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Sunday, June 07, 2009

In an attempt to understand and identify myself, and having a lot of time on my hands, I've been doing a lot of searching and reading. Today, I came across an article titled, Description of the 4 Primary Temperaments by John T. Cocoris, Th.M., Psy.D. This is an excerpt from that article:

The Melancholy is an introverted, logical, analytical, factual, private, lets-do-it-right person. Melancholies respond to others in a slow, cautious and indirect manner. Melancholies are reserved and suspicious until sure of your intentions. The Melancholy probe for the "hidden meaning" behind your words. They are timid and may appear unsure and have a serious expression. They are self-sacrificing, gifted and they tend to be a perfectionist. Melancholies are very sensitive to what others think about their work. The Melancholy is well organized; on occasion you may find a Melancholy that keeps things cluttered, however, they know what’s in the piles. The Melancholy is determined to make the right and best decision. Melancholies will ask specific questions and sometimes they will ask the same question again and again. The Melancholy needs reassurance, feedback and reasons why they should do something. They need information, time to think and a plan. The Melancholy fears taking a risk, making a wrong decision and being viewed as incompetent. Melancholies tend to have a negative attitude toward something new until they have had time to think it over. Melancholies are skeptical about most everything but they are creative and capable people. Melancholies tend to get bored with something once they get it figured out.

and yet more information from another website:

The Melancholy Personality Type

Personality Strengths of the Melancholy
Deep and thoughtful
Serious and purposeful
Genius prone
Talented and creative
Artistic or musical
Appreciative of beauty
Sensitive to others
As a parent, sets high standards and wants everything done right.
As a homemaker, keeps everything in order.
As an employee, schedule oriented and hard working.
A list maker and keeper.

Personality Weaknesses of the Melancholy
Easily offended
Can get too caught up in details
Doesn't do well with change.
Struggles with insecurity
Tends towards depression

When I first read the information, I felt like a light went on in my mind. And it felt as though the authors interviewed me for the articles. I'm not happy to have this personality, and I don't know how to fix it, but I'm so glad to finally know there is a reason for my neurosis. I'm sure this is the reason I only have occasional friends (go out with only a couple of times a month) and have a hard time making new friends. I'm sure when people meet me, my personality is displayed and scares people away. And that is why it is so easy for me to make friends online; the real me is only read, not seen.

Where do I go from here? Forward is the only thing that comes to mind. Guess school is back in session....time to hit the books.

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    I also feel that I have a tendency to have a melancholy personality. I can totally relate to how you feel.
    4396 days ago
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