A little disappointed (Day 1)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Well, Monday didn't go as well as planned. Rather than get some exercise I fell asleep sitting up. That's the problem with this fatigue. I feel like I'm on the edge of falling asleep constantly. I have not even the tiniest little smidgen of energy. Oh, well. I will just try again today. So here is my daily blog for Monday:

I started off with a pretty good breakfast. Oatmeal with a splash of 1% milk, splenda and cinnamon, frozen peach slices and two egg whites.

At some point in the morning I grabbed a pretzel rod to snack on.

For lunch I had a Healthy Choice french bread pizza and an orange creamsicle for dessert.

I had a night class, so I had a large cappuccino and a chocolate chip muffin to hold me over until I could get home for dinner.

For dinner I had a bowl of spaghetti with 2 slices of garlic bread.

My plan was not to start eating healthy, but to keep track of everything to see where I can improve. I have some ideas already. I really need to stock up on some healthy snacks (yogurt, fruit, nuts, veggies, etc.). I also need to keep things for quick healthy lunches on hand.
I also plan on decorating my fridge with some motivational stuff to help me stay focused when I head into the kitchen. Feel free to leave comments and share any ideas you have!

My ultimate goal is to lose 60 lbs. My major goal is to lose 50 of those pounds by June. In June I will be going on vacation to Florida. As I am now, I won't even wear shorts outside, much less a bathingsuit. I don't want to go on vacation somewhere warm feeling this self conscious. I want to know I look good in those shorts and that swimsuit! Also, my 10-year class reunion is coming up this year, I will be graduating from college this year, and this year also brings my 5th wedding anniversary! So 2009 is definitely a big year for me... and I'm going to rock it!!!
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    This is not a bad start, and I applaud you for having the nerve to catalog what you ate for the world to see! (I have yet to make my food diary public!) In any event, you are going to get there! For me, once I started journaling the food, the eating better started happening on its own, if that makes sense. You will quickly figure out how to get the most bang for your buck where calories are concerned. One of my favorite snacks is a cheese stick by Weight Watchers, avail. in the grocery. And you'll hear it til you want to puke, but the water thing is HUGE. It really, really helps with weight loss. I add the Crystal Light flavor to my water sometimes to help me get it down.

    Just remember to take it slow, and be prepared for the long haul! So don't set up a program you can't sustain! GOOD LUCK! P.S. regarding your energy level - depression sucks it out of you. If you can start very small on exercise, you can probably build up quicker than you think. I'm talking, start with a walk around the block for a week, then do two laps around the block. Physical activity makes a huge difference with my depression - but it is extremely hard to initially get started. Now I feel I can't do without. You will get there too.
    4580 days ago
    Hi, I see that others have already told you what I wanted to say - that u need to find a way to cut way down on the carbs, especially those refined carbs (made with white flour)
    and focus on healthy snacks (fruit, hard cheeses)...and more protein foods.
    So you have to say bye-bye to the pretzels, and muffins, and the spaghetti. You can still
    eat spaghetti as a side dish, but make it just occasional and buy Barilla Plus pasta, its full of fiber and flax seed, and tastes delicious!....stay away from white rice, potatoes also.
    sorry! s/one suggested a doughnut..? gads - NO! doughnuts are deep fried, terrible for you.
    ....I eat whole wheat pitta bread, melt some mozzarella on it, and microwave it. Its a good snack or breakfast (just sharing some ideas)...salads with low-fat dressing; lotsa vegies;
    and watch out for fruit juices - its the worst, cause all that fruit sugar hits your blood stream without fiber, and tells yr. body to - hold onto the fat.
    The great thing about eating this way, is that you WON'T be hungry. ..just keep eating breakfast, a good lunch, a lighter dinner, and 2 snacks.
    ...Good luck!!!
    4580 days ago
    I can't believe you ate ONLY this ALL DAY! You must be STARVING!!!
    You are definitely getting most of your calories from carbs and this is a problem! Carbs should be used as energy (actual getting up and moving energy) so since after dinner we sleep, we should actually limit carbs before bed.

    I think you will start to see a pattern, I have no doubt that your tracking will be very benefitial to you making some big changes!

    PS... That pizza thing you ate for lunch looks AMAZING! I think I'm drooling over it! LOL
    4580 days ago
    mmmmmmmmm timmies.

    A good idea is to get a dougnut instead of the muffin. Timmies muffins are really high in fat and calories (that's why they taste so darn good) and according to the nutrition chart, dougnuts are the better option.

    I understand that you are just trying to start weritting down what you eat, and i'm sorry if this is sounds natzi like, but that muffin and large cappuccino was a grand total of 910 cals, 30g of fat, 151g of carbs. But i'm sure it tasted great!

    Good luck with your journey!

    4580 days ago
    I love the honesty of your photo blog! And you're right, you do need to stock up on healthy snacks. Grapes, wheat thins(15 in a baggy=1 serving), carrot/celery sticks, yogurt,bananas,granola bars, string cheese, single serve boxes of raisins...these are some of my favorites that travel well. I also buy Walmart's version of slimfast called Equate to take with me when I'm running errands so I don't eat out. Good Luck!
    4580 days ago
    I love the photo idea too.

    You can do it! You're right - 2009 is your year!
    4580 days ago
  • BONNIE627
    I like your idea of posting your foods like this...shows me how my portion sizes are way too big...hey.. rock away in 2009.. we'll rock with you... hugs, Bonnie
    4580 days ago
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