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Vacation from diet not healthy eating.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It has been almost a year since I joined SP. When I began ~ I honestly thought I would have no problem losing the weight I wanted to. Had done it before why not now. Besides that, after having a heart attack I had learned to eat healthy and had stayed healthy.

Made the decision to join a team and joined a challenge every time one was posted. Challenges usually lasted five or six weeks and all that was required was to lose five pounds. I never did. A pound or two was all I managed. Hated weigh-in Monday. Had finally only lost 8 pounds ~ before joining SP I had lost five pounds, so total loss 13 pounds, in almost a year? Very discouraged I joined another challenge in March. After a week I knew I could not continue to put myself through this torture every Monday....I took a deep breath and quit. Continued with the team but said, "Bye, Bye to the Challenge. Have not been on the scale since.

Still watching what I eat and counting my calories ~ some days I know I go over and the next day I am ultra careful to go under. Actually I feel better because I am totally in charge ~ I am not in a competing mode with myself. It is okay if I indulge or not. In a month I will check the scale and see the damage I have done or the success I have achieved.

With the thirteen pounds gone at least my clothes are fitting better, maybe if I had not joined the challenges I would not have lost the eight pounds with SP who knows. This is what I will find out with this little experiment I have entered into with myself. I will honestly let you know what happened in a month.
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  • 618LILY1
    Sorry Dot, you don’t like to weigh in. I know it is really hard. I have to weigh in daily for health reasons. Some days I am so down afterwards and there are the days I lose that gained weight and then some. You can’t be discouraged. Our age is against us. We can’t let our age win. I will pray 🙏🏻 God will give you the strength.

    958 days ago
  • no profile photo JOANW1
    MOMMADOT - I have done the same thing. I didn't join this last challenge and weighed myself only once in the last couple of weeks. Lost 1/2 Lb. Won't weigh myself again for a couple of more weeks. I hope this works. I think I was fixating too much on the challenge. I don't know. But I understand totally where you are coming from right now. We'll manage though, won't we. And if this doesn't work, we can always go back to the challenges. Nothing is forever. (except of course our new way of eating. LOL)

    Joan W
    4378 days ago
    Dear friend,

    There is no truer test than to be true to yourself. You are doing what your body says you need to do, and if you are content and happy, at our age, you cannot ask for more.

    I admire you for "doing it your way" and it will be good in the end.

    God bless,
    Your friend,
    4379 days ago
    Sending you a Huggle my friend Dot emoticon , we ARE all individuals here. It was good you took a vacation from the scale. It stressed you out. Challenges can be good. They can also be bad or have a lot or no effect at all.

    I believe much like each day in our life what we must reinforce, pray, meditate and encourage is our positive attitude. Perception can bring so many thoughts to any given topic or story.

    (We all know there are also many things for prayer of which this is just one)

    Either way this experiment turns out, you are a winner Dot.

    Whatever happens, our location might be where our body is on earth, yet our hearts and our souls, and our actions and therefore results, all go on in our mind first. Or at least that is where the battlefield is, much like that book from Joyce Meyer.

    Yes, we have to learn as the nature of things like eating with thought to what and how much, and exercising & activity enough to burn more calories than we consume. All go towards that end result. If we do not give up, there really is no end. This is not a diet but a lifestyle change, or change of mind LOL.

    So many considerations! Gosh even the balance of what is consumed in balance with things of the SAME caloric value matter, LOL. On and on it goes, we can affect change. One important factor is our attitude towards what we do. Comes to mind that saying I heard somewhere, "Winners never quit and Quitters never win."

    Oh I just painted myself into a corner word wise LOL. Silly me. What we do NOT give up on is our goal. That is unless we really do not want it deep down.

    I know you want it, or I hope you do. I want you to be healthy, like I want all my friends (and team mates) to be healthy, and live long! Forgive me if I say too much. Evidently that is me right now. I should blog on that though.

    More than enough virtual word dust left here now LOL, but think of it as stardust ok? Huggles, Diana emoticon
    4379 days ago
  • 46A39P
    It will come off. I did something similar. I stopped weighing in every day. Now I weigh in twice a week. It's better and I'm not as stressed over it.

    It's great you are practicing the healthy living, by doing that, I believe it will come off in time. I say that to myself, to encourage myself and it works for the most part.

    You can do it!


    4379 days ago
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