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See this image largeris sharing some wisdom: =)(1 comments)See this image largeris bound to have a fabulous Friday! Hope yours is too!See this image largeris confident she weighted more than this at birth but you get my point: See this image largeris feeling friendly today. Thought for the day: most smiles are stated by another smile...See this image largerI'm a firm believer of attitude changing everything. Here's to the power of positive thinking!See this image largeris smiling for certain on this super SONday!See this image largeris happy this humpday and sharing giggles and ha ha's with anyone who will have them =) (1 comments)See this image largerMy perception of life: God made me a READY REFILL while the world reacts seasonally. With my focus on HIM I grow and thrive. With the right nourishment anything is possible. Whose feeding you?(1 comments)See this image largeris sharing her happy thought for the day: See this image largerStarted the NEW YEAR right!! Didn't get much snow but I made me a snow angel!!!(1 comments)See this image largerlooky.... an acutal SNOW snow angel!!!See this image largerwhat's almost as cool as snow.... icicles!!!   we got some now  =) See this image largerthis is what's on the long, fat icicle dangling near the bush -- you couldn't really see it in the last shot!See this image largerSee this image largeris in agreement with this quote: See this image largerHappy Pooh Day!See this image largerHappy POOH day!!!See this image largerI choose to rejoice!!!See this image larger5.17.14 One colorful and happy finisher!(1 comments)See this image largerColor Runners after: Erin, Will and Rhonda (back) Steph and Cheryl (front)See this image largerWhat an accomplishment: Erin, Will, Rhonda, Steph and Cheryl. See this image largertaking the lead: Rhonda, Steph, Cheryl and Erin. Will is close behind.See this image largerColor Runners Before: Cheryl, Erin, Steph, Rhonda and Will (back) Tyler (front and center)See this image largerColor Runners Erin, Steph, Cheryl See this image largerTax Day 2014 -- The Medford/Grants Pass walking group (1 comments)See this image larger4.10.14 Steph and me after a 5 mile walk at Medford's Bear Creek Park(1 comments)See this image larger2.16.14 My first selfie.(1 comments)See this image larger6.14.13 (1 comments)See this image larger7.15.09(1 comments)

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