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See this image largerCompletely unexpected workout with my friend and killed it!!!!See this image largerWicked Amazing workout! 95 minutes from start to finish and almost 1000 calories burned. Amazing coach! And friend. #rockingit #fitforme #beingstrongSee this image largerAmazing and great day minus hubby’s sunburn (1 comments)See this image largerHappy Canada Day to all my Fellow Canadians.See this image largerI kicked my own butt cardio only today but still killed it! Now to celebrate Canada Day 🇨🇦 with our friends.See this image largerHad a great time last night, only 2 beer and min snacks with an incredible fireworks show for Canada Day Celebrations. Up and at it this morning and getting ready for the gym!See this image largerLoving summer See this image largerAnother delicious chicken salad it was deliciousSee this image largerLoving the lake!See this image largerLunch! It was delicious!!!See this image largerBreakfast!See this image largerPretty proud of myself did some cardio but with the thoughts of HIIT between the arc machine and the toe machine killed it, 45 min 557 calories!!!! That sweat is before the sauna I have to say I truly kicked my butt and loved it. #challengedmyself #fitmomma #over40 #doingitformeSee this image largerGreat night with fantastic ladies! Much needed summer time fun!See this image largerJust looked and I have 16194 fitness minutes! For the year so far!!!See this image largerLeg day! Seated incline leg press; 4 plates each side!!!! Feeling so strong 💪See this image largerGood morningSee this image largerI LOVE my Nanny with all my heart and soul! Having a great weekend.See this image largerAnother day playing with my NannySee this image largerThere are no words, I love to capture moments and this will be one that stays with me for the rest of my life. I love my Nanny my whole heart and soul.See this image largerWe are getting a new fur baby for my husbands early bday present tonight. So excited.See this image largerJust swam and tread water for an hour with my lovely girls!!!See this image largerI love my Nanny and I love that I can see the difference in my face-makes me feel good.See this image largerHappy Sunday morning! I hope this makes you smile. Coco and Maximus having cuddles.See this image largerSunsets are my fav time of the day. This view is when I was with my Nanny. I am hoping she has the happiest day and lots of visitors. Happy 85th Nanny. I love you to the moon and back.See this image largerHappy Monday morning! I hope you have a sparking good day!!See this image largerHappy Monday morning! I hope you have a sparking good day!!(1 comments)See this image largerLunch was delicious! Spinach, onion, zucchini, tomato, pickles and chicken. Yum!See this image largerWent shopping tonight, I didn’t buy it but it was a size 18! A gorgeous dress and I loved it. Felt great. And I tried in a pair of shorts size 16!!!!! Felt good and the new sports bra is a 40 DDD. A year and a half ago I measured 52.5 G/H. WoohooooSee this image largerPretty proud and flying on cloud nine right now, first dead lift 44lbs! #deadlift #celebratingme #proud #strongereverydaySee this image largerMy morning and afternoon back on the lake with my dog and my hubby. Fantastic day. The morning was with one of my best friends. Amazing happy day.See this image larger2hrs kayaking yesterday! My happy place and peace and serenity.See this image largerI love kayaking!!!!!See this image largerHad a wonderful day with my hubby for his 47th birthday! Swimming, kayaking and dinner.See this image largerGood morning! Morning walk with Maximus and Buddy the cat joined us until the end of the street lol.See this image largerAnother beautiful day for kayaking! And swimming.See this image largerGood morning fellow SP family! I hope you have a wonderful day, just starting work! Happy Wednesday!See this image largerAwesome time with my girls, we treaded water for an hourSee this image largerFantastic burn with cardio today! 60 min 700 calories woohoo(1 comments)See this image largerKayaking and swimming all afternoon!See this image largerZiplining for the first time. It was amazing and excitingSee this image largerBest abductor loft yet, lunch was delicious and our oldest trained with my hubby today at the gym.See this image larger#beforeandafter #stilltransforming #workinghard #lifestylechangeSee this image largerSupper after swimmingSee this image largerI wanted to be lying down after the very little sleep I got however my husband kicked my Burt and I successfully although a little painfully(low energy) I did an hour of cardio.See this image largerLove the sauna after a workout!See this image largerAnother 1hr 15 min treading water and swimming.See this image largerMy youngest son gave me roses at 12:02 am so he could be the first to wish me a happy birthday. 42 today!!! Better shape now then at 40. It’s a privilege to have another birthday.See this image largerAmazing birthday ended with fireworks!!See this image largerGood Sunday morning! Get great and woke up with Hollywood movie hair, lol made me fee great and went with my 5 minute feel good about me pep talk. Now I am ready for the gym! Have a fabulous Sunday and let your spark shine!!!!See this image largerA very successful workout, going home and packing and off to my sister in Nee Brunswick for the week. I will be with my Goddaughter and sister!!!See this image largerBreakfast made by my sister! Yum poached eggs, goat cheese and tomatoes.See this image largerWith my girl we just spent 3.5hrs swimming.See this image largerSummerside, PEI Canada Off the Wallz Water Obstacle course! We did it and killed 817 calories. Love my Goddaughter with all my heart.See this image largerLoving my week with my sister xoxoxSee this image largerHappy Face Friday. Enjoyed my vacation and weighed in this morning only up .3 which still leaves me 239.2!!! So proud of myself.See this image largerGet good to be back at the gym and get my sweat on! See this image largerThe beautiful bride and myself on her wedding day yesterday. It rained but we still managed to get photos outside.See this image largerKayaking with my girls! AwesomeSee this image largerMade it to Victoria Park in Truro, NS Amazing! We are going back in 2 weeks for our Anniversary!See this image largerIt’s a ducks day! Puddle jumping should be on today’s agenda. Lol -Coco says good morning!See this image largerNew hair do! Celebrating weight lossSee this image largerMy view from the hot tub during sunset, a getaway with my best friend at Advocate Harbour at a B&BSee this image largerAmazing kayaking guided tour!See this image largerWishing I was back at the B&B enjoying the hot tub with the view, a little abstract because you can see the sunset in the glasses.See this image largerLord help me worked on abs and back it is a little tender. I hope it eases off soon. The painting is my mother in laws and I love it. She said it is to symbolize all the religions and that everyone needs to love and come together.See this image largerOut with my girls and celebrating a birthday! Had desert but drank water. Ok very time and surprised the Birthday girl.See this image largerSaw these two beauties yesterday at the beach. A mom and her baby.See this image largerGot my sweat on!See this image largerGetting ready for my first Indian wedding, as a photographer I am so excited yet so nervousSee this image largerHome and finished my last wedding for 2018! It was a blessed wedding and my honour.See this image largerGood morningSee this image larger15 years I have loved my hubby and 9 years ago I said yes. Today is our anniversary and we didn’t forget lol.See this image largerWent kayaking for sunset last night! I LOVE kayaking so much.See this image largerJust had my oatmeal and cantaloupe for breakfast and Maximus enjoyed the bowl and a piece of cantaloupe, lol. Have a wonderful day!!! Going to the gym then hiking, very excited to go back to Victoria Park with my hubby.See this image largerWent for a walk with my hubbySee this image largerI was reflecting and looking back at myself and basically the only way I have handled death since 2011 is to comfort eat. The proof was in all the pictures, I would start losing and then another death and I was starting the cycle again. Death is hard but I realize trying to hurt myself with food is not the life I want anymore.See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSpaghetti squash and ground chicken with cheese. Delicious! Even the hubby liked it.See this image largerKayaking and watched the sunset on the waterSee this image larger2 hours kayaking and I’m a happy girlSee this image largerNew workout pants!See this image largerMy shirt says Never Look Back and my pants day let’s give’r!!! I loved it and had a great legs day workout. Lifted 250 for the Abductors!! Was very pleased with myself, this was before I was sweaty and happy! Lol have a fantastic Sunday. Going swimming because it is 28 degrees on this Sept day in Halifax, NS.See this image largerDental and I have to go back sighhhhh must do better.See this image largerOatmeal and the frozen blueberries no sugar added from this summer. Delicious breakfastSee this image largerSize 16 jeans!!!!!!See this image largerStarted today off kayaking, doing food prep then off to the gym!!See this image largerKilled my workout! Legs day did 2-5 min session on the stair climber quite the cardio and weights. Highlight of this one I lifted 295lbs in the hip abductors which was officially more weight then I started out on this journey. SO PROUD OF MYSELF. 600 calories 🎉See this image largerI think about you often and miss you always. My birth mother....... 1957-2011 you ended your pain and I hope you found peace 😔😭 7 years ago todaySee this image largerAt White Point Resort with my girls! Going to love and enjoy a weekend away!See this image largerRecharge and energize much needed girls getaway!!!!See this image largerMaximus the teddy bear. Lol i picked up his halloween costume yesterday and he is so cute.See this image largerHaving a nap trying to make him feel better. Cone of shame because he has an infection that he won’t leave alone.See this image largerOut and kayaking on this beautiful Oct 6, 2018; our Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada! It was beautiful a little windy but it wasn’t cold.See this image largerFeeing pretty good today! Off for a photo shoot and then getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with my boys!See this image largerThanksgiving love ! Had both my boys for dinner and what a wonderful time with my boys!See this image largerMy beautiful front tree. Changing for fall colours. I love the look of fall!See this image largerLunch! Spinach chicken saladSee this image largerWe were going to the gym. First time having sciatic nerve problems but the workout helps.See this image largerWanted to have a throw back for me, such a difference. I am looking forward to the waist up pic comparison in Dec. for the 2 year difference and although I didn’t start this journey until April 2017 it has been an incredible journey with so many firsts and a greater love of myself and realizing I am even stronger than I even knew. I am so thankful for my family, friends and SP family for the live and support that I have been given in this last 2 years. Thank youSee this image largerPhoto shoots all day and although cold it was beautifulSee this image largerFrom workout and photo shoots I have managed 10,000 that’s not bad but today was weights so not a lot of steps. Hard but good workout. Happy to have it done and finally all warmed up!See this image largerI just had my first pomegranate that I peeled myself and took the seeds out. Delicious with my oatmeal.See this image largerToday I did family photo shoots at the park for 4 hours and then we got the gym. Did laundry and food prepped. And I even got my baby fix!See this image largerAmused myself this morning. Wore my purple element pants which match my new sneakers. Lol happy MondaySee this image largerLove getting my hair done!! Same cut just trimmed and beautiful!!!See this image largerOatmeal and pomegranate! YumSee this image largerAll bundled up for an outdoor photo session. It’s a cold one today!!!See this image largerHalloween party with my girls last night! Dancing, singing and games!! Awesome night.See this image largerSuch a great time! Halloween party 2018See this image largerAnnounced officially by our youngest son and his girlfriend. They are due 1 May 2019!!!! I’m going to be a Nanny for the first time. ❤️💕See this image largerI’m wiped finished my workout but had to really kick my own butt. It was a hard one today and I messed up my water, plus dental this morning and my hubby kept me up all night with snoring. He has another cold sighhhh I’m fighting it off.See this image largerHappy Halloween!!!!!!See this image largerHappy Friday morning!! No makeup no filter just me. I picked up some groceries and caught a glimpse of myself kn the mirror and I was so proud of myself. Baby steps!See this image largerFeeling better than yesterday thankfully. Did a great workout with a girlfriend I have not seen in a while. It was awesome and now I have some new exercises to shake it up. Woohoo I did however forget to set my Fermin after charging it because I was so excited to see her! Lol it still counts.See this image largerI made this sign last night! So fun and it will be a Christmas gift for my youngest and his girlfriend for Christmas.See this image largerThis happened tonight! New tattoo for my Nan xoxox I cant wait to show her! I know she will love it. And I got it now before anything has happened to her so that I can associate it with happiness and he reaction to seeing something so meaningful.See this image largerMiss coco she is a bit of a sassy pants lol getting ready to go to the gym. Haven’t eaten the best this last 24 hrs and I’m feeling it so it is time to go kick my butt!See this image largerLest we Forget -my great Grandfather served WWII and myself observed 13.5yrs.See this image largerSick and having a rough go-can’t sleep too much to do! Plus we got our first official snow in Halifax, NS.See this image largerWorkout done only cardio after being so sick all week but I did it and now I can feel good about that. See this image largerThe new tattoo is all healed and beautiful, I am so excited to show my Nanny. It is her hand writing and I know she will love it as it is directly across from my other arm which has the family tree and the birthstone colours are the leaves. She will love and I am happy to share with my SP family.See this image largerWoohoo 300lbs 3 sets of 12 hip abductors!!!! It’s a first.See this image largerMy husband was promoted today to Petty Officer 1st Class, so proud of him.See this image largerEnjoyed the Weekend away with my sister!!!See this image largerIt’s not a good picture but I was shaking and doing balance in each leg and then both with squats and did myself proud!See this image largerChristmas is so emotional, second year without Mom and it’s sad cause I miss her so much. (4 comments)See this image largerKicked BUTT today at my workout, however my legs were screaming the whole time. But I prevailed and I pushed through AND killed 580 calories in the hour, might I add I also did 5 straight minutes no stopping on the stair climber! Have not eaten out in 3 days and getting back on track! So happy. Happy sparking sparkers❤️See this image largerFantastic night at our Christmas tree lighting and SantaSee this image largerHad a great dinner with staff and board members! Merry ChristmasSee this image largerGood morning!!!! Keep sparking!!!!!See this image largerI think I have missed the last couple days, my Nanny has a cardiac episode and was not doing well at all so I left home to go stay and visit with my Nanny. She is my world and I am proud to say as of last night she was doing so much better, she ate, she peed, she was less confused and she finally is the right colour. She is strong and she is happy 😊 to have me staying with we again. Please pray for strength and recovery I let her know she is going to be a great great Grandmother!!See this image largerToday so much better and stronger than yesterday. Lots of rest and she ate great and all I can say to anyone and everyone who took the time to pray-THANK YOU please keep her in your prayers her name is Ruth and my 85yr Old Nanny could use more faith, more love, more positivity to help her recover.See this image largerI got another tattoo but it is my Nan’s hand writing and her hand touching my arm while I showed her which she loved and thanked me. I will forever have this and I am so blessed that my Nanny loved it. She is doing better and I enjoyed 3 blessed days with my Nanny.See this image largerSince 22 Nov I have gone up 4.8lbs #i am owning it and went back to the gym today. Kicked my butt and it was hard yet felt so good at the same time. I will get myself back in track and stop eating my emotions, stress and eating for boredom. I recommit to myself being active and getting back to the gym on a daily basis because I genuinely missed it and I feel better for it. I am done baking again and I have lots of chicken!!! LolSee this image largerI volunteered at the St. Michael’s Church hall today and decorated the stage for a Christmas dinner I am volunteering for on Christmas Day.See this image largerI hope everyone had a wonderful Merry ChristmasSee this image largerChristmas with my family all together, yes it’s Boxing Day but it was the only day we could all be together. It was wonderfulSee this image largerThankful for all my girls, they pick me up when I am down and are amazing. Also so grateful for my Spark family and all of your support.See this image largerRest day today, my knees are hurting so much. Gonna have to see s doctor.See this image largerBest workout in awhile. Killed it!!!!See this image largerGood morning sparklers!!! Set your mind and go get it.😊See this image largerSee this image largerEggs apple cinnamon and cheese - yumSee this image largerJoined the 3 month fitness challenge at Goodlife today! Extra accountability to help give me the push I need.See this image largerHave a wonderful Sunday, it was a very rough start to my day with my back but starting to move better and I have to say I am loving my wild hair.See this image largerGot my sweat on See this image largerShredded cauliflower, steamed broccoli topped with ground chicken with honey garlic sauce, 2 tbsp, surrounded by tomatoes. Enjoying with water and a green tea. Have a happy Monday bSee this image largerI made a Keto dish tonight, cheeseburger casserole but did it with light cream cheese, ground chicken and light cream to lesson the fat. It was delicious!See this image largerMade a lovely dinner even though I am not feel well at all but my husband is sicker.See this image largerTaking care of sick hubby and made a delicious lunch. Man cold, bad cough mixed with a migraine this morning. Wasn’t pretty.See this image largerHappiness lost 2.2lbs of fat this week. Had my first weigh in fir the 3 month challenge at Goodlife, feeling re-energizedSee this image largerLife is short and is meant to be lived.See this image largerHave a happy Sunday. Workout done, still not feeling great but I did it and still killed 456 calories and got my sweat on!See this image largerA day at a timeSee this image largerI made individual casserole, cauliflower rice, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, ground turkey and cheddar cheese with Parmesan. YumSee this image largerGood morning Sparkers. Starting the day off strong, went down 2lbs on the scale this morning. Felt good. Having a spinach cheese egg omelet topped with tomatoes. YumSee this image largerMy treat to me for not giving up, moving forward and continuing to believe in myself is embracing my grey at 42, new mascara and lip gloss. I have to say I feel like I am shining. I have good energy and I am looking forward to my workout tonight.See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/7/2019See this image largeris going to be stronger then yesterday and more determinedSee this image largerHad a fantastic morning with my girlfriend and her kids what a fantastic way to start my day!!! Back to decluttering! Making some progress.See this image largerTonight’s dinner spaghetti squash and chicken breast with cheeseSee this image largeris happy to be alive and thankful for my family and friends.(1 comments)See this image largerSnow day today but I work from home, lolSee this image largerHappy Valentines Day to everyone! (1 comments)See this image largerAt the movies with my sister (1 comments)See this image largerAll ready and done up for the baby showerSee this image largerA pic with my boys ❤️ from yesterday. This made my heart so happy and big. The only thing that could have made it better having my sister in it instead of behind the camera. #lovemyfamilySee this image largerChicken, cauliflower and mixed veg with onion and garlic! Yum lunchSee this image largerSupper tonight! So yummy and did the zucchini and salmon-deliciousSee this image largerBreakfast, deli turkey meat with an egg to give a crust less breakfast sandwich with veg and cheese topped with bacon crumble.See this image largerLooking forward to the gym tonight! I have almost completed all my errands and almost gym time!!(1 comments)See this image largerHappy Birthday to my Maximus who turned 6 today.See this image largerGirls weekend!!!!!!!See this image largerMy sister and my niece/Goddaughter are here for March break!!!See this image largerHave loved my time with my sister and niece such a great week. See this image largerMy work day is done and the gym is also done! (1 comments)See this image largerSpring is in the air and the snow is melting!See this image largerFace to face Friday! #transform #facetoface #proud #hardwork #dedication #hardworkSee this image largerWorkout all done for my Saturday!See this image largerMorning cuddles to make the day start off rightSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter work in progressSee this image largerYesterday my baby had a baby boy! Malcolm Alexander 5lbs 11 oz of beauty and perfection. He is an angel and I am so excited!!!! He came 3.5 weeks early and did amazing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️See this image largerThe proudest grandparents ever! I didn’t get it but I do now, amazing love and an amazing feeling. So proud of our son and his girlfriend-they made an incredibly gorgeous boy. XoxoxoSee this image largerAfter 3 days of not working out I finally went to the gym and got my sweat on!! Exhausted but feel better for doing it.See this image largerVisited my son and his beautiful family again tonight. So in Love 🥰See this image largerVery tender today bit spent the afternoon with my grandson (1 comments)See this image largerMy little man! I was FaceTiming with my son watching my grandson. ❤️❤️❤️❤️See this image largerGoing into the long weekend to celebrate Easter and we have our martial art Easter Potluck tonight with all our students.See this image largerHad the best family dinner ever. My sister, my sons, my grandson and l am in heaven.See this image largerHappy Easter 🐣See this image largerJust kicked my own butt at the gym after falling off the wagon the last week and making everything else a priority. Today I am taking me back even if I want to throw up in my mouth from that workout (1 comments)See this image largerKilled my workout. Leg day! I pushed cause I am tired and a little dehydrated from the girls night.See this image largerI look less then impressed but I was over the moon-started my new job today at GoodLife Fitness!!!!See this image largerMy grandson is 4 weeks today and I got to feed, snuggle and cuddle. I was one very happy nanny!!See this image largerWorkout done! WoohooSee this image largerWorkout done, work this afternoon and volunteering for a Preteen Dance tonight at the community center. Have a great Tuesday!!(1 comments)See this image largerThe most beautiful and perfect weekend ever! Had the nanny shower on Saturday and celebrated with all of our Grandsons family. 3 Nanny’s sitting with our Grandson Malcolm. ❤️💖💗💙See this image largerHave enjoyed the last 5 days of sun, kayaking and back to Regular workouts! See this image largerTonight my Nanny passed away and her last word was my Grandads name....I feel like he came and wrapped her in his arms and took her home. So sad and heartbroken but so revived that her pain is over. I love you to the moon and back Nanny. XoxoxoxoSee this image largerNothing more precious then spending time with my Grandson; especially missing my Nanny so much. ❤️💖See this image largerFirst day off in awhile. Gym, shopping and date with hubby. Happy Canada Day weekend. See this image largerRainy day, late start but shopping done, errands complete and workout done. Finishing in the massage chair. WoohooSee this image largerGoodnightSee this image largerA getaway with friends and my hubbySee this image largerKayaking with my hubby it was awesomeSee this image largerReflecting See this image largerGym and then our Grandson!!! Perfect daySee this image largerWe were playing with our grandson last night and bought an outfit; it’s actually a sleeper with a bandanna and he was so cute. lol I love him so much my heart could burst.See this image largerJust finished getting my sweat on!!!!!See this image largerGetting ready for work and wishing I was out on the water! (1 comments)See this image largerLunch after my workout, spinach, tomato, zucchini, eggs and almonds crushed up. So delicious.See this image largerGood night See this image largerReally getting on track with 110% support from hubby!See this image largerLunch was delicious!See this image largerAdventures in swimming and snorkeling are on my to do list today after the gym of course! See this image largerHelp vacation See this image largerWe did a treasure hunt during the chocolate festival. We came in last but it took 4.5hrs and 13,058 steps to comolete it!!!See this image largerHappy 43rd birthday to me!!! Hubby made me a pancake breakfast and it was delicious. Going kayaking, swimming and ending the day with friends and family for a bbq. 💖💐🌟🍰🍹🎉🎈See this image largerThank you for all the birthday wishes! It was an amazing day filled with love and happiness, family and friends and I am truly blessed.See this image largerDid this today!!!! Paddle boarding and it was awesome and tiring. I would do it again. ❤️❤️❤️See this image largerToday’s adventures- sea kayaking and I love love love itSee this image largerWhat an amazing day yesterday was. We went to the gym the. The hubby and I went kayaking and found the perfect little spot and cuddled in the hammock then kayaked back. Ended the night with friends and a bonfire in the backyard. Perfect way to start September.See this image largerGoing to see the grandson today, and then off to work. Busy week head. Happy Monday!!!!(1 comments)See this image largerGetting ready for bootcamp, I got this!!See this image largerAlmost 3 months away but I am back. Exciting things happening in 2020.See this image largerEnjoyed some snowshoeing over the weekend on the girls getaway! #goalsSee this image largerI'm back and the pic is our Grandson and my Husband.See this image largerOur province is currently shut down and we are in our third wave. I'm trying my best but it was a very difficult and stressful week. The win is I still went down on the scale. The very best positive in my week was my Grandson playdates.See this image largerHappy Sunday. Wasn't a great sleep however I am thankful for all I have, my family, my animals and friends. We have a roof over our head and bills are paid. I am trying to practice daily what I am thankful for in this very stressful time. Nova Scotia is locked down and cases are high for our population. My picture is my best friend and I kayaking last Sunday. Grateful of where we live.See this image largerI hope everyone that celebrated mothers day had a beautiful one.See this image largerHave a fantastic sunshiny daySee this image largerHappy Tuesday! Kayaking and having a sleepover with our Grandson!!!! So blessed.See this image largerHappy Saturday..... Very tired todaySee this image largerPlaytime with our girl, 8 months in 2 daysSee this image largerEnjoying the heat waveSee this image largerWoohoo getting so close to the 230’s. Very proud of my hard work!See this image largerHad to share so Maximus enjoyed some eggs too, lol. I love him so much. It’s 3 weeks post op for him, dental surgery and he is back to his beautiful happy self.See this image largerThis mornings breakfast, turkey bacon, eggs and tomatoes-Yum!!See this image largerThrowback! The one in the pink is me in kindergarten!! Such sweet memoriesSee this image largerA beautiful walk around the pond.See this image largerI am a photographer and today was this young ladies prom. Absolutely beautiful! Did it at the public gardens in Halifax, Nova Scotia.See this image largerHung out with my Godson tonight! He was showing me his Swedish berries. Love the loveSee this image largerOatmeal, hb eggs and an appleSee this image largerI love my hubby, Happy Father’s Day to my partner in crime and to the Father if my children who does the best he can and learns from his mistakes and always trying to be better. Xoxo Dinner and sunset with my soulmate.See this image largerI truly loved this, someone posted on Facebook and every screen shot I did was positive and uplifting had to share. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and an amazing Father’s Day if you are a Dad.See this image largerBreakfast eggs, broccoli, feta and tomatoes! Fuel for the bodySee this image largerHappy SundaySee this image largerGoing to the gym with my handsome hubby #gymtime #happinessSee this image largerWatching black belt test in HapkidoSee this image largerPlaying with filters while working from home!See this image largerTuna melts on whole wheat English muffins with a delicious salad; zucchini, cucumber, radish, onion, spinach, and tomatoSee this image largerA wonderful walk this eveningSee this image largerEnjoyed the women’s health and wellness show today and got henna art with my friend.See this image largerSee this image largerCauliflower, ground chicken and eggs! DeliciousSee this image largerThis mornings walk with MaximusSee this image largerReflecting in the last year and 3 months....WoohooSee this image largerHome resting and getting a whole lot of cuddles and LOVESee this image largerYesterday was leg day leg press and calf raises lifting 170lbs!!!See this image largerI made hubby and I am amazing salad and included a 1/4 cup 6 bean medley.See this image largerWoohoo this happened this morning weight in!!!!See this image largerHad a wonderful breakfast old fashioned oatmeal, half a banana, 1/2 cup pineapple and 2 slices of turkey bacon! Yum it was so good I forgot To take a pic! LolSee this image largerBeen awhile but was out for a walk with hubby, so hot and sunnySee this image largerDid a disco light women’s self defence last night, keeping it hot and sweaty!! It was awesome.See this image largerI put on a shirt I had on last summer; then my tummy stuck out but now it doesn’t and the picture doesn’t do it justice. Made me feel pretty good which made me revisit my face picture from last March And now. CelebratingSee this image largerCardio only today with some nice deep stretching, I don’t know if anyone else likes the sweaty high after a good workout but I LOVE IT!❤️See this image largeroff to the gym! (1 comments)See this image largerEnjoying the sauna after I killed 659 calories weights and cardio!See this image largerLove morning cuddlesSee this image largerHave a great hump daySee this image largerNew day -everyday!See this image largerA wonderful weekend with my sister! And my girls.See this image largerMeant to post this earlier my walking partner todaySee this image largerHave a super Monday!See this image largerPretty happy with today considering the Kate start and the body pain I had going in. Still worked out and still went for a walk.See this image largerGoing out for dinner with my boys and hubby.See this image largerHad a great night bartending tonight! Going to bed.See this image largerMy beautiful flowers from my hubby.See this image largerMid morning snack Greek yogurt and protein! Delicious and filling.See this image largerTaking the chill off this rainy morning. I do love a fire.See this image largerGood day and a positive daySee this image largerSalad with blackberries! Some natural sweetness. Yummy!!See this image largerWoohoo! Hello 240’s!!! Finally broke through the plateau.See this image largerWoohoo killed my workout!!! 1 hr average heart rate 136, calories burned 709 and distance 2.62 Miles.See this image largerOut for a walk today with my boys and took pics for my Mother’s Day present. Feeling pretty blessed.See this image largerMaximus got a haircut, nails and ears cleaned and a bath!See this image largerLunch! Bbq chicken breast with some mixed veg and rice.See this image largerDid Zumba tonight! Awesome!!!!See this image largerThe view from our cottage over the weekend, a slice of heaven.See this image largerMy homemade crockpot chilli yum!!!See this image largerGetting my sweat on! Have a groovy day!See this image largerStart to an amazing weekend. Going to bed now lol at 2am.See this image largerMorning snuggles! Starting the morning off right.See this image largerAnother awesome workout! 1 hour 542 calories!!!See this image largerGreat workout last night, wall squats and my legs are feeling it today!See this image largerHappy hump day!See this image largerPlaying with my app before starting work, feeling happy and playful today! I wish I didn’t have to work but the bills don’t pay themselves.See this image largerEnjoying my breakfastSee this image largerEarth day and date night with my hubby a great daySee this image largerKilled my workout over 500 calories burned!!See this image largerI truly have nothing but respect for my friends and family. I have struggled for years and never felt judged or less of a person because I was struggling with depression or death. I always felt loved and accepted. I really do feel blessed, God is amazing and my strength.See this image largerEnjoyed a wet walk this morning with my fur baby. Love my MaximusSee this image largerJust made these! Used PB2 instead of peanut butter.See this image largerMy tomatoes yah!!See this image largerIt’s raining but it’s not snowing!!! Happy TuesdaySee this image largerI love my spinach chicken saladSee this image largerHave a happy Sunday!See this image largerGood morning! Have a great day!!See this image largerSee this image largerHappy Hump Day!!!! Weighed in this morning at 251.6lbs woohoo down again!!!!See this image largerGoing for a walk with my hubby for my break from working today.See this image largerHappy Sunday, had another walk before the snow started.See this image largerHad an amazing night with these ladies! Back in track today even if I am feeling a little rough, lol , self inflicted.See this image largerYah for Friday afternoon. Playing with apps while working from home hahahaSee this image largerJust finished a nice brisk walk with my dog, it’s cold out this morning below zero.See this image largerSorry forgot tonight’s dinner pesto homemade spaghetti with veggiesSee this image largerLunch-day 2 of challenge!See this image largerHappy Easter! Broccoli, green onion, Spanish onion and Parmesan with veggies for breakfast.See this image largerHappy Easter everyone being positive since the scale is going the wrong directionSee this image largerGood Friday morning lolSee this image largerLow carb tuna spinach and tomato wrap yum lunch done right!!See this image largerLunch!!! YumSee this image largerZucchini, beans, carrots, cucumber, onion, ground turkey and rice topped with cheese yeast and Mrs dash! Yummy!!!See this image largerA delicious brunch tuna onion garlic cheddar spinach slow carb high protein wrap with 2 clementines Yum!!See this image largerHappy Friday Afternoon! Hope your day is going well and reading this take a drink of water!See this image largerDown 2.8 lbs!!!! Happy FridaySee this image largerGood Monday morning!!See this image largerLove my Nanny!!!!! She was sad to have me leave but I’ll be seeing her again in a couple weeks!See this image largerSee this image largerStaying with my Nanny and she is doing better. She had a small heart attack over the weekend but is doing much better. Great night of sleep and woke with an appetite. I love my Nanny with all my heart.See this image largerMy Nanny having a much better day xoxoxoSee this image largerPraying for my Nanny xoxoSee this image largerHappy Monday morningSee this image largerToday my oldest son passed his 2nd Dan black belt in Tai Jitsuand I am soooo proud. My family was all together and it was a great morning.See this image largerEarly morning walkSee this image largerGood Friday morning!See this image largerLoving myself right today and back on trackSee this image largerHave a happy Monday!See this image largerMy boy leaves the hospital today! Better colour and happy to be leaving.See this image largerSee this image largerGood morning, My sons update His 2nd test came back negative for infection. The doctors are starting him on steroids today to treat the bowel as though it’s Crohn’s disease or inflammatory bowel disease to help with the bowels. He is being sent for more X-rays today and some blood work to measure the inflammatory markers. He is supposed to start the liquid diet today, apple juice, broth, ensure not sure how that’s going to go. He had nausea but no vomiting. Colonoscopy on Monday.See this image largerMy son has a colonoscopy this morning at 10. I am so thankful he has stopped vomiting and is only fighting nausea so that this procedure can be five to help find out what is wrong with my boy. Thank you for the continued prayers.See this image largerMy son was put on diaudid it is better than the morphine but still not lasting between doses for the pain. He woke himself up again vomiting from the stomach cramps and pain. Still no food or drink day 3. Thank you for the prayers. They can’t do the colonoscopy until the pain and vomiting are under control.See this image largerUpdate on my son, he had the cat scan and now waiting to see the doctor. He is having a colonoscopy this morning. Thank you please keep praying.See this image largerStill rough and my son has been admitted. Colitis and he is on 2 antibiotics and the pain management seems to be getting better. Please keep praying. Thank you his gf is very worried about him too.See this image largerStill here my baby being admitted. Trying to figure out what’s going on. Never felt more helpless. Please pray for health and strength. Thank youSee this image largerThe difference that 40lbs makes I know I’m not smiling in today’s picture but I am so proud of myself and I needed to see this to reaffirm to myself how hard I am working.See this image largerWhat’s for breakfast?!See this image largerDate night with hubby watched the movie 12 Strong m-amazing.See this image largerSee this image largerOn the road to recoverySee this image largerI forgot how much I love spaghetti squash!See this image largerLunch was deliciousSee this image largerHad a hard workout but a great one. Had to push when I didn’t want to but I kicked butt! Calf raise 240!!!See this image largerSee this image largerThinking about my Mom xoxoxoxo I miss you and love youSee this image largerday 25 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/25/2018See this image largerEggs cheese and tomato for breakfast!See this image largerChest press, sitting 75lbs calf raise 210 lbs #strong #feelinggood #makingmuscledSee this image largerSecond time Snow Shoeing, 525 Calories burned!!See this image largerRough start to the day but I went Snow Shoeing again with my girl! See this image largerFirst time Snow Shoeing!!See this image largerAll clean and fresh and ready for family photo session! A little bit of mascara to make me feel ‘prettier’ and make the eyes pop. Decided since I felt fluffy this morning to make me appreciate me and the hard work I am doing.See this image largerGoing out this morning for a wintery family photo session!See this image largerA beautiful day, gonna sweat tonight!!See this image largerGood night everyone!See this image largerBreakfast of champions lol gluten free oatmeal and banana! Yum Happy hump day!!See this image largerHave a blessed Friday and smile!See this image largerA new day and working through it!See this image largerTaking it easy today it’s a rest day, back to work and logging all good! See this image largerLunch welcome back salads!!!See this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/26/2017See this image largerMerry ChristmasSee this image largerNew headshots I did myself today! #lovinglife #lovingmyself #lettingmysparkshineSee this image largerGot my hair done!!! #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerSeated leg press 190!!!! 3 reps 12 WoohooSee this image largerHad the best time Saturday night with amazing friends and so many laughs-exactly what I needed!!!See this image largerI am thankful for my youngest Godson a mighty lion for Halloween. Thank you for your support.See this image largerA friend lost her battle to cancer on Tuesday and the day that changed my life forever is a year on Remembrance Day when my Mom was diagnosed with end stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and I am not functioning well at all. I have done a lot of crying and breathing and eating. What I wouldn’t give to hear her laugh or see her smile one more time....See this image largerHope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween yesterday. Maximus and I had matching outfits!See this image largerTook pictures today! Out and about at different locations. Love this jobSee this image largerSeated leg press 3 reps 15 170 lbs PROUD heaviest yet!!See this image largerHappy Monday!See this image largerA new day a new start and refreshedSee this image largerVery stressful and hard week but I’m back and refreshedSee this image largerHappy Hump Day!!!See this image largerFeeling a little sassy See this image largerHave a fantastic Friday!!!!!See this image largerLost 3lbs of fat gained 1lb of muscle!!!!! See this image largerTalked and cried with my Mother. Beautiful view and a beautiful daySee this image largerToday is a very difficult day, 6 years ago today my Mother took her own life at the young age of 54. I struggle with this but pray she has found peace. Keeping myself busy and will be visiting our place and talking with her later today. In my heart forever I will always love you Mother.See this image largerGlow in the Park -did a 3km run/walk after I have already accomplished my workout this morning!! Awesome night. With my youngest GodsonSee this image largerSupper!See this image largerHave a great day! Doug some cardio at the gym and then women's self defence class tonight!See this image largerFeeling StrongSee this image largerFall is in the air this morning. Great walk though.See this image largerMy happy place! KayakingSee this image largerI love kayakingSee this image larger5km walk run on treadmill 42 minutes best time yet!!!!!See this image largerSuccessful doctors apt today!!! 3 month check up Prediabetic-needed to lose 20lbs in 3 months. I lost 21.1lbs and my weigh in was 250.8lbs!!!! I go back in 3 months and need another 20 lbs. goal 230 lbs. I got this!!!! No medication blood 5.3! Total lost so far 37lbs, woohoo.See this image largerA very wonderful day, our 8 year Anniversary of us being married and together for 14 years. My best friend, my soulmate and my partner in crime.See this image largerHave a beautiful day and make the most of it!!!! No regrets!See this image largerFinally happenedSee this image largerMonthly weigh in lost 6.5lbs I weighed in at 251.9lbs!!!! Total lost 34lns!!!! Woohoo still working towards my goals but it feels amazing. So proud of all my hard work.See this image largerIt's been awhile because of my knees, I decided to average 6 incline and was walking keeping my heart rate at fat burn for the first 25 then did 15 at cardio burn! Maxed out the incline even if it was for 2 minutes. Felt the high and was pretty proud!!!See this image largerA gorgeous night for a kayak adventure on the lake!See this image largerToday's delicious lunch salad! After kayaking of course! On the 9" plate!!See this image largerHappy Monday!!!!See this image largerHaving a I feel yuk day and I feel bloated.....reminding myselfSee this image largerToday is my birthday and I will spend the day seeing people that I love! The morning with my girl and heading back home to my family. 41 today and it will be one of my best years, adventure and health!!See this image largerMy week has been amazing! Vacation with my Goddaughter and Sister. Hiking, trails, swimming and adventures.See this image largerEnjoyed a 1 hr water treading and swim! The water was gorgeous.See this image largerThis mornings adventures Kayaking on Long Pond again and a swim! Maximus loves going out with me!!!See this image largerHad an amazing weekend with one of my best friends. Kayaking, swimming, water park, walks along the beach, good food discipline and food prep and Drank lots of water!See this image largerMy one month weigh in Officially lost 10.3lbs! And 6.75 inches!!!! Also in the 250's soooo proud and excited.See this image largeris taking it a day at a time and one success at a time and very proud of myself.See this image largerAlready walked my dog and now sitting down for a delicious breakfast! Have a happy day!!See this image largerToday's adventures kayaking and swimming! Love the summer so much.See this image largerDidn't want to but I did! I wanted to go and eat but I didn't what did I do....I went to the gym even though I was grumpy and I didn't go out to eat after I came home and food prepped and I am good for the week!!!! Woohoo. It was an incredible moment for anyone who has been weak or doubted themselves you understand what I am saying!!!! Happy Saturday.See this image largerScale finally moved!!!! 260.3!!!!!! Body fat went down 1.1% in a week! Still injured but modifying my workouts to work for me. 12 April 2017 (left) 19 July 2017 (right) picture. So proud of myself for not giving up and pushing through.See this image largerScale hasn't moved but I do inches in 11 days and I can see the difference. I won't get discouraged!See this image largerI have challenged myself to 30 day activity and I am on day 6 of doing something each day for at least an hour. Loving it and have put together highlights! So excited about this challenge with summer weather!!See this image largerI ran/walked my first 5km today and now I have a time to improve on. I am very proud of myself!!!!See this image largerSo proud of myself!!!!! I can't even believe I am putting it out there but I really am changing my life for my life!See this image largerMy baby has his Grade 12 Prom today and I am so proud. Congratulations Ethan I love you so much.See this image largerI received Volunteer Award 2017 for my district. I don''t do anything for recognition I love my community and I love the community centre.See this image largerWhat a hard week 16yrs young, RIP Jesse the family will miss you xoxoxo (4 comments)See this image largerMy front yard tree in all its beauty I love fall and all the colours Mother Nature has to offerSee this image largerHiking and a photo session at Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia (2 comments)See this image largerWaiting for my customers for photo session. Feeling pretty good. (2 comments)See this image largerWent to the lake today and it was warm and beautiful. (1 comments)See this image largerSunset during a nights walk See this image largerAwesome walk yesterday with wonderful friends! (2 comments)See this image largerHopewell Rocks Provincial Park New Brunswick See this image largerWent to Ovens Natural Park, Nova ScotiaSee this image largerChebucto head lighthouse great walk See this image largerLol couldn't resist (2 comments)See this image largerWhen the bubble starts to crumble be strong See this image largerI surprised my Nanny today, I love her so much it was a wonderful day xxoo See this image largerWalking with my dog!(2 comments)See this image larger(1 comments)See this image larger21 Dec 2014, with my Nanny,my heaviest and the picture that made me take control of my lifeSee this image larger(6 comments)

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