Second Nerve Block Done

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've posted bits & pieces of this on different teams I belong to in order to answer questions & thought I'd put it together in one spot.

Posted late last night or early this morning depending on how you look at it:
I had my Stellate Ganglion Nerve Block yesterday (Monday) & it went well. Only two painful sticks, one for the IV & one for the block. I think they waited a little too close to the block to give the versed. I remember more about this second one. Ouch! I was past out all evening from the versed & now I'm awake. That's okay. My neck is starting to hurt a little so I'm using this time to ice it. I'll take a Lunesta in a little while & get some more sleep.

Yes, I did some more sleep. Yeah!

Posted earlier today to answer a question about pain relief:
As for pain relief, this type of injection is different than most. It might give me a 5% reduction in pain this time. Not quite sure how to judge that. LOL. What I have gotten that probably won't last for more than a day or so is a little more ROM in my fingers. This gives me hope that I can still regain full use of my hand. This nerve block is injected into the ganglion nerve cells beside the voice box with the hope of disrupting the sympathetic nervous system & can take several injections to see lasting results. A standard series is 5 injection, but it can take upwards of 20. That is if it works.

My neck is sore today, but nothing like last time. I'm taking better care of myself this time. Guess I learned a lesson last time. I'm resting, icing my neck & shoulder & taking a muscle relaxer

I'm hoping to get back to my exercise routine tomorrow, but I'm willing to wait until I'm ready.

I had to add this story about my cat on to share with everyone.
What is it with cats? Mine scared me half to death yesterday. After I work up from the Versed induced nap, I thought I'd sit on the back porch & get a little sun. Smokey, my cat, was lying in the yard completely still. I couldn't see him breathing so I called his name. Nothing. So I walked over still calling his name. Nothing. I walked all the way around him at which point he jumped up & ran away. Take about having a heart attack. I guess he was getting in an early April Fools Joke.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hiya chica - hope you've recovered from the initial trauma of the needle sticks & are noticing some relief of some kind.

    Versed-love the stuff. I have had a few nerve blocks done for my spinal stenosis & they never give me anything except local lidocaine...you're a lucky duck! The IV I can handle, the spinal stuff - man it hurts! But the relief has been worthwhile!

    Don't know how you can stand Lunesta - the aftertaste is dreadful. Blech.

    Did you know that in some countries Versed is available in pill form as a sleeping pill? Interesting, huh!?

    So do let us know how you're doing! Many many gentle hugs - emoticon
    4515 days ago
  • .DUSTY.
    Hi Mystyne, I think of you often and can't imagine all the pain you are having to endure. It's a bitch for sure!
    I'm glad to hear you're taking good care of yourself and I pray that soon you will have the happy ending you deserve!
    Stay Strong Girl! emoticon emoticon
    4518 days ago
    Hey girl, thinking of you, praying that you have a continued positive response to the treatment.
    4518 days ago
    I hope that the procedure will work and give you the relief you need. I feel your pain... Mine is with neck and back.
    Take it slow... It's hard to do but ya just gotta...

    Good Luck to you...

    4518 days ago
    I know you've got to do what you've got to do....but that proceedure sounds like it just hurts. I sure hope you are feeling better today. AND I really hope this proceedure gets you some pain relief and more range of motion.

    Cats are funny aren't they??? I used to have one that would "yell" at me if I pet him and he wasn't in the mood. Then he'd get up and move just out of reach and plop himself back on the sofa and give you the puke eye before he'd curl up in a ball. He was by far the funniest cat I have owned to date.
    4518 days ago
  • POLLY20
    Mystyne, It's a step in the right direction.. I hope that you get plenty of releif..
    Hugs Polly :)
    4518 days ago
    I am happy to learn that your nerve block was successful; I hope you get back into your routine without any complications. Blessings!

    4518 days ago
    Be careful, don't push yourself to hard. I hope all goes well!
    4519 days ago
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