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Monday, October 06, 2008

It's not what you think though. This wow moment is from an e-mail response. I was reading my Spark email getting my points as I always do. I get this baffled look and a "Why do they send these" question mark over my head at The Spark People Food Showdown. I do read them and go over what they are comparing. What I don't understand is why Spark People even send these out. People are trying to lose weight. We all do not need to have a showdown on the food we are trying to stay away from. I know for me they have become awareness and shocker points.
Today they compared Don Pablo's Sopapillas and Don Pablo's Fried Ice Cream. I have heard of the Fried Ice Cream. Back in my heavier days have even tried one of these things and can't even imagine bringing myself to trying one now. According to the showdown and believe it or not the fried ice cream was the winner. I myself am not sure of what the other product is that can be more in calories. The fried ice cream is 827 calories with 35 grams of fat "Oh Boy". The other product has 1,402 calories and 78 grams of fat Yeah WOW! The article goes on to tell you that you can order a Cool Amigos from the children's menu. That will give you 424 calories with 18 grams of fat (that is even a bit much and for a child way to much).
So where is the logic to sending these e-mails out to us? I really don't know because even with link to a Spark People's Healthy Dessert Recipes at the end of the e-mail I don't see it. It's almost like saying, "If your going to go out to eat here are a few choices of lower dessert, appetizer, main dish whatever you want to eat items". For me I think it would be making a wiser choice of ordering something more healthier off the menu and sticking to your new healthier life style then to botch up all you have worked so hard for. I know I don't want to mess up by going for these so called winners on the food showdown list. They seem to be losers that would make me feel guilty or mad at myself later on for eating them. The only logic right now I guess that I see in sending these would be "Is it worth eating these things" because it can't be "If your going to eat this, your better off getting this because it has fewer calories".
If you have seen these e-mails or have seen them on the spark pages please give me your opinions on these items. You might see more logic in this showdown stuff then I do.
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    I agree with you. I have not paid attention to those type of Spark e-mails. I tend to avoid those. I usually bother only with the ones with a motivating subject line. But I am totally with you. I think it is strange when you expect more healthy options from a site that is supposed to be more focused on healthy living. I would expect them to tell me to avoid both of the unhealthy options rather than tell me one is better because it only has 827 calories versus 1042 calories in the more unhealthy item. For me, both are bad choices and if I really want dessert, I always ask if there is any fresh fruit. If not, then I just pass on the dessert.

    But in defense of Sparkpeople, I think that they recognize that many people still do have a problem with willpower and are still going to be faced with making choices. To them, having none of the above is not an option. So, since they are going to have dessert anyhow, better to have the lesser of two evils.

    4594 days ago

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    You know I do get those emails as well...and I dont see the logic either...because if I know myself now its like I am an addict in recovery so thats like saying to me well I know you are trying not to do crack anymore but if you are going to do this amount over this amount, because you wont kill so many of your brain cells and MAYBE you wont become any more of an this point I just stroll to the bottom and get the points...I am just as baffled as you are!
    4594 days ago
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