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See this image largerSee this image largerWilson, my walking buddySee this image largerMost current picture taken of me... See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHave a wonderful day everyone, I’m enjoying my morning coffee before I start my daySee this image largerFeeling discouraged this morning. Last night I went for my health screening and my weight sucks... 211 ..... my scale at home is way off 😖 so this morning I tried to walk on my treadmill, I only got 9 minutes in since Belvedere starting howling at me. I will try again later after I answer some work emails....See this image largerMy goal today is to count calories and track everything I eat. Be kind to myself. And spend some time this afternoon doing my favorite thing, quilting. Happy Friday everyone!See this image largerYesterday was a good day and I stayed on track. A good day starts with a good cup of coffee... my saving grace! Weekends are always hard to stay on track with hubby home. But I’m gonna stay busy putting up our Christmas tree 🎄See this image largerSunday breakfast 🍳 Have a great day everyone!See this image largerUggg, had pizza for dinner, way too much went over in my calories by 600 . Tummy’s not feeling great... lesson learned. I was being lazy ordering delivery since I spent the day getting ready for a Christmas gathering I’m hosting this weekend. Tomorrow will be a better daySee this image largerToday will be a great day! I pledge to track my calories as I get ready for a Christmas party I’m hosting tomorrow. The great news is I know exactly what’s going into the recipes and how much I can have tomorrow . No allergy issues and no hidden calories!See this image largerMy Sunday morning breakfast... yum! Have a great day everyone!See this image largerSuch a long day... trying hard not too cave in a eat everything in site. My younger son (23) has moved back home and for the most part it’s gone smoothly, but for some reason today’s been stressful.See this image largerActually used my treadmill for what it’s intended for (not a clothes rack) so now enjoying coffee and a bubble bath only to have Belvedere howl that it’s time to go outside 🤪 oh well.... onto making good choices today! Happy Thursday everyone!See this image largerThis pretty much sums up working from home. Made me giggle! Today’s my half day! Happy Friday everyone! Scale says I’m down a few pounds😀 I vow to continue tracking, especially thru the weekend...See this image largerGoing to a Christmas party tonight. I need tips on how to keep calories under control. Picture is from yesterday it’s Belvedere and I.See this image largerStarted my day on the treadmill which is an accomplishment for me since it’s Sunday... 30 minutes dobeSee this image largerGood morning! Gonna make it a great day, I wish you the same❄️See this image largerHappy Friday everyone!See this image largerSo much to do today for Christmas. I vow to make time to track my food and spend some time on the treadmill 🎅🏻See this image largerWishing everyone a happy holiday and Merry Christmas!!!See this image largerI love this picture of my sister and I. Happy Saturday!!!See this image largerRed beans and rice and buffalo chicken wings for our New Years Day treats. Yum!!! Happy new year everyone 🎆See this image largerI managed to get thru the holidays without gaining weight. Win!!! Happy Friday everyone!See this image largerGetting a last start today, slept in which I never do! Starting the day with a good breakfast. Happy Saturday everyone 😊See this image largerLayered taco salad for lunch with chips and my soda stream strawberry 🍓 water (zero calories) all measured and counted! Ready for lunchtimeSee this image largerHave a great day everyone! Let’s all sparkle!See this image largerHealthy lunch- black beans, brown rice, veggies, Greek yogurt, salsa, green onions and a sweet potato... smells wonderful!See this image largerI restarted my journey in November weighing 211, I’m down to 194 this week. I think you can see my weight loss so far in my face. I have a long way to go but I’m encouraged to keep working at it. Have a great day everyone!See this image largerHave a wonderful day everyone!!!See this image largerMy biggest challenge is to exercise... I will walk on the treadmill today. Happy Saturday everyone!See this image largerAfter going on a binge this last weekend with family gatherings, it’s time to get back on track 💕See this image largerHappy Valentine’s Day!!!See this image largerHappy Hump Day everyone! I plan on making mine great ☺️See this image largerHappy Friday everyone! I’m starting out my day with a great breakfastSee this image largerHappy Easter everyone!See this image largerIt has been a horribly long week... my hubby had a Prostate biopsy on Monday and we are waiting results. Tracking has been a joke....See this image largerI’m not the only one who loves yogurt 😂See this image largerHave a wonderful weekend fellow sparklers!See this image largerOven roasted chicken breast with oven roasted carrots and mushrooms.... yum!See this image largerStarting today with a good breakfast

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