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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Well, I had the success of breaking 150. And one of my biggest challenges are what and when I'm eating. The exercise component is happening fairly well. The biggest contributor to me losing weight is keeping a low calorie range.

When I started my journey, it didn't matters what others ate. I could really stick to doing the work of eating what would translate into a weight loss for me. So, how come I'm not doing that now? What is causing such huge fluctuations and struggles in my eating? One thing I've noticed is that I eat when I'm tired to distract myself from going to bed. Especially with my husband gone 50% of the time...I have noticed I hate going to bed and only do so when I'm's like i'm avoiding I eat to keep myself doing something to avoid going to bed. (I really am missing Jody). So, that is one important note.

Another challenge is the weekends and the margaritas or wine. These are a lot of calories and in the beginning, it was rare for me to have wine and the margaritas were non existent. So, what's up with that? I know there are other ways to have fun, and I really like that one. And for now, can I commit to choosing the special occasions I want to have it? Is it worth it to me to have the drinks at the price of no weight loss showing up on the scale? That's something to think about.

I also need to get more specific about what it is I want to create with my weight loss. Focusing on what it is I want to accomplish with it...what's my bigger intention with continuing the journey. I think to some degree I've become comfortable with what weight I have lost and so, I've lost sight of being impeccable with my food choices. I've almost got a tape player going on in the back of my mind that says, that's it, you've taken it as far as you can. See, when I do eat right, maintain the calories, and exercise, some times, there is no drop...and after a lot of that, I've developed a "why bother attitude." I mean, currently, it's a lot, and I do mean a LOT, of work to shed a pound. And when it doesn't come off, I get discouraged, and then the self sabotage begins. I'm not sure how to work with that yet. I do think I need to re-examine my bigger picture of what it is I want in my life and want to accomplish with losing the weight, or it may not be a life long change.

So, some thoughts to get clearer on, Elsa. Here's where you are what is it that you want?
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    I know how you feel. I have not lost and kept off a pound in about 1 1/2 years. All my weight loss came in the first six months. My food choices are not as wise as they were in the beginning. I know the feeling of working hard and being diligent to see not progress on the scale, but I keep telling myself that I am healthier even if the scale doesn't recognize my accomplishment. I don't quite believe myself yet, but I am working on it.
    As far as the eating at night, I actually do the opposite. I brush my teeth and climb into bed with my daughter (4) right after dinner. We read stories and talk about our day and then I take her to bed. I started doing this because it keeps me from snacking as I won't eat in bed and I already brushed my teeth - not mention the most important reason... quality time with the little one.
    4549 days ago
    Well, Elsa, I don't know what to tell you. Right now, food doesn't satisfy me taste wise. Having been on the Elimination Diet for 28 days, coming back to soy ice cream and boxed cereal, I don't enjoy it. I just finished eating and feel really DEPRESSED! I think the elimination diet was more fulfilling. I think, if I don't go back on it... I'll be really going back to eating too many sweets and junk... not to say that I'm going to totally eliminate EVERYTHING, but just minimize it to a couple of times a week or something... but this is killing me. The only thing I enjoyed from lunch is the pumpkin bread I made. Yippee (sigh). We got to put this journey on autopilot. We can't think of how we feel. We have to do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. You know??? You need me to be snack police at your house? I'm so there...
    4563 days ago
    Elsa I was just thinking this morning after another not so good food night last night, that I eat to avoid sleep as well!!! Last night we finished dinner at 7ish but by 8:15 I was already tired but didn't want to go to sleep or even take a nap because then I would be up too early, like 4 am, soooooo I decided to have a "planned" snack while I was watching would have been perfect, if I had just stuck to the plan but NOOOOOOO I had to add 2 T of peanut butter to the snack...again that would have been fine but I didn't stop with 2 T...I had to go back 3 more times!! I haven't logged the calories yet but geeezzzz, what is up with this snacking!!! Anyway, I'm still trying to get a handle on this and get rid of the NOW 9 pounds I have gained over the last few months!!! I'd love to be back down to a solid 120 by the time I run San Francisco!!! Have a great day!!! Jackie!!!
    4563 days ago
  • PAMELA984
    Really liked reading this - I don't feel so alone anymore! I think I will print your blog off so I can read and re-read it - I know all the right things, but just can't seem to do them anymore. not really sure why - but I know that I eat when I'm tired and most days after work, I'm tired.
    4563 days ago
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