Why You're Still Hungry After Some Meals . . . blame this particular fat.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I received this from MSN health & fitness:

Why you're still hungry after some meals. If you're still hungry after some meals, blame this particular fat:

That fatty bacon cheeseburger may be loaded with calories, but at least it stomps out your hunger. Right?

Not necessarily. Compared to low-fat meals with the same number of calories, meals that are basically fat fiestas do an odd thing: The saturated fats in them make your body release less leptin, a hormone designed to turn off appetite. Saturated fats are the belly-bulgers and artery-agers found in fats that come from four-legged sources: high-fat red meats, butter, full-fat cheeses and other whole-milk products. (Trans fats are just as bad, by the way.) Sat fats are rarely found in plant foods, with two vital exceptions: palm and coconut oils.

To help your body release leptin, which is stored in fat cells (See? You knew they were good for something.), you need to eat healthful unsaturated fats. Find them in nuts (especially walnuts), seeds, olives, avocados, most vegetable oils (especially canola), many fish and even algae (or DHA omega-3 supplements made from algae). You don't want to avoid fat altogether: You need it to maintain your energy, absorb certain nutrients, and repair tissue. And moderate amounts of healthy fat are associated with a decreased risk of heart disease.

You also want to help leptin do its No. 1 job: Telling you, "You're not hungry anymore." So in addition to avoiding sat fat, adopt these waist protectors:

• Watch your alcohol intake. It inhibits leptin, even as it disinhibits dancing on the table or phoning your ex.

• Walk 30 minutes every day and build a little muscle. Sometimes, leptin doesn't work the way it's supposed to and your cells stop responding to its messages. When you trim down, your cells become more sensitive to leptin again.

Sparks Nutrition constantly tells me that I am not eating enough fat. So I guess I need to start eating some nuts. Perhaps this change will help me remove some fat! Hmmmm . . . yet another thing to try . . .
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This does explain the mystery of why after a big steak dinner with baked potato and Caesar salad I am hungry again way too soon! Thanks for posting this!! I am usually careful to get in my two teaspoons of good oil (flax or olive) daily and believe that does help.
    4360 days ago
  • JURI62
    This is good info, thanks
    4362 days ago
    Today Yahoo News had an article about obesity and our brains. The article said that doctors now know that the brain in an obese person is a lot older and damaged than the brain of someone who is not obese. Wow, nothing good about being overweight is it.

    Thanks for sharing the article. That is so interesting. Got to watch my sat. fats and start eating nuts.
    4362 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. It explains why I NEVER have just 1 oz of potato chips!
    4362 days ago
  • KLH456
    I try to eat more fat and like getting it from nuts but I don't always get to do it. Like you I also have to try harder to get the right amount of good fats each day.

    Keep trying! The change is worth the effort.
    4362 days ago
  • SHYMOM101
    This explains a lot to me. I discovered by accident that drinking small amounts of olive oil cured me of binge eating and took away my carb and sugar cravings. Seven months ago I would have described myself as having an eating disorder. I could not keep anything in my home that would tempt me. Now I never worry about what's around. I'm just not tempted.
    This might explain my experience. I thought it was probably something to do with leptin.

    Now if I could just get my thyroid to cooperate, maybe I could get some of this saturated fat off my butt. HAHA!

    Great Info. Thanks Toni
    4362 days ago
    Getting enough fat is tough for me too. I've started eating full fat cheese once in a while, like 3/4 oz, but I guess that isn't what I should be eating! I love almonds so I think that is the way to go!

    Thanks for posting this article.
    4362 days ago
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