27 Inches in 3 Months

Friday, October 10, 2008

I almost can't believe it's me in the mirror. I am really shrinking. I am actually doing what I have been wanting to do. Eat right, exercise and lose wight. who knew it could work? If you put them all together they actually do work for you. I got very serious in July and have lost almost 27 inches and 27 pounds of my already beautiful body it is shrinking and getting more Lucius as it shrinks! I am sleeping better and my eating habits have improved so much. I ate fresh fruits and veggies,but now if I eat something fried it really bothers my stomach! I did have a little ice cream last night, but I only had two small scopes, not a Hugh bowl. I am going through a life style change not some fad diet that will only last a few weeks and you gain the weight back. In a few pounds in will have meet my first goal of 10% of my 274 than I will aim for 10% of that. Slow and steady will win this race for me!!
With mt spark friends anything is possible!!
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