replaced by a thousand different shades of browns! I’m not sure what day I am on the sugar-free challenge. Surely, a good sign! 😁 Hope you’re all having a great week!See this image largerDay 23/28 Sugar-free. I voted. He didn’t. 😉 And I did circuit training instead of the 5k, as it was dark after I prepped dinner. Still on track for finishing the challenge this month.(1 comments)See this image largerBeautiful weather this morning. Got my 5k from yesterday in before 9, and took my sons on a 5 mile walk this afternoon. Day 22/28 sugar-freeSee this image largerDay 23/28 Sugar-free - Ran 5k and cut shelves and trim and put up shelves and hooks in the laundry/bathroom this morning. Did circuit training tonight. Hoping to keep a chest cold at bay tonight by going to bed early. Sweet dreams, friends!See this image largerDay 24/28 Sugar-Free. Sick, but I speed-walked a 5k. ‘Night everyone!See this image largerHappy Veterans Day (observed)! Here’s my favorite veteran, my dad, arguing with me about how big 18” really is. I brought out a measuring tape and a ruler, and he commented on how remarkable it was that I owned TWO faulty measuring devices. 😁 To all the veterans out there, thank you for your service!See this image largerDay 28/28 sugar-free! Two hours of shoveling snow, a walk, and some circuit training today. Tomorrow’s planned workout below. 😁See this image largerSnow day! Lots of shoveling and playing out in the fluffy white stuff today. Circuit training this evening. Hope you all had a great day!See this image larger5 miles walking today. Planning circuit training after the kids are asleep. Hope you all have a wonderful start to your week tomorrow!See this image larger5 mile walk/jog this afternoon completed my MapMyRun challenge. I beat the year! Now, what to do with the rest of it? 😁See this image larger😁 I didn’t run a 5k, but I wanted to. Thanks for the inspiration, friends! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!See this image largerSee this image largerI can foresee logging a lot of fitness minutes shoveling this winter! 😁 School’s out, along with the power!See this image largerPrepped tomorrow’s breakfast experiment -apple sweet potato “noatmeal,” did circuit training with my 11 year old daughter, who has been joining me for two weeks now, and then spent some time giving my 3 year old a “fuzzy” (which is what he’s calling a snuggle). He didn’t seem to mind how sweaty I was. 😁 Hope you’re all having a wonderful evening!See this image largerOn my way to pick up a sick kid from school. Guess I better lay off the strength training. 😂See this image largerChristmas coming at me like...(4 comments)See this image largerI’ve been spinning my wheels all week. When I came home, I didn’t feel like exercising, so I took it out on poster board, and created these dog posters my son requested for his bedroom a while back. Feeling productive, now, and ready to do some cardio after the kids are in bed. Hope you’re all having a great week!See this image largerTook a road trip to Boston this weekend. Lots of sitting in the car and eating out. But stayed within calories, made good choices, and got some walking in while shopping. Now for some circuit training! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!See this image largerBack from Massachusetts yesterday, on to Vermont today for my youngest son’s bi-annual hearing test. Praying for no unilateral hearing loss this visit, as it’s been better each time we go. Eating well this morning, and taking some healthy snacks to keep on track, and arriving early to stretch our legs before the appointment.See this image largerSee this image largerConsidering Keto, and tried a Fathead pizza for dinner tonight. And my youngest joined me for my workout tonight. Look! I don’t even have to blur his face! 😉See this image largerHiking out with the urchins today, and circuit training this evening. So pretty and peaceful outside!See this image largerGonna be a busy day, so I got mine in early. I think I like exercising in the morning! Have a great day everyone!See this image largerMaking vanilla cookies today to decorate tomorrow. No refined sugar - just sweetened with sweet potato and honey.See this image largerFeeling accomplished today - fixed the car door I Mr.-Incredibled last week, hung nine curtain rods for the energy efficient curtains for the house, finished gift wrapping, did two loads of laundry, grocery shopped, and made a huge batch of meat sauce for dinner and for freezer meals for the month. On to exercise! Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerMy oldest son’s teacher sprang the news that the class was having donuts and hot cocoa for the Christmas party tomorrow. So I took the opportunity to try out this fathead (Keto) bagel and donut recipe out this afternoon so he can participate. 245 calories and 12 g. protein. I think they turned out great!See this image largerMe (attempting to get a very excited three-year old to choose a sweater) - What do you want to wear for Christmas? Three-year Old- PANTS! Hope you’re all making good choices, too! Wishing you all love, light and laughter today! Merry Christmas!See this image largerRemember to give any new gym members the welcome you would have liked when you were beginning a fitness program. Kindness is free! Happy New Year!See this image largerI love this time of year. The healthy foods our family eats go on sale as everyone makes good on New Years resolutions to lose weight and get healthy. How amazing would it be if we all just continued, and that was what was on sale every week! You get a vote three times a day on what you see on your grocery store shelves, and even a small shift of 3% makes a big impact on the food industry.See this image largerThe rainy/snowy weather here in New England has turned the roads into a slick, slushy mess. Too icy to go running outside, but I got in my cardio and strength training shoveling, doing a few extra trips around the store while grocery shopping, and with an hour of cardio dance. See this image largerSometimes it’s not about building muscle, or losing fat. It’s therapy.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerDid crafts, built a pillow fort and a snowman, cleaned house, lifted while the kids bounced around, and did an hour of cardio dance. Whew! So much for a lazy snow day!See this image largerSummer dreaming! I haven’t worn shorts or a dress w/o thick panty hose since I was 6 because of this birthmark on my leg. And I’ve always been careful to choose clothes that cover it. I came across this dress on clearance today, and I ran through my familiar inner monologue about what I could and couldn’t wear, and then I stopped myself. I’ve decided to like my body. And that means this big birthmark, too!See this image largerShort three mile run, today. Took this little guy (a mole) to the wilderness edge of our property to find a home, aside from ours. 😁 He dug himself a cozy burrow in the snow almost as soon as I let him out. So pretty outside that I kept running after my errand was finished.See this image largerAnyone else watching the new Marie Kondo program on Netflix? I listened to “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” this summer on a few runs, but I put it into practice last night. Anything that’s too big is going to the thrift store today. Hope you all have a great weekend!See this image largerAttempting to make Keto Gnocchi. Crossing my fingers this works!See this image largerKeto “gnocchi” - 1 container ricotta, 3 eggs, 2 c almond flour, pepper, and garlic mixed and formed, then baked at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. They were great, but filling! And it made enough for three more meals worth for our family of five!See this image largerOops! After tracking something I forgot during the day, I realized I had left myself 89 calories for dinner. Now, I could have just gone a little over. One day isn’t going to hurt, but it seemed like a good time to flex my creativity muscle. So, here’s my 81 calorie dinner. Lots of filling fiber. What should I do with the extra 8 calories? 😂See this image larger I’m usually not a coffee drinker, but I’ve been up since 2, and haven’t had a decent night’s sleep for a few weeks. This PANS/PANDAS flare is kicking my butt! Double fisting it this afternoon(1 comments)See this image largerThe belt for the treadmill is finally in! I’m a little giddy with the idea of fixing it tomorrow, but that may just be the effects of running on three hour of sleep! Did a small cardio workout today, a lot of cleaning, and made a chalkboard sign for the hallway. Hope you all are having a wonderful evening!See this image largerGood morning, friends! Full eight hours of sleep, and I’m ready to conquer the world again. Have a wonderful day!See this image largerWinter storm prep. 12-18” expected here over the weekend. Chicken soup seemed to be in order.See this image largerListening to “Spartan Fit,” which is free on Audible right now (maybe only if you have a membership?) and feeling inspired. Flexibility and mindset to overcome any obstacle thrown at you? I’m all about that! Hope you’re all having a great afternoon!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerLots of snow last night, and lots of shoveling today. I managed 18.5 miles on the bike tonight (30 km). Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerDinner tonight - Keto tacos - cheese shell, shredded beef, arugula, avocado and salsa. Trying out some carb cycling for the first time to help with some family autoimmune issues. Going to take a grocery store walk tonight, as I’m super tired entering into Ketosis. Hope everyone had a great day!See this image largerAnyone else happy that this thing exists? Totally made my day. I’ve had Keto flu for a while, now. I added some water and potassium to my regimen, and started to feel human again almost immediately. I even got 33k in on the stationary bike. Hope everyone is doing well tonight!See this image larger@happily_c - This just happened in our house. 😁🤢(2 comments)See this image largerBeautiful day today! Still too slick to run outdoors, but I got in 35 km on the stationary bike tonight.See this image largerStill biking! Doesn’t look like good outdoor running weather anytime soon. But 25 km today and 35 km yesterday on the books for my stationary bike. Isn’t this place dreamy? At least it makes my introverted heart flutter driving by every day.See this image largerThe feed is a platform to lift each other up, not tear each other down. If you’ve got an opinion, congratulations! You’re alive! But if it isn’t helpful or positive, don’t post it. Keep on scrollin’ sister (or brother)!See this image largerWhat better way to spend my birthday than on a snowy hike and exploring a new nature center with my littlest. Hope you’re all having a great day!See this image larger“Hi Ho!” My 90 minute workout today was using a pickaxe to dig out the slick ice along the walkway, now that the easier-to-walk-on snow cover has melted. I don’t know whether to count it as “shoveling” or “digging.” Either way, a full body workout!See this image larger(3 comments)See this image largerFun with veggies, today! The toddler has decided to listen to “Captain Vegetable” on repeat all morning. Both of us are getting a little dose of indoctrination today. One of the big reasons I love exercising is that I can listen to my own music for a while. 😁See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerThe blue skies returned this weekend! Still windy and cold, so me and my new friend, Sniffles, stayed inside to do some stationary biking. First time being sick this season, which I think is a great NSV!See this image largerI’m concentrating on body weight exercises this month for strength training, and I made two goals tonight- a 3 minute plank, and over 1000 squats for the month. Also totaled up 525 skater squats for the month, and I added burpees tonight (50).See this image largerGot my birthday present to myself in today! A little inappropriate for the weather. It was supposed to snow 1.5” and we got at least 4”. So, I broke out the thermals and shoveled the .15 mile drive. Running out of places to put the snow! Got a stationary bike ride and my body weight strength training in, too. Hope you all have a fun weekend!See this image largerSee this image largerStill recovering. Done with the flu, but got a concussion. Will be off more than on for a bit. Lots of love, friends!(5 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerIt’s my dad’s 75th birthday today! Since we went out to eat and had cake together after, I planned the calorie splurge ahead of time and stayed in range today. More importantly, I got to spend time an celebrate one of my favorite people on Earth. Hope everyone had a great day!See this image largerMy breakfast this morning.😁. Another snow day! I’m attempting to make that as exciting sounding as it was back in November. Maybe it’s time to bust out those snowshoes!See this image larger1” predicted last night. But all this shoveling’s gotta be helping get me to ready for swimsuit season, right?See this image largerTracking housework today with no guilt. An hour to do dishes, put away laundry, vacuum, wipe surfaces, and clean jam off the couch and wall. I think at one point I tucked and rolled past my toddler, who was asking me to peel an orange. 😂See this image largerIn the Disney world, I always thought I’d be Ariel, or at least Belle or Anna. Turns out I’m Kristoff. 😁See this image largerMom’s playgroup and bible study for me and my littlest this morning! Time to go be awkward! But, with everything you try, there’s growth. Everyone have fun sharing that inner light and spark today! 😉See this image largerSee this image largerThis is just my thing now. 😁.See this image largerMush! I really can’t be mad at the snow. It’s so pretty and peaceful outdoors!See this image largerSo can you! #moveItSee this image largerWhoops! #DontMoveItSee this image largerBroke my pride... er... my wrist yesterday, pickaxing the ice for too long. Luckily, just a brace was needed. So, today we took the activity indoors and painted. Love this light yellow color. Like a little bit of Spring sunshine on the walls! Our walk today wasn’t so sunny, but there were mud puddles to jump in! Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerGetting it done now ✅! Anyone else not getting notifications and/or wildly inappropriate ads?See this image largerToday’s planned activity is moving beds and boxes! 📦 We’re moving out of our house temporarily (a week or two) to get all the electricity fixed and up to code! The Internet is spotty where we will next lay our heads, but I’ll try to pop in every once in a while! Hope you all have a wonderful day!See this image largerNSV - Being able to sit in the backseat with two booster seats on either side!See this image largerFound these at the Dollar Tree to put in Easter Baskets.See this image largerSee this image largerWhoops! I should have laid off shoveling while my arm healed! Putting myself in upper-body time out!See this image largerI think I may be losing my March Madness bracket!See this image largerFlu hits the house, just as I have inconveniently made 32 Butterbeer-flavored Sorcerer’s Scones for my (now) sick son’s 3rd grade classroom. What do I do with so many scones? Aside from the obvious, that is...See this image largerAll of the beautiful spring flower posts had me yearning for flowers, so I picked up some ranunculus for containers this afternoon. The cashier screamed like a horror movie heroine, because she thought they were spiders! I explained that they were rhizome bulbs -like daylilies. She told me she didn’t care what they were so long as they weren’t spiders! 😂 🕷See this image largerApril is Autism Awareness Month! My middle child has preverbal autism, and is the biggest reason I have to keep healthy. So, this month I’m choosing ACTION over awareness, and running or walking a 5k every day, and donating a dollar per mile to my favorite autism charity. Here’s a photo from this afternoon’s walk/run.See this image largerMy 5k today! Beautiful weather out! #AprilForAutism #AutismStrongSee this image larger5k for the day! I have some catching up to do. I’m having a very rough week, and having trouble getting it done before dark. Sometimes life just plain sucks, but this view doesn’t, and sometimes we just have to readjust, reconsider, and put our big girl pants on. Hope you’re all having a good week!See this image largerBeautiful, 55 degree weather here yesterday, and I caught up on my missing running and walking mileage from last week. I took a walk in the snow while my car had an oil change, and came back to find the guys in the shop making a snowman on top of someone’s car. Totally made my day! 😂See this image largerRan in a blanket covering of snow today. I’m completely ready for Spring to arrive, but who wouldn’t love this view!See this image largerThis week, I’ve been trying to get in 9 cups/servings of veggies (6 cups leafy greens/cruciferous veggies, 3 servings of other veggies) and 2 or more of fruit throughout the day. I feel like I’ve recently been staying within calorie range, but not eating the things that will keep me healthy. It’s been easier than I thought it would be!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThe snow started to melt, and I found a hidden treasure in the backyard!See this image largerOver 10 miles escorting this gentleman around! He made me go out three times today. Or, maybe I went willingly... 😁 #AprilForAutism #AutismStrongMamaSee this image largerMaking almond flour crackers this afternoon, and I’ve done a little over 6 miles walking so far today!See this image larger8.5 miles today in the clouds! Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerI was planning on a rest day today, but my walking buddy had other plans. 13 miles of shoe leather worn down today, and the forest is green, vibrant, and alive after the snow melt!See this image largerSee this image largerI was able to track today and yesterday, and was more “on point” today. Oh, and I found a pole @pelesjewel . What do you think? 😁See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThe 11 miles today brings me over 300 miles for the year so far. Eating was on point, and the smoothie at lunch looked terrible but tasted great, which you may be able to tell by the way my son is cradling it! 😁. I even included broccoli sprout powder this time around, which wasn’t bad at all. Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerSee this image larger8.75 miles of running/walking yesterday. And a few hours of yard cleanup from the tree limbs that fell during the winter. Between today and yesterday, found and roasted five deer ticks. Thankfully all unattached to my kids. I have never disliked any critter or creepy crawly until now, but I’m happy to light the little blighters on fire. Taking an active rest day today. Hope you’re having a great Sunday!See this image larger5 hours of yard work today - taking the branches off the fallen tree limbs and piling them. I always overestimate how much I can get done. But getting some of it out of the way is better than getting none of it done. On to some stationary biking for cardio. I think strength’s been checked off the list for today. 😁See this image largerTook a small hour-long walk in the rain with the newts. And decided on indoor biking for cardio tonight. Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!See this image largerBeautiful, sunny day today! I got my fallen branches into piles, and filled up the mulch pile with leaves. I’ll need to make another tomorrow! Took a walk, and did the stationary bike for an hour. Busy day!See this image largerRainy day, but I got a walk in between rainstorms. I saw a white tail deer on the walk, then the wildlife came to me for the afternoon. Blue Jays, Red-Hearted Grosbeak, and Red-Breasted Nuthatches all squabbled over the birdseed hangers I put out yesterday. I guess word’s out that it’s there!See this image larger13 miles, yesterday, and tons of yard work! I mad a baby mulch pile to take the overflow leaves I’m raking up today.See this image larger9 miles running and walking today. And a little gardening, as well. Hope you’re all having a good day!See this image largerDid a stress-relieving bike ride for cardio tonight. It’s been a rough day, everyone. Thanks for the dose of positivity on the CF. It, and the exercise, helped me regroup and refocus. ‘Night!See this image larger10 miles running/walking intervals today. And, look! I found a muscle from my winter shoveling extravaganza! And an unintentional running partner when a turkey decided to run away from me, but went in the same direction I was going. 😂See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThe trees are starting to leaf and bloom here. Spring has finally arrived! 16 miles walking and running today. Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image larger13 miles of walking and running today (a 5 mile walk this morning and this afternoon, and a 3 mile run this evening). I’m not usually a very competitive person (at least against other people) but seeing that 1% and under 500th place in my age group in my running app was pretty sweet. Especially as I never considered myself to be athletic for my whole life up until this year. Hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday!See this image largerA photo last night from my peeping Tom the Turkey, casually strolling away as if he wasn’t looking in my window while I biked. 😂 Taking a rest day today, as I have a fever of 100, sore throat, and chest congestion. As we’ve had it three times this winter, I’m not even going to THINK the word strep. WAIT!See this image largerI’m still sick, but got a short run in to boost my immune system. Today marks one year in New Hampshire for my family.See this image largerSaw this sticker on a car yesterday, and I laughed out loud. Such a familiar feeling when I started exercising, but I found it gets easier and addicting as I got consistent. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! We’re celebrating my youngest son’s birthday here, and I’m going to indulge in a strawberry cupcake. But I’m sticking to one. 😁See this image largerToday a 2.5 mile run was hard won. In fact, I planned on 3, but my lungs are still recovering from last week’s gunk. Beautiful views, and I’m glad I got out today!See this image largerFour hours of weeding, scrubbing, and repairing the siding on an out building today. Good thing I had an easy dinner of pulled pork cooking in the instant pot planned for tonight! Hope you all had a great day!See this image largerI’ve been down with strep (again) for the last few days. Hoping we’ll kick it this time around! So, I’m playing catch up on all the housework and gardening today, including introducing the chicks to their run this morning. Planning on a run tonight if I’m not out of energy. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!See this image largerOver 200 miles or 300 km logged for May! #BeforeAndAfterSee this image larger5 miles walk today, some swimming and biking. I’m loving the weather outside right now. Hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the week!See this image largerI went out to dinner tonight, and ended up 2 calories above range, but worth every bite. We’re having a rough week at our house, but the lilacs are in bloom, I’m 85 km to the 1019 km goal for the MapMyRun Challenge, and the weather here is beautiful! Hopefully you’re all having a chance to find all of the ordinary miracles taking place all around you, too!See this image largerKeeping busy today with four hours of painting and weeding, a short walk with my son, an hour of swimming, and biking. I love activity where you can see and enjoy the results afterward. Hope you’ve all had a great day!See this image largerBeautiful weather, and we’re all out enjoying it. The chicks, my three unfeathered chicks, and the birds and butterflies. I spent most of yesterday painting outside, and burned, so today I’m slathering with calendula and taking my internal sunscreen of lycopene in the watermelon to avoid a repeat. I’ve always associated lycopene with tomatoes, but watermelon is a good source, too. Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!See this image largerThis little guy was in my planter today. He and I are stopping in to say hello! Just soaking in the much needed positivity from the CF. The last few weeks have been terrible (like broken nose, getting bitten and scratched, hair ripped out, worrying about whether to institutionalize my child terrible). But we’ve started another protocol, and the last three days have been a welcome calm. I may be popping in and out, trying to balance self-care and humans-in-my-house care. (1 comments)See this image larger3 miles to clear my head and feed my soul this afternoon. The wildflowers are coming out here.See this image largerSee this image largerMissed a spot or two...See this image largerTook our morning walk at the supermarket today, but we still spotted some cool wildlife! #LunaMothSee this image largerHappy 4th! Caught a photo of this guy as we started out for a walk. Stay safe!See this image larger5 mile walk/run today, and a few hours of cleaning the garage. And a photo of one of the ladies in the woodpile, because I love the texture of the feathers and the wood. 😁See this image largerCircuit training ✅See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image larger4-Year-Old: Mom! I’m going to make an apple pie! Me: Great! How are you going to make it? 4-Year-Old: First you find an apple. Right? Me: Yes. 4-Year-Old: And then you get an adult to make you the pie. Ovens are for adults. Me: True. 😂 Hope these baked apples with almond butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar will do!See this image largerSunset! A short hike, some yard cleanup, and some circuit training today. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful day!See this image largerFrom my hike tonight! Got some swimming and circuit training in, too. Happy August!See this image largerButterfly photo from yesterday’s hike. Yard and basement cleanup today from the flash flood, and I’m planning on more circuit training tonight.See this image largerWalking morning, noon, and night, and at the times in between. Hope you’re all having a good week!See this image largerA two mile hike this morning, and three miles walking on the river this afternoon. My core muscles are killing me. Lots of stabilizing muscles needed on those slippery rocks!See this image largerOn the caterpillar rescue squad this afternoon, walking down river. Five miles today, two walking on the river bed. Hope you all had a great day!See this image largerPhoto from this evening’s walk. My daughter started cross country this week, and the busy back to school schedule is ramping back up; but, I’m so happy to see her enjoying running and making new friends! Still making time to fit some exercise in, myself. Hope you’re all enjoying some good outdoor weather!See this image largerAn hour wander in the woods, swimming, and some circuit training this evening after the kids went to bed. Glad it’s Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week!See this image larger3 mile run tonight. Found a butterfly with an unexpanded wing this afternoon. So beautiful!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerIt’s National Pet-A-Spider Day, or maybe that’s just me participating! Finishing up moving the small boulders from the lawn from an early summer flash flood, and the little stinkers keep getting in the way. Hope everyone is having a good week!See this image largerSee this image larger2.5 mile trail run tonight with my daughter.See this image largerPicking and clearing up wind-felled apples today. I feel like Newton, ready to be edified by an apple at any moment. We went on a long walk in the town forest, too. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!See this image largerNor’Easter coming in tonight, and I spent most of the afternoon battening down the hatches, moving all of the outdoor furniture, toys, and tools out of harm’s way. Picked up my daughter from her cross country meet, where she placed 10th, and got some indoor cycling in while we wait for the storm to hit. Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!See this image largerUsing this sunny day to get things done!. Made a carport for covering the chickens during the snow, and moved some rock in the back. Still here maintaining, despite the fact that my body will be swathed in sweaters and fleeces for the next five months. 😁 Hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the week!See this image largerSee this image largerThe turkeys are congregating on the warmer roads, wondering what happened, and forgetting that it’s November! My kids did, too, insisting on carving our pie pumpkins before roasting them. But snow didn’t keep this girl in. Beautiful sunset tonight, and we bundled up and got out in it! Hope you all have had a good day!See this image largerMy middle son is home sick from school, and we’re salad-ing it up for lunch. Salmon for him, sauerkraut, walnuts, and coconut aminos for me. Growing up, salad at dinner time was a non-negotiable, and it was usually topped with cucumbers, carrots, and tomato. How do you salad? #laughingWithMySaladSee this image largerSee this image largerTook a walk in the woods today. School has already been canceled for 8-12” of snow throughout tomorrow. Looking forward to strapping on my snow shoes soon! Happy December!See this image largerBack at it! Halfway done, and I’ve already got 5,000 steps in.See this image largerBy this time of year in New Hampshire, the snow should have accumulated up to his seat, but we took advantage of the swing set today, and played chase around the yard for an hour.See this image largerGot an early Christmas present from our chickens! They started paying their rent! We’ve been sick with the flu since Thursday. Luckily, just a high fever and exhaustion that keeps us mostly to bed. So, the house is a mess, I haven’t accomplished a big chunk of my usual Christmas to-do list, but I’ve done what’s most important for the last week: spending large amounts of time with the people I love most. Wishing you all peace and joy! Happy Christmas Eve!See this image larger@sparkleigh61 - #SelfieForSelfEsteem This one’s from the summer, since I’m in a dark room waiting for my son to go to sleep. About two years ago, someone told me that I was too old to wear stripes anymore. What they really meant was that I was too overweight. You’re never too old to reclaim your own body, and make it healthy and strong! And you’re never too old or heavy for stripes! Wear what you want, and celebrate being in the skin you’re in right now.(1 comments)See this image largerShoveling, walking in the woods, and circuit training today. Hope you all had a wonderful start to the new year! Shoveling the back paths tomorrow!See this image largerTook a couple of walks today with my boys, shoveled for an hour and a half, and did some circuit training tonight. I’m pretty sore tonight! I can’t believe it’s Friday already tomorrow!See this image largerSlogged thru a foot of frozen, heavy snow for three hours yesterday, so today’s rest day! 😁 Maybe some gentle yoga/stretching, and some healing, healthy foods. I’m hoping that there’s more rain than snow today! Have a wonderful weekend!See this image largerI’ve been in bed massaging my middle son’s neck for most of today. We’re on day two of a killer migraine (for him). I’m hoping this lady has brought a little luck with her! I escaped for a little while to do some yoga, and I hope I’ll get some indoor cycling done tonight. Hope you all had a good weekend!See this image largerScrolling the feed for some motivation to tackle the few inches of snow that fell last night. At least it’s a pretty view!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerIt was unseasonably warm here today (55 degrees in New Hampshire) and I cut paths for the runoff and rain we’re supposed to get tonight into tomorrow morning for a few hours and shoveled the slush to the side. I did an “Athletic Skills and Drills” workout from Fit On tonight, and some stationary biking. 😅 Putting some Epsom salts in the bath tonight! 🛁See this image larger(7 comments)See this image largerGot lots of exercise in walking around with this guy, yesterday, but I’m back on migraine back-rub duty for him today. Hoping to get some exercise in tonight when he falls asleep, but sometimes you just need your mom.See this image largerSee this image largerSnow day for us! Six inches of snow was a little too much for me and the push plow, so we had someone come plow our driveway. Much less work cleaning up the path to the house and around the garage doors. We took a walk after the storm passed, and I did a workout tonight after dinner. Hope everyone has had a good day today!See this image largerFlex Friday(4 comments)See this image largerIt doesn’t look it, but we had some warmer weather today (at least it was out of the teens), and got for an hour to walk. Got some stationary biking in while watching a movie, and I’m going to get a short workout in soon. Hope everyone had a good weekend!See this image largerMy secret weapon for drinking enough water is a splash of this (I track a teaspoon, but it’s less) in my 40 oz water bottle.See this image largerI think I mopped four times today, but we built an epic blanket fort, made some grain-free pumpkin bread, and took a walk. Happy MLK day!(3 comments)See this image largerOh, friends, it’s been almost two years of autoimmune symptoms for my son. We have a specialist appointment tomorrow, and I’d be so extremely gruntled for them to have some idea of what’s going on. Sweating out the stress tonight on the stationary bike, and a FitOn workout while lining my unruly mental ducks in a row. ❤️ ✨ 🙏🏻See this image largerWe got snow last night, but it’s been so warm that it all turned to slush this morning! Last year the snow pack was covering my daughter’s window by this time. Today, there’s barely a foot in front. Still, shifting slushy snow is a workout!See this image largerSpringtime garden dreaming tonight. Trying to make plans to lay out my new garden for the coming spring. Did some outdoor walking this afternoon and indoor cycling tonight. Hope you’re all having a good week!See this image largerMy middle son tackled me during a meltdown and threw out my back last Thursday, so I’ve been out of commission for most exercise. I got a chiropractic adjustment on Monday, and have steadily felt better all week. I have my follow-up adjustment tomorrow, and I’m hoping for the go-ahead to resume something that will give me some cardio stress-relief!See this image largerHad a good weekend and ended today with a walk with my son, and a stationary bike and barre workout.See this image largerNobody’s too pretty for Mondays! Cardio and ST planned today. Never miss a Monday! #MakeMondayUglySee this image largerOne of my three girls. Sir Galahad (who is a hen 😁) is celebrating National Pet Day with some extra mealworms and alfalfa sprouts. #featherBabySee this image largerThis ‘lil moose looks pretty scrawny until you know that the snow and he’s casually stepping over is 5’ high. #thisIsAsCloseAsIGetSee this image largerSee this image larger(4 comments)See this image largerI lasted the morning, but the flu has taken me down. Luckily, my youngest is bringing the nature to me. A group of ladybugs is called a loveliness. 🐞See this image largerSo much for the dire predictions of up to three new feet of snow! We took a few walks, and I got a run in this afternoon. No (new) snow today, and it looks warm enough to be rainy tomorrow. 🤞🏻See this image largerSee this image largerDid some meal prep today - grain free banana bread.See this image largerThe weather here has been warming up! Spending lots of time outside!See this image largerDoing some prep work to #eatTheRainbow this week. 🌈See this image largerThrew out the cookies for @surfie and tossed some cooked sweet potatoes in the blender with the milk, cocoa, stevia, and honey to make a dessert/breakfast that will taste like 🌈 #even if doesn’t look like the 🌈. #chocolateCounts #unicorn💩See this image largerI may have counted 2 pickle spears as a veggie serving today. #didIEatTheRainbow #GoodEnufForDaylightSavingsSee this image larger“No, Amy! Your other left!” Getting back on track this week. Mine would have said “energy bars” for the past few months. Back to real food that nourishes and fills you up! #eatTheRainbowSee this image largerThree ladies came knocking on the door today, but I told them that I couldn’t let them in. We’re social distancing. School in NH is closed for three weeks, but we’ve got things to do. My oldest and youngest decided to share a room, which meant a lot of weight lifting, since all of the books and bookshelves were in my youngest’s room, and needed to be moved out, along with moving beds and dressers. Biking this evening. Hope you’re all healthy and having a good week!See this image largerMy daughter and I have fevers tonight. Got my steps in, and 7 to spare, but it was a struggle. Hope it’s the flu! (3 comments)See this image largerThere’s a moose in this photo. Anyone see her? My daughter and I have a fever, but it’s probably the flu from visiting the doctor for her well-care last Friday. We’ve been socially distancing since we came home. Got my steps in (barely) and am headed to bed. #anonymoose #washYerHandsSee this image largerStarted my garden today. We’ve been sick since Monday, and haven’t been out since last Friday. We may need this thing to sprout soon! I’ve managed to get my steps in during previous days, but tonight I’m tired, and making a decision to listen to my body and give it some rest. Hope you all are staying healthy and warding off cabin fever!See this image largerDay 2 without a fever. I think we’ll continue to self-quarantine to be on the safe side at least until the end of the week, maybe as long as the freezer holds out, although our doctor says we’re good to go after tomorrow if we stay fever free. Starting the new month fresh, and by fresh, I mean with no aerobic capacity. I got winded today making the bed. 😳 Starting April with water and food tracking tomorrow, and will be adding more goals as my lungs heal. Stay healthy and wash those hands!See this image largerLots of functional fitness today, hauling the remaining trash from the last summer’s flash flood (two halves of two different BarcaLoungers?, four tires, and an assortment of other random items) and starting a hugelkultur bed along the retaining wall. The branches will be covered by leaves and compost and then soil, and the plants we grow will have 20 years of nutrients as the logs decompose. I got in over 15,000 steps logged today. Hope everyone had a good weekend!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSee this image largerBlue skies and time outside this weekend. Lots of functional fitness trying to get sand off our lawn from last year’s flash flood. I’m estimating 60-70 more wheelbarrow loads at the top of the yard before the dirt is uncovered and I can re-seed it. But there was still time for chicks and playtime with kids, because the work isn’t going anywhere. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!See this image largerThrilled to be tooling around with a stroller again! We’ve limited our walks to how far I can carry a 100 lb kid piggyback to the house when he get tired since my son outgrew his regular sized jogger. Having fun working on the garden while it’s still cool here in the Northeast! Hope everyone is having a good week!See this image largerSpent much of the day outdoors, cleaning up trash during a hike, and hauling sand from where-I-don’t-want-it to where-I-do. Spring is springing up nicely here! Hope you all had a wonderful day!See this image largerLots of sand and rock removal today, and I got a sunburn. We even got some takeout at a very small, very exclusive restaurant tonight. Unfortunately they were only selling rocks and sticks. Taking down the heat and hydrating with a cold washcloth while doing some stationary biking and TV watching. Hope you all are having a nice long weekend!See this image largerI had a barefoot running companion for the last 0.3 miles of my run tonight up and down the driveway. He beat me. #iMayHaveLetHim #theyreAlwaysWatchingSee this image largerPark, short run and a long stationary bike ride are helping me channel the sadness of the news over the past weeks into productive movement; and channel my thoughts into actionable plan. There is still beauty in the world, still growth and development, still love and kindness, and we can be and do those things.See this image largerDid a 45 long HIIT circuit of a 3 mile run and 30 rounds of different exercises every quarter mile along the way (pushups, burpees, air squats, etc). I took this selfie at the end to make sure I hadn’t actually died mid-air squat, while telling myself, “Anyone can do just one more!” Luckily, I did show up in the camera lens. 👻See this image larger“Rest” day for me, but I still got an upper body workout putting together a fence and digging the post holes with Captain Steampunk. He supervised. Little alpine strawberries are popping up all over our front yard. A lot of effort for a snack, but the taste is phenomenal. Concreting in the poles tomorrow, and doing a run and upper body workout. Hope you all are having a wonderful week!See this image largerSpent much of our day walking on the river. Hope you all had a great Thursday!See this image largerFunctional fitness today, finishing up my driveway gate and reclaimed garden fencing. Hopefully a power wash, some soil, and plantings will make it look a little less ramshackle. Going to do some stationary biking for cardio, but it’s been a good day for movement already! Happy Friday!See this image largerBeautiful walk on the river yesterday afternoon and this morning. Doing some gardening before the rain comes in. Happy Wednesday!See this image largerHappy Friday! Hiking and walking the river on the agenda today. And drinking my adult drink. 💦 #8CupsADaySee this image largerBeautiful day for a hike along the river. Long HIIT circuit tonight. Have a wonderful night, Sparkers!See this image largerActive rest day with a hike on the river. Happy Sunday!See this image largerSounds about right! 😁(3 comments)See this image largerBeautiful day out on the river. Everything is green and growing and lovely. Even my late-planted garden beds are starting to show some promise! Happy Fourth of July weekend!See this image largerFrom today’s hike. Happy Tuesday!See this image largerMy driving day turned into a hiking day after OT and PT got canceled again for my son. Three hours our hiking on the river, a run, and a circuit training session are rounding out my exercise for today. Sleep well, everyone!See this image largerI did some interesting gardening yoga this afternoon, trying to get the ripe berries without getting nabbed by the sharp canes while ducking the deer flies. Glad the neighbors can’t see me. 😂 I planned on a long run tonight, but a neighbor stopped by and then a friend called. That’s the most socializing I’ve done in an age, and it felt good to take the time, even if I need to push out a shorter workout out later tonight.See this image largerWe walk on the river nearly every day, and today the tadpoles we have been watching with interest for a few weeks had sprouted back legs! One even has sprouted his front legs, too, and looked more frog-like! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!See this image largerOur sweet neighbor fixed our lawn mower, and wouldn’t accept payment since my husband was laid off this month. I’m putting together a basket of goodies, but he’s diabetic and I’m not sure of what else to put in other than pesto and salsa. Anyone have some good ideas about what to put in?See this image largerSpent the afternoon hiking and studying.See this image largerTaking a deep breath and enjoying the little things today. My middle son’s therapy center just reopened this month, but yesterday he couldn’t regulate enough with his mask on at OT and PT, and was asked not to come back until this is all over. I felt the walls closing in today, so we removed the walls and got outside. I feel much better for it. Our baby froglets have developed lungs, and can sunbathe on the rocks now. And we found a ladybug with nearly no spots!See this image larger3 hours of nature therapy today and a long circuit training session. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!See this image largerSee this image largerNot much activity today, during my study session, but I took a break to grab some goodies from the garden and pull a few weeds. My recertification test is tomorrow, and I’m not as confident as I could be... 😬. Going to go over material one more time and head to bed! 💤See this image largerSee this image largerA collection of treasures today. I rewarded myself with a zoodle machine for consistency in July. So much fun! I’ll be happily oodling away our veggies for the foreseeable future. In the right upper corner is a dogsbane beetle we found on our hike, the lower left is an imperial luna moth caterpillar (they change color from green to this beautiful sunset coloration), and a grasshopper surrounded by a mushroom forest. Hope everyone is having a good day today!See this image largerThe power’s been off at our house since Tuesday afternoon. And as the storm came in, so did a migraine for my second child in time for his birthday. Not much movement as a result, but we did get out for a hike today for a bit.See this image largerI spent most of yesterday and today hiking. It’s been beautiful weather. I found another Luna caterpillar floating in the river, and she gave me a photo shoot before returning to the woods. My son’s migraine disappeared this morning and came back with a vengeance this afternoon. 😩Hope he feels better tomorrow!See this image largerIt’s been a very repetitive summer, but there’s a certain charm about being out in a place where you’re so well known, the wild critters don’t make much to-do about your appearance any more.See this image largerLove these ways to talk to kids about healthy eating!See this image larger40 lbs of pears harvested tonight. Funny thing, when I moved into the house two years ago, I had no idea we had a pear tree. We had no pears our first year. Last year, I thought animals were dragging pears in from the neighbors’ when I found a few (maybe three) bitten solo pears until I saw four remaining pears hanging from the top of the tree. This year, they’d be hard to miss! Anyone have pear recipes they’d like to share?See this image largerSee this image largerPicked peaches today! These won’t win any prizes, but I’m always so amazed that they can grow here in New Hampshire! This elderly gentleman needed some help crossing the road today. He was a traffic stopper. But we were happy to help out, especially since wood turtles are becoming rarer in the US.See this image largerMore hiking and biking today! Hope everyone had a good Monday!See this image largerFeels good to catch up after the aftermath of Laura took out the modem in the lightning storm. 🌩 Happy September!(2 comments)See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerNever miss a Monday! My littlest almost talked me out of exercising tonight (he wanted a cuddle and a movie), but the I talked him into joining me on his scooter. We both got a little of what we wanted in the end!See this image larger@allylizzy - Here’s mine: I never feel more at peace than when harvesting fruits in the tree or climbing through the berry brambles. Meditation in motion.See this image largerLentil burgers, green peas, and a salad tonight for dinner. An unexpected bonus was “grill marks” from freezing the last batch of burgers on a cookie sheet. 8 fruits and veggies in for today, but half of that count was peaches. 🍑 🌈See this image largerThe last few weeks have really been crazy! Glad to be back on Spark and seeing all the positive posts!(2 comments)See this image larger(2 comments)See this image larger400 calories of salad goodness. Threw in the kitchen sink, 3 cups of lettuce, a quarter avocado, 3oz baked chicken, a cup of Brussels sprouts, a T. Sauerkraut, a clementine, aT of hemp seed, and a T of balsamic vinegar. #saladWeekSee this image largerHappy Halloween!See this image largerGorgeous day to build some garden beds in the front yard, and go for a hike. Happy Weekend! ☀️See this image largerA beautiful day for a hike! Happy Sunday!See this image largerAnother beautiful day for a walk. Cardio on the stationary bike. Happy Tuesday!See this image largerDid an hour and a half of chopping tree branches this morning, a short stationary bike ride, and a short walk in the rain and mist. Then I made a chocolate cake to celebrate my husband’s new job. It’s all about balance, and it was a good day!See this image largerFinished up the Thanksgiving pie with the family today, and then went for a run. I should have done it the other way around. Slow running is still running, right?See this image largerCold 30 minute run this morning, but I ran the whole time without walking breaks (expect a brief break to tie my shoe), which I haven’t been able to do since coming down sick in March!See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerBack in quarantine, and “on duty” 6am-9pm. I ate breakfast at 2pm today. Self care is going to be tricky this week.(2 comments)See this image largerIt’s been a crazy week, but I only have 7 hours left before a run, bedtime, and a little break this weekend. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!See this image largerI didn’t forget it was Friday, but I forgot it was FRIDAY! I’m glad I got my run in early!See this image largerNo snow on the ground on Wednesday to this winter wonderland today. My son left his dinner plate on that picnic table Wednesday night. We’ll see it in April. 😅See this image largerShort walk outside and a long indoor bike ride today. Our grocery store was out of lettuce, but I got some veggies together for this plate for Christmas dinner. Is there a recall?See this image largerWalked this afternoon, and did a stationary bike ride this evening. Happy New Year!See this image largerTorching some calories with functional fitness today. ❄️ ⛄️ ❄️See this image largerIt was a beautiful day outdoors. Peaceful and quiet.See this image largerIt was a beautiful day outdoors. Peaceful and quiet.See this image largerMy niece 🤣(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerGot a little walk in today, a cardio workout, and some shoveling. Happy Tuesday!See this image largerA short walk and a stationary bike session tonight. Happy Thursday!See this image largerDid some stationary biking and a lot of cleaning today. Happy Friday!See this image largerBeautiful day for a walk, and I did some biking tonight.See this image largerDid a slow walk with my family this afternoon, and cardio and stationary biking this evening. Felt warm, even though it obviously wasn’t. It’s all relative!See this image largerThe melt/freeze cycle is turning the river into an icy wonderland. The ice is so clear! The “tacos” were great tonight, but the quotation marks are definitely needed. 😁 Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!See this image largerFinishing up my workout with a stationary bike ride and rewatching one of my favorites. Great start to a long weekend! Happy Friday!See this image largerOh, man! Today was going to be a rest day! 😂❄️See this image largerIt was a day of shoveling, but it was beautiful and sunny! The cold weather sets in tomorrow, and I’m glad to be done for now. Barre and stationary biking tonight. Hope everyone had a good weekend!See this image largerThis is Pinecone- so named because he kept hurling his namesake down on our heads this autumn when he was busy getting ready for winter. He is flicking his big floofy tail in a very menacing manner toward me while scolding because I’m shoveling a little too close to his stash. He really loves his pine cones. He doesn’t want to share. 🐿See this image largerBeautiful walk this afternoon and an ugly workout tonight. Gotta have balance. 😅🥴See this image largerRest day. One of my sons and I took a walk for an hour.See this image largerNature walk scavenger hunt with my youngest today + strength training this evening.See this image largerWe walk every day. My son loves to throw snowballs into the river here.See this image largerSuper cold weather here, but we got out for our daily constitutional. HIIT this evening to round out the day.See this image largerYou know it’s going to be wicked cold when the sky is this color! 🥶See this image largerToday’s walk was a little shorter and brisker than usual. 🌬🥶🌬 #worthItSee this image largerThe 20s feels positively tropical after sub-zero weather. Looking forward to up to 12” of snow this week, but warmer temperatures. Happy Sunday!See this image largerGot in a walk before the snow came in this afternoon. Ready for a secret? Those rough men’s work boots? They feel like warm kittens hugging my feet. I went through 4 pairs of women’s boots last winter before trying these clodhoppers out. I feel like a toddler in her dad’s shoes, but even after an hour it is as warm as if I had hot chocolate marshmallows on my feet. Good gear makes it so much easier to brave the elements. Anyone else have cold-weather gear tips to share?See this image largerSnow day! Too much snow to shovel the drive, but the sidewalks kept me busy for a while. Happy Tuesday!See this image largerI got outside for a short walk, and did some stationary biking tonight. My youngest son decorated for my birthday tomorrow. 💕See this image largerWinter break is here, so we packed down the front yard for sledding!See this image larger🥸(2 comments)See this image largerI’ve been taking a social media break for a bit, but maintaining, and I’m ready to be back now. I rescued myself a running partner this past weekend!See this image largerIt was a good thing that we found a rubber ball on the last 5 minutes of the run, because chasing after it was the only way I was going to get Nori to complete it today! My motivation was flagging, too, but I knew how good I would feel to finish off meeting my goal for the day. She and I are hydrating after a job well done! What carrots do you dangle to finish a hard workout? 🥕 🥕 🥕See this image largerWe took a walk to the river, and now I’m soaking my black-fly-bitten ankles in the river while my son soaks his whole self.See this image largerWe took a walk to the river, and now I’m soaking my black-fly-bitten ankles in the river while my son soaks his whole self.See this image largerWe took a walk to the river, and now I’m soaking my black-fly-bitten ankles in the river while my son soaks his whole self.See this image larger“Why, yes! I’d love a run!”See this image largerEnjoying the cooler, rainy weather this long weekend. Nori and I went out for a run, which was meant to focus on endurance (30 minutes of steady jogging), and she kept faking needing to pee so that she could take a breather. Which, really, who hasn’t? 😁See this image largerI didn’t take photos on our run tonight, but I did on our walk this afternoon. June is when the swallowtails start puddling on the road. The frogs have been out for a while, and we’ll see little tadpoles squirming around soon. I’m always impressed with their ability to camouflage in to the riverbed. Nori and I spotted a porcupine, but I didn’t want to get any closer and make it nervous.See this image largerThis is my dog, gazing after her new boyfriend and his bike riding human going the other direction. I’m glad she decided to finish the run with me, instead of making me run bike-speed in the opposite direction. 🚴 🐕 🐕 🏃🏼‍♀️See this image largerCurly collected flowers and nature while the puppy and I did one minute sprints to and from his direction. It was hot and humid; we’re glad we did it, and we’re glad it’s over. 😁 Also our sweet little guinea keets, just to round out the gallery.

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