My age + my PCOS makes this journey so frustrating!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

(I just awoke after working all night until 8am this morning!)
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I am officially reporting in to tell you how much I HATE my body!!! For those of you who are YOUNG-- EMBRACE THIS TIME and get MOVING!!! You DO NOT want to struggle like me in your old age!!!! (I'm soon to be 54.)

I've exercised as hard as my schedule allowed this week = 405 minutes
And, given it all I've got when I do exercise only to lose mere ounces... and be right back at my my first week's weight. The only pleasure I can receive is that my scale reads my body fat percentage--I keep record and my body fat percentage appears to be lowering:

STARTING CHALLENGE WEIGH-IN, Jan. 14 = 242.4 / BF- 49.7 %
Wk 1: Jan. 14 - 20_____ Weigh-in = 239.8 / BF- 49.4 %
Wk 2: Jan. 21 - 27 _____ Weigh-in = 242.0 / BF- 49.0 %
Wk 3: Jan. 28 - Feb. 3__ Weigh-in = 241.8 / BF- 49.0 %
Wk 4: Feb. 04 - 10 ______ Weigh-in = 240.4 / BF- 47.9 %
Wk 5: Feb. 11 - 17 _____ Weigh-in = 239.8 / BF- 47.4 %

My starting weight shows a 10-lb gain during the holidays that I just cannot seem to shake off! I've eaten VERY LIGHTLY:

Calories: 1,118 / 1,527 / 1,952 / 1,422 / 956 / 1,710 / 1,439
Fat: 30 / 42 / 65 / 35 / 27 / 39 / 37
Carbs: 174 / 227 / 210 / 200 / 99 / 293 / 164
Sodium: 2,184 / 2,509 / 2,953 / 1,946 / 1,220 / 2,734 / 2,895
Fiber: 31 / 33 / 34 / 30 / 23 / 47 / 28

(The 1952 calorie day was Valentine's Day and I had a few bites of dessert which was recorded and accounted for!)

The only thing I can figure is that I need to somehow lower my sodium and lower my carb intake... I make healthy choices every single day with no splurges!!! AARGH!!! I hate my body! My age + my PCOS just makes it sooooo hard and frustrating!

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    I agree with you, Camille. When I was younger, I didn't really appreciate my body... I took my body for granted. It may be a little more difficult for me to deal with the weight gain now... but I do remember feeling like it was difficult - to impossible - to deal with even when I was younger...! If I had gotten MOVING when I was younger, I MIGHT have less weight to deal with now - and MAYBE be healthier... but who knows...

    I am where I'm at today - and that's okay.

    You are where you're at today - and that's okay.

    You are ENTIRELY LOVABLE right where you are at.

    Keep on loving yourself. You still deserve your attention.

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    4492 days ago
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    I agree with BigGirl, you might need to increase your protein. Add a Whey Protein drink after your daily exercise for a week and see if that helps you.

    Don't put too much importance on the scale. Pat yourself on the back for exercising, and making healthy food choices.

    Give calorie cycling a try too Camille.

    Keep up your no excuse attitude!!!

    Are you getting at least 7 hours sleep a night or I guess I should say Day ...since you are working all night. ??? Are you getting 7 hours of straight sleep in a 24 hour period? If you don't get enough sleep it can cause body stress that will make you hold on to fat. Your fat seems to be going down....maybe your gaining muscle or holding water. Just a few thoughts. Polly
    4498 days ago

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  • BIGGIRL2082010
    Your body fat percentage is WAY more important than the actual weight ... that means you're burning off fat and building muscle, so CELEBRATE, lady, don't get down on yourself!

    Also, given that you *are* building muscle (same weight, lower body fat = more muscle, less fat!), you *might* want to experiment with eating more calories in general and more protein in specific! :)

    You are doing GOOD - give yourself some credit!


    4498 days ago
    You're doing great, Camille. It's clear from the body fat percentages that your body is building muscle, which will help you so much down the line, even if it's frustrating right now not to see the scale move. I hope you're taking measurements every couple of weeks! I'm sure you'll see changes there. And who really looks over your shoulder at the scale anyway?? Everybody else just sees how much nicer you look in your clothes.

    I know that the scale is a bummer sometimes, and makes it easy to forget that hey, this is my LIFE now. I eat healthy, I exercise, and I generally live like a healthy person - with the knowledge that over time (sometimes a LONG time!) my body will reflect more and more the healthy life I lead now, rather than the unhealthy habits I accumulated over many years. In the interim, we just have to rely on the knowledge that healthy living does pay off in other ways - like the fact that you CAN stay up til 8am and be productive, or that you can go on outdoor hikes, or that you can exercise 400 minutes in a week and feel energized rather than exhausted and injured. What amazing progress we've made! Onward! ;-) --Marsha
    4498 days ago
    Okay, I only looked on the past 2 days - are you recording your sodium?
    Cheeses have a lot of sodium. It's a good idea to track sodium and try to keep it between 1,000-2,400 mg/day. I've been tracking that since I joined SP mostly because DH has HBP.
    4498 days ago
    I don't see your protein stats up there, but if you focus on getting enough protein that can naturally curb your carbs into line. Focusing on protein has helped me when I've been in a rut before. Taking a different perspective on your intake can help. Also I see you have two days below 1200 and two days above 1700 -- I know one of those days was V-Day. Are you trying to cycle your calories? I'd recommend trying to stick to something more consistent for now except for the splurge occasions like V-Day. What is your calorie range? If I assume something like 1200-1500 it looks like below on two days, close to max on two days, over on three days, so I guess your range is probably higher than that, which makes the below days even more concerning.

    Just hoping an outsiders look at things might help!!! :D If I'm way off base, ignore me. :) I'm thinking that the 1400 ish days are probably a good place for you based on the time you spend exercising, but this is just a guess. And losing 2% body fat is AWESOME!!! :D That is no shabby accomplishment, so be proud!
    4498 days ago
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