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An Idle Mind...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Monthly grocery shopping today with hubby and youngest son actually went better than expected. It is so draining and tiring though, thank goodness the temperature outside was nice! Hubby and I got all the refrgerator and freezer foods put away, guess I will get the rest tomorrow. I SHOULD do it today/tongiht, but oh well.

Friday, I have to drive to Lexington to pick my baby girl up! I actually miss her, this lets me know that therapy is going well, we are getting closer and I do not dread her coming home. I know that sounds awful, but you just have to know the background and I do not want to bring all that up, we are finally getting past it! Let's just suffice it to say her behavior has been horrible and sometimes still is, BUT, I have finally realized it was not all her, and while I always felt some of it was mine and hubby's fault, I could never quite figure out what it was we were doign wrong. So, it is good to be figuring all that out and working on it.

Sunday morning I had children's church with the 3-6 year olds (I have it when there is a 5th Sunday in the month). Anyway, a few times ago, we had lots of extra time, so I played music and they danced and when I would stop the music they had to freeze. NOW, they want to do that EVERY time, LOL! I hope I can remember to take my camera next time because their "freezes" are hilarious, as well as their dancing!

I am not doing so hot with spending time with God right at the beginning of the day like I need to, like I stated in my goal. But, I AM praying more than I was throughout the day, etc... so that is an improvement.

As far as drinking my water, I am sucking on that one. So, I am still working on those two goals.

I have noticed that when I am rested and not feeling tired and drained and/or when I am physically active with my mind occupied, I tend to "dwell" on things less. So, I have been TRYING to make sure I sleep plenty and more than that, I have been trying to do some little or big thing around the house each day.

I think I might stop by the library tomorrow and see if I can find a good book, or maybe I will just check out a book from the church's library. I LOVE to read and in the past I would make a game of I can read one chapter, then I have to do this or that and the faster I do it, the sooner I get back to my book! So, that might be good.

I do not know if this is a scripture or a "saying" but I THINK I have heard something along the lines of "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." Soooo, I need to keep my mind on the things of God and taking care of my family is certainly a "thing" of God's!

Well, that's all folks! (For tonight anyway),

That saying is NOT a scripture, but it IS like an Irish proverb or something, actually a different country, but whatever and SKINNYJEN, I know idle hands is one too, but the idle mind was what was pertinent to what i was saying, BUT, guess you know me well enough to know that i need to get busy too, LOL!
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    Hey Shannon, sounds like a good day to me, a lot acopmlished and you sound ike life is looking up nstead of down!

    Here is a BIG mug [ ] ) for you water! carry it around with you. It really helped me while I was gone for a week!

    As for God, I think he hears prayers no matter when you say them. I find I do better at praying when I feel like I need to then just trying to do at a scheduled time. You could set an appointment on your spark calendar as a reminder also!

    Keep your smile lady - it is gorgeous!

    4699 days ago
    Hi Shannon...I was thinking about what you said about having a hard time stopping to pray more and be in the word daily - I too struggle with this. Last night at my bible study we watched a women of faith video and one of the ladies said she made a "prayer box" on her dresser. She had a cross set up there and a candle and her bible..and a lil box. Throughout the day when she thought of a prayer or had an anxiety she wrote it down and put it in the box and that night during her prayer time, she took it down and went through all of them and prayed about them. She said that just putting her worries or anxieties in the box was a big help and then she just gave them to God. I am going to try this! looking for a pretty box now! Let me knw if it works for you! God bless! Felicia
    4700 days ago
    Hey shannon, I have some good books here at my house too that you can browse through if you want. If you want story books I have a couple of christian based love stories.

    I need to do better at managing my time. God has been getting a very small percent of me. I really want to change that. I think i'm going to start doing what you do and write a prayer journal. I'm also going to have to write down a daily schedule and write down what I need to do at what time and try my best to follow it.

    Love ya, Sis
    4700 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/2/2008 10:13:54 AM
    I think the saying is "idle HANDS are the devil's workshop" so get to work! LOL. Have a great day!
    4700 days ago
  • 250STRONG
    Sounds like things are going well. I know what you mean about being "idle". I love your idea of playing head games with yourself with a book or whatever.

    You are absolutely right about when we feel better physically (by doing things that are healthy) we do better all around.

    Keep up the great work!
    4700 days ago
    I am also not doing as well as I like with spending time with the Lord.I really need to put everything on the side and put Him first.I would love to do it in the morning but my little one is up by 5:00-5:30am and she is ready to go.When she takes her nap I have to just put other things on hold and put the Lord first.
    When it comes to water that I don't struggle with.I know it helps me if the water is nice and cold,I do not like warm water, yuck.I know for my husband he drinks 32oz in the morning then another 32oz in the afternoon all at once to get it over with quick,he dosen't like water at all.I don't know if you can do this.
    I find also that if I stay busy I'm not thinking about things that make me feel down or upset and emotionally eat.I know SparkPeople has been a big help with keeping me occupied.
    I understand you don't want to get into things about your daughter but I am glad things are getting better.You enjoy your time with her.I'll be praying for your relationship with her.I hope you find a good book.Hang in there just keep depending on the Lord and you can never go wrong.Talk to you later.
    Be Blessed,
    4700 days ago
  • JA1730
    I so agree with you on the God thing. I mean Ihave an open communication with him. But I feel it's not enough like I should be doing more. I believe what you are looking for as far as an idle mind I think it's in proverbs somewhere. We are on the same team bl at home challenge so Welcome to the team. I am also a believe and thought I had my sins covered boy was I wrong!!!!! I am reading this book called"blessings or curses" By Derek Prince. wow what a book!!!!!! I am borrowing from one of my pastors amazing anyway I am here if you ever want to chat I am a great listener.
    4700 days ago
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