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See this image largerA few of the things I recently purchased and was quite happy withSee this image largerPutting together my outfit for work tomorrow. Im really happy about getting myself new clothes, something I never do. It made days more difficult when I felt like what I was wearing didnt fit right or was stretched out, faded, marked up, or otherwise worn. They served me well for something like a decade, Im telling myself I deserve an updateSee this image largerFood prep day! Getting healthy snacks/and meals ready for next work week. Starting off with the eggs, a staple for me when Im feeling hangry but dont have the time to eat at my job, and I was out of them. Ill need to cut up some peppers and carrots to take with hummus, and bag some nuts and dried fruit. Then it's dishes and finally some R&R on this snowy day!See this image largerOne of the hippy type shops I go to has a bin of stickers and I found these fun and semi motivational ones I liked. One of these will be going on the back of my phone case!See this image largerWent to the grocery store with a friend; I didn't actually need anything.... but since we were already there, and I HATE grocery shopping, I got a LOT of snacks and etc to take with me to work. Some of these will be new to me, and I'm excited to try them! (You won't notice much produce, I get produce from a separate store) but now I should be set for quite a while!See this image largertoying around with a few costume ideas(2 comments)See this image largerHappy to be working on a project today - this collage is my "unfinished" wall, filled with random drawings and doodles Ive started at one point and then abandoned. They are just in sheet protectors which will be easy to take in and out, and this way Ill be forced to look at them and want to finish them when I have free time :)See this image largerI bought this a few years back and only ever read about a quarter way through - but I recall it having a lot of interesting information. Already finished my "to do's" so this will be how I spend my afternoon inside in the warm :)See this image largerGave myself a cleanup haircut today. Don't think I did too awful, just chopped the sides and back down a bit. No idea how the back looks but I think Im going to need assistance with that lolSee this image largerSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerGot the slow cooker started! Carrot, green beans, corn, cauliflower, tomato, spinach, brocolli, red pepper, and chicken breast with whole grain brown rice and a little EVOO and hot sauce! .... was gonna put in a few baby red potatoes but forgot :(See this image largerSee this image largerNothing fancy, but for my food prep thursday I cooked up a couple pounds of diced up chicken breast to add to soup salad sandwich or whatever I want!!See this image largerHappy Friday! May the force be with you!See this image larger1-12-2020 ~125lb, (no appetite/poor diet d/t depression) This was taken directly after workoutSee this image largerPhoto I found from august 2017 - this would be ~130lb and me at my 'norm'See this image largerAugust Camping trip, get a mohawk every year :)See this image largerGained a bit of weight, but only like 3-5 pounds or so. (8/13/12)(2 comments)See this image larger5-30-12See this image largerSee this image largerMay 2012 no change(1 comments)See this image largerWinter of 2011/2012. Still don't look too much different

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