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Monday, July 20, 2009

Motivation. Some others words used for it might be: stimulation, provacation, etc. Whatever word you use, it triggers that desire in you to be better, to achieve that goal that you KNOW you can achieve.

For some reason, what time I've been on Spark this morning, I've seen the word "Motivation" a number of times. That got me to thinking...What motivates me? Why have I even started this better-lifestyle journey?

First, I want to be able to live a longer life. My dad and mom both died of heart disease, and right now I'm on 3 blood pressure medicines. I'm also borderline diabetic. If a change of lifestyle can help these problems, then I'd be stupid not to do it. I have a wonderful husband and daughter that I don't want to miss a minute with! Leaving them behind to live a life without me is unthinkable!

A few years ago, when I walked down the street, inevitably I'd have at least one man to look twice. Now, if he looks twice, its probably because he can't believe how large that woman is! I miss him looking twice for the RIGHT reason!

Clothes are a nightmare. Can't find anything short enough; if I shop in the petite section, the sizes only go to about 16 or so. I WANT TO FIND THE CLOTHES THAT I LIKE TO WEAR! Cute things, not something that screams "Fat, Old Woman!"

When I see an old boyfriend, I want him to think, "Wow, look what I missed out on!" I want him to wish he'd pursued me a little harder (even though I'm happily married). I want him to think about me and ponder on what might have been!

I want to be able to walk up stairs without having to rest. I want to be able to walk a trail at the State Park, and keep up with everyone else. I want to hike the mountain behind my house, without having to take my time. I want to RUN up it!

All this is my motivation. What's yours?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Kat,
    Now, I don't want to say that I got a great "laugh" from your blog here, but truthfully, I did as I feel exactly the same way.
    Wishing that a man would look twice at me when I walk down the street and think, "Wow, look at that chick"!! But, the closest I come to that is from King James of our "Royal Court"! And, you know what that is the best.
    To know that as I walk down the street, he is thinking, this is my wife and you can't have her==no matter how I look!!
    Jim adores me and that is all I can ask for but you know what, that high school reunion comes up and no matter what our husbands feel about us, we always want to show those other girls that hey, I might not have been all that in school but look at me now!!
    It doesn't matter what I write, I know what you feel and most of us feel the same way.
    Now, what are we really going to do to get to that goal? It can't be what we have been doing in the past as obviously, that didn't work for us!! Right?
    Now, I have been reading a lot of articles on "motivation", too and now we need to concentrate on putting those articles into practice.
    Let's do this together and lean on each other---in a positive way, my friend. How exciting to celebrate together.
    Cruise, anyone with one sexy bathing suit and a wonderful gown for that "captain's dinner"???
    I am thinking of you!!
    Peace, love and blessings,
    4348 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    You know, you can do anything you set your mind to. Print this blog out and post it on your refrigerator and refer to it in times of weakness. Take things day by day and remember that we are not on a time schedule. It truly takes time to develop a healthier lifestyle. I like to set a small goal for myself each week. It keeps me on track and makes the journey seem less overwhelming.

    You can do this!

    4380 days ago
    It's good to re-examine the things that motivate us. Today I read articles on SP about motivation hoping that would help me get my mind in gear. They didn't help that much. But your blog made me realize I need to re-read why I started this journey to begin with to help inspire me to do what I have to do.
    I was on vacation with family and we eat. And eat. And eat. Now, I'm back home and I need to track what I eat again. I have to reassess my reasons for being on Spark People.
    4383 days ago
    This blog was great Kat! thanks for posting it, my motivation is like someone mentioned, my spark friends and family. We are all here for each other and someone always is there to motivate us. You will be the woman you were b-4, you have a great attitude and seems to me like you are one determined Diva! I have faith in you , good luck Love Ann. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4388 days ago
    This is great, Kat. I think we all need to re-visit our motivations often. We have to keep them fresh and in-mind so we can focus on the long-term reward and not be tempted by the very short-term reward and long-term displeasure that unhealthy eating gives us!
    4390 days ago
    Great Blog!!!! My motivation are my sparkfriends! I need them and they need me.
    Good luck !!!

    4390 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2767107
    Kat, great blog! Obviously, one of the things that motivate me are my spark friends and reading their uplifting blogs. My weight loss has been slow moving but at least I'm still trying. We will get there, we just have to keep trying and supporting each other.
    4390 days ago
    Great blog! What motivational reasons to stay the course! You can do this, Kat!! And you have a lot of wonderful folks here taking the journey with you who are willing to help you when the going gets tough. Sooooo glad we're on this journey together!

    Cathy emoticon
    4391 days ago
  • no profile photo TREASUREDANGEL
    Kat you will get there at that point! remember that you are beautiful. True beauty starts from the inside out! Look in the mirror and see what I see! Your true beauty glowing from the inside out!

    You will reach your goal, just have patience. When you do you will be more beautiful than what you are right now!

    Keep up the grerat work! You are worth all the hard work it takes! Think of all the time it took you to put on the weight. You can't take it off in a jiffy, it's takes time!

    Be kind to yourself . As long as you are moving forward that's what counts!


    4391 days ago
    emoticon Great blog, Kat! I have a lot of the same motivations as you do! I sometimes wonder if my wanting this now is my "mid-life crisis" if it is... I love it and will celebrate it! You go girl, and I can't wait for the blog where you right about the man looking twice for the right reasons! It will happen girl, and you will love it! emoticon emoticon emoticon Just think how great victory will feel! Ooohh-la-la for Kat!
    4391 days ago
    emoticon blog Kat!! We're all in this together for all the same reasons. My motivation is all of my wonderful Spark friends like you! emoticon Knowing that I have so many wonderful people on my side to support me and go through this ongoing battle right alongside me is so nice! Stay strong and you will overcome your battle with weight loss. I'm here if you ever need me! emoticon for always being such a GREAT emoticon !!! emoticon emoticon Love you, Jen
    4391 days ago
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