It all began with a cruise

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Merrill's story.
I'm one of those girls who remember my first diet when I was 13. It all started because a boy that I had a crush on told me how pretty I'd be if I lost a few pounds, so instead of the kiss I so longed for, I got a diss. Then and there, I started on my life long journey of weight loss ups and downs.
I became a very thin teenager until I hit puberty and grew a butt and boobs! At the age of 14 my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I lost her at the age of 15 1/2. I turned to weight lifting as a survival vice. (this was in the 80's mind you, before girls lifted weights) I was very involved in body building and softball until I got pregnant 4 month after marriage...then everything came to a hault. Then began the slow creeping of the pounds.
Over the next 16 years I was always looking for the quick fix diets, from Optifast to Jenny Craig to LA Weight Loss and many, many more. With each diet and failure, I gained all the weight back plus more. Fast forward to May of 07.
Marc and I went on a cruise with the Austin Fire Dept....
I thought I was going to die from heart failure when I had to climb those 9 flights of stairs at the emergency drill...This was my first Ah Ha moment.
I will never look at Jamaica the same: We decided to go to shore and tour etc. with other firemen and their wives. While my husband was in a shop me and another fireman, Lee hung out outside of the store. A Jamaican lady approached me and said in a very loud tone " Ooooh Lady, YOU ARE SO FAT", and proceded to just laugh at me and ask me why I was so fat. I just cried...Lee was so nice, and just told me not to pay attention to her, but the damage was done...this was my second Ah Ha moment. Then we all decided to go to Margaritaville to eat.. The dreaded deck chair challenge was upon me. We all sat down...I tried to find the widest chair I could. I only could sit about 5 inches into the front of the chair with the arms cutting into my legs. Without my request a waiter brought me a much wider metal chair to switch.. I tried not to react embarrassed, but it was inevitable. Third and final Ah Ha moment. I didn't think about it on that horrible day, but it was a day that litterally saved my life.
When we returned home, I dusted off my gym membership card and went to 24 Hour Fitness where I spent two months watching different trainers and trying to get up the nerve to let someone into world of obesity. When I did find my trainer, I just sat there and watched him as he would walk by...I finally blurted out his name as he was walking out one day and thats what started what now is my weightloss journey. May 7, 2007 was my first training session. I learned that there was more to working out than riding a recumbant bike for 20 minutes and oh yes, you do actually break a sweat! John showed and taught me things about propper nutrition and exercise that I never knew. I also joined Weight Watchers to have another form of acountability and support.
Today I continue to train twice a week, now with a new trainer named Matt Jackson. (John moved last January) Matt is awesome and has helped me take it to the next level.
I've now lost a total of 176 lbs and 73.5 inches. I am working towards my goal of losing 200 lbs in 2 years which will be in May 09. I also have a goal of being a fitness instructor and will work towards getting certified so that I can teach kickboxing and encourage other self-consious overweight people not to feel ashamed of going to the gym and working to better their lives.
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    Great job on losing 100+ pounds.....that is awesome!

    I am sorry that people can be so heartless. I guess I am naive because I didn't really think people did that...OUT LOUD! She should be ashamed of herself. But, I am glad to hear that you are on the right track now...just sorry to hear that someone hurt your feelings. Your blog title caught my eye....because my story begins with a cruise too. ....but on the not-so-good side. I had lost 40+ pounds between July 28, 2007 and January 5th, 2008. It felt great. I really thought I was on the right track. And then the much anticipated cruise came along. We had a great time....I guess too good of a time. I went nuts with my eating on the cruise and I have now spent more than 2 months with those same terrible habits. I finally made a vow....JUST TODAY to get back on track. I fell off the wagon and I fell hard, but I am done with that. So now with a 10 pound gain (thankfully not all 40) I am ready.

    Well good luck with your continued weight loss, I wish you all the best in your journey!
    4805 days ago
  • ALICAT15
    I think sometimes people don't understand the struggle that people can through with their weight. The sometimes think that the words they say are funny but they aren't. I have never really been tease about my weight besides from dad. My dad has now become more encouraging with the weight loss. But always getting told if you lost a few lbs or the question that sometime can be hard is how much do you weigh.

    I found your Blog very inspirational. I have really been struggling with my eating that last few weeks since I have been dealing with some health issues. My eating has been bad again the last 3 days and I read your blog and decided that today I am starting again with eating properly and hopefully some exercise too. Thank you for posting your story.
    4805 days ago
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