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Day 67 & 68 of 100 Days of weight Loss

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 67 with 33 days to go

Never say "I Blew It"

One of the most common dieting phrases is "I've already blown it, so I might as well go ahead and eat the rest." Each time you say I blew it, you reinforce your sense of failure and disappointment with not staying on your plan. You also give yourself permission to follow a minor slipup with a major eating binge.

You might even take it a bit further and plan more damage. If you go to the ice cream shop and order a hot fudge sundae, when asked if she wanted whipped cream and nuts, she said, "why not, I'm blowing it anyway so I might as well go all the way."

When you think you've "blown it" you may decide to punish yourself by eating more. You feel bloated and miserable and you still make yourself pay by pushing in more food which makes you feel worse.

...resolve that you'll never again describe your eating by saying the words "I blew it."

...Invent some new phrases that acknowledge your eating struggle but at the same time encourage you to move forward. Consider using statements such as, "that was minor, so I need to keep it that way."

...Record your favorite phrases in your notebook and memorize them so you can use them whenever you have a slipup.

Day 68 with 32 days to go

I had a "pause"
As you work on changing your dieting vocabulary, here's another way to eliminate saying, "I blew it." If you slip up and eat something that's not on your plan, skip beating yourself up with harsh, punishing words. Instead, label the incident as a PAUSE in your diet. This kind, nonjudgmental word doesn't make any references to your personality or your ability to accomplish a goal. It allows you to take a break in your efforts, then rest and regroup.

Having a pause
On a hike up the mountain, you stop to sit down on a rock, take a sip of water and rest. You wouldn't berate yourself for doing that, or punish yourself by saying "I blew the hike, now I have to go back 100 yards and walk that part over again." Noooo way, you just rest, sip your water, and continue on your journey. That was a PAUSE.

Erase the board
If you slip up on your program, just say "I had a brief pause, but now I'm back on track." You don't have to say another word. That takes care of it. No dwelling on it, move on and move forward.

Okay let's say you gorged yourself on 10 cookies instead of 2 that you planned to eat. Picture in your mind, a bit white erasable board and mentally write on it, "I ate 10 cookies."
OK you ate 10 cookies, you acknowledged it. Now mentally erase it off the board. Get on with your life.

...Next time you're tempted to say "I blew it", stop yourself immediately, instead label your slipup as a pause.

...Decide how you will bounce back from an eating pause. Write down a short plan that includes what you'll say to yourself as well as what you'll do next.

...Whenever you slip up, instead of dwelling on it, practice the skill of "erasing the board". Think about how you can learn from a pause rather than finding ways to punish yourself.

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    I love that "PAUSE THING" it changes yoru whole mindset, thanks, hopefully everyone else will read it and we can all move on after pausing
    4519 days ago
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