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Friday, September 05, 2008

So my problem has been undereating. I have a chronic problem with undereating and I am ready to change that. I was called out by some of my Goonie team mates on my problem. I with out realizing had admitted to being scared of eating. I know it sounds crazy because the norm for most people who are over weight is overeating. I had been to a doctor about my weight but it was as if he didn't even listen to what I said he only saw what the scale said. He told me to buy the sugar busters book and told me that if I would just cut down on my sugar intake and eat less I could probably lose weight. Obviously he didn't ask me questions about my diet or even really care. So no big suprise that I had been confused as to why I couldn't lose weight. I was an exercising fool who was literally starving. I have been exercising for nearly 2 years regiliously (4 times a week) and was not losing any weight! Can you say frustration? Last week I had several Goonie members come to my aid. They rushed to help me. They knew I had a problem and if I they didn't open my eyes to it I would be in big trouble. That day when working out I felt like my body was struggling to move, I felt exhausted and irritated and wanted to give up. I had all these things I was told by fellow Goonies running through my head. At that very moment I realized my body was starving for fuel. I was sluggish; very similar to the way my car feels when it needs gas or oil. I know thats funny but it's true. When I got home I journaled and developed a daily plan.
I am happy to say that I have comitted to eating with in my calorie range for the month of September. I have been successful all week and feeling proud. I weighed myself sometime mid August and was upset becuase I had gained 2 pounds. I weighed myself yesterday and those 2 pounds are gone. Who would have thought that eating could help you lose weight. Wow what a concept. I don't have to be hungry or starving and exercising like crazy to lose weight. I actually get to eat and feel satisfied and exercise and feel good. Feel good inside as well as on the outside. I have noticed a difference in my attitude also. I am not as irritable. I am loving my choice to take care of me! I know that with determination and some help from Goonie friends I can stay on track and I can lose some pounds along the way. Thank you to everyone who offered encouragement, advise, articles and menu suggestions. emoticon Muah!
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    Hooray for more food! I've also had to change my plan to eat more - I just get too busy and forget about the food until all of a sudden I'm starving!
    Enjoy the energy, and satisfied feeling... and congrats on the 2 lb loss!
    4636 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2530937
    Hooray for you!
    I liked the part where you compared yourself to your car, I once drove to a mechanic and told them my car was having an asthma attack because thats what it sounded like to me, and it turned out one of the valves had brokes and oil was getting pushed into my air filter and my car couldn't breathe. Cars might be squarish and have wheels instead of legs, but there must be somethign about way they run that hits a chord with us or we couldn't do cross-species comparrisons.
    But anyway, nice job finding/admitting the problem and making a plan to fix it, I hope you find even more posotive changes in the few weeks!
    4665 days ago
    DEEJESS2 - I don't know how I found your blog today, but it was exactly what I have been thinking and feeling!

    I've recently upped my exercise a bit, and the SparkFitness said that I needed to up my calories. I was like "Whoa! I'm trying to lose weight, not gain it!" So to up my calories is a very scary thing!

    I'm glad to see that it is working for you! I'm going to try and get higher on mine for the next couple of days and see if it makes a difference too! Thanks for giving me the courage to try this!

    If you want to read my blogs on the same subject, they are on my Sparkpage - "How to keep up with all the changes" and "Hungry/Not Hungry"

    I wish you success! Heather
    4669 days ago
    Glad to hear you found the problem. This is an incredible feat and I can't wait to see the results.
    4669 days ago
  • no profile photo LIFES*2*SHORT
    I am so so so so so so SOOOOO excited to read this post!! I knew it would work! Thanks for listening to us! Some people may have been upset and just left the team... but you took what we said... and did it! You know that we are only trying to help... and that is awesome! I can't wait to read your next blog! WAY TO GO!!! Keep doing it!! We're with you ALL THE WAY!!!
    4670 days ago
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