Monday, June 15, 2009

I don't know where everyone is. No one is doing and motivating gone on the teams, All everyone is doing is the little 1 or 2 word questions. No one is asking for help or wanting to chat anymore. I am on about 30 teams that I love to chat on but no one is posting. You would think that with as many teams that I am on that I wound be so busy chatting and helping people, but all I am doing is answering little questions, and they are the same questions all the time. I like to talk to people and meet people but there is no one to talk to. I am getting a little bored lately. Since I was named motivator of the day a few days ago i have those people the write to because I am going to write to everyone that wrote me or made me their friends, but as for e-mails there is nothing interesting going on. What is the matter with the site lately? Hope I get some members to start chatting again.

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    The HUGE culprit these days has been the lack of e-mail notices of Spark message threads which have been started or replied to.

    Sit tight...SP Techies are hard at work to get this snafu worked out.

    In the meantime, rather than waiting for stuff to happen, I've been trying to jump out there and start some message threads myself.

    4078 days ago
    I like to correspond too, but it seems like the site is a bit slower lately. It could be my computer, I'm not sure. I exercise in the am, but by the time I get my exercise in it is way past noon. Sometimes I have a doctor appointment, or errands to do & the day is shot. Then I do my sparkin on the computer, then housework & cooking. I have a full day just doing these everyday things. How about you?
    4079 days ago
    I have only been here since October 2009 and activity seems very high during the traditional academic year. I am guessing that some April, May, June and all the summer and early fall months, many spark people will be outdoors soaking up the sun and participating in outdoor activities. Maybe that is the reason why. I know right now as I get more involved in community activities, it will be a challenge to balance spark activities with community activities. Hugs to my new friend. emoticon
    4079 days ago
    I just want to add Spark is not working well. Not sure if it is my computer or Spark site, but it takes me hours to do things that should take minutes. My exercise blog took over an hour today b/c it was lost, etc. I tend to give up when there is trouble with the site since I could be doing other things instead of getting frustrated with the site.
    4300 days ago
    Hi Sharon,

    I agree with everyone else. People are busy in the summer taking care of kids, going away, entertaining, etc. Health problems kept me from spending time on the computer. I was so heart wrenching tired from my thyroid being off, all I could manage was to eat and sleep. Now that I feel a little better, I am trying to limit my time on the computer so I can catch up things I let go. Some days all I can manage is to log my food and exercise to bring to my doctor.

    Would love to chat when I am on line. emoticon
    4300 days ago
  • KARRI28
    I've noticed the same thing. Maybe everyone is on vacation or caught up in the summer fun. I hope it gets active again!!I'm still around if you'd like chat!
    4343 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2361197
    Sharon, I did noticed our team has been slow everyone is outside doing there thing and I would love to chat with you and see what is up with you and how you are doing, if you have any suggestions for our team let me own i am always open to new ideas and I do love to chat with the team members i noticed we get new members i try to encourage them on there page there mail some join and dont do anything. my other teams are slow also every one is having a garden wish i did and doing there own things since its nice out. I am on here most days if you want to chat. congrads on being motivator of the day, i didnt know that. I am here for you and you always been very active on the team we are on. and i appreciate it very much. so mail me i will answer you if you have any ideas for the team,suggestions. I am here for the members. take care and emoticon
    4344 days ago
    Sharon, I have to agree with you. The posting is definitely down. I think partly due to the time of the year. everyone is outside doing other things. But the chat has certainly taken a toll too. I am hoping that once the novelty wears off. we will see more activity again. All those of us who hang around the threads can do is hang in there and respond to each others needs.
    Herer is hoping we get back to "normal" soon!

    4344 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3647960
    hi sharon ;
    you are right hopefuly we can get back in the spirt of things. and yes that new chat line has
    cost us as they just talk on there. but i still like to tune in to our teams to suport and be suppored.
    4344 days ago
  • SHERRY666
    I know exactly how you feel................... I just mentioned the other day how much our team threads have slowed down.......... I suppose a lot of people are gone for the summer.............. Or finding things they have to do......... I am on line daily.......... and I have noticed how slow our threads have been........... it might have something to do with the new instant messaging....... A lot of member are chatting there............ Let's hope it picks up............ And congratulations on being picked for motivator........ that is great............... Hang in there Sharon........... Not all is lost............ emoticon
    4345 days ago
    Lot of people might be off this week w/ graduations, etc???

    4345 days ago
    sorry I am so busy. I am on line today and catching up on teams and blogs. How are you?? I just had my husbands family reunion 66 people and just so tired. I am still doing cardio daily and strength training emoticon
    4345 days ago
  • no profile photo CD616459
    Summer has a lot of people away. I was so busy just haven't had as much time as usual on the computer then have to share in the evening with hubby. Things have been quiet on my groups too.
    4345 days ago
    hi, sharon!!! it is summer--everyone is busy being busy. I like to walk on my good days, and sit out in the sunshine when i cannot walk well. today it is rainy here in nj, so i am on the puter. i dont have a laptop, so some days i only check in to track my nutrition and fitness. visit my sp, i am happy to chat!!! have a wonderful day in the Lord! emoticon emoticon
    4345 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/16/2009 11:29:34 AM
  • MOGAL1946
    I think with Summer here everyone is out & about! Kids & grandkids are involved in softball and other sports and I know in this household after working all day then hitting the ball fields either for practice or games plus trying to keep up with the normal household chores it leaves very little time for the computer. I'm lucky in that my job is such that I can check in now & then during the day. Hang in there and keeps chatting & blogging as it keeps us motivated even if there is no response. A lot of members like to just read what others have posted and never respond, so you never know, you may have sparked someone with your words!
    4345 days ago
    Every group has a shelf amount of time which it's going to be a cool group before it begins to die off. For some groups their shelf lives are years and years, for others they may only be a few days. Sometimes you can inject some new life into a group with some new posting, some new members, and so on....and sometimes nothing you do seems to help. I don't know if it's the whole site or just some groups, but hang in there -- things will pick back up eventually!
    Another thing to keep in mind is the time of year. For many of us our children are just finishing up their school years, many of the college students have finished their finals and gone home where they may have different access when it comes to the internet, or their parents can't seem to get online anymore because now that their kids are home who can get near the computer? ;-) Add in that the weather is nice, time to go camping, go to the beach, go outdoors and play some sports, mow the lawn, weed the garden, or just lie in the sun and read a good book. That's probably a lot of it, too.

    4345 days ago
  • CAROLYN0107
    Hi Sharon,
    I too have noticed that people don't chat as often as they did. I have a problem chatting while in the States because I am on dial up internet. I think that the blogs are a good thing though since people from all of my teams can check out my blog and read the same blog entry. When I travel or have limited time on the computer I think that blogging is one way to keep in contact.
    I'm sure enjoying being on TOPS again as I joined for this six months that I am in the States.
    4345 days ago
  • -WISPY-
    Well I enjoy chatting on the Teams too. Blogging is different, so it is sad if that is the case. I know some people blog who never post on teams which is a great shame.

    Also this new on line chat thing may take even more people away from posting on the boards.

    To me the chatting in Groups is the life and soul of Spark People.

    Hugs Wispy.
    4345 days ago
    i don't know where everybody is certainly there are a multitude of people joining but you see them once and they sort of disappear and i am hunting down members of my teams and posting on their pages and trying to get them back in the threads and even tried livening up some that were just hanging in there especially on the diabetic sites as we know diabetes never goes away you got it you got it so let's figure out a way to make it better i believe it is the summer also and many are off with their families and probably off their healthy eating and too embarrassed to admit it and some are just overwhelmed for what ever reason but i am still around and working those pages for sure so here i am sharon
    hugs mary emoticon
    4345 days ago
    I'm sorry you're feeling neglected! So am I because I've noticed the same thing. In fact I thought you hadn't posted on the Sleep Apnea threads for a while other than the log-in points thread. I never heard whether your battery of tests had any positive results as far as identifying your problem goes. Our team has several new members, but some of the members from farther back just rarely post any more. I do think the blogs are taking away from the thread posts for some reason. Don't get discouraged! We ARE here for you! emoticon
    4345 days ago
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