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See this image largerHey yall im Samme! Im trying to get myself n my family to a healthy way. But for me im doing the low carb n high fat/protein diet while also counting the calories. Im weighing in at 252 lbs. My goal is 160lbs by February. Wish me luck. I'll be looking for supportSee this image largerSee this image largerMade myself a daily/weekly To Do List. All though I tend to always have trouble keeping up with it. To be honest, im a lazy person, I always have been. As of today, April 3rd, Samme will no longer be a lazy person! I promise this to myself. Short term goal to lose 5 lbs by the end of the month... Or what is a good short term goal?See this image largerMy encouragement to everybody and myself! #wecandothisSee this image largerHad an awesome day!See this image largerHow can I label this in the exercise log? I work out wit the DVD that came with it. The DVD has several different workouts on it. So im lost on how to track n not wanting to track every single workout on the DVD.See this image largerFinally got a new scale with body fat, body water, body mass index, and bone mass! Really excited to step up and take some serious action! I've been having to many "off track" days!See this image largerIs any one else a night owl like me? I have more energy at night n im more awake. Honestly during the day i hide from the sun, it gives me bad migraines. Does working out at night have the same effect as working out during the day?See this image largerCant wait till its fully charged and i get it set up ! Ready to work out with this tracker to see and know exactly calories i am burning!!! Im so excitedSee this image largerI hate bein sick, not being able to eat/swallow any food! At East im drinking plenty of water! Ive been sick for 2 days. Heck on friday night from 8pm to midnight, they had some tail ride goin with the same beat for four hours! My migraine is finally starting to go away! Jus really sucks, i can't eat, so i dont have the energy to work out with my new activity tracker. I need to get well soon, i miss working out!!!See this image largerI weighed myself on friday morning n i was 230.4lbs i ended up getting​ sick on Saturday n still currently sick πŸ˜₯. I finally able to eat some scrabbled eggs yesterday morning but im utterly shocked that in 2-3 days i lost 6 lbs bcuz i couldn't eat, i honestly do not like that!See this image largerday 60 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 5/31/2017See this image largerSee this image largerGot to work out with my tracker n had a decent start!See this image largerWhile my dad is doin his physical therapy, i walked laps in the parking lot n already burned almost 500 calories according to my tracker. Watching people go thur the DONUT drive thur! Yall the donuts actual stink to me!See this image largerI reached my daily goals of 7,000 steps n 350 calories burned. My tracker recorded 1331 calories burned during the day! #ProudSee this image larger1st Half of today's work out, still have the lower body burn and head to toe stretch!See this image larger2nd Half of work put is done n burned another 100 calories... Total calories burned 320!!! So proud of myself for gettin back to my work outs after the 2 week sickness!!!See this image largerI need help please! During the day i am completely drained! I have no energy but as soon as it becomes cool, its completely different! I have energy i want to go for a walk or work out. But really cant because 1 not the best of areas to walk at night n 2 everyone in the house is asleep n i dont want to wake anyone from working​ out n 3 i dont have money for gym nor do i want to go to the gym. Lol How can i reserve my energy n have it during the day and not night? #nightowlproblemsSee this image largerThe only thing i had to leave out was the mixed salad greens, i forgot to buy some. But i shredded my chicken breast with a food processor n sliced the fruits n add the citrus vinaigrette.... Very tasty meal! I love it!See this image largerGot a late night walk in with my Hunnie! Really love that he went walkin with me! I had so much energy tonight!See this image largerSee this image largerWent walking wit my hubby at 11:30 pm last night n finished at 1 am. We kept the same pace during the whole walk! Even saw a cute lil frog along the way! #stayingfocusedSee this image largerThe red is where the hubby n i walked last night! So proud of myself, i was pouring sweat n he wasnt lolSee this image largerI was cleaning my "hide-away" spot and found some of my momma's rings. Well ive NEVER been able to wear any of her rings. I tried on her wedding ring and it actually fits!!! I allowed myself a little cry of happiness but also a bit of sadness, because she isnt here to see this little but major victory! #Rest.In.Paradise.MommaSee this image largerEven tho my dad isnt on the app, he is doin the weight loss Journey with me! I jus wanted to wish him a happy 57th birthday n many more to come!See this image largerHoly crap! Where is my belly going? Far far away from me!See this image largerTonight's dinner was grilled turkey burger with two slice of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and cottage cheese... YumSee this image largerJust wanted to share yesterday's sunset! Have a blessed n active day sparkers!See this image largerTonight i made a low carb pizza from spark recipes. The one i made was with 4oz cream cheese, 4 eggs, parmesan cheese shredded n grated, n mozzarella cheese! And thats jus the best crust i have ever had in my life!See this image largerMy two loves and i went for a late night walk. One of them is tuckered out. LolSee this image largerMy two loves and i went for a late night walk. One of them is tuckered out. LolSee this image largerAnother late night walk with my love! He even encouraged me to add to the walk by walking off my road to the "Y" in the main road! Feeling the burn. LoLSee this image largerMaking another batch of Banana Protein Donuts Wholes! Everyone is my household loves them! They smell oh so good baking!See this image largerPosted a goalSee this image largerYummy!See this image largerI finally walked over 10,000 steps in a day!!! Im so proud of myself!See this image largerFixing to get the grill ready for some turkey burgers n hot dogs! Also make a big ol yummy salad for my side n chips for all the guests! Happy Independence Day!!!!See this image largerI got a new toy! My legs are already burning the burn! Love it! Love it! Love it!See this image largerAs i have said before, i love my new toy!!! Love it! BUT THE SEAT KILLS MY BUTT!!! Any ideas on how to improve this or widen it without spendin money?See this image largerJus for laughs i take screenshot... literallySee this image largerBeen stuck at 230lbs for the past month but that's my own fault. Im owning my "off track" days/weeks n gettin my butt back on track!!! Ive been riding my stationary bike at level 2 resistance the past 2 days. I have covered the screen with supportive inspiring quotes n jus go!See this image largerNew area was completely dark besides for our flash lights on our phones! Very proud of myself!See this image largerPosted a goalSee this image largerSee this image largerGot a 70 min walk in tonight. Its was good walk but my hunnie n i had the same feeling that we were being watched/stalked the whole 3.06 miles. We never saw any glowing eyes but heard little dead branches in the wooded areas bein stepped on n snapping. Even had a car come driving by us speeding which we stepped off the road. To be completely honest i could feel a dark cold presence jus lurking waiting. Needless to say it was a good but creepy walk. Oh n even met a sweet lil armadillo!See this image largerI got a juicer today! Im really excited to try it out! Also 2 bags of apples green apples n oranges along wit strawberries black berries blue berries n raspberries! #deliciousdailymomentSee this image larger5 strawberries, handful of raspberries, black berries, blue berries n grapes! Its so yummy!!!!See this image larger2 large eggs, 4 slices of turkey lunch meat n a green juice that was not the best combo.... Cucumber, celery, kale and grapesSee this image largerWent food shopping for week, really proud of myself! I got extra fresh veggies n fruit to use my juicer everyday! #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerSee this image largerHappy Birthday to me! Im down to 223lbs! #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerI had a pretty productive birthday, did some aerobics, got on my stationary bike, and did some house cleaning! Even figured out that if i kept my activity tracker on my thigh or leg while im riding on the stationary bike, it counts the steps!See this image largerLongest stationary ride/session so far! Tomorrow im aiming for 50 minutes! I had this pic top on the tv as my "go to place" while i ride the stationary bike. I have a saved copy on my ps4 as my back ground!See this image largerI aimed for 50 mins on the stationary bike n i did it! I fought the last 5mins but i did it! And i also turn my activity tracker into a house arrest anklet to help better track the steps on the bike. #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerMade some garlic mesquite bb kale chips! Everyone in the house likes them!See this image largerBecoming more and more motivated everyday!See this image largerIm on fire! I have decided to stop being my own brick wall! I can do this and i will do this! Keep sparking n being active! You can do it too!See this image largerKale salad including zucchini and cucumber, fresh green, faux mash potatoes "califlower" and baked parmesan chicken fingers #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerI just want to say thank u to everybody in this amazing supportive community! Without yall support, i would have already given up on my goals. Again thank u to everybodySee this image largerI made chicken curry for dinner but dont kno which veggies should be the sides...See this image largerEven tho i havent been tracking any food or drink/ exercise for the past 3 weeks, i have still managed to lose 7 lbs! I dont really understand it to be honest. I have not been active n drinking dr pepper like its water. I guess my body says we r gonna lose it one way or another!See this image larger35 lbs for 8 weeks is losing 4 lbs a week correct? Something that is unsafe right? Recommended 2 lbs a week correct? But she wont listen to me 😰😰😰 (bottom pic is jus so all of her text will show)See this image largerHad a nice walk to the convenience store for some stuff with the hubby. Back started hurting half way there. But i had to push thur it. I start where i ended, jus forgot to start my work out app.See this image largerYay!!!!! I got my sparkpeople app back and now to get my butt back on track. I gained just about all my weight back that I had lost. But that's ok I'm not stressing it. Rome wasnt built in day. I can honestly say I have missed the Spark community!See this image largerI couldn't sleep. So I decided to clean house quietly. Everyone is asleep n my night owl is returning. Oh speaking of here an owl that was watching me during my walk.See this image largerLove love love these protein shakes! Peaches n cream is really good. But so far bananas and cream is my favorite. What's your favorite protein shake, even if it's a different brand.See this image largerKeep Sparking!See this image largerBeen walking every night this week (Sunday night 1.5mile, Monday night 2.5 miles, and Tuesday night 2.75miles) n to my surprise I've already lost 2 lbs! πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ I went from 243.7 to 241.5! I kno its not much but it has me motivated!!! Also we saw this poor lil fella. I guess he/she didn't make it across the road.πŸ™See this image largerI had to over come my fear of this thing that follows my hubby n me on our nightly walks... all it did last night was bang on metal once n jus follow us. I told this "thing" that it wasnt going to stop me from walking the road I have lived 24 yrs of my life, where I have grown up. I will not let this thing own the road n stop me from bettering myself. The black spots are where it messes wit us. The start n finish is where my house is.See this image largerA beautiful sunset to day 3 of being dr pepper free! I have been drinking only water. I tried Mio in my water n it started to hurt my gums where my teeth where pulled. This is the most water I have ever drank in my life. And the longest I have ever willingly gone without dr pepper! #SoProudSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThinking about making this for lunch next week for my guysSee this image largerTook an hour walk with the hubby n our two dogs. Beautiful sunset this evening.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI dont know why the burn calories dont match but oh well. The first mile we stopped to pet the neighborhood cats. They were walking in front of us, tryin to stop us. Lol 🐱See this image largerIn total an hour on the treadmill... had to jump in the first 15 mins to get my towel lol.See this image largerI dropped 5 lbs since I started walkin on the treadmill at the gym since Thursday. I went from 238 to 233. Small victories at a time! My BMI is down from 41 to 39.8 Small victories! Everybody does it at their own pace. Keep sparking!See this image largerSee this image largerWouldn't this be so nice? I would be able to buy a whole new wardrobe that I'm in desperate need of. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£See this image larger4 Days on the e-cig. 2 Weeks till nicotine free!See this image largerLow fat small curd cottage cheese with sliced banana.... actually not to bad togetherSee this image largerWhat's for breakfast? 4 scrambled eggs n 4 turkey bacon slicesSee this image largerToday is my 29th birthday! And I have set a new goal! By my 30th birthday i want to lose 50lbs! I kno I can do it!See this image largerDo any ladies have long hair? If so does it ever get caught in your activity tracker? This is a daily struggle for me! (Soda isnt mine, it's the hubby's)See this image largerGetting myself back on track!See this image largerSee this image largerNew goals in mind... (long term goal) by my 30th b-day I want to be 180lbs.(short term goal) by November 15th I want to be 215lbs.(1 comments)See this image largerPepperoni chips with shredded cheese... yumSee this image largerShredding 2.5 lbs of cheese should be an exercise. Lol my thumb n arm are completely numb.See this image largerJus a reminder for anyone who might be feeling discouragedSee this image largerI'm gettin my butt back in gear again. But that's is the important part, I'm starting again. And not just giving up and calling it quits. I will never fully give up!See this image largerWell this sucks donkey butt! I'm back at my starting weight...😀😒😭 But I will not give up! I cant give up! I know what my problems are... dr pepper and processed lunches and sitting on my butt all day! Grrr I need to really get my butt in gear!See this image largerBeing a night owl sucks... that is all.See this image largerReady and motivated to start the new year right!See this image largerI just received this email from sparkpeople. But my question is how? I havent been on here in days....See this image largerThis makes me feel like a fraud bcuz I havent been on sparkpeople for a week and I recieved this just minutes ago...See this image largerIt's only 11am and I'm almost done with bottle #4.See this image largerI'm so excited! I got my first Fitbit and reached all my goals for the day. Here's to starting over (again) and staying on the wagon!See this image largerI'm trying to cope. But I've gone numb. I cant even cry anymore. Im sorry that cancer caused you so much pain. All your suffering ended today as you ran across the rainbow 🌈 bridge. I will miss u my son.See this image largerHappy birthday to me! The big 3-0!See this image largerMy steps from yesterday. I must of stepped wrong or over did because my right foot hurts everytime I step on it. But I will push thur!See this image largerMy goal for the week is 55,000 steps!See this image largerPosted a goal

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