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Sunday, July 26, 2009

He slept on the floor. He swears she just text him this week and called him last Sunday and that there was nothing prior. In the midst of everything his phne got broken last night. Not because of anything I did really. The screen was already coming off cause the screw or something had snapped on the flip up part. And I moved it around too fast and it snapped. Really it serves him right. Except that I was in the middle of texting the tramp that is trying to ruin my marriage. Oh well. I am not sure what I want him to do. I mean I want him to leave. You should have seen his attitude!! It was like I was an idiot and he was mr. perfect. He tried to tell me that it was nothing and he didnt tell me cause he knew I would get all upset over nothing. It is something though. HE cheated on me with this woman a year and a half ago. He should NOT be talking to her!! At all! I told him this. He acted like he would rather just leave than deal with it. He told me it wouldnt matter, that his life couldnt get any worse. Of course he says his life is soooo bad. I told him if his attitude wasnt so sh!tty that maybe it would get better. Yeah we live with my parents. Yeah we are drowning in debt. Yeah we cant seem to figure out how to get back ahead. Yeah he has a job that over works him. Yeah we barely see each other. I get it. I know all this. But I choose to be grateful for the roof we have over our heads. We may not be ahead but we are able to feed our family. We may be in debt but we have vehicles t get us to the jobs we arent so fond of. He may have the worst job but he has a job and it has insurance. But seriously, he NEEDS another job. I dont know what to do at all. I could choose to have faith that something will work and let him stay. I could choose to believe it will never change and let him leave. Or I can choose to do nothing at this point. Well, the baby is crying so I have to go.
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    I agree. He should have no contact with this woman and should ignore her contacts.
    4342 days ago
    Whatever decision you make, it will be the right one for you, right now. Only time can tell how things will work out, whether you are going through a tough time with your man, that you will get through, or if it is the end of a relationship. Whatever happens, whatever you decide, make sure you will be happy to live with that decision. There is no right or wrong answer to what to do, we can only do our best and try to live happily by our decisions. Good luck! By the way, I have a bf, father of my kids, that I know has exchanged texts with his ex. It drove me mad for a while as they were flirty, but in the end I had to decide whether or not I thought he was cheating or not and then decide if I was happy to live day to day in my relationship. For me, I trust that he is not actually doing anything (but who knows for sure?!) and I am happy with my relationship, so i sort of know where you are coming from. I guess what matters is - do you trust him, do you believe him, do you want to be with him, are you happy with him, do you think he is happy with you? Again there is no easy answer, give yourself time to think things over whatever you decide to do!!

    4342 days ago
    You know I'm with you and admire your spunk! emoticon
    4342 days ago
    good luck in whatever decision you make. sorry you are going through such a hard time.
    4343 days ago
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