Raccoons in our attic... tip of the iceberg!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I weighed-in yesterday at a loss... then I ate very light all day yesterday but put salsa on my salad that had gone bad without me realizing it!

I was so sick all last night... and this morning... and weighed-in with a gain! I just hope my body recovers enough to lose it + more this week!

I am really beginning to become overwhelmed again....
July painting deadlines
+ exercise/lose weight/eat healthy
+ decluttering 25 years of piles
+ home remodeling/repairing
+ yard remodeling (my husband wants me to help him build a waterfall. I'm the handyman in the house.)
+ Plus, I need to begin training for the mountain hike! I am ready to scream! I may need to decline on the mountain hike... but I need the challenge to get my butt in gear to lose this weight.

I don't know what to do or how to function-- I'm shutting down!

Last weekend, we had to get the wildlife guy out here to help us get rid of a family of raccoons living in our attic... last week and all weekend. Here's what happened:

My husband kept hearing noises up in the attic. Thinking it was birds, the wildlife guy came out and rigged our vents to let the birds out but not back in... rigged our fireplace chimney so critters no longer have access.

I saw a possum, a raccoon then a skunk go under the neighbor's deck at different times where she had some broken lattice... so she called the wildlife guy out and we caught ourselves a few scared neighborhood cats... then a racoon who was VERY hostile and aggressive in the trap.

Then three days later we learned why she was so angry... we found her three babies nested in our attic! They were only about 2 weeks old. (It's too late for baby raccoons!)

We couldn't get to the babies so we opened the vent and put peanut butter on the ledge. The next day two of the babies made it close enough to the "light" that we grabbed one, and the other came running toward us to be rescued, too!

Then, an hour later, we still heard noises and discovered one more baby. In our attempt to rescue him, he fell down between the wall boards in my studio. We had to clear everything out of the way and cut multiple holes in the wall board to rescue him. (Aaargh! Now I've got yet one more thing to repair!!!)

The baby raccoons are adorable and doing well now. A friend of mine took them in and is feeding them to get their stength back... then will take them to a wildlife rescue place:

They are adorable! But I feel sooooo badly about not knowing about them when the mother was taken away. I'm just sick about it... but It is supposed to be too late in the year for racoons to have babies.

The wildlife guy said he took her about 10 miles out into the country and there was no way to locate her at this point.

--- tip of the iceberg!-- I've got so much to do and pay for.....

Then today, someone stole all my hubcaps off my Envoy!!! I am emotionally overwhelmed and shutting down!


"What noise were they making... something's in my attic, too!"
- Answer:
The noise they made were rustling, scratching noises. We found two dead squirrels up there, too, when we rescued that last baby!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Camille!

    What a life of adventure you lead~LOL Yes I am calling it adventure...keep yourself light hearted, what is is and move forward. Do NOT let all of the things going on bog you down emotionally sans stress for it does no good.

    Coons are precious..we have a family of them in the lot next to us mingling with
    the deer, fox and occasional opossum. Glad you got the critters out and house critter proofed with a friend that is fostering until they can be handed over to rescue!

    As for hubcaps, does it fall beneath your comprehensive deductible on your auto insurance?

    B-R-E-A-T-H-E Deeply friend. Prioritize and tackle the priority list one item at a time....that is the only way it can be done and the only way you will get things accomplished without going to the funny farm! emoticon

    So you have a new commission you are working on? Is this the Smithsonian Institute's "travel trail" that you were talking about? If so KUDO's friend I am more than proud for you!!

    4384 days ago
    Wow! You certainly have your hands full! For me, the stressful times are the worst - I don't want to eat right or exercise either. But now you have us, and we can help you.

    First - breathe deeply a couple of times.
    Second - work one problem off your list.
    Third - drink a glass of water.

    Repeat. You can do it - we can help!
    4386 days ago
    They are cute, but I am glad you are being responsible and taking them to a wildlife rescue place, which BTW I like their name. We have a place called Nature's Nursery that does rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals in my area. I have dropped off a bird once, but it died.

    I personally would not want to mess with a raccoon. I had a giant opossum in my yard not too long ago. The dogs had it cornered and luckily I haven't seen it since.

    4387 days ago
    Camille - COOL babies!!!! I can TRULY relate to the stress you are under!!!! I am there too!!!! We have deer emptying our bird feeders every night!!!! Hubby goes to bed about 9PM & the deer show up about 10PM!! When they do, my furbabies start barking!!!! It is a free-for-all around here & once Hubby gets awake, he can't go back to sleep!! I really scramble to quiet them down!!!! (I wonder how many calories that burns??!!) LOL LOL!!!! Hang in there Girlfriend!!!! We can do this!!!!
    Hugzz - Jae emoticon
    4388 days ago
    CUTE BABIES, but man -- lots of stress!!! EEK! I can't believe someone stole your hubcaps -- that is so LAME. I'm sure you weren't rockin some diamond studded spinners or something! HAHA :P Stupid thieves. Anyway. Hang in there!!! *HUGS*
    4388 days ago
    It'll be okay mom. If you need help, let us know. I'll only be able to come on Sundays, but that's better than nothin'. Love you!

    ps. thought you would find this funny:
    4388 days ago
    You do have lots on your plate right now, but I am thrilled that you were able to save the babies. Raccoons are such cute animals and very intelligent, although they can get into lots of mischief! Try to relax a little, take each day one at a time, and you will make it through this busy time! Good luck! Wendy
    4388 days ago
    Oh Camille, they are so cute!
    4388 days ago
    Well, glad you were able to save the babies. What noise did they make? As we have some sort of animal in our attic or ceiling. Only hear it at night, and it sounds like it is scratching and chewing,,,,,
    Take a deep breath, and remember to take time for you every day. You've come so far and you will continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Life will always get in the way, we just need to deal with it.
    4388 days ago
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