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See this image larger02.12.09 - 08.31.09, down 42 lbs., about 1/2 way to goal....YES! give a high-5, folks!(2 comments)See this image largertaken 10.18.09 with nate (left) and jimmy (right)...down 42 pounds. watch those ta-tas!(6 comments)See this image largermotley crew on 10.18.09; i'm the grey-haired, 42-lbs.-smaller, grinnin fool!(2 comments)See this image largerthese old ads kill me, especially when they're sponsored by the Lard Information Council. wow!(6 comments)See this image largeranother favorite lard ad, this time from the U.K. (3 comments)See this image largercocaine toothache drops....just what your pediatric dentist would have suggested!(2 comments)See this image largerwho needs milk? sure, why NOT give your infant coke? the earlier the better, right? NOT!(5 comments)See this image largerthe propaganda used to increase smoking just slays me.(1 comments)See this image largerhey, did you know that there's a great cigarette for ASTHMATICS? no, really.....(2 comments)See this image largerWHAT? another old doozie. sure, have on one me! love the philosophy!(2 comments)See this image largeranother oldie, but goodie; i'm running out to buy a carton, since doctors smoke 'em. U2?(2 comments)See this image largersee? even santa loves chesterfield! check out their old tag line: "to put a smile in your smoking"See this image largerwhose pal is she...really?(3 comments)See this image largeri particularly appreciated this old ad due to my legal training....(3 comments)See this image largereating and drinking yeast? WHAT? but don't these 2 look soooo happy? gotta love the goofy smiles.See this image largersee how they handled hyperactive children years ago? they made them into drugged zombies!See this image largerhey, why should only the young have all of the fun? let's zombie-up the old folks, too!See this image largerLOVE THIS OLD AD! lysol-sanitized tape worms? WHAT?(3 comments)See this image largerspam, spam, spam, may be old, tried, and true, but it still scares me.(1 comments)See this image largeri adore this ad because of its play on words: "ben-her"......LOLOLOLOLSee this image largera new take on our constitution(1 comments)See this image largerthat peggy! she's a ho'!!(3 comments)See this image larger"I get by with a little help from my friends."See this image largerlove the irony! don't smoke anymore, but i sure can appreciate this anyway.(2 comments)See this image largerK.C., 1 of my 2, 14-year-old, geriatric, canine, 4-footed babies; 02.23.95 - 05.27.09; RIP handsome.See this image largerK.C. a month after a groom...he was so handsome and loving. what a smile he had! RIP my sweet boy.(2 comments)See this image largerlost Remy in may 2010, sad day, she's with her brother now, in doggie heaven, waiting for us....(1 comments)See this image largerRemy, a month after a groom...what a smart beauty she was! i miss her so.....(1 comments)See this image largerdo you smell what i smell? oh, you want me to SCRATCH YOUR NOSE? oh, ok, happy to help.(2 comments)See this image largerSometimes there is no such thing as a natural enemy, just oddly paired friends.(4 comments)See this image largeronce again, the older i get, the more i believe that there are no such things as natural enemies.See this image largerreal-life bambi and thumper. gotta love nature. friends bonded together to weather whatever comes.(2 comments)See this image largeri love irises, especially purple ones. they are such treats from Mother Nature.See this image largerrainbow roses...two of my favorite things combined into one photo...wish i could say i did this....See this image largeri'm feeling like a million bucks!See this image largerpraying never hurts anybody or anything.(1 comments)See this image largerWe Will Never Forget! (and my 09.11 birthday will never be the same)(2 comments)See this image largerbought myself this B&W for my room; nothing like NYC at night from the Brooklyn Promenade.See this image largerlady liberty still shines, despite vile attacks and large losses. we, as americans, still heal.See this image largeri always see these pix and get sad, having lost good colleagues on that fateful day.See this image largermy dream spot, where i go to meditate in my mind, and feel the warm, clear water surrounding me.(1 comments)See this image largerHAPPY EVERYTHING!(1 comments)See this image largerHere's my "nuclear family" (no, we don't glow in the dark). I'm on the bottom left.(4 comments)See this image largera recent mingle with me, poking my gray head out and behind the brunette's blue shirt.(2 comments)See this image largerwhat can i say except that you can never have too many friends.(2 comments)See this image largerlive, love, laugh!See this image largerif you lose your sense of humor, then all is, indeed, lost.(1 comments)See this image largerover the rainbow bridge is where i'll meet my loved ones who have gone before and await me.(3 comments)

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