The Boogyman

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Having MS is like living with a feeling of a ghost behind a door. Dr. Chalnck recommends thinking of your MS as a dependent child. After all, she explained, MS isn't a boogyman. It shares you body. You can't leave home without it, even though you'd like to. You do lose some spontaneity by taking your MS into account, but you will gain better clarity and calm.

"I have to take care of my MS in the same way care for my animals," she said. Before I leave the house, I know I have to prepare them. MS is the same. I know I have to prepare for them. MS is the same. I's a dependent -- it's a very independent dependent, but it's still something for which I am responsible.

I have been working on my perspective and while I am no more fond of my MS now than when I was first dxd I think I would do things a little differently today. I would try to plan a little better.

Hind site is 20x20 and no one knows the future, but with MS not ignoring what could be big problems in the future and facing them now is less scarry than trying to ignore it and hoping it will just go away.

I guess one can apply this to any of any illness or disease. No one knows the future and can apply it to anything we are facing. It is the not knowing that scares us. When we know what we are facing we can at least deal with it a little better.

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