I should be thankful I've got my health, right!?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I apologize for being such a horrible SparkFriend during this past year.

I'm still time-challenged with trying to optimize my painting website so new business can find me, researching subjects for new paintings due July 10th (yikes!), exercise training for my hike... then there's all the problems with the decluttering, the home repairs, the holes in the walls from the raccoon rescue, the stolen hub caps...

Now someone has smashed into the front of my car -- a hit and run! No one saw anything!

I'm eating healthy and working out like a mad woman... yet still gaining weight each week. Okay, it's mere ounces each week, but I continue gaining!

I just want to cry!

This week, my goals are to eliminate carbs as much as possible. I've always known I can't eat like everyone else, but I really, really want to. I eat things like grilled chicken, steamed corn, steamed green beans and whole grain rice in correct portions... and still gain weight. For most people, this IS healthy and will get that weight pouring off your body.

For me, this is too many carbs and I've got to eat even more plainly -- cut back sodium and carbs drastically to see that scale move again. I know I'll be rewarded again when I do... but it's no fun to have to live like this.

Stupid body! I should be thankful I've got my health, right!?

Okay, okay... it's all in the attitude, right?! So, this life of "adventure" is going to begin going toward positive results! The only one who can stop me is ME, and I can take her!
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  • JESSIE_130
    Hi Camille.

    Take a deep breath (or two).

    Change is difficult.
    Master one small change at a time and you will succeed.

    Our habits are hard to break.
    A Sparky article mentioned that it takes several weeks to create a new habit. That's a lot less time than we've been living with our old habits... we can do this!
    I balance my nutrition every day. If I don't have time to log on to Sparky, I keep a scrap of paper in my pocket or purse and write down what I'm eating - it helps me to STOP and think about balanced nutrition.

    It's all about today.
    Don't focus on tomorrow or what happened yesterday.
    This is a tough lesson for me to learn. I'm very visual and detailed - a perfectionist - and love to have everything scheduled and planned. Letting go of yesterday is difficult.

    I love carbs, too!
    I have carbs at breakfast and lunch. If I'm getting close to my carb limit, I avoid them at dinner.
    I found that I was not eating enough protein - did you experience that too? One of my Sparky goals is to eat two protein servings a day to balance the carbs.
    I'm also avoiding carb overload by sticking to fruits or veggies whenever I want to snack.

    Enjoy everything that you eat.
    If it's a high caloric, high fat item that I crave - I eat a half or quarter serving and balance it with healthier choices.

    You're building muscle.
    With all the wonderful exercise and activity that you've added to your week, you are building muscle mass. This may cause a slight increase in weight. Muscle mass will help to increase your metabolism. A great thing!

    Stick with it... I'm here if you need encouragement and support.
    4359 days ago
    Stress is my guess. Stress adds weight. Stress also can cause inflammation which also means weight gain. Keep stressin' and you won't be healthy for long. Managing our time, staying in the moment, moderation in all things, letting go, staying active as much as possible -- too much pressure to "do it right", to "do it all right now" and to "be it all" don't get us as far as we'd like to think. When you're wanting to just cry - you're doing it wrong. Follow your instincts. Get back to enjoyment, satisfaction and contentment. You'll keep your health. I'm thinking of you!
    4372 days ago
    love you mom! see you tomorrow & everything will get better.
    4372 days ago
    Camille if there's anyone that is an inspirational motivator it's you! You always have the right words to say at just the right time. You keep many of us thinking rationally when we are ready to throw in the towel. So you go ahead and vent. You deserve some venting time with all that you do.

    I agree with the other comments, when's the last time you went in and had complete bloodwork ran? It might be thyroid, and it might be something else.

    I'm just like you. I can eat the "right" way and still gain. My doc said to add more protein. Have you tried that?

    Stress doesn't help either and from your blog it seems that you've been under quite a bit lately. Take some you time out.
    4377 days ago
    I too thought about thyroid - often turns out to be the cause of unexplained weight loss.

    But, I too can sympathize with incomprehensible weight loss and your "stupid body!" exclamation.

    I have in the past used the "stupid body" excuse to fall of the wagon and land in all my make-me-feel-better junk food. In the last few months I have taken to hanging in there and skipping a day of weighing myself and the weight does come off (far too slowly, but it is going...)

    Hang in there and good luck!
    4378 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/26/2009 12:53:46 AM
    Have you ever had your thyroid checked??? This could be the reason you can't lose, keep gaining.
    4378 days ago
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