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See this image largerSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerday 25 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 2/11/2016(1 comments)See this image largerday 30 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 2/16/2016(1 comments)See this image largerThought this was funny. It was on the back of a van. I think it would attract attention rather then divert it.See this image largerWish I could sleep like our cat.See this image largerThis is where I spent the afternoon.(1 comments)See this image largerThanking God for little dogs with big mouths.See this image largerThe beauty of the desert in bloom.See this image largerA little more desert beauty.(1 comments)See this image largerArizona sunset.See this image largerBird of Paradise. The prettiest thing in our yard.See this image largerFeeling renewed and refreshed.See this image largerLazy Sunday afternoon.See this image largerEnd of the school year. Going to miss the kids.(3 comments)See this image largerJune is officially Baby Watch month. Doctor wants to induce by June 11 due to babie's weight and our daughter's blood pressure and blood sugar. Praying for easy delivery and good health for all.(1 comments)See this image largerOur joy knows no bounds. Thank you God for our first grandchild, and getting both mom and baby through the ordeal of birth safely. WoooooooHooooooo!(1 comments)See this image largerI am in love all over again!See this image largerOur little grandchild with his dad.See this image largerEnjoying an unexpected rainy morning.See this image largerSitting in ametal chair under a tree watching the storm roll in. Living dangerously.See this image largerBabysitting my baby's baby.(2 comments)See this image largerWondering why cats lay exactly where you're about to walk.(1 comments)See this image largerFirst trip to grandma and grandpa's house.See this image largerOur dog is not very impressed with the baby, but I'm smitten.(2 comments)See this image largerA smile brightens the world.See this image largerStarted tracking food and activity again today. Going to focus on healthy eating and not worry about weight.See this image largerSpent 3 days with our our daughter, her husband and our 9 month old grandson. Who needs a work out when you're chasing a baby around! Best time Ever!See this image largerI did 4 miles on the treadmill thIs morning. Hit my step goal very early. My husband and I worked on getting the greenhouse ready for the summer. We took off panels and covered it with greenhouse shade cloth. The problem here in AZ is heat, of course. We've had some success in the past. Hoping to have much better success this summer. In any case it was an absolutely beautiful day and it felt good to make progress on a huge project.See this image largerMy fitbit bit it yesterday. Dead as a door nail. I'm getting a new one next week. Nonetheless, I did over 4 miles on the treadmill this morning. Weight loss is frustrating. I'm on heart medication. I'm gaining weight, no matter what I do right now, it seems. So, my work outs are about my healing heart.See this image largerI subbed at a local elementary school. It was Field Day. It started with foot races and included a bunch of fun events for the kids. All us teachers were on the move the entire day. So cool to see kids having such a great time. Even better seeing their parents participate with them in physical activities.See this image largerLast week was pretty good!See this image largerSee this image largerStats from last week, which included a trip to our daughter and SILs house. They live in a two story house so good stair stats, too!See this image largerI’ve not been on SP for almost a year. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last April and since then, life has been....weird. For the last year, I’ve constantly been recovering from something. I dodged the chemo bullet but had to do heavy does of radiation. Now in life recovery mode.See this image largerToday is my birthday. The big 60. Hmmmm. Don’t feel a day over 59. Lol!! My husband is taking me out to dinner. He wants to buy me another guitar for my birthday. It’s ironic because I have so many. He’s usually suggesting I get rid of a couple. He’s a keeper!! Best birthday gift: call from grandson who sang Happy Birthday to me. Sort of. He’s 3.See this image largerMy work out area in the garage. Right now, I’m just walking on the treadmill. Still recovering from surgery.See this image largerI worked out this morning. Can you tell?See this image largerWe decided to take a quick trip to Tucson to see our daughter and her family. She is 30 weeks pregnant with our granddaughter as of yesterday. I’m going to her ultrasound sound with her tomorrow. Grandpa is going to hang out with grandson. In the meantime, it’s a struggle to stay on track. Much different food habits here. But So MUCH LOVE!!!See this image largerWent back and read some blog posts from a couple of years ago. My health has been an issue in weight loss and just trying to live a healthy life style. One the things I saw while rereading is I give up. I fall back on comfort foods and emotional eating. That’s actually the root of my relationship with food. I love it and hate it at the same time.See this image largerWe live in a semi rural community where cattle roam the streets. Yesterday, 2 bulls got into a tussle. They somehow took out a gas meter and caused all kinds of havoc for their human neighbors. Got to love the country.See this image largerI’ve been in the low 200’s for a couple of years. While I was working with a cardiac nutritionist, I hit 198. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and all bets were off. I’m now at 205 (down from 220) and wondering can I break the barrier and keep going? I guess I’ll find out soon.See this image largerAfternoon SP! Worked out yesterday and today. Not subbing because I’ve had doctors appointments. I’ve been good on the food front. My husband is now on board and that helps a lot. Don’t have much to say. Just wanted to check in.See this image largerSo, I’m eating well but I seem to always be high on fat content. I’m eating mostly chicken and turkey but seem low on protein. Anyone else have the same problem? How do you make adjustments? This is our neighbor’s dog. Love this picture of her. She’s a sweetie pie.See this image largerThis is Duncan. He’s a rescue that had been badly abused before we got him. To say he is food motivated is an understatement. I got him a bowl that is supposed to slow down his eating because he inhales his dog food. So, I’m thinking I might need a similar bowl. I’m a fast eater, too. 🥴See this image largerGot my Fitbit out yesterday. Changed it to my right hand as I can’t wear it on my left any more. I already have over 6,000 steps this morning. WoooHooo!See this image largerTook a picture if “after workout” hair. I thought it looked pretty good until O saw how much white hair I have. My grandmother had a head of completely white hair. Seems I’m heading in that direction.See this image largerI’ve put some miles on my feet this morning. Now I’ve got tired dawgs.🤣See this image largerI am a bit frustrated today. Haven’t weighed myself for 5 days and I apparently gained a couple of pounds. I’ve been eating well, tracking everything and drinking a lot of water. I worked out even though I didn’t feel like it. On a brighter note, our daughter had an ultrasound this morning and our granddaughter finally let us see her face.See this image largerRead 2 SP articles this morning about working out and not loosing weight. I’m feeling better about it now. It’s hot and humid today. I’ll do my work out and sweat my behind off. With any luck, maybe some of my belly, too. 😅 In the meantime, I’ll remind myself that this is the lifestyle change I’ve been trying to do for a long time. One day at a time!See this image largerToday is a rest day. Although my fitbit is calling, I’m letting my body repair. Didn’t do too bad last week, though. Have a blessed Sunday!See this image largerMmmmmmmmmm. Vegan chocolate cake right out of the oven.See this image largerThis is how hot it was in the garage while I was on the treadmill. And that’s with a fan and 2 swamp coolers going. Needless to say I ran out of steam but not before I had nearly 7000 steps. Didn’t do any strength training today. Will get out earlier tomorrow.See this image largerI got in my workout this morning, got my10,000 steps by noon and had a skin cancer removed from my back this afternoon. Even got stitches. I’ve never been one to shy away from the sun. Amazing I don’t have more! Hoping to be rewarded with a monsoon storm.See this image largerIt was a hot and sticky day. August in AZ. Yuck! Got my work out in this morning, but didn’t do any strength training. I just felt blah. I’m over 12,000 steps in spite of myself. Ate more tonight then I have for a while. Feeling better now. The picture if from last night. We didn’t get a storm but someone did!See this image largerI got pretty close to the carb/protein/fat recommendations. WoooHooo!See this image largerI’ve been working out like crazy and tracking everything I eat. However, my weight loss stall then started to go up a couple of pounds. I was disappointed- until I put on this shirt that I couldn’t wear a short time ago AND my pants are baggy. Results are starting to show. For those in the same situation, KEEP GOING! Happy Labor Day!!See this image largerWorked out 6 days this week. Went way over the goal . Tomorrow, I’m leading worship at a local church. Haven’t done it for a while and have to use a ukulele instead of my guitar because of carpal tunnel. It’s going to be interesting. Good night SparkPeople.See this image largerI have to say. I’m really tired today. Didn’t sleep well last night for some reason. Got up really early because there was no point laying around in bed. My husband and I went to church. I’ve gotten in a little over 6000 steps so far today but every step reminds me how tired I am. 😂. Just one of those days.See this image largerI’m really tired today. Didn’t sleep well last night for some reason. Got up really early because there was no point laying around in bed. My husband and I went to church this morning. Some how, I have a little over 600 steps. And every step reminds me how tired I am. 😂See this image largerHad a decent workout out this morning, in spite of stopping to visit with my neighbor. I then cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped the floors. We have company over and the house needed it. I didn’t get to eat anything until almost 2. We barbecued some hamburgers. Stayed within my calorie limits. Happy Labor Day!See this image largerBreakfast - Greek yogurt, granola, strawberries and blueberries. Very tasty and filling. My question is how do people make heir food look so good? Lol! Have a bright, blessed day!!See this image largerNot much to say today. Looked like we were going to get some monsoon yesterday. Lots of clouds, wind, lightening, thunder, and just enough rain to made mud on our windshield. And a rainbow. 😊See this image largerYesterday was our daughter’s 2nd baby shower. I’ve been doing pretty well with the no sugar. Until yesterday. Two pieces of cake. Not beating myself up. Going to get back on track and move on. But what a party! Baby is good to be styling!See this image largerJust got back from our trip to Tucson. We’re both tired. Did a photo shoot with our grandson last night. We had so much fun! Sure miss him when we leave. We’ll have 2 grandkids to miss soon. Granddaughter is scheduled to arrive on 10/1. WoooHooo!See this image largerI subbed today in the second grade. Although I was on my feet all say, I didn’t get my steps in. I’m beat! Not sure I’m going to muster the energy to get up and go. Food intake was not an issue. And that takes a lot of stress off the day. Here’s a random picture of a steer that was hanging around by the post office the other day. He’s a cutie. 😁See this image largerI subbed again today but made my step goal. Came home and finally got to sit down. Our Chihuahua, Bob, got up on the back of the couch and dropped a dirty rag that used to be a dog toy (until he killed it) on my shoulder. LOL! It was like he was waiting to do that all day. My husband made breakfast for dinner. Now I’m ready for bed. Night, SparkPeople.See this image largerMy work out this morning was a pleasure. Summer is finally relenting!See this image largerI’ve noticed that when I’m tired, I have a hard time staying on track with food and work outs. Yesterday, I hurt my carpal tunnel hand. I could not sleep last night because my hand hurt so much. Today, I’m dragging my behind. All I want is carby comfort foods and go back to bed. Glad we had no plans for today.See this image largerI weighed myself this morning and I’m down 2 pounds! Yesterday was an unplanned rest day. It felt like I had nothing to work with. Today, did an hour workout, got my steps in, and I’m feeling great. The rest did me good. We got measurable rainfall yesterday and last night. Sounded like a flood but only 1/10”. Measurable non the less.🌧See this image largerMy crab/fat/protein ratio is almost perfect. It’ll stay that way if I don’t eat anything else today. Progress rather than perfection.😇See this image largerBob got a bath. He goes crazy when he gets wet. However, he smells a lot better. Have a wonderful evening, SparkPeople!See this image largerGot my 10,000 steps in during my workout this morning. We’ve spent the rest of the day trying to find the mouse that woke me up last night. It was very loud and sounds huge. They get into the house every once in a while. Also, we had some traffic this afternoon.See this image largerNot too shabby! #NSVSee this image largerYes! It’s finally raining! This AZ girl is loving it! Happy Monday SP! Keep those victories coming!!!See this image largerHome by myself and Bob is taking a protective stance. Our other dog is asleep in my lap. Made most of my goals today. Was planning to clean the house because I didn’t sub. Some how, I never get around to it.😊Have a bright, blessed day!See this image largerFound a patriotic band for my Fitbit at the local thrift store. Cost me 53 cents. Got my 10,00o steps in, had a healthy breakfast, got the oil changed in our Jeep. So far, it’s been a productive day! Have a blessed one. SparkPeople!See this image largerWork outs are going well. Got off track with food. We’ve had a hectic week with lots to do. I’ve not felt like cooking. Next thing I know, I’m eating junk. So tonight, I made myself asparagus, fruit salad, and a talapia filet. My husband had pizza, but also had asparagus and fruit salad. Determined to get healthy eating back on track.See this image largerI’m making flatbreads out of flour and Greek yogurt.See this image largerHad 6 workout days this week and exceeded my step goals every day. Resting this old body today. We’re heading down to our daughter and SILs on Monday for our granddaughter’s birth on Tuesday. WoooHoooo! So glad to be able to be there to help. Yes. I will be posting pictures. Have a blessed Saturday SparkPeople!See this image largerHappy Sunday SparkPeople! Met my step, water and calorie goals. Also made it to church and had lunch with a friend. Going to sing this evening at a local church. They have what they call a “singspiration.” I call it at singy-thingy.See this image largerOur granddaughter was born this morning. 8lbs 11 ozs. We are over the moon happy!See this image largerGot to hold our new granddaughter this morning. What a blessing!See this image largerMy SIL and I took my grandson to the Sonoran Desert Museum yesterday. Did a lot of walking and saw things that I can see at home in our yard. LOL! Grandson loved it. It was fun. Grandpa and I spent the rest of the day taking turns holding the little one. Gave her mom a chance to rest. Oh the blessings of family!See this image largerI weighed myself this morning. A day of celebration. I’m under 200 lbs!! We just spent 9 days at our daughter’s and I thought for sure I’d gained 20!lbs. What a pleasant surprise!See this image largerIt’s a beautiful day in the AZ desert. Got a picture of the fattest Rock Squirrel I’ve ever seen. I don’t mean to be fat shaming but he could use a little #SparkPeople.🤣See this image largerMy personal trainers said I needed to pick up the pace. Happy Tuesday SparkPeople!See this image largerHave a bright, blessed day!See this image largerBeen a while since I’ve had such a great day of stepping!See this image largerMy husband and I spent the day selling our junk at a community yard sale. Our best customers were other people selling their things - and vice versa. Lots of fun! Another beautiful day in the desert.See this image largerMy feet did not fail me.😊See this image largerQuickly did my workout this morning, cleaned house, jumped in the shower and ran down to Phoenix to see the hand doctor. Only to find out I was a day early. LOL! We have a gig this weekend. As I still can’t play guitar, my lead guitarist came up this afternoon. I was playing songs ukulele. Had a wonderful time. It’s going to be really interesting on Saturday!See this image largerIt looks like I am going to have surgery for my hand. ☹️. But on a good note, I met my step, workout, food and water goals.🙂 All in all, life is good.See this image largerMade zuppa toscana. Absolutely yummy with a salad. My husband loves this in spite of the kale.See this image largerTwo vegan chocolate cakes and non-vegan coconut macaroons for the local elementary school’s fall festival.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI found this Thermos bottle in the cabinet. Some one gave it to my husband and he never used it. I washed all the coffee smells out of it and have using it to track water. 16 oz each refill. And it keeps things nice and cold. Water goals crushed.See this image largerI subbed in 1st grade yesterday and 7th today. The behavior of both classes is so similar it’s not funny. I can get so exasperated and have so much love for the kids all at the same time. I’ve not had a proper work out for 3 days. Maybe tomorrow. The picture is of a weed on the playground. Kind of poetic.See this image largerIt was 48 and very windy this morning. I had to come up with some warmer work out clothes. These did in a pinch. The dogs wouldn’t even come outside to keep me company. This is Arizona and we’re having winter already. I spend months trying to keep myself cool now I’m freezing. Honestly, I’m loving it!!!See this image largerWore this shirt to see the hand surgeon this morning. I’ve been waiting a loooong time for it to fit again. Still not perfect but a #NSV. We forgot today was Halloween. The office staff was dressed as a crayons. The surgeon was dressed up like the Dread Pirate Roberts. Don’t know what he really looks like but he looked great as a pirate.🤣See this image largerIt’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The weather is Arizona perfect.See this image largerSecond performance of the day with the ukulele. Didn’t get any for the first one. Fun day. Our band was supposed to play at this event tonight but as life goes, it turned out to be s solo set. It was right here in town, which made it nice.See this image largerStopped by the local farmers market yesterday and picked up these Beefcake tomatoes. Going to have a BLT and A sandwich today. Maybe a capresi salad tomorrow.See this image largerI got dressed to work out and my husband said I looked hot. I don’t know about that but I can tell a difference in my body as of late. WoooHooo!!See this image largerWoke to the sound of thunder this morning. Hit my 10,000 steps goal by 8:30am. Went to a friend’s birthday party in the afternoon. Discovered that if I don’t have a food plan for the day (which I didn’t), I tend to go crazy and eat anything (which I did). I’ve been working hard and don’t want to self-sabotage my efforts.See this image largerBeen doing good with goals this week. Had planned to workout this morning but woke up with a headache and feeling feverish. Guess it’s a day of rest.See this image largerHelped organize the participants in Black Canyon City’s Veterans Day Parade this afternoon. Thank you, veterans, for your service!See this image largerGot to admit I’ve done good on steps today. I think I got most of them walking a cranky baby around our daughter’s house. I came down to Tucson to help her out for a couple of days. She’s changed her diet and has pre-made meals which will make it much easier for me to stay on track.See this image largerToday my 3 year old grandson learned how to take pictures with my phone. Didn’t get in all my steps and only have 20 exercise minutes but I am exhausted. It’s be a wonderful day!See this image largerAbsolutely loving spending time with our daughter and grandkids while SIL is out of town.See this image largerI’m home and missing my grandkids like crazy.See this image largerNot a bad start to the week and the day is only halfway done. Going to do some food prep for myself today. I love my husband but there’s no way I can eat like him.See this image largerFirst try at meal prep. Brown rice, stir fried vegetables and grill chicken thigh.See this image largerStarted raining yesterday afternoon. Huge thunderstorm hit about 3:30am. It woke our dog Bob who thinks everyone in the house needs to be up if he is. It was cold and rainy so instead of working out, I had breakfast with a friend. A 2.5 hour breakfast! Got a picture of some of our neighbors walking about in the rain. Loving it!See this image largerRain again tomorrow today. Our daughter sent a picture of our new granddaughter laughing. We have a picture of our grandson at about the same age. Couldn’t help but see the similarities. Our grandson doesn’t believe he’s ever been a baby. 😂See this image largerThat feeling I get when a song I wrote and recorded with my band comes up on my workout playlist. Priceless! And the song is appropriate for the treadmill, too.See this image largerSitting in an ER room waiting for my husband to get back from a CAT scan. We don’t have cats, so I’m thinking he’ll be fine. This day is not going as planned, but God is in control.See this image largerAfter spending all day in the ER with my husband yesterday (who is doing much better today THANK YOU GOD!) we decided to pick up dinner from Wendy’s. I usually get a salad but forgot to ask for the exchange. I was appalled at how many calories are in a small fries!!! Back to good eating today. And eventually a workout. Hard to get moving.See this image largerToday’s lunch!See this image largerBlueberry bread crumble. Great with eggs for breakfast.See this image largerWell, I blew my food plan and enjoyed every bite. Didn’t really over eat but the toasted marshmallow by the campfire put me over the edge. The food is in celebration of the gratitude we have for all that God has provided for us and for our nation. Thank you, God! This is our granddaughter giving Grandpa a big smile.See this image largerWe’re already missing our family in Tucson. I haven’t tracked for a couple of days. Hardly thought about it. We’ve been busy with helping with the grandkids. I was the baby whisperer this morning. Got lucky! She was up since 3 am. Such a blessing. Tomorrow I’m finally having surgery on my hand. Praying it is a success.See this image largerOne more with both Grandkids. So much love!See this image largerMy hand surgery was this morning. Husband put up a reminder.LOL! Thank you for praying. The surgery went well. Obviously I lived through it.Unfortunately I have to have more extensive surgery in my elbow because it’s really messed up. That’s what I get for getting old. My parts are wearing out.🤣 Blessings!!!See this image largerTurkey, noodles and vegetable soup. Ya. That’s what’s for dinner!See this image largerBeen feeling under the weather since surgery on Monday. I’ve not worked out. My husband wants me to wait until I’m feeling better. I guess that’s ok.See this image largerThe sunrise was spectacular this morning. I subbed in the 1st grade and it was a long day. I’ve been out of sorts since surgery on Monday. Hoping to get some good sleep tonight and start anew tomorrow.See this image largerStill not feeling great. I’ve been in bed most of the day. The picture is from yesterday when a herd of horses blocked traffic. Got to love a small town.See this image largerSo, no workouts yet, but on my feet all day from subbing. My hand hurts. Whaaaa! Lol! Our grandson liked the cat ornament so much he gave it its own food bowl!See this image largerWe’re babysitting our grandkids while their parents go to a fancy office Christmas party. Our grandson was upset that he couldn’t go until I told him they didn’t have fish sticks and apple juice at the party. After a hectic evening, both kids are sound asleep. Life is good.See this image largerBetween Thanksgiving and having surgery, I fell off the food wagon. Ok, I actually chopped it up and used it for firewood to roast marshmallows.🤣stitches came out this morning. I hope to start working out soon . Doctor said in another week I can “go nuts.”See this image largerGrand baby’s first Santa encounter.🥰See this image largerI told my husband, it’s back to austere eating after Christmas. I wanted to pre-make meals but there’s no point because we’ll be with the kids for most of next week. We’ll just clean out the fridge. Will eventually get started back to working out. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe after Christmas, too. So much going on this time of year!See this image larger#NSV I’ve been off track since I had surgery on 12/2. Haven’t worked out. I’m active but feeling very fatigued. So, I’ve been beating myself up until yesterday when I put on a shirt I bought 3 years ago and have been waiting to be able to wear it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it Looked great!See this image largerMerry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.See this image largerOur daughter likes to bake. I’d like to say these were keto, low carb, healthy cinnamon rolls. They are not. They are sinfully decadent. The up side is, I ate a small one. Wishing everyone a spark-filled Christmas!See this image largerFirst time back on the treadmill since surgery and Christmas. I feel great! Ready for the 2020 5% Challenge!See this image largerHey, got to get MOOOOVING!!! 🤣🤣🤣. Couldn’t help myself. Have a bright, blessed day!See this image largerIt’s cold outside but somehow I managed 3 miles on the treadmill this morning and worked ip a sweat. WoooHooo!See this image largerDoes anyone else love this stuff? It’s delicious over brown rice.See this image largerHad a good workout and hit my 10,000 steps about halfway through the day. Hope I can keep this up for 2020. Happy New Yeats SparkPeople!See this image largerMy daughter got me an infusion water bottle for Christmas. I know it’s a “thing “ but never was that interested. However, I’m finding that lemon, ginger and rosemary infused water is tasty. Makes getting to the to the water consumption goal much easier.See this image largerHanging out with Bob. Got my workout in, met my hydration goal. Have a few more steps to get in to make my goal. It’s a very quiet Friday night.See this image largerHad no intention to work out today. I was reading the thought, “I can read on the stationary bike.” So, I take myself out to the garage. When I was dine one the bike I kept going on the treadmill. When it was all said and done, I had 59 fitness minutes. Not bad for a rest day! #keepmovingSee this image largerI got in 121 fitness minutes. No wonder I’m tired!! I hope I can keep up the trend.See this image largerWatched this movie on Amazon Prime the other day. It made me think. While It didn’t make me want to train for a marathon, it got me thinking about goals and how we can get thrown off track.See this image largerAccording to Fitbit, I’ve put in over 300 fitness minutes in the last 3 days. I’m amazed! Subbing tomorrow so I’ll have to get creative to get my 30 minutes a day goal met. Subbing wears me out!See this image largerThe 2020 5% Challenge starts tomorrow. Been getting in a lot of fitness in the past couple of weeks. I woke up today sore all over. My feet look worse for wear, but they look better than they did. Don’t know why I keep loosing toenails. The heart-shaped bruise was a result of being clumsy. I’m taking today off and jumping into the challenge in the morning!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image larger#20205%Challenge. Weigh in: 202. Challenge is 8 weeks.See this image largerFirst day of the 5% challenge and my husband decided he wanted to make doughnuts. It’s a two person job. Happy to say I only ate one. LOL! The rest are all his.See this image largerDay 3 of the 5% Challenge. I subbed but got 40 fitness and got over 10,000 steps. I walked the playground at recess and lunch. Got lots of hugs, too. Our daughter sent a a list of hand signals they’ll be teaching the baby. They used some with our grandson but planning to@do much more with our granddaughter. Guess we’ll need to study.🧐See this image largerSubbed in 3 grades this morning. Made a point of walking the school yard at recess and at lunch. I was joined by several students who walked with me. My heart is full.See this image largerThere is peace in Dog World now that they each have their own sunning chair.See this image largerExciting day at school today. A case of head lice and and a school-wide check. Also, strep and flu were prevalent. I walked at recess and lunch. Was pleasantly surprised to see some very creative chalk drawing on the sidewalk. It was a good day.See this image largerFreshly steeped green tea and ginger on the rocks. Refreshing!See this image largerMade my husband’s day. Grilled pork loin chop, roasted sweet potatoes, cucumber salad and tomatoes. He’s a happy camper.See this image largerThis is how I feel today. I had a hard time sleeping and my back is hurting. I had planned to do a work out this morning. Instead I’m laying in bed with an ice pack on my back. What fun!See this image largerFresh mint and ginger infusion.See this image largerI made some roasted chip peas for a healthy snack.See this image largerBeen keeping up on hydration. I drank coffee, then 2 32 oz bottles of water after my workout. I went to a meeting this afternoon and had to pee 3 times. Barely made it home and I had to go again. LOL! I’m un-hydrated now. Do I have to start over?See this image largerOur granddaughter discussing her feet today. Another milestone!See this image largerI’ve been focusing on cooking simple, healthy, well-balanced meals. I’m feeling good about my food choices and my husband has commented several times how much he’s enjoying eating. #winningSee this image largerI sang a couple of originals at the Arizona Songwriters Gathering this morning. My husband came with me. He carried my guitar so he was my roadie. Best looking roadie, ever!!See this image largerWent to church with a friend this morning. They meet in a movie theater. Got to say, today was the first time I’ve reclined with my feet up in a service. Best church chairs ever. Here’s a picture of our granddaughter’s smile. That’ll brighten anyone’s day!See this image largerApple/cinnamon infused water. My new favorite!See this image largerAnother quick, easy, healthy, home-made meal that my husband enjoyed. Brown fried rice with veggies, egg, and water chestnuts. The vegetable egg roll is from a box and is 150 calories. It can be done!See this image largerMy trainer is brutal this morning! 🤣Thank God for 🐕See this image largerInstead of working out, i cleaned the house. The floors were getting sticky, so it was time. LOL! Wasn’t that bad but everything really needed attention. Got credit for 52 fitness minutes. #keepmovingSee this image largerWe are ready for our grandson. I’m getting him tomorrow and we’re taking him back next Friday. Let the fun begin!See this image largerYesterday was weigh-in day for #5%challenge2020. I had lost 3 pounds the first 2 weeks then gained 1 yesterday. My goal has been for my body to find it’s natural, “happy” weight. It never occurred to me that my body may be “happy “ at 200.See this image largerI got some exercise this morning pulling our grandson around the yard - believe me, it’s a workout. Especially when he puts all his trucks and his favorite rocks in the wagon. We took the dogs for a walk and ended up in the riverbed again. Ran into a herd of range cattle. Lovely day!See this image largerSubbed in 7th grade today. Over, it was a pretty good day. We were supposed to have a cold and possibly snowy day today here is AZ. Got nothing. On my way home, I drove by the Baptist church. A herd of horses were trimming the grass. I love this little town. Never know what you’re going to see!See this image largerDoing my best to live up the the shirt.See this image largerHaving fun with our grandson. Took him down to the creek yesterday. He loves it! I hurt my foot walking over rocks. I only got 7 exercise minutes in. Doubt I’ll get even that much today. Foot is still hurting but my grandson’s joy was worth it.See this image largerWe had a picnic in the park, rode the train, played on the playground and looked at ducks. We’re taking our grandson home tomorrow to his mom and dad. Soon, we will rest. The kid is wearing us out.See this image largerWhat’s for breakfast? Cucumber, tomato, avocado, and Greek yogurt salad.See this image largerWas on stand-by to sub this morning but didn’t need to go in, so I worked out. Kind of a weird day. I’m tired, kind of antsy. It was supposed to rain but it didn’t. Kind if a blah day. Here’s a picture of a random duck.See this image largerRained like crazy in the AZ desert and snowed in the mountains. I subbed in 1st grade. Didn’t walk because the playground was so muddy. I feel like I’ve been running an obstacle course. There are 3 challenging kids in the class. Morning was good and I saw some victories. Afternoon, I got royally insulted by one of the challenges. So, here’s more ducks.See this image largerSubbed today but was able to walk at recess and while the kids had PE. Got my steps and exercise minutes in. Did pretty good on food, too. Overall, not a bad day. I saw this cool cloud when I was out walking. Looks like a bat or some creature flying.See this image largerMy husband and I did some errands in Phoenix today. We had lunch at Garcia’s. I brought half of the meal home. So proud of myself! The picture is of a bird sitting all by himself in a Mesquite tree. I thought it looked cool against the blue sky.See this image largerI feel really tired today. This might be the extent of my exercise. 😂See this image largerTime to show off Sweet Basil. Growing her in a south facing window enhanced by grow lights. Some of her leaves will soon be pesto. Or maybe a salad. She certainly adds a pop of color and class to my country kitchen.See this image largerHave a blessed Sunday!See this image largerSaturday, I took the dogs on a walk. I’ve haven’t walked fast on asphalt for a while. Now I have shin splints.😖. No treadmill for me today. Or maybe a few days.See this image largerSaw the oncologist today. I was 5 pounds less than my last appointment, down15 pounds since my first appointment. I’ve been beating myself up because my weight goes up and down so much. Onc said they never see people loose weight who are on the type of cancer drugs I’m on. Onc’s advice: keep going! #keepsparkingSee this image largerSubbed in first grade today. They are a rambunctious group that can’t seem to follow directions. I Love each kid individually. As a group, not so much. Will be in the same classroom tomorrow. In years to come, maybe they’ll appreciate that I make them do their work.....I can dream.See this image largerMy garden. She mocks me.See this image largerEnd of day 3 in first grade. We had a talk this morning about treating others like they want to be treated. The kids actually took the message to heart. But something happened when they went to lunch. Everything was forgotten by the time they got back to class. Maybe A seed was planted.See this image largerGot a call to sub in 1st this morning. When I got to the school I was redirected to 7th. Not having a lesson plan always makes for an interesting day. Got all my steps and lots of of exercise minutes. All in all, a challenging, satisfying day.See this image largerThis is Duncan. He’s a rescue we adopted about 4 years ago. Duncan had been living on the streets of Phoenix and had been badly abused. He was scared to death of men. Including my husband. Duncan has come so far in his life. He’s a sweet, loving dog but that feral part of him is just under the surface. Kind of like me, in many ways. This little guy has taught me a lot about life. He would be happy to@live in my lap, but I don’t sit down enough. Love my little guy!See this image largerSee this image largerI’ve got my exercise minutes, steps and water goals met today. Got some food prep done and even made it to church. Thought I’d share a picture of 3 if my favorite boys. Our grandson says Duncan (black dog) is his best friend. I think our dog Bob is slightly jealous.See this image largerIf all gies well, I’ll have surgery on my elbow (ulna nerve) on Wednesday. I’m fighting a cold. I don’t want to reschedule!!!! The picture is one our grandson took with my phone. It’s his favorite toy. A Zuzu.See this image largerHad surgery yesterday. The ulna nerve on my left arm is now happily nestled in muscles. Praying the surgery does the trick. In the meantime, I prepared meals so that my husband can easily make dinner and I can still eat clean. It worked out perfect. However, I have to admit I’m craving pizza. Have a beautiful Sparking day!See this image largerBob thinks I should be playing with him since I’m not doing anything else. LOL!See this image largerIt feels like I’m healing from surgery and the cold is lifting. These two have been my constant companions - until my husband starts working in the kitchen. They totally forget about me. LOL! Hoping to get a little walking in this afternoon. I can’t get dressed by myself so I’ll have to convince my husband I’m up to it.See this image largerGot me a custom removable cast. Missing working out. Between surgery and a cold, I have no energy. However, I’m not going to beat myself up because recovery takes time. So grateful for a husband who doesn’t mind taking care of me.See this image largerFirst day out and about since surgery a week ago. Even got some exercise minutes in. This is our granddaughter trying to eat her daddy. The picture made my day!See this image largerDuncan sees my huge arm splint as an opportunity! LOL! Today is my husband’s birthday. We’re eating at his favorite Mexican food restaurant to celebrate. I will be keeping potions in mind.See this image largerToday was wear your pjs to school day. This afternoon noon, the teachers played the boys and girls volleyball teams. I was sidelined for obvious reasons. Overall, it was a fun day.See this image largerI’m having to wear stretchy pants because I can’t button jeans right now. Thanks to #SparkPeople, stretchy pants are looking pretty good. Have a happy, blessed Sunday!See this image largerWe’re doing an indoor gardening experiment. The cherry tomatoes are blooming. It will be great if they actually produce fruit. Nothing like fresh tomatoes 🍅 #cleaneatingSee this image largerGot my stitches out this morning. No weight bearing for a couple more weeks. Need to concentrate on full range of motion. The hope and prayer is I’ll get feeling back in my hand as the swelling goes down. Getting old is not for the faint of heart. LOL!!See this image largerFell off the “clean eating” wagon and the water wagon the last couple of days. We ran through the pre-made meals and my husband has been doing the cooking. He’s taking excellent care of me but I can’t eat like he does. He’s a meat and potatoes guy. It’s been fun but now that the stitches are out, it’s time to start cooking for myself again. Now that i have both hands available,little Bob says it’s time to play.See this image largerWet day in AZ. Had nearly an inch of rain when I checked the gage yesterday.See this image largerTomorrow is Pi Day. We decided to make Shepherds Pie. Used very lean ground beef and doubled up on veggies. Made enough that we can freeze some for future meals.See this image largerSame river, different days!See this image largerYesterday we made Shepherds pie in honor of PI day. Today we made Irish Soda bread with fresh rosemary. Talk about comfort food. Yum!See this image largerDuncan has decided that social distancing is the way to go today. Have a bright, blessed Sunday #SparkPeople!!See this image largerA beautiful day in AZ. I’m going to ignore the craziness that’s going on. My arm is healing well. Might start doing short work outs this week. We’re supposed to have another storm come through this week. Have a blessed day!See this image largerI’m going to spend a little time on the exercise bike today. Maybe do a little walking. Would like to do the treadmill. My husband asked if I’d wait until my arm is healed up more. He is concerned about what might happen if I fall. I guess he’s right.See this image largerDinner was so good tonight. Bow tie pasta with broccoli and garlic. Yum!!See this image largerAnother rainy day in AZ! It’s beautiful but honestly, I’m ready for some sunny weather.See this image largerEating poorly today but tracking it. Not going to lie to myself! But to offset that, I’m making homemade chicken soup with egg noodles. Here is a picture of our “boys”. They like that we’re hanging out at home.See this image largerI’ve been pretty much home since my surgery on 2/26. Now I’m feeling better and ready to get back into life...and life is cancelled. So, I made some really healthy and tasty chicken noodle soup. I used German eggs noodles.See this image largerOur indoor tomato plat experiment seems to be working! Soon. Fresh Cherry tomatoes. 🍅See this image largerGood morning! Ive been working out on the stationary bike for the past couple of days. Plan to do it again this afternoon. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Hope you get some time in the sun. It does a body good!See this image larger3 cases of Corona virus in Yavapai County. Everything is shut down. I went to a local church this morning. It’s their last love service for a while. I thought their response was appropriate. Hopefully, this pst won’t offend anyone. It just reminded me God is in control. Have a blessed Sunday!See this image largerSome drink their lunch. We’re smoking ours.See this image largerSmoked chicken experiment. Before, after and meal. Kind of burned the outside but the insides were delicious!See this image largerI pulled weeds today. Lots of them! They were growing in our greenhouse. Time to rehab and grow some food! The picture is our granddog with our granddaughter. He’s the best kid dog ever.See this image largerI found this lovely piece of tuna at sprouts. Also got some swordfish. Is it smart buying fish at a discount? We shall soon find out😂See this image largerI found this lovely piece of tuna at sprouts. Also got some swordfish. Is it smart buying fish at a discount? We shall soon find out😂See this image largerGood night #SparkPeople.See this image largerDuncan is loving that I’m home so he and I can chill out in the recliner. Thinking I’ll do a work out later. However, this chair is way comfortable. Have a bright, blessed day!See this image largerBefore and afters of our raised bed. The weeds were lush, healthy and green. The second picture is after weeding. I’m planting squash and Okra in the raised bed. Carrots, onions, potatoes and other veggies are in containers. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been able to grow a garden. I’m so excited. Even a small grow will make me happy!See this image largerTaking my Vitamin C and basking in some vitamin D! Have a bright, blessed day!!See this image largerDog wars going on in our house this morning. The Governor cancelled school for the rest of the year so I’m out of a job. Oh well.See this image largerThese signs have been placed all over our little town. Don’t know who is responsible but it’s nice to see a positive message.See this image largerA Chihuahua party at the fence! Bob and his little buddy who lives next door. Every day. Several times a day. Today is our daughter’s birthday. We were supposed to babysit so her and her husband could go celebrate. We talked for an hour on the phone this morning . No one wanted to hang up. This, too, shall pass then we’ll all be partying like Chihuahuas!See this image largerDuncan was digging in the yard. Last time he did this, he dug up baby rabbits, which he and our other dog dispatched before I realized what was going on. I kept an eye on him this time. Duncan is highly motivated by food so if he’s digging, I have to assume there’s something to eat in that hole. Luckily (for me) he found nothing.See this image largerToday’s project: turkey chili. MmmmmmmSee this image largerFirst day of the Spring 5% Challenge. I got in an hour workout and doing good on food and water. The parade that was supposed to take place today was cancelled. Someone organized a caravan that weaved its way through our little town and came right by our house. We had fun. For 5 minutes. LOL! That little caravan, while we are apart, brought our town together. Many blessings!See this image largerDid an hour on the treadmill this morning. Since there’s nowhere to go right now, no excuses! Making vegetable soup for dinner. Have a blessed Palm Sunday!See this image largerWoke up feeling tired this morning. Coffee didn’t help much but a little sun bathing is good for the soul. Blessings on this Monday morning...it is Monday, Right?See this image largerConfession: I gave into sugar cravings I’ve been struggling against for several days. I’m climbing back into the wagon, so move over!! Have a bright, blessed day!See this image largerA Pink Moon. Sweet dreams, SparkPeople.See this image largerOur granddaughter’s “what can I get into now look.” She’s growing up so fast! She could be a baby model. Our grandson, who is almost 4, wanted to Skype with us yesterday so he could show us his new monster truck and how long his arms are getting. LOL! We are blessed!See this image largerOur daughter has been learning how to make sourdough bread. She sends us pictures of her finished products. Probably good we live 2.5 hours away. Lol! Happy Easter!See this image largerHaven’t posted in a couple of days. I sang at an online Easter service on Sunday. Got in a couple of really good work outs in the past couple of days. Finally got our “gopher baskets” from Home Depot. We’ll be digging holes and putting down weed cloth tomorrow. Planting is eminent!! Blessings!See this image largerI have 145 fitness minutes today. Digging up a garden is work! LOL!See this image largerTomorrow we plant! It’s taken a long time to get to this point. Praying for a successful garden so we can share the bounty. We’ll have squash and okra. Yum!!!See this image largerMy walking partner. As long as he can stay in the shade. Have a bright, blessed Saturday!See this image largerThe desert is blooming. A honey bee was nice enough to pose for pictures this morning. Not doing much today in terms of exercise. We did clean up the house, though. It was as getting pretty bad. Lol! Our rule is when you stick to the floor, it’s time to clean.See this image largerItty bitty strawberry and our indoor tomato experiment seems to be working. The tomatoes are starting to get ripe. Can wait for really fresh veggies!See this image largerThe desert is blooming. Prickly Pear and Bird of Paradise. Have a blessed day. Pretty sure it’s Thursday.See this image largerWe today is a rest day for me. Kind of. I cleaned bathrooms. One of my least favorite chores, but it needed to be done. It’s getting hot here in AZ. We had an actual winter this year and a pleasant spring. The desert always makes us pay for the pleasure, but it’s worth it. Many blessings!See this image largerToday is a rest day for me. Kind of. Cleaned bathrooms. My least favorite chore but necessary. It’s 92 right now. We had an actual winter here in AZ and a beautiful spring. The desert always makes us pay, but it’s worth it! Many blessings!See this image largerA friend and her husband went to the store. They were standing close together talking. A woman came up, told them they were too close and must separate. The husband said “if you think this is too close, you ought to see us at home.” The woman turned bright red a literally ran away. No opinion. Just thought it was funny. Have a blessed Sunday.See this image largerI started early this morning. Already have a bunch of exercise minutes in. That includes chopping up a big fallen limb in our neighbor’s yard. She was afraid I was going to hurt myself. Knocked it out in record time.See this image largerHey SparkPeople! Today’s workout included taking down branches in a dead tree. That’s real work! My husband got the chain saw running and we’ll do more tomorrow. My arms feel like rubber! Have a blessed day!See this image largerThis is my best day this week. I remember when doing 10 minutes worth of exercise was a feat. Now, If I don’t get at least an hour in every day, something’s wrong. I’m not bragging. I’ve suffered from heart disease, and breast cancer. I’m in awe of how the body can recover. It takes time and a little effort. Thank you God!See this image largerFirst harvest of our indoor tomato go. They are delicious!See this image largerMay the Bird of Paradise smile upon you.See this image largerToday’s project: take down tree that died 2 years ago. It’s a mulberry tree. We’re keeping the larger limbs for the smoker. Good times!See this image largerWe busted our behinds taking down a dead tree yesterday. Helped with online church this morning. They trust me with the camera. LOL!! The rest of the afternoon was quite. The picture is of our neighbor’s property. It’s very pretty but those sweet plants with the little yellow flowers are a new invasive plant called Stinknet. Obviously, our neighbor’s don’t seem too concerned. Funny thing is they are landscapers.See this image largerHaving a bad food day. I finally realized I’ve been worrying about things. It’s been in the background and the last couple of days, has been driving my actions. Also, I did a short music video for a local preschool. It was cute but I thought I looked terrible. I’ve been busting my behind and watching what I eat and it seems like an uphill battle. Just need some support.See this image largerOur local thrift store reopened today. I found this thing. I think it’s for making bread loafs but I’m not sure. I got it for $0.50 so it was worth taking the chance. LOL!See this image largerHappy Mothers Day! We had an unexpectedly cool and cloudy day. It actually rained this morning. May is usually pretty dry in AZ. We Skyped with our daughter, SIL, and grandkids. It’s been a nice day. Many blessings on yours.See this image largerWe had a storm to the south of us last night. It’s nice and cool this morning. Got in a long, full body workout and my sweet husband made pancakes for breakfast. As they say, “it don’t get no better!” Many Monday morning blessings!See this image largerOur daughter mailed us a loaf of sourdough she made. It is SO good!See this image largerOur saguaros are blooming. It took a while to get this shot. Luckily, I got the bees in the picture. I’m going to set up a ladder. The saguaro is close to 20’.See this image largerTomato, basil, and onions topping on sourdough backed by our daughter. Yummy!See this image largerThere is nothing more beautiful than the Sonoran desert. I got my exercise minutes in by loading and unloading limbs. Tomorrow, I’ll be doing weeds and more limbs. Loved the rain we got this winter. Now, trying to get as much brush cleared around our house in preparation for what could be a very active fire season. Many blessings!See this image largerThe picture below is of a blooming Palo Verde. It’s the reason I’m haven’t trouble breathing. Not some virus. My neighbor and I spent several hours chopping weeds and limbs along our driveway way. Still not done!!!See this image largerGot on a ton of exercise minutes cleaning the house. We had band practice for the first time in a long time. And we still got it! We’re playing an outdoor fundraiser next week. A little but of normal feels wonderful!See this image largerMajor rock painting going. Miss the grandkids but it won’t be long now! Have a blessed Sunday!See this image largerLots of color in our backyard. It was a pretty good day. Got my hour work out in this morning. Ran errands all afternoon. Phoenix looked more normal. Have a blessed evening!See this image largerSang for an online memorial service this morning. The family is in Ohio. It was on Facebook. It was a first for all of us. Our garden is growing well. Squash is getting ready to bloom. Okra is still struggling a bit, but once it gets really warm, they’ll go to town! Have a blessed Tuesday!See this image largerLooks like everyone is waiting around for Bingo. I am taking a rest day. Woke up tired and I have a blister on my foot. Just don’t have “it” today. Should be working on weeds and limbs because the weather is so cool. Instead, I’m sitting under a mesquite tree enjoying the day. Many blessings!See this image largerThis is an exciting time! Squash is blooming and setting on. WooHooo!See this image largerThis little guy is in the hospital. Last night we noticed he wasn’t feeling well. By about 1am, we realized something was very wrong. He’s having neurological symptoms. Vet said he’s improving but she has no idea what’s wrong because all the tests are showing that he’s healthy. Been doing a lot of crying and praying.See this image largerWe celebrated Memorial day with a patriotic gathering. Our band did an hour set and had a great time. Blessings on everyone! Spend a moment of silence for those who have fallen in service to our country.See this image largerSunday blessings! I did 45 minutes on the treadmill. Ran the camera at church. I sang God Bless America for the online service. Then came home and took a nap. I’m getting old! LOL. Actually, the nap did me good. The last couple of days have been hectic and an emotional roller coaster. Time to chill.See this image largerWe are so happy that this little guy survived his medical drama. We suspect a scorpion sting, but will never know because he’s not talking. Still on medication so he’s laying around a lot, but we can see him returning to normal. Thank you for your prayers! Memorial Day blessings.See this image largerThis morning, we had 3 quail eggs under my rosemary plant. Tonight we have 4. I guess our family will be growing. Blessings!See this image largerHoping this is the last pickup full of brush. I don’t mind trimming trees, but It’s getting a little old. Time to find another endeavor.See this image largerIt started with 3 quail eggs in my rosemary. We’re up to 6. Seldom see the birds. They probably take off when they hear activity. Wondering how many more are going to be laid and what is going to happen when the buttons hatch? Lol! Desert problems. Thursday blessings!See this image largerI picked the first squash from our garden this morning. It was delicious!See this image largerFirst picture is a brush fire just south of our house on Friday. Second picture is a car fire that caught brush just north of us. We’re in Black Canyon City, AZ.The 3rd is smoke from a fire at a trailer park on the west side of town that burned 3 trailers and 1 transformer. There is also a huge brush fire in Cave Creek. It’s going to be a long summer!See this image largerAfter yesterday’s fire excitement, today is quite. Got in an hour work out. Summer has arrived in Arizona, so I have to work out early. Have a wonderful, SparkPeople Monday.See this image largerGood Arizona morning! Have a bright, blessed day.See this image largerThe theme is bugs. This is the cake our daughter made for our grandson’s birthday. It’s vegan and delicious! So happy that we can celebrate birthdays again. At least in Arizona.See this image largerAnother fire 2 miles north of us. Tanker planes are flying over the house. Hard to get pictures of them. I got one of a helicopter hauling water. Looks like it’s now under control. Thank you AZ firefighters!See this image largerWorking on a little retreat under a mesquite. A great place to sit and think and drink...,water, of course.See this image largerGot my workout and steps in early this morning. Got this picture of our 8 month old granddaughter standing on her own. Her balance is improving every day. She’s going to be walking very soon.See this image largerMy first okra pod is setting on. WoooHooo! I’ve got 101 fitness minutes today. And I want to take a nap but promised to help set up chairs for a local event this evening. That’ll probably wake me up again. Many Thursday blessings!See this image largerFresh picked yellow squash. These are going to neighbors.See this image largerA gopher stuck his head out of a hole this morning. Now Bob is on the hunt. He probably won’t catch it but at least the critter knows he just can’t do what he wants around here!See this image largerI finished the Spring 2020 5% Challenge below 200. And I’m staying there! Oncologist said no one EVER looses weight while on anti-cancer drugs. I’ve literally had to work my butt off. I’ve shed about 20 pounds since going on the meds. Thanking God and #SparkPeoplee! Already joined the summer challenge. May not hit me 5% but will give it my best!See this image largerOnions, garlic and fresh yellow squash. Mmmmmm!See this image largerDuncan won’t share the shade with Bob. Did my hour workout this morning then spent another hour raking up weeds. Our neighbor hasn’t done it. Oh well. Double workout day!See this image largerGarlic Parmesan Yellow Squash Chips. They took about half hour to make. My husband loved them and thinks I’ve become a foodie. I’m just looking for things to make with the yellow squash from the garden.See this image largerHad a good week in terms of exercise. A while back, I was happy if I got in 10 minutes a day. Now I usually get at least an hour. I’ve discovered my body will tell me - in no uncertain terms - when it’s time to rest. Not too bad for cancer survivor with a heart condition. TYG!See this image largerI sang at a special Fathers Day service at church this morning. A pot luck followed so no cooking for me today. Our daughter called and talked to her dad. The picture is of Palo Verde beans that are supposed to be edible. Well, they are apparently too old and dried out. They also pack a bunch of ruffage that has certain effects I didn’t expect. LOL! Many things in the desert are edible. Right!!See this image largerNot sure what kind of birds live in this nest but it’s cool. Had a busy say yesterday. Kind of resting today. Feeling a little rough. Tomorrow will be a better day. Everyone have a bright, blessed Monday.See this image largerWell, looks like I might have tonsillitis. So far, just 1 tonsil involved. Trying to get into the doctor but they think I might have covid and are referring anyone who doesn’t feel well to an urgent care. Waiting to see if doctor can call in antibiotics.See this image largerOkra blossoms are beautiful! My tonsillitis is already improving. Antibiotics are doing the trick. I’ve not worked out since Sunday. Looking forward to getting back up to speed, but for now, I’m a woman of leisure.See this image largerHalf hour workout this morning. Recovering nicely from tonsillitis. Probably be 100% by tomorrow. The flower is from our neighbor’s yard. A Canalilly, I think.See this image largerCattle outside our window this morning. Looked like they were having some kind of “beef.”See this image largerMy garden looks is beautiful and is producing wonderful veggies. Problem is, every critter in the desert thinks we did all that work just for them. These guys went under our neighbor’s fence and was scoping out how to get under ours.See this image largerMessing around at church this morning. Grandma Mouse. Got a little over a half hour walk in before church. So far, a very nice day.See this image largerMarinated tomatoes with fresh basil on yellow squash discs. Yum!See this image largerWish you could hear the bees buzzing in our 1 mesquite tree. It smells good, too! There are literally thousands of bees collecting nectar. Soon to be made into mesquite honey. Life is beautiful!See this image largerAnother picture of happy bees. I’m well over my exercise minute goals this week. The Summer 5% Challenge starts on Saturday. This is my 3rd such challenge. I’ve not lost 5%!but it keeps me focused and on track.See this image largerSpending some time hanging out with some of my plants. They are happy and healthy. That’s what I strive for, as well. A little water, a little sun. And lots of TLC.See this image largerWorking on the yard to make it more user friendly. Looking forward to when we can invite random people over to the house. Got my hour workout in this morning. Taking down a fence is the project of the day. But breakfast is first!See this image largerIndependence Day breakfast with red, white and blue fruit salad.See this image largerThis is me yesterday after an hour workout and a couple hours of taking down a fence in 100+ degree weather. Why we always seem to wait until the warmest days of the summer to do our projects, I’ll never know.See this image largerIt’s a dog’s life. This guy thinks I’m the most important person I’ve n his life. I sit down and he’s either beside me or in my lap. If he were a person, he’d be classified as needy. Maybe even a stalker. LOL!See this image largerFirst pan of okra from our garden. I stir fry it until it’s past it’s the slimy stage with just a little bit of oil. The okra is slightly browned. Add a little salt and pepper...delicious!!See this image largerI got over an hour workout in this morning. Then ran some errands. I got tacos for lunch. They were delicious, I’m feeling like I need to do another hour!See this image largerMade a couple of friends on my walk this morning. I only got in about 45 minutes. My excuse is - it was hot. It’ll be hot tomorrow, too, but I’ll try it again!See this image largerWe live in a rural area. Last night, a herd of cattle left their “calling cards” all over our neighbor’s front yard. She’s in her 80’s. She was out in the heat with a shovel. I offered to clean up her yard. It only took me a few minutes. The upside - more exercise minutes and half a watermelon.See this image largerThe squash in our garden is producing nicely. We’ve made all kinds of good eats with the squash. Today I made yellow squash relish. Made enough for friends and neighbors.See this image largerThis guy helped me water the plants the other night. Got my workout done this morning. Over an hour. It was over 90 in the garage when I started on the treadmill. Whew! Here in the AZ desert we keep getting extreme heat alerts. As a long time resident, we’ve always called it “summer.” LOL! Have a blessed day.See this image largerOur daughter took this amazing picture of an incoming dust storm in Tucson last night. We had our own little storm that included rain for about 5 minutes. I had the pleasure of leading worship at church this morning. Now we have to run down to the big city to do some grocery shopping. Got in a good workout early this morning. With this humidity, I don’t think I’ve stopped sweating! The workout that keeps giving! Sunday blessings!See this image largerWe just got back from a visit to the White Mountain area in northern Arizona. The picture is a trail I walked every morning while we were there. No internet, so I blew my streak but it was worth it. It was a much needed break from the heat.See this image largerThis is the only covered bridge in Arizona. Beetlejuice came to mind. We made it through without incident. I woke up this morning tired and sore. Somehow managed to do about a 90 minute workout. Working on getting my food straightened out after our trip.See this image largerI got 142 exercise minutes in today. It’s hot at humid today and I got sweat marks on my shirt. I may be old, but I’m tough!See this image largerA little water in the desert is called...a party! Went to church this morning and made my #sparkgoals for the day.See this image largerVery promising skies! Got a good walk in this morning with our dogs. Last I checked, the temps are below 100. WooooHoooo!See this image largerAfter several days of working outside in the heat, I taking a day off. Not necessarily because I want too, but because my body says so. Our elderly neighbor called this morning. A herd of range cattle had settled down in her front yard. We went over and told thwm to “moooooooove along.”🤣See this image largerSecond batch of yellow squash relish in the bag. Oh, I mea in the jars.See this image largerA momma and her baby. Did my work out then worked outside. Time to come in and be in the AC for a while. The humidity is way up. Could get some thunderstorms today!! WooooHoooo!!See this image largerGot in 170 exercise minutes yesterday and 183 today. We redid our sitting area under the mesquite tree. Pulled up all the pavers and made the paver area llarger. It’s like working in a sauna right now, but there is satisfaction in getting the job done.See this image largerWorking in the house today. It’s been neglected. My birthday is next week. This is an early birthday present from my husband. A Fender acoustic/electric ukulele shaped like a Srtatacaster. Love it!See this image largerDid my work out with the hopes that it would help loosen up my muscles in my lower back. I’m using my husband’s Tens unit, which is helping. I didn’t know today would be a “back-care” day. I think laying those pavers last week may have contributed.See this image largerThis is what happens when I put on my workout shoes. Bob thinks It’s his time. He’s so cute it’s hard to turn him down.See this image largerLove this picture. Miss seeing the grandkids. I got my hour workout done today. It’s hot and it seemed like drudgery, but didn’t stop. Have a blessed day!See this image largerOur daughter sent me a necklace for my birthday. It has the names of both grandkids with their birthstones. I cried.See this image largerI can’t post a picture of myself in my birthday suit (to day is my birthday!). I did the next best thing. Post a picture if myself in a cute black dress that I wouldn’t have fit in this time last year. It’s been a slow process with lots of ups and downs, but the results are showing up. Thank you #SparkPeople for being there as the journey continues. Blessings!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy birthday was Friday. It was a good day and I had an in-person interview and got a new job! I’ve been a substitute teacher since 2013. I’m now a lead teacher in a preschool. All those years subbing in Head Start paid off. I’m so excited! Many Sunday blessings.See this image largerDog world was at peace this morning. At least for 1 picture. I tried to do the treadmill this morning. Only lasted about 10 minutes. Too hot! It was actually cooler to walk in the sun. In AZ! LOL!See this image largerI took this picture a couple of weeks ago. I can see a face. Was able to do half an hour on the treadmill. Then walked. Got in over an hour. That might be it for exercise minutes today.See this image largerWoke up with a sore back this morning. No workout fir me, but there’s plenty to do. Clean the kitchen, transplants some basil, maybe take a nap. I got this picture of Duncan rolling around in the dirt. He was really enjoying himself. He’s usually so reserved. It’s nice to see him being silly once in a while.See this image largerTeanspland a basil yesterday. This is a “before and after.” Today was an errand day. Starting new job on Monday. Wanted to buy some new clothes but you can’t try anything on anywhere. Also, I’m hoping to loose some more weight.See this image largerA brush fire started last night north of us. This morning, the tankers were flying over our house. I got this picture. In real life, the plane looked huge, but not in the picture. In other news, I got in a very good workout this morning. Lots of good, healthy sweat. 😓See this image largerI’m starting my new job tomorrow and I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Caught myself doing some emotional eating. Ok eating sugar. So, now that I recognize what’s going in, I can make adjustments. Right? Hope so. Sugar is insidious. It always creeps back in and takes over.See this image largerFirst day on the new job went well. Lots of forms and training. I got up early and walked for half an hour. Food was easy because I took it with me. There are a ton of fast food places around the school. I’ll probably keep taking my lunch with me. Safer that way.See this image largerSecond day of work. Did online training most of the day. Got in some classroom time. Shadowing the teacher tomorrow. I go in an hour earlier. Going to go to bed early. With any luck, I’ll have time for a half hour walk before I have to leave. My husband missed me but not as much as this little guy.See this image largerDay 3 of new job. I got up early to walk (got in about 45 minutes). Turned on the water to the garden, then forgot about it. Put eggs on to boil, then forgot about it (lucky hubby was paying attention). Spent the day with 16 four year olds. I didn’t forget any of them!!See this image larger4th day of new job and first day of as official teacher and it was a crazy one. Got a 45 minute walk in before work and was on my feet all day. Food has been pretty good. It’s easy when you take your lunch. Was able to resist cupcakes and doughnuts. Tomorrow is pajama day, so at least I’ll be comfortable.See this image largerSee this image largerHaven’t posted for a while. The new job is exhausting. I’m determined to make it work, but it’s hard right now. Stopped tracking food for a while, too. I didn’t go crazy, but I think it’s important to keep consistent. Don’t want to ruin gains I’ve made.See this image largerHad a visitor this morning. I also quit my new job. I have been assaulted nearly every day that I worked in the classroom. The violence was too much for me. I’ve been a substitute teacher for years. I’m still in shock! I wouldn’t want my grandchildren to be in that kind of situation.See this image largerI subbed at my old school this week. This morning, I was doing recess duty when this huge butterfly landed on a bush. It attracted a lot of attention. Beautiful!See this image largerThis was the morning sky during my walk. Got sprinkled on. Looking forward to the start of the Fall 5% Challenge so I have a reason to stay focused.See this image largerThis is what We did yesterday. Play music for 2 hours on 100 degree weather. LOL! I wore my little black dress. Got a lot of compliments.See this image largerI’m not working and I’m bored today. It’s not that I don’t have things to do. Just don’t want to do them. So, I’m going to watch cartoons for a while. That will keep me busy for a while.😂See this image largerThe rising moon was beautiful last night. Wish my phone could pick up the details. It was relatively cool, so I played my guitar outside for a while. Nice way to spend the evening.See this image largerThis little beauty is 1 today. We’re going to be celebrating her this weekend. The fall 5% Challenge starts Saturday. A party is maybe not the best way to begin a weight loss challenge, but it WILL make it a challenge.See this image largerSo happy to see this kid!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image larger“One”der Woman! We had a fun front yard BD party for 2 one year olds born a day apart. Pizza and cupcakes. Back to being good today, but had tons of fun.See this image largerJust got home from a wonderful weekend in Tucson. Time to get back on track. I ate over 2000 calories yesterday, which is something I used to do on a regular basis. Seldom happens these days.See this image largerI made a huge pot of turkey chili . Used the Instant Pot to cook kidney beans. They turned out perfect without an overnight soaking. I’m going to freeze most of it. Maybe take some to the neighbors. The picture is Our dog Bob (red one) and his girlfriend from next door. They meet at the fence and raise a ruckus!See this image largerInspire of the hear, our okra is still producing. Not enough to freeze any for later, but we get about a pan of okra a week.See this image largerOur basil plants are going nuts! My husband started several more plants. Guess what our friends are getting for Christmas? LOL! We’ll have rosemaries starts pretty soon, too. Just wish we had more thyme.See this image largerProject of the day completed! Banana nut bread for my sweet husband. Nice to be able to cook for him once in a while.See this image largerOur friend passed suddenly yesterday. It still doesn’t feel real. Heart attack. She had fallen and broken her hip last week. She had surgery and was doing well, or so everyone thought. She was a strong, independent woman. RIP, Pat.See this image largerA nearby fire created this amazing sunset. Praying fir the people ifCriwn King, AZ.See this image largerSpent every evening this week at Vacation Bible School. This was supposed to have happened this summer but got postponed. I don’t have to tell you why. It was fun but I don’t know if I’ll do it again.See this image largerStarting another new job tomorrow. I’m going to be an aide to 3 kindergartens who are handfuls. I might also sub at the same school from time to time. Looking forward to getting a schedule, at least until June.See this image largerLittle Bob thinks he’s a cat! First day of new job was interesting and busy. I’m a special ed aide, and I’m also subbing. It’s going to be interesting. No one has any idea what I’m supposed to do. LOL! It’s a good thing I’m self-motivated. I’m planning to do my workout before work. Was hoping to get a few laps in at lunch, but that didn’t happen today. Maybe tomorrow.See this image largerI bought this treadmill in 1995 or 6. It’s a Nordic track. It has a lot of miles on it. I have to be at my new job at 7:30am so I’m using the treadmill again because it’s too dark to walk when I get up in the morning. I’m not interested in stepping on a snake. I think the treadmill is on it’s last leg. It’s been a good one. I’ve been looking at replacements and haven’t found anything.See this image largerAdded a new tool to the workout tool box. I have to be at my new job at 7:30a. It’s now dark and chilly when I got outside to walk. Since a mountain lion has been stopped east of us, I thought a light was a good idea. Probably make it easier for the mountain lion to find me! At least I won’t step on any snakes.See this image largerWe had some fun on Kindergarten this morning making skull masks. This was actually a lesson about bones, but it worked out well for Halloween, too. I’m now a Special Education aide in KG. Much more fun then the crazy preschool I was teaching at.See this image largerMy husband and I realized that we weren’t eating any meals together now that I’ve changed jobs. Today, I got off of work at the right time. I came directly home. We made lunch together then sat down at the table and enjoyed each other’s company.See this image largerX-ray hands. It was a Kindergarten lesson on bones but worked well for Halloween. Fun week!See this image largerWalked into the gym this morning to find a T-Rex trying to eat breakfast. It was a fun but crazy day. Glad it’s over.See this image largerWe moved a new (to us) love seat into our recording studio. Of course, we had toto move other furniture out of that room. We rearranged our living room. Also had to clean the floors under the furniture. We were exhausted when we got everything done. My Fitbit only gave me credit for 22 minutes. LOL!See this image largerFitbit only gave me 22 exercise minutes for moving furniture, sweeping and mopping. This morning, my body is saying it thinks I should get way more credit. LOL! My husband is hurting worse than me. That being said, the new (to us) love seat looks great in our studio. Now, we have to start recording again. Have a blessed Sunday.See this image largerAccording to my Fitbit, I burn a lot of calories when I my guitar. I’m getting credit for doing something I love!See this image largerVeterans Day event today in our little town. Wind is whipping. Corona doesn’t have a chance.See this image largerLunch at Wild Flower. BLT with chicken basil chili. YUMMY!See this image largerMy new (to me) treadmill. Loving my workouts again. It’s a NordicTrack and the best part - a built in stereo.See this image largerI’m exhausted! One of my young charges was having a hard day. I got scratched, kicked, hit in the face and my face shield ripped off. Luckily, as I was about to reach my limit, another aide took over. In spite of occasional wrestling matches, I find that I love my job. The picture is of a neighborhood cat that likes to come on campus to get some love. He know the recess and lunch schedule. Very friendly little thing!See this image largerToday was a quiet day in Kindergarten. We studied turkeys, made some out of construction paper. This young man drew a picture for me. He attempted to give me “puppy dog” eyes, but I’m wondering if he knows what that means.See this image largerIt was a long day. I subbed in KG. Just as we were getting the kids on the bus, a 1st grader came up to me with blood all over her face. Not what I expected, that’s for sure! She was crying and couldn’t tell me what happened. I thought she had fallen and rushed her to the nurse. It was just a very bloody nose.See this image largerLoving my new (to me) treadmill!See this image largerAfter years of tracking food and water, struggling through exercising, fighting against cancer drugs that cause weight gain, and jumping on and off the food wagon, I’m learning to be ok where ever I a@ in the process. I sang at an outdoor folk festival yesterday. I’m really happy with how I looked on stage, even with that huge turkey behind me. #NSV #thanksSpaerkPeople!See this image largerStepped outside the other morning and heard a horrible screeching sound. It was two hawks apparently in the middle of...something. I saw some feathers flying.See this image largerHappy Thanksgiving!See this image largerOur daughter is a wonderful pie maker. The Apple crumble pie isn’t in the picture. She also made sourdough bread from scratch and smoked a turkey. I did a couple of side dishes but she was the one who did the majority of the work. I still managed to get 112 exercise minutes in yesterday. Needless to say, we ate well on Thanksgiving.See this image largerWore a new shirt to church this morning. My husband liked it a lot. It’s hard for me to tell. If he likes it, that’s good enough. I’m a lucky woman, come to think about ot. Have a blessed day!See this image largerThis was the moon Monday morning. I’ve been getting up early and doing a workout. Nice to see the moonset and the sunrise.See this image largerFirst meal in our new smoker. Crusted eye of round roast.See this image largerI had a pretty active day at school today.See this image largerToday is our 40th wedding anniversary. We spent the weekend with our daughter, SIL and grandkids in a cabin in Sedona. Such a sweet family born out of our union 40 years ago!See this image largerMerry Christmas!See this image largerOur daughter is the Baking Queen of Tucson. And we are the beneficiaries of all of her efforts. She’s also cooking prime rib for Christmas dinner. Heathy eating starts again on Monday due to delicious leftovers.See this image largerI’ve taken a couple of weeks off of tracking food and exercise. Tomorrow I’m heading back to work. I’m also back to tracking. The Winter 5% Challenge starts pretty soon. The picture is of our 1 year old granddaughter in her little remote controlled Jeep. 😁See this image largerDay 3 of getting back on track. Still adjusting to going back to work. I got used to@sleeping in over the Christmas break. 5:00am comes early.See this image largerWe were out on the playground when this little gopher started popping out of its hole. It ignored the kids running around. I got as close as I could to get a picture.See this image largerWe were out on the playground when this little gopher started popping out of its hole. It ignored the kids running around. I got as close as I could to get a picture.See this image largerWe have too much thyme on our hands. 🤣See this image largerSmoked chicken marinated in pineapple and lime juice with spices. Supposed to tasted like El Polo Loco. I don’t know if it dies (might if we had grilled it) but It is DELICIOUS! Loving our new electric smoker.See this image largerGot a new phone. Took a picture of myself and was surprised to see my hair has gotten more grey. Apparently, I'm happy about it.See this image largerAZ has spectacular sunrises and sunsets. I spent the 3 day weekend at home doing not much of anything. Ready for school in the morning.See this image largerIt was all fun and games until they realized we were going to the vet. Both are healthy, but the black one has bad teeth. Looks like dental surgery is in his future.

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