Wednesday, June 03, 2009

(Sigh) Some women just have it all together, and I certainly do not. Something has to always suffer. How do some women look beautifully put together and coiffed, with perfect make-up, perfect clothes, and matching accessories? I am lucky to find a clean pair of jeans and a shirt without a spot on it, and matching socks! Wish I knew their secret! How do you do it all? I mean, I know a lot of women who are great cooks, have a Martha Stewart home, are sex kittens with a hot body, and also a great, accessible parent. Some work outside the home, too. How do all of you accomplish it?
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    I think the only ones that do that have maids to clean the house, nannies for the kids, chefs to cook, and husbands that pick up after themselves. I have none of the above so I don't have it either. If you figure it out, let me know.
    4435 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Well, for over 30 years I worked outside the home. I have NEVER been able to get it altogether like many women. I often look at women the same way you described. I wonder how they look so "well groomed". I too didn't get this gift. I guess I never will.
    4435 days ago
    The other ladies have said it so well...if we could see into the lives of these perfect women we would see the same chaos and mismanagement we have in our lives. Some of us are just better at presenting that public mask or persona.

    We have happy and healthy families that love us -- the way we are...what could be more perfect than that?

    BTW glad to know I am not the only one whose lucky to find a shirt without spots emoticon
    4435 days ago
    I'm not one of those gals lololol. So you have lots of company :)

    4435 days ago
    Oh, I don't think anyone's as perfect as all that. Maybe just better at hiding their flaws! I bet if that "perfect" woman confessed, she has a whole list of things she considers problems. We all just do the best we can. Try not to compare yourself to the next gal!
    4435 days ago
    Oh my sweet friend, live in their home for a few weeks. They are missing it some places too. They don't really have it all together either. They just have it together in the places where we can see it, that's all.

    You and I, we have different priorities. We want to be happy, have happy families, live our lives not have our lives governing us.

    I had a life coach for a while. He had me make a list of what I needed to do. Then he had me look at the list again. What did I really need to do that day in order to be happy? What could I mark off the list forever? What could be moved to another day? What could be given to someone else? What could be combined with something else and done at the same time? Before long, I had my life more balanced. I was a happier woman ... still am.

    I don't really care about being a great cook ... I like what I fix just fine. I don't need a Martha Stewart home ... I adore my Ethan Allen furniture arranged just the way I have it ... suits me just fine! No sex kitten with a hot body ... oh well, don't have anyone to offer it to anyway, so that's ok. I was a great parent and I was accessible ... You are a great parent and you are accessible ... mark that one off your list as DONE! You've got so many things on your list to check off ... check off Friend because I can verify that one and I know a few others who will too.

    See, I don't think we have to do life "Perfect". I think we simple "do life", enjoy it, do it the way it suits us. And when it is over, we come whizzing in saying, "Man, oh man!!!! That was one heck of a ride!" emoticon I'm pretty sure that's what you are gonna say, my sweet friend!

    Cathy emoticon
    4435 days ago
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