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BEAUTIFUL Wedding...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well, of course, the wedding was just beautiful and the bride even more beautiful! Of course that girl would look gorgeous anytime, anywhere!

I have to say it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. I kept telling the pastor's wife, if she needed me to do anything to give me a call and she e-mailed me asking me to blow the candles out after the ceremony. At first, I thought she just had me do that so I wouldn't feel left out, until I saw how many candles there were, that is when I realized, oh, it IS a job that needed to be designated. It was easy enough of course and I did not mind at all. Of course, I am a fan of candles, I think they make any setting look better! I do not always cry at weddings, but I certianly cried at this one! My pastor, the brides daddy sang a song before giving her away (actually he pre-recorded it), he wrote it and it was called "From Baby Shoes to Ladies Boots." Yeah, it was sweet!

Anyway, I sat next to SKINNYJEN7 and she HAS lost some weight since I saw her at district revival, she is looking good! She should be proud of how well she is doing.

I also got to see a few other people I have not seen in awhile and it was smiles and hugs and so good to see them. All in all, I think it did me good to look nice and get out of the house and mingle for a bit!

One thing is for certain, a new bra is on the TOP of my shopping list. I hate paying $20.00 or more for one, but I cannot stand the ones I have anymore. Even my "good" one does not fit well! So, just as soon as I can get to Fashion Bug, it is a bra I am searching for FIRST!

Anyway, thanks for your all's comments on my earlier blog, I guess we all need to do what we all need to do without worrying that someone else is doing something different. Especially since blogging is a personal thing, right?

I watched a movie before the wedding called "Dance With Me." it was romantic and was a pretty good movie. I liked it because it was rated PG and it was romantic without being nasty and the kids and hubby watched too. Then, of course went to a romantic wedding... so that was nice. Guess I will go be romantic with hubby and watch his show... "Sea Quest." Yeah, I know it is not romantic, but oh well, you take what you can get....

I know, I am rambling again! I will talk to you all later. Have a blessed Sunday. Go to church if you can, and if you can't or don't, try to spend some time with God where you are.

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    I just saw a "How It's Made" type of show about bras...they only last for about 90 days of wear, which is why you should have four or five to rotate through (never wear one two days in a row, but save that worn-once bra for the day after wearing a different one, etc.), otherwise you'll be shopping every three months for a new bra! (Buy two and shop in 6 months, buy 4 and they last you a plan.) Also, the strap adjustments are supposed to be adjusted every couple of weeks, because they stretch out. I did that to my bras after watching the show and totally saw the difference!

    Happy bra shopping!
    4743 days ago
    Hmmm...I might have to go online shopping at Lane Bryant for bras now after reading JBUTTARS comment! The wedding sounds WONDERFUL!!!! It's always a bit frazzling for me to get all gussied up for "events" bcs that's when I usually discover that I'm totally not prepared! THe dresses that look really nice are SOOO expensive. I wish you had some pictures of yourself all dressed up. I hope your night with hubby turned out good.....! ;D
    4746 days ago
    I really need to go to fashion bug too and get a bra or 2. I really hate to since i'm loosing this weight but I should still basically be the same cup size I'll just have to make sure I get one that fits good on the first notch and then be able to adjust to the other notches as I loose. Anyway we could go together earlier in the day so they don't close on us again, LOL. Call me and we will set up plans to go. I also want to look for some flip flops that I owe myself since we will be close by other stores. We could pack a lunch. Since I will have to bring my liquid lunch anyway.

    4746 days ago
  • 250STRONG
    Glad you had a nice time at the wedding. The bras at Lane Bryant are AWESOME for women our size. Have them size you and then see if they have anything in your size on the clearance rack. I buy my bras there two at a time since they are about $50 each and then just alternate them till they wear out. Worth every penny though. :)
    4747 days ago
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