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See this image largerMe and C!See this image largerTwo little monkeys jumping on the bed...See this image largerDaddy and new baby K!See this image largerK's baby blues(1 comments)See this image largerOct 2012See this image largerPopcorn party in Seattle!See this image largerIn Chicago for Halloween 2012See this image largerChristmas 2012See this image largerC and K at the zooSee this image largerComing out of the lake during Dilettante - only two more legs to go!See this image largerGoofy childrenSee this image largerMy 387 calorie breakfast! Plenty of protein and fiber - check!See this image largerMy dad, me, and my dad's riding buddy, Laurie, at lunch during our CENTURY ride, the Hancock Horizontal Hundred, in Findlay, OH! We averaged 15.7mph!See this image largerLunch walk! It’s snowing!See this image largerPizza night! Thin crust with mashed roasted butternut squash, thinly sliced onion, chicken breast, goat cheese, and black pepper.See this image largerSaturday morning run - third fastest time for a 5k on Strava at 32:25!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSee this image largerSuper-sexy morning swim cap look! I swear, I do actually have hair under the cap and behind the runner’s headband!See this image largerLetting the spin class workout gear dry out!See this image largerSO EXCITED! They’re finally installing a swimsuit dryer at my gym!See this image largerLunch walk!See this image larger21lb in 4 months! Setting all those little 4-lb goals has added up. At 215, I’m only 15lb over my goal weight of 200! I’m 5’9”, with a lean body mass of 150lb, so 200 is a good goal. Here’s to hauling a little less weight up those hills when cycling next summer! #goalsSee this image largerMy lunch is smiling at me! Butternut squash soup (I don’t do salads when it’s cold, so my veggies are HOT!), HB eggs, and toasted sandwich thins with hummus! #healthyeatsSee this image largerNot feeling 100% this morning, so instead of a 5k Run, I’m going to set out to walk my route, and we’ll just see what happens.See this image largerEven on the gray mornings, I love being outside this early in the quiet. That’s a shot of the empty field near the railroad tracks that go to downtown Chicago, along my 5k routeSee this image largerI have not been able to comfortably wear this claddagh that my husband gave me while we were dating since I was pregnant with my son. He’s 9.See this image largerSunday night Game/Appetizer Night! I altered the Pioneer Woman Hot Corn Dip to bring the dairy fat down and veggie content up, and it’s fantastic :)See this image largerWhat I intended to eat: toasted whole grain sandwich thin spread with hummus and 2 sliced HB eggs, plus a diced apple cooked in the microwave. Forgot the thin, coworker gave a packet of oatmeal:See this image largerMy meal plan for the day finally landed in the calorie ratios I’ve wanted to hit!See this image largerNancy’s welcome-back crew! (My spin instructor was out for 3 weeks for a knee replacement, today was her first day back)See this image largerNancy’s welcome-back crew! (My spin instructor was out for 3 weeks for a knee replacement, today was her first day back)See this image largerI don’t like salad when it’s cold outside! Solution: baby arugula topped with chicken, hummus, cucumbers, warmed in microwave a bit, then a coconut curry butternut squash soup as a dressing! It actually tastes really good, like a curry with greens and chickenSee this image largerAnd that’s with a stumble and fall around 2k!See this image largerHand and knee still a bit beat up from falling during my Thanksgiving 5k.See this image largerYesterday I had a big bowl of beets sprinkled with some walnuts for lunch. Today was a toasted thin topped with avocado, plus a pepper and hummus. I think I’m in veggie recovery mode after a weekend of appetizers and booze!See this image largerSalad doesn’t have to mean lettuce! Cold cooked beets with peppers and cucumbers and a bit of Italian dressing. Great start to dinner!See this image largerLeftover Chinese chicken in a salad. Dressing: Italian with low-sodium soy sauce and sesame oil! #healthyeatsSee this image largerHomemade roast chicken on a week night! The secret:
See this image largerForgot my hard-boiled eggs and kefir at home this morning, so I picked up a chocolate Premier Protein shake at the gym. Rest of breakfast at break time: hummus-topped toasted sandwich thin and sliced cold cooked beets (I love beets!) #healthyeatsSee this image largerPool is closed for maintenance, guess what I ended up doing?See this image larger550 calories: Modified Zuppa Toscana (no bacon or cream, extra kale, less sausage), toasted sandwich thins with hummus and grilled chicken. That’s a full-size plate!See this image largerMust be Winds-day again... Blustery day, but so beautiful to run in fresh snow! Love, love Lake County Forest Preserves.See this image largerThe benefits of children old enough to be truly helpful (9 and 6). They assembled, fluffed, and decorated the tree themselves. I helped with the lights near the top (5’ tree, 4’ kid), putting on the bow, and maybe 6 of the ornaments. #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerKeeping these kids active in winter just got a little more entertaining- Ultimate Ninjas in Libertyville, IL! Those are my two clinging for dear life to the warp wall.See this image largerMy method of avoiding the inevitable office sweets. I love peppermint, and making this tea plus bringing in fresh fruit has kept me mostly out of the candy and cookies.See this image largerCream soup? Nope! Blended a baked potato with onion cooked in a tiny bit of bacon fat! Non-dairy creaminess with lots of kale.See this image largerMade toasted coconut marshmallows for my FIL for Christmas! He loves them, and they don’t sell them in the stores. Quite easy, with a Kitchenaid. I love simple gifts that make people smile.See this image larger! That might even be too cold for *me*!See this image largerBonus of running in snow - much better visibility before dawn when everything is white!See this image largerGym is closed due to water damage from a burst pipe. Can’t run 2 days in a row (knee), so bundled up in snow pants and gear for a 2-mile walk in -1F!See this image largerMy Reynaud’s-afflicted husband outside for a 1-mike walk in single-digit temps. Heated gloves under massive mittens, bib snow pants, boots rated to -40F, wool socks, and we kept moving! No bad weather, only bad clothes!See this image largerFriday night pizza night! I didn’t want white flour pizza crust, so I used 2 of these (4 halves), topped with carmelized onions and goat cheese. Perfect serving size, much better than all that crust when all I really want is the goat cheese :)See this image largerTurkey breakfast sausage patties (100 cal each) and pecan scones for breakfasts all week, and Morroccan turkey meatloaf prepped for dinner tomorrow!See this image largerUsing the Flat Belly cookbooks as a springboard, here’s this week’s dinner menu plan. Note that in our house with 2 young kids, every dinner also always includes fresh fruit, and this is what goes on the table, not necessarily what I personally eat at that meal.See this image largerRoasted carrots, green beans, roasted baby potatoes, and Spinach Steak Roulade from the Flat Belly Diet cookbook (not following, just like the recipes).See this image largerLast night’s dinner - Morroccan Turkey Meatloaf (which I loved, DH wasn’t a fan) with just a bit of a chicken gravy flavored with Worcester sauce, lemon, and honey, broccoli, and a baked sweet potato. Sauce sounds weird, but went wellSee this image largerThis weather is crazy! I’m in a T-shirt! And tonight’s low is 16F!See this image largerStarving when I got home after getting the kids. This really hit the spot!See this image largerBreakfast: turkey sausage and pecan scone. Tasty!See this image largerBreakfast: turkey sausage and pecan scone. Tasty!See this image largerIt looked potentially quite slippery outside, so I walked laps in our shop for my lunch walk! The guys are used to it by now :)See this image largerHard to believe it’s supposed to snow tonight. I’m in a T-shirt!See this image largerReal-life weight loss - after-holiday salt-laden water bump and drop!See this image largerTrying on dresses for SIL’s wedding - I’m only 1 size larger than before I had kids! Getting there :) Ended up picking the upper left (navy) dress :) #nonscalegoalsSee this image largerQuiche Lorraine and the weirdest smoothie yet - pineapple, strawberries, carrots, lettuce, and celery. But all I can taste is sweet celery!See this image largerHoly buckets, I’m COLD! Final destination in last pic!See this image largerMixing cultures - navy bean soup with southern collard greens. The easiest way I’ve found to eat the greens is with chopsticks!See this image largerFelt good to get out there and RUN!See this image largerBreakfast! Oatmeal with almond milk and strawberries, homemade turkey sausage. I eat the overnight oats as a cold cereal.See this image larger105-mile bike ride...and SP can’t handle it! (Made me enter the total time in 2 separate entries)See this image largerHigh fiber smoothie! PB2 powder, cocoa powder, rinsed/drained black beans, almond milk, 1t sugarSee this image largerSnack dinner on the deck last night! Grilled chicken, pepper and cucumber sticks, cheese and crackers, hummus and olives. Great weather!See this image largerNew job - new professional picture!(1 comments)See this image largerAnother high-fiber smoothie! 0.5c white beans, 1.5c almond milk, 2c frozen strawberries, 1T strawberry jam. Next time add 0.5c cottage cheese for protein!See this image largerDinner last night: Blueberry and almond milk smoothie, grilled chicken, broccoli, cauliflower rice with mayo/mustard/Parmesan, and a single serving of mac and cheese with hot sauce! Lots of biking/running yesterday.See this image largerBoard game store 1.1 miles from home = easy to motivate my kids to go for a bike ride after school!See this image largerComing home from a 7-mile bike / 4-mile run brick - workout started rainy, ended with this!See this image largerToast with almond butter, egg on 3 slices Canadian bacon, smoothie with blueberries, white beans, and vanilla unsweetened almond milk!See this image larger750cal dinner: whole wheat pancakes w/ strawberries and Siggi’s yogurt, frittata (1 egg & 3 whites) w/ broccoli & low-fat sharp cheddar! Lots of protein and fiber works for me :)See this image larger60cal evening snack w/ 3g fiber. Air-popped in the microwave!See this image larger300cal breakfast w/ 5g fiber: 1/4c dry stone ground cornmeal cooked in water, 2 eggs, 1T grated good ParmesanSee this image largerWe all have different nutritional needs. This morning’s breakfast knocked it out of the park for me! Good macro ratios, plenty of fiber, and enough calories to fully fuel the morning after spin class!See this image larger525 calorie lunch! Butternut squash soup, kale salad with chickenSee this image largerFood prep! Baking turkey sausage patties for breakfasts. #prepfortheweekendSee this image largerTomorrow’s workout requires a 4:30 wake-up, so here’s tomorrow’s meals prepped! Bkfst: smoothie w/flaxseed, berries, almond milk (made in AM) plus turkey sausage, lunch: butternut soup & kale salad w/chicken, snack: yogurt, apple, almond butterSee this image largerHot sauce and hummus make a tasty salad dressing!See this image largerAldi’s Fit & Active Original flatbread topped with 3 egg whites beaten with 1 egg, turkey sausage, and 1 oz 2% sharp cheddar, paired with a smoothie of unsweetened almond milk and frozen mixed berriesSee this image largerI’d rather run in the rain than 100% humidity. That sucked. Glad I@got out and did 4 miles, but yuck!See this image largerI’d rather run in the rain than 100% humidity. That sucked.See this image largerWorking from home (no school), and 7-year-old didn’t wake up until right after my 9:00 meeting started. So she made her own breakfast - a fried egg and toast, plus milk. This is why I teach my kids how to cook! (She’s standing on a stool at the stove)See this image largerRoasted carrots, roast chicken, cold salad of roasted beets and goat cheese drizzled with balsamic reduction, yogurt, apple. Better than the cafeteria!See this image larger150 calorie snack: 1 cup sliced beets topped with 1oz goat cheese and a drizzle of balsamic reduction. Healthy doesn’t mean boring or tasteless!See this image larger45F, sunny, light wind, trail ride. HR: avg 148, max 180. Squeezed into 2-hour window where kids were at play practice b/c DH is out of town for the weekend, so I can’t do my normal Sunday AM ride!See this image largerDivvy-biking along Lake Michigan after attending the Pack Expo in downtown Chicago on Wednesday! Gorgeous weather, felt very cosmopolitan biking in my blazer and slacks!See this image largerCold day, hot food! Leftover baked potato topped with leftover roast chicken, broccoli, and an ounce of sharp cheddar!See this image largerWell, I finally did it - went running over my lunch hour! I do have a sort of locker room to change in, but I wasn’t sure how dealing with my hair would go after getting all sweaty... turned out ok!See this image largerLunch!See this image largerAldi flatbread toasted and topped with: leftover sliced FBD Spinach Steak Roulade, mushrooms, and a little Swiss, then baked and topped with greens and balsamic reduction. Dinner 3 nights ago!See this image largerLast night’s dinner! Roast pork tenderloin, roasted carrots, mashed sweet potatoes (just boiled with a cinnamon stick, so good), steamed broccoli. Not pictured: roast new potatoes and homemade applesauce with the skins on. It was a cook-tastic evening!See this image largerMay have been pushing things a wee bit in spin class this morning...See this image largerI was going to make oatmeal this morning, then it occurred to me that mashed (plain) sweet potatoes are pretty similar nutritionally - and tasty with more fiber!See this image largerI’ve been really struggling these last few days - unmotivated to exercise, just want to eat sweet, fatty stuff. Random pic of my daughter at circus lessons for smiles.See this image largerItalian lentil stew with ground turkey. Warm, hearty, and the perfect lunch for working from home on a snow day!See this image largerHubby and I bundled up to walk a mile in -37F windchill! I’m the one in red. 😆See this image largerYup.See this image largerWrap: Aldi flatbread, chicken, hummus, hot sauce. Red pepper. Quick lunch, busy work day!See this image largerBreakfast burrito - Aldi flatbread plus scrambled eggs and pico de Gallo from my workplace’s cafeteria. Yes, please!See this image largerTuna wrap (Aldi flatbread, avocado oil mayo and yellow mustard, lettuce, yogurt dip) homemade broth with frozen veggies, and (not pictured) pineapple!See this image largerJust needed a reminder of how far I’ve come on this journey of life. “Before” pic is 1 year before my first triathlon! #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerZucchini brownies - picky child approved! I didn’t even try to hide the zucchini, they’re just that tasty. 😊See this image largerI made a recipe! Zucchini brownies. Picky child approved! Not sure how to link, but it’s shared on Spark Recipes!See this image largerMy 7-year-old made pavlova! (She has a little help with the meringue!) We made everything with half the sugar the recipes call for, and its delicious!See this image largerMy version of cereal: fresh fruit in the new Quaker Oat “beverage”. Paired with scrambled eggs for protein/fatSee this image largerItalian pork, normally served over spaghetti. Instead, I mixed in garbanzo beans and made it a stew!See this image largerAll bundled up, coming in from a 45-minute walk in -20F windchill!See this image largerAccidentally vegan - last night, I didn’t want any protein-heavy food with dinner. I wanted carbs and fat: vegan broccoli/kale/mushroom/tomato/carrot curry over cauliflower rice and barley, topped with a whole avocado. I was originally planning to add chicken, but that was just not speaking to me.See this image largerLong walk before the weekly shop! Parked in the grocery store lot, then walked over to a park and back.See this image largerI bought a Fitbit Charge 3! Mostly I got it to support a step competition at work, and because I can swim with it, and therefore see a clock!See this image largerYup. That was a good spin class!See this image largerAfter So. Many. Months of cold weather, this is lovely! Went running this morning - in shorts and a t-shirt! About to go for a lunch walk - without a jacket!!See this image largerEnjoying my hobby!See this image largerChristmas 2018See this image largerAn illustration of calorie density: 2 tablespoons almond butter, 1.75 cups cooked oat bran with 1 tablespoon maple syrup. Both contain the same number of calories! Mixed together: tasty breakfast under 400 cal.See this image largerReally appreciate beautiful spaces when out walking over lunch at work after years of working in industrial parks!See this image largerLeftover beef/bean enchiladas (corn tortillas for fiber!) topped with avocado, pineappleSee this image largerKinda cold for a Chicago-area end-of-May lunch walk! Also, senior homecoming of high school, for fun 😊See this image largerBeautiful morning! Nice fast 5K run and some walkingSee this image larger2 crazy kids out on their 12th anniversary at a PTO dance and silent auction! So glad we’re still in good enough shape to dance!See this image largerFinally got out with my bike group this year! Gorgeous weather.See this image largerWalking around my building at work for a short break, found these beauties!See this image largerHigh school homecoming vs 12-yr wedding anniversary! #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerBlack bean brownie made with almond butter + this coconut-almond whip = something remarkably reminiscent of an Almond Joy, but with far more nutrition!See this image largerFocusing on fiber! 100% whole wheat pita, black beans, strawberriesSee this image larger3.5 mile bike with the kids after school through one of my favorite forest preserves!See this image largerAll the produce is from our CSA here in IL! Pancakes made with leftover Japanese sweet potato mash (plus egg and almond flour) topped with nonfat plain Greek yogurt and homemade applesauce, plus chicken & cauliflower.See this image largerChristmas 08See this image largerBecause really, what could be more fun than a plastic bowl on your head?(1 comments)See this image largerMr. 1-year-old!(1 comments)See this image largerFall 2008 - 223 lbSee this image largerSpring 2007 - wedding pic(2 comments)See this image largerThe little munchkin! Otherwise known as C.(1 comments)See this image largerFall 2004 - about 185 lb(1 comments)

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