So Excited!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

OK so we went to visit my parents last night (they hadn't seen the Peanut Monster for almost a month! My mom, dad, and grandma all noticed the difference. Mom decided that when Marc took Peanut home that we need to check out the sale they had at Old Navy. I told her "Mama, you know i havn't been able to wear Old Navy clothes since I first started college, Right?" Needless to say, we went anyway, if nothing else than just for a girls night out and about. We found a bunch on clearance and their jeans were all on sale for $19 so i picked up a few pairs in size 20 (keep in mind i was not very hopeful because they tend to run on the small side there, at least for me) So we go to the dressing rooms to try stuff on....

I ran out of the room almost screaming in excitement to my Mom and said MOM THEY'RE TOO BIG!!!!!!! i started doing a mini dance right there much to the dismay of the other shoppers! lol. I fit into size 18's for the first time in about 7 years!!!! Some of the XXL shirts were also too big. Talk about a motivation booster!!!!!
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