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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Okay so in my last blog I was excited because I had lost 2 pounds when I started eating. I'm an undereater and I was exercising like crazy but not losing weight. I have been on track for the last 3 weeks (eating in my calorie range) and I have to admit that I do feel better physically. I for the first time in along time don't feel like I'm starving myself. I am NOT losing any weight emoticon . I have added cardio, I weight train (lightly). I am the same weight. My weight fluctuates; the normal 2 pounds up then 2 pounds down. I'm not really losing any weight. I have been with SP since June and I'm becoming VERY VERY frustrated . I don't want to give up becuase I know it takes time, I didn't put on all this weight over night. I don't expect to lose a bunch of weight over night or right away. I would be happy with the 1-2 pounds a week - even every other week would make me happy. I don't drink soda, I don't eat sweets, or candy or pig out. I just want to go back to not eating if I am not losing weight. I NEED HELP!!! I don't know what to do!!! I haven't weighed in or measured myself because I'm too afraid!

Update: I weighed and measured myself yesterday. I have not lost or gained (thank goodness) any weight. I measured myself and have not had any change. I am trying to stay positive but it's hard! I appreciate all the comments, support and motivation you all give me! I slipped yesterday and was under my calorie range. I did look at my nutrition logs and I am in the range. I am optimistic that my body is wondering how long this is going to last before I starve it again. I am going to continue to work on my eating in my range. I will not cut portions because I am an undereater. I stocked my fridge with some fruits and veggies to add in some snacks.
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  • EBOSTON421
    It will take a while for your body to adjust to your new eating habits. You're doing the right things and it just takes time. I'm in a similar boat in the not really losing or gaining. It's frustrating but plateaus are part of our life.

    Just keep staying the course and the losses will come. Especially since you are exercising and if you are doing weight training then you are certainly building muscle which weighs more than fat.

    That's where I am right now. building muscle and not losing weight but I know that is what is happening so I am trying not to stress. It's hard and we are all here for you.
    4653 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3647960
    it may just take awhile your body adjusts to what you are asking it to do. than you will see the scale go down. check your measurements also sometimes you lose inches and next time pounds. you may even get lucky and do both one weak. hang in there it will happen. emoticon
    4655 days ago
    We are all anxious to loose the weight , It is discouraging when you step on the scale after a whole week of calories counts and water drinking to see you have not lost any weight you want to give up .BUTdont one step at a time. emoticon
    4656 days ago
  • MARTY19
    This journey to change our lifestyle is NOT easy. But you are not alone. Maybe you should not just count calories but look at where you fall in the ranges. Balance is everything.
    4656 days ago
    I did look at a couple of your days and you are not eating the carbs but tend to go over on your fats. Also you were under the recommended calories because Spark does not recommend under 1200 calories.

    My starting weight was about the same as yours and I remember I was supposed to be eating 1400 calories daily on average and while a few days will not tell me your eating habits you don't seem to be going that high very often. Also I see no veggies. Fruits yes, veggies no. And while the calories look good you are not really eating enough food. You need to add some more low-calorie veggies like broccoli, cabbage, celery, cauliflower - you need to be eating more volume so your body won't hold back due to starvation.

    You are exercising but have you tried to do a little at night to keep your metabolism rocking? I found I started doing better when I walked even just a mile at night. Or I pop in a WATP 15 min/mile video and as long as I get a little heated up I seem to be losing inches if not pounds.

    I actually don't blame you for being frustrated at this point but if you try to eat more quality bulk foods you might be able to turn your body around and jump-start your metabolism.

    Only commenting because I feel your pain. Before Spark I too was eating 1000 calories and sometime less and all that did was lead to some terrible binges.

    I don't use the food plans and if you visit my page today it is terrible! Not balanced at all but it wasn't a normal day for me. I really do try for 4 fruits and 3 veggies daily and it made the weight start moving really good for me.

    Good luck to you! I love your pics but would love for you to drop some weight too!

    4656 days ago
    It might take your body a little while to allow weight loss if it has been in starvation mode. Don't be too hard on yourself...if you aren't gaining after being in starvation mode, then you are doing great!!!

    I agree with the idea that you should start some strength training. Adding muscle, at first, might make you seem like you're gaining weight: you'll see that you're making progress when you use the tape measure.

    Don't be discouraged. This happens to so many people, and you are doing a great job!!!
    4656 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/18/2008 6:15:18 PM
    You know, another thing to think about is that if you've been a chronic under-eater, it may have slowed your metabolism. I'm thinking I ran across a couple of good articles in the nutrition section here on sparks that spoke of that and talked of ways to re-energize your metabolism. Everyone is different, takes different things for different people to shake things up, sometimes. Maybe a little more weight training to boost more muscle to speed up the metabolism, and might even want to start tracking your sodium levels, also. Also read an article that said that if you were too low on protein each day, would cause your body to retain fluids. Just a couple of thoughts.......?? Best of luck to you, just keep up the good work! emoticon
    4656 days ago
  • DONANNE say you feel better...well...that is a sign that you are doing something right...don't get hung up on the scale...sometimes it takes a while then a great big drop! Keep on doing what you are doing...just don't go below the bottom of your calorie range...Take good care of you! Hugs
    4656 days ago
  • CAROL_
    Fruits and veggies are good. Also if you like them, keep on hand some cheese and nuts. They are dense calorie-wise, very healthy, and an easy way to up your cals if you find yourself lacking at the end of the day.

    Which is NEVER a problem I have; sigh.

    Anyway, try those pre-packaged 2% cheese snacks that inside the bag there are bunch of tiny packages. Each one premeasured, pre-calorie-portioned, I love those. Worth the extra buck. Or try Cracker Barrel Cracker cuts, put a slice of the pre-sliced cheese on a whole grain like a Triscuit. Triscuits, and cheese in the fridge, keep forever.

    Nuts are so expensive I make my own snack bags/snack cups. I buy all the Omega nuts in single bags at Trader Joes, then mix them, then put measured portions in the fridge. Also if you add two Brazil nuts to each nut snack, that's a full day's supply of selenium, which most people are defiicient in. I love Brazil nuts.
    4656 days ago
    Glad to hear that you are measuring yourself ~ often I will loose inches when I haven't lost weight. There are other ways to tell if you are loosing, you mentioned that you feel better physically ~ what more motivation do you need? The scale is just a number ~ don't let it bum you out!

    Since you are exercising a lot ~ it could be possible that the fat is turning into muscle! Please don't get discouraged ~ plan your meals, plan your exercise & plan your rewards. All these baby steps will build-up towards the "big picture". We can all do this one step-at-a-time....cuz we are ALL so worth this healthy journey!

    4656 days ago
    4656 days ago
  • MOB8/2009
    Whoa!!!! Slow down, girl. You can't get discouraged at this point. You may not be seeing the scale move but re-read what you posted...."I feel better, physically". That's very telling. You're eating well, you're working out with both weights and cardio, and you're noticing a change in how you are actually feeling. And have you measured inches? They are often a much better predictor than the scale. As you add lean muscle from the cardio and weights, you begin to lose inches. But muscle weighs more than fat so you may not be seeing what you want to see on the scales. Why not start tracking "inches lost" instead of "pounds lost"? And have someone else measure you. It's nearly impossible to get an accurate measurement without assistance. Eventually, inches and pounds will equilabrate and you WILL see that needle go down.

    But you're doing a FABULOUS job! You're a model SP and believe it or not, I'm a bit in awe of your dedication and will power. So please don't give up yet. Give it some time. Don't starve yourself, don't drive yourself too hard, but maintain a nice even course for a bit. THEN see where you fall. I'm willing to be you're going to be a bit surprised. And be sure to let us know how you're doing. Now that I've heard your story, I really want to see your progress!

    Linda emoticon
    4656 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/18/2008 2:55:27 PM
    Dont give up...I know its frustrating. We are here for you.
    4656 days ago
    May you find it within yourself to read, learn and impliment the tips and help that is being offered.

    Good Luck.

    4656 days ago
    Hon you have to get past the fear! You cannot let fear control your weight loss efforts. You are doing everything you know to do so here's what I want you to do.
    Get out that measuring tape and step on that scale and take the numbers as they are. And then I want you to put them away for at least two weeks.
    Then let's take a look at your daily food and calorie, fats, carbs, and protien intake. What are your limits or ranges that Spark people set you up with?
    Are you staying within those limits or at least at the lower end. You have to be eating at least 1200 calories a day.
    If I may make a suggestion. What to do is to eat in the lower ranges six days out of the week and then that seventh day change it up and eat at the higher end. This should cause the body just enough change and you should start seeing the numbers on the scale drop more steadily.
    And remember we never lose inches and pounds simutaneously. So take your measurements now and thne if you still haven't seen the scale move in the next two weeks take them agian. It pays to keep track of both!
    I in hte seven months have lost a toal of five pounds and keep fluctuating frustrating? Not in the least because the numbers on my measuring tape keep decreasing! So give this a try and keep me posted ok?







    4656 days ago

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  • QUILA927
    Maybe you could add more protein early in the day and concentrate on getting a couple snacks of fresh fruits and veggies in each day. Keep on working out! You can do this and you will start to see results. And darn it measure yourself you may be losing inches! Sending you hugs filled with patience!

    Goonie emoticon
    4656 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/18/2008 12:08:46 PM
    I had the same problem... literally for years before the weight starting coming and staying off. Hang in there - you'll see permanent results, too. For me, once I learned portion control, I saw definitive results.

    4657 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3236236
    are you are tracking everything - including all of your exercise? becase the more you exercise, the more you need to eat to fuel your body - starving your body isn't going to help anything - also, if you've added strength training, then you are probably replacing that fat with muscle - this is a good thing but muscle is denser than fat ..... hence the lack of movement on the scale - keep at it and remeber that you are trying to do more than lose weight, you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle - learning healthy habbits is tough, but in the end, it is worth it.

    4657 days ago
    Relax. you cannot lose weight when you are stressed out. Also are you getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

    I suggest you read Spark People's articles on plateau busters. They were and still are very helpful to me.

    Also, we goonies are here for you.
    4657 days ago
    I know that undereating can slow down the metabolism and leaves the body in starvation mode so it holds on to every ounce of fat to keep alive. You might want to find out what your resting metabolic rate is (ie.: how many calories your body burns at rest). It's an easy test and should be possible to be done by a number of dieticians. By knowing what your body burns at rest it tells you how much you can cut to loose weight. Also, if you are weight training, you may be gaining some muscle and so the scale will not budge or may even go up. Keep good cheer, it's hard but you will prevail.
    4657 days ago
  • no profile photo LIFES*2*SHORT
    I don't know how to help you... but will find someone who will.
    4657 days ago
    I too am a confessed undereater. I've grudged myself everything I've put in my mouth and my body has gone into survival mode. If you are as bad as I am then you've stalled your metabolism to a minimum. Hang in there! Breathe and keep feeding your body the calories and nutrients it needs to break out of survival mode. I'm no expert, hardly one to talk being currently overweight by a good 80 lbs and fairly new at the concept but now that I've finally gotten it through my thick head it makes a tremendous amount of sense. I understand now that NOT eating is NOT going to get me anywhere but tired, weak and not successful in the long run at maintaining my weight loss when I get there. Not only does it slow metabolism but not eating forces the body to hunt for it's calorie needs and it doesn't like to pull it from the fat reserves we wish it would. Why would it when it has no idea when the next time it's going to get food? Instead it pulls it from our muscles and bones...and muscles burn calories just by existing so why lose a good thing like that? Especially when we're's like doing the work for nothing and sometimes it's just hard enough getting up the energy to exercise without feeling weak and tired. Besides that, how good are we going to look with osteoporosis and all hunched over? It just takes time and patience is not personally one of my virtues but no amount of freaking out will speed it up. Take heart from the fact that you're FEELING good now, I know I am and loving it. I would rather be 120 again AND feeling good but I'll get there if I put in the time. Give it at least a few more weeks and most importantly make SURE you're drinking at least 8 cups of water everyday. When we don't drink enough water our bodies tend to hold onto every bit it can...same principle as undereating and that shows on the scale too. The more you drink, the less it feels it needs to hang on to. Sorry to sound so fanatical and rambling on and on. You just sounded like you needed a pep talk and I find telling myself these things helps me...when I'm not telling myself to shut up that is. Stay strong and good luck!
    4657 days ago

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  • BEFIT021
    You & I have the same problem. I rarely eat over 1000 calories. I can go a whole month and only lose a pound. But I know it's becuz my metabolism is SO screwed up that it doesn't know what to do.

    Patience is about all I've got for ya! It'll all come together soon!
    4657 days ago
    It works, it works, it works! Don't give up! If you are an undereater, then your metabolism is probably ridiculously slow. The fluctuation of the two pounds on, two pounds off is most likely your body trying to right itself from years of being in survival mode because of the under eating.

    The real sign of success is that you can feel the effects whether you see the pounds on the scale or not. If you feel more healthy, it is working. Give your body time to catch up and regulate itself--it has to learn to trust you again--once it knows that you will consistently feed it, your metabolism will fix itself and you will see the pounds drop off.
    4657 days ago
    I would lose weight for awhile and then lose inches back and forth so don't give up.
    4657 days ago
    first and foremost, you are eating healthy and NOT GAINING so we know that you don't need to eat less than you are!!!!!!!!

    Second, please measure your inches. Sometimes the fact that you now have enough calories to build and sustain muscle means that you build and sustain muscle. You are probably losing inches.

    I honestly haven't lost pounds quickly since may, only 8 pounds but I have lost over 12 inches. so there are good benefits.

    I don't dwell on the scale because it is usually not the most accurate or helpful way to measure success.

    I am so glad you are feeling better and more energized. That is extremely important. Keep it up and remember inches and how you feel are extremely important as well.

    4657 days ago
    Aww! Don't be afraid... stick with it! You won't regret it!

    Sounds to me like you might be stuck at a plateau... just keeping working through it.... varying your calories. I was stuck at 161 for 3 MONTHS.... I was giving up... I didn't gain, didn't lose... I was STUCK!

    I joined spark, realized what I was suppose to be eating calorie, fat, protein, carb wise and that's when I started to lose. I don't eat what Spark puts on their meal plans, but I enter my own items and compare to the charts to see if I am getting close to what I am suppose too in all the groups. The chart I am talking about is located by going to your nutrition page and towards the middle of the page there is a button that says "see Todays Full Report"... click that and scroll to the bottom of the page.... maybe you are eating within your range but the foods you are choosing don't match the graph? Just idea... something to check out.

    Please don't give up! Results will come with time...

    Best Wishes!
    4657 days ago
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