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Friday, March 20, 2009

I finally went to the doctors the Wednesday before last. I had been having problems and was just putting up with them. I finally decided enough was enough! The appointment was for 1:40p.m. but when we got there their computer said the appointment was for 8:00 a.m. Luckily we had the appointment card with us and since it was their fault they took me in anyway. The doctor had me fill out a sheet about what symptoms I was having and then checked me over. He said that from the physical exam I looked healthy except one side of my thyroid was slightly larger then the other. After listening to me complain about my symptoms and witnessing a case of what he described as tremors, which is what I have always called "the shakes", he sent me to get some blood drawn for tests. After the doctor got the test results back he called me and said that the test results were all normal.

I am not happy with this. I was hoping to have something concrete to go on. After going to the doctors and getting tests done, I still don't know what is going on. I still don't think it's normal for your fine motor skills to deteriorate or to have what the doctor said was tremors daily, sometime twice a day. How can my tests come back normal when I am not? I know, it was the wrong tests, but still, I have no idea what direction to go in now. The doctor was no help, he was satisfied with the test results. He had no suggestions of what to do. He said that "some people just have tremors". Maybe that is so, but is it normal for then to happen more and more frequently? I would talk to a specialist if I knew what kind to talk to. I am at a loss. And disappointed. Do I have to just put up with it with no idea what it is? If I have to put up with something, I would at least like to know what it is. I am not happy.
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  • GEMSTONE1952
    I think you are being good advice. You should get a second opinion. Some people do get tremors and while they are not necesarily "normal" (as in not everyone has them) they can be benign. A neurologist would be in the best position to try to diagnose why you have them. Good luck!
    4508 days ago
    I'm with those recommending you get a second opinion; you're uncomfortable with how the doctor handled this and need answers or at least reassurance. Reign1's suggestion to see a neurologist is on-target. When it comes to issues of health and symptoms you know are not your normals, be your own advocate! Be sure to take copies of all test results with you to save time and money.
    Many things can cause such symptoms, including worries/nerves! No matter what the cause, do consider doing some relaxation and stress-management 'exercises'; they'll help no matter what the cause!
    4510 days ago
  • REIGN1
    Hey Sweetie.
    See a neurologist. Get a second, third, fourth whatever it takes opinion. Its your body!! Trust me! Look at the hell I have been through for the past few years. You are your own advocate!!! The docs get their pay and go about their healthy lives. Sad but true. Keep fighting the fight. I know its exhausting. Its supposed to be THEIR job, but it ends up being your job. There are actually two different thyroid tests. If he only did one it could be the other.
    I know what you are going thru so spark mail me anytime you need advice or just need to vent. Going thru all of my "normal" tests for a few years put me in tears many a night.
    It was my friends and family that helped me keep fighting!!
    So I am here for you!!!

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    4510 days ago
    I'd see another doctor. Medicine is not an exact science....ironic huh? If you feel like there is something wrong....there needs to be an explanation. Best wishes!

    4511 days ago

    Definitely go for a second opinion and if you're not happy with that get a third.

    There could be a multitude of things that could cause these symptoms but check out the simple ones first then tackle the others when they crop up.

    Please let us know how things go

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    4511 days ago
    It's very frustrating when you know there's something going on, but the doctor says you're fine.

    You can always go see another general doctor for a second opinion. You shouldn't be left without answers. Tremors can be caused by a ton of different things. Neurological problems, hormone problems, and organ problems are some of the more scary causes. But tremors can also be caused by simple things like caffeine, stress, or exhaustion. Either way, you should be able to get some answers about what is going on with your body.

    I would start with a second opinion before jumping into a specialist, because you might end up at the wrong kind of specialist.
    4512 days ago
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