Is it possible to be big and healthy?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

At times we see celebrities such as Monique, Queen Latifah and not to mention Oprah living what they may think is a healthy life. Monique has told us over and over again how you can be phat and fabulous. Queen Latifah has for years carried herself in a manor of dignity and pride. We have seen Oprah on both sides of the scale telling us that you can live a healthy life on both sides. While watching Kristie Alley lose and regain. Do you think this is a healthy lifestyle to live? We watched Luther Vandross lose weight and gain weight knowing that this was not a good thing for his diabetes. That I know must take a toll on ones body after a while. When do you decide enough is enough on the body? When do you make the decision that your body has gone through enough of yo yo dieting?
Are you willing to go through what these individuals have gone through? Do you want to put your body at risk in this manor? I know either we make the decision to keep it off and maintain at one point or we do as these people do yo yo and put ourselves at risk. I know some have accepted their selves just as they are and said accept me as I am but do they really think that we all can do the same? Even if we make the same mark in life there are to many people in life that are making the decision to be thin and healthy. I know we can all eat in moderation and have the little things we like every once in a while. I just don't understand how you can be big and healthy. Do you just stay the weight you are and exercise to maintain? How does that work? I don't understand it? I watched Monique's show where she crowns Miss Phat and Fabulous (I believe it was called). She showed the women how they can be the size they were but exercise and eating right. I believe if they did what she told them to do they would lose the weight become healthy rather then stay the way they were. I don't believe anyone is going to eat healthy, exercise and change their lifestyle in that way and stay the weight they are in. If you can bring light to some of this for me I would love to hear your point of view.
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    I have known people in my own life who were plus size – both men and women – and some of them tout the same philosophy about how wonderful it is to be large. On one hand, maybe it’s good they feel confident and secure regardless of their appearance. But on the other hand, I think much of those sentiments are just denial.

    It sure is much easier to say how wonderful it is to be big rather than make the necessary commitment and sacrifices required to lose weight. It’s just like people who drink too much alcohol. Those with a problem always rationalize it by saying that there is nothing wrong with it and some will even tell you about the health benefits of moderate drinking. Even though their drinking far exceeds moderate, they don’t see how excessive it is.

    Weight is the same way. Many people with weight problems probably do see the problems with their size and really do want to lose some pounds. And it is far more troubling when a celebrity feels that way because citizens are always watching and modeling after them. I think that when you choose to enter a profession that puts you in front of millions of people continuously all the time, you have an obligation to set good examples for others. That’s really part of the requirement of being a celebrity, whether you’re an actor, a singer, an athlete, or whatever it is you do that makes you a celebrity.

    I remember a few months ago when Oprah went on her 21 day detox vegan diet, a lot of people also did it just because it was Oprah. Kirsty Alley got the same response when she started Jenny Craig. Many of here fans also did Jenny. People really get into what celebrities are doing, more so than they are into their own lives or their own families’ lives.

    Just imagine the impact it could have on our community if all celebrities were to make just small changes to health and fitness lifestyles? It could be truly phenomenal. Many people look at themselves and in their own world, they don’t make good choices. But we seem to pay attention to celebrities when they do things…which surprises me since these celebrities are people the majority of us will never meet. But we love to enmesh ourselves into the lives of these world famous people.

    It is definitely a puzzling situation, and that’s why obesity is such a big widespread problem. From little kids to senior citizens, a lot of people need to pay more attention to health.

    4608 days ago
    Deb when I was at my heaviest the only problem I had was high blood pressure so I can relate to that and that did not come until I was pregnant with my son and stuck with me until a year out of my Gastric Bypass Surgery.

    I never thought I was healthy when I was pregnant where I do relate to how some women think that they are at their healthiest when they are pregnant.

    FairGlenn I have done the mayo clinic in the past and know that can work. I was very young at the time and trying just about anything I could to try and lose weight. So I can say I would support their theory in some way.

    Before I went for my surgery (Gastric Bypass) I did some research on different diets and regimens of athletes. The one regimen that got me baffled and wondered why or how these people lived was a sumo wrestler. They are considered big but healthy in some cultures eyes. Look below at their regimen:

    Never eat breakfast - Skipping meals, especially breakfast, deprives the sumo’s body of food after an 8-hour fast (sleep), so his metabolism will stay extremely low throughout the entire day and he’ll store almost all of the food he eats as fat.
    Eat one meal a day - Eating one giant meal is inevitable because the sumo is starved to the point of madness after not eating breakfast. This results in one giant meal of anything that’s easy to get into the hatch and down the gullet – and fast! This is commonly called “binging.” It occurs because the sumo’s body is in starvation mode from being deprived all day long, so it craves food to the point of no control. Plus any food consumed will be stored as fat in case the sumo wrestler decides not to eat again for a while.
    Only perform exercise on an empty stomach - Again exercising with no food in the sumo’s body slows his metabolic rate right down, so his body will go into high alert and store any existing energy as fat storage – rather then burning it off during exercise.
    Sleep right after eating -This is inevitable because his body is naturally exhausted after a period of starvation. When the sumo sleeps right after eating a huge meal, his insulin levels are really high and his body will store that energy as fat instead of turning it into muscle or usable energy.

    4609 days ago
    I think perhaps you can but it is not 100%. For myself I am short and the extra pounds do not look good on me but my blood test results came back extremely healthy ( I am type 2 with HBP on no meds) so I feel pretty good about that. To me as a breast cancer survivor and knowing that my health conditions most likely were causes of my cancer I would want to lose the weight...lose the fat. It has been proven that sugar and fat are contributing factors to getting cancer.
    4609 days ago
    I think that probably most people who actually follow the recommendations here at SP will be able to get into a healthy BMI. However, for some people the BMI numbers are not right. (Pregnant women and athletes may require slightly higher BMI's. ) Some people have health issues where they have too much fluid retention and that would cause them to have too a high a BMI as well.

    Big and healthy? Everything is relative. Even an obese person may have lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure than a certain skinny person. An the obese one could be healthier. That doesn't mean the obese person is perfectly healthy and shouldn't lose weight. It does mean you can't tell how healthy a person is just by looking at how much they weigh.

    And of course, it is possible to be too thin. Or to make oneself unhealthy by trying too hard too become too thin or even just the right weight too quickly.

    Losing weight is often a good goal, but not at the cost of one's health. Becoming healthier is always a good goal, and will often result in gradual weight loss.
    4609 days ago
    Here is an example of someone who is "fat and fit." However, I still believe, while it may be possible to have your cake and eat it too, that being overweight (healthy or not) increases risks and chances for illness. So in my humble opinion, sure you can be "fat and fit"...but you can't cut those risks in half like people who are not carting around the extra weight.

    This site supports my theory...

    4609 days ago
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