Hangnails, Chapped Lips, and Chai Tea....

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Okay - so the other day I noticed my lips were terribly chapped and I had several hangnails blooming despite the rigorous application of lotion several times per day. I had an epiphany! I hadn't been drinking my 8 glasses of water per day!

>GASP!< Could these things be related? I immediately re-committed to my water intake. Guess what!? Lips are no longer chapped.... nails and hands are healing nicely. Funny how we think of these "chores" as weight-related, but this is another fine example of the benefits of healthier habits.

So - in my re-committment, I decided I'd have to have a plan for getting my 8 glasses in. I had been getting lazy - not thinking about it during the day. Suddenly at 7:00 at night I'd notice I'd need to drink 5-6 more glasses before bedtime. Well - my mindset says that's too late. I would just plan on trying again tomorrow.

So my new plan is this.... drink one 8 oz. glass of water first thing in the morning. Committ to getting 2 more in by lunchtime. Have a glass of water at lunch instead of Diet Coke (that's a biggie for me). Wham-O - 4 down! Sip a glass throughout the afternoon.... Have a glass at dinner. Sip another glass throughout the evening. That's 7 if you're counting. And to kill two birds with one stone.... eliminate the bedtime snack and get that last glass of water in before bedtime.... My last glass in the evening comes in the form of hot tea.

I have been experimenting with fun teas I've seen at the grocery store. My current favorite - my own personal knockoff of a Chai Tea Latte - is a Stash brand Chai Spice Tea bag - steeped in 12 oz. of hot water for 4-5 minutes. I add one packet of Splenda and 2 Tbsp. of skim milk. Gently stir and voila! Chai Tea (almost) Latte. It's very cinammony and spicy and fat-free and ccaffeine-free. Warm, sweet, soothing for bedtime, and adds 12 oz. to my water intake. Better than a bowl of ice cream.

This beverage is best when sipped while watching your favorite TV show.... my personal fave is a good Love Boat re-run on DVD! How can you take anything serious while watching The Love Boat?!

So - here's to getting those liquids in! Cheers!
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    Hey Anna - thanks for finding me and reading my blog! Language is fascinating, isn't it? I know very little about the Ukraine. I assume you speak English and some Russian? I did a little research and see that about 25% of the Ukranian population speaks Russian. So perhaps you speak Ukranian, English, and Russian? That's awesome! Would love to hear more about you and your country.

    In the meantime - here at home - I will now refer to my Chai tea as simply "Chai" and I will feel multi-lingual in doing so.... Of course if I did that in public around here I'd probably confuse everyone - especially the Barista at my local coffee house..... But I'll enjoy my newfound knowledge and even share it with my 5 kids!

    4454 days ago
    Thanks for noticing, Dedrie! You are my most awesome cheerleader! I can always count on you for an encouraging word and to notice anything new or exciting I'm doing....

    Now - I just need your homemade pizza recipe.... I saw on the feed that you had some the other day and I'd love to know how you satisfy the pizza need!
    4454 days ago
    It's great, mom! You'll like it, I think... but don't scrimpt on cheap tea bags. I've found them to be less flavorful than the little pricier brands. What I got at Meijer is "Stash" brand. It's a red and black box with "chai spice tea" in white letters on the front. I bought the Lipton or whatever common brand I saw before - and it wasn't very good. I picked this one up on a whim and it's very, very good. I'll be buying it again for sure! BTW - I think it was $2.89, so certainly not expensive, just better!
    4454 days ago
    Can you believe I've never had Chai Tea but just this morning my new friend, Jacque was telling me how good it is. I'm going to try it because you and my friend can't be wrong!
    4454 days ago
  • DTONEY76
    Veronica, emoticon with getting yourself right back on track.

    Dedrie emoticon
    4454 days ago
    to drinking liquids! emoticon

    it's funny how in russian 'chai' actually means 'tea', so 'chai tea' is repetition of the same word:) languages are weird.
    4454 days ago
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