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See this image largerThrough the magic of YouTube, I took a 30 minute virtual walk at Maui, Hawaii today. I used the towel to set the mood and cover the treadmill console because it was supposed to be a relaxed 30 min walk. My other half wasn’t up to an actual 30 min walk so this was a great compromise.See this image largerI've had a goal to reach the traffic lights at the top of my road and each day this week I got a little further. Today I made it to the intersection! My next goal is to cross the road and big parking lot to get to the shopping centre.See this image largerToday I made it all the way to the shopping centre and got over 4k steps in for the day. I bought groceries and the hubs picked me up. Very pleased to be getting back to where I was last year before I was sidelined by anemia. See this image largerThis is the fastest I've walked this route. I know it's only 1.29km, but it's not easy for me and I'm really proud of how far I've come with this. See this image largerGot up early to reserve my $30 box of fruit & veg (Tues only at our local store). We have enough good-for-us food to last a couple weeks. The box was over 12kg (26lbs) !!!(1 comments)See this image largerMy new treadmill I bought over the weekend arrived. I had help in the form of gift certificates from good friends too. In the face of a lot of adversity this year, I still kept doing strength training and walking. My old treadmill had had it, and it was time to reward myself for a lot of hard work this year. See this image largerI took this amazing photo while taking a walk at the beach this evening. I'm a bit like this kite. Stuck in a tree, but still flying high whenever I can! I got 30 minutes walking in, while enjoying a lovely view. See this image largerNew glasses arrived today! Wow! Now I can actually read my Gym notes!See this image larger5 minutes boxing practice, 25 mins strength training, 25 minutes rowing. Hit a personal best rowing - 3003 meters! See this image largerI did a 2k Time Trial in rowing today and had a Personal Best, beating my last time by 1min 23seconds. Plus, I'm not ranked LAST for my age, etc - I'm two spots above last! (BIG GRIN)(2 comments)See this image largerI recently added a 2nd 3kg dumbbell for a few of the sets I do. The middle one is about 7kg.See this image largerMe after a gym workoutSee this image largerMy daughter made this avatar of me in my gym. Love it!See this image largerday 9 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/29/2017See this image largerNeurmal is my Gym Advisor. She's always willing to give her opinion!(2 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerToday was Day 500 in reaching my Fitbit Goal! So very pleased I made it! See this image largerMy gym set up. I was sitting on the recumbent bike when I took the photo. The rower is next to me.(4 comments)

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