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Saturday, March 01, 2008

So I've been thinking about gaining weight, losing weight, and plateaus lately, and I have a theory. This theory is completely my own, of course, I haven't seen any information anywhere about it, it just made sense to me; I'm frequently way out there, though, so bear with me.

As I was putting on my weight over the years, I maintained certain weights for some time, while others I zipped through fairly quickly. For years in my early 20's I was around 130/135. I briefly got down to 125 for my wedding, but not through active trying on my part, I think I was just stressed. But I digress ... Anyway, after my wedding, I started putting on the pounds. I stopped for a while at around 145/148. I then had my children and stopped briefly in between each one to be 'stuck' at 154/155, 168, and then 180.

Anyway, my theory is - as I now try and lose this extra baggage I'm carrying around, my body naturally stops at the same weights that I was 'stuck' at during my gaining journey.

When I started with SP last summer, my first 10/12 pounds came off like a charm, but I had added that weight only in the previous 7 or 8 months, my body hadn't made that fat 'permanent' yet. I then plateaued at around 168 or so, where I was stuck for awhile after my third child. I am now stuck at 155, where I was for a long time in between children.

If my theory holds out, once I've overcome this plateau I will lose again until I hit 145 or so. I also doubt very much I will ever get to be 125 again as I was only there briefly and that was during a stressful time, not my body's natural healthy weight at all.

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  • SROSE326
    C.J. Wow, your numbers are so similar to mine. I used to find this funny: I am 25, 5,5, and 125 pounds. Then I got married and was140 something, then after first child, I was stuck in 154, second child 160 something, third child 174. 174 was the magic number until I neglected the scale and was not journaling my food, then at WWatchers my number was 181!! Yikes!! Now I read your old posts for inspiration.
    2493 days ago
  • MILLER32807
    I believe for most of my high school and adult life I've been stuck around 187-193, and that is where I am stuck now. I had gained up to 201, and the first bit of weight came off me easily also, and now I've been staying between those same weights for about the past 2 months. I do believe your theory may be accurate... or at least for some of us. That is the only weight I can remember, so I hope I do find a way to get below it!!!
    4650 days ago
    Interesting theory... I've often noticed that my weight loss comes in spurts as well. I haven't noticed any specific set points, possibly because I don't really remember any of my set points when I was gaining (I think I was in denial during that whole phase LOL). But for me, it's almost like my body says, "wait a minute, you just lost 10 pounds, hold on there!" and it tries to slow down for a while. Also, as you've seen in my blog, I'm struggling more and more as I get closer to my goals. When I first began this journey I weighed about 215 and I cut my calories to 1500 to start. I don't even think I was exercising much at first but the weight still came off because it was so much better than what I was eating and was such a shock to my system.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog by the way. As I responded to Kim, I have considered the need for more calories, but I think I'm going to try decreasing them first as that usually is what works for me (I've experimented in the past). But if it doesn't break the plateau after a couple of weeks, I'll try bumping it up even higher.

    We all just need to keep going and we'll all see our results!
    4655 days ago
    Hmmm makes a lot of sense...you maybe be on to something! I agree with Cat, there's so many different variables that goes into losing weight, especially more than a few vanity pounds, it's just crazy! Just keep up the hard work and you will get there!
    4656 days ago
    You know, CJ, I think you're on to something. We know we have "muscle memory", and we know we have metabolic "set" weights, so you're not out in the Bermuda Triangle with this one at all. I'm sure factors like bone density, body composition, metabolic age, hormones, and who knows what else also affect the mix, but anyone who says it's merely "calories in - calories out" has never needed to lose more than 5 pounds!

    4656 days ago
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