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Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a great thing, having a job in this economy. I lost mine back in February when the store I was working for closed down, and was scared for a long time I would never find one again.

All that changed last month when I was re-hired by a former employer; thank god for that great work record! It inspired me to re-start my program. Again. Sigh.

But unlike the past few tries, this one has stuck for a month. I've managed to eat very healthy and appropriately for the past month, and my reward is an 11 lb loss. YAY!

Now, the hard part. While my eating got out of control during my time off, my exercise pattern became regular again. Walks most every day and the gym as well. But now that I'm at work 50-70 hours a week (mostly 50 now, 70 will start in January) I find it VERY hard to stabilize my exercise and still find time with my family.

Ideally we would work out together, killing two birds with one stone. But my husband already has a physical job; the last thing he wants to come home and do is move more. And dear daughter gets her kicks, literally, from Karate (as well as tennis and other activities). By the time I get home, it's homework, family time and bed time. In that order.

So how do you do it? I've thought about mornings, but I already get up between 5 and 5:30 on a NORMAL day; I can't part with much more sleep. My job requires me to look professional at all times, so being a sweaty mess after lunch isn't going to cut it, either.

HELP!! I'm doing so well but could do better.

Any advice?

Workout Wanna-be

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    Thanks ladies for the advice - as with all things, if you want it bad enough you will find a way to make it happen. I just need to want it more I guess!

    I will look into the quickfire challenge, Nikki; thanks for the heads-up!

    4295 days ago
  • MAFV60
    It's so hard to find a happy medium isn't it? That quickfire things sounds cool, I will go and check that out. I feel your pain on getting up earlier, I myself get up @ 5:30am and would not be able to get up earlier to exercise either. Why don't you plan to do longer walks on your days off. that is what i do. Bravo on the 11 lbs. Mary Alice
    4296 days ago
    Sign up for the Quickfire Challenge team. It's exercises you can do in your office and generally you will not get sweaty. You have to commit to it. I've been known to be doing things in wrap dresses, pencil skirts and the like. Ideally some days you can look at tomorrow's planned QF the night before and dress better then if you wait till you get to work and look. Today's is Windmill lunges and seated leg extensions. This is a good start and it's 7 days a week. They are meant to get your metabolism up during the day as you sit in front of that computer. I've done some in the bathroom before on potty breaks. You probably already know all about this one.

    Exercising right before bed is risky because of waking you up. But perhaps a few strength exercises wouldn't be too bad....

    Now for the cardio. I don't know what to tell you there. I too get up at 5 am. I still haven't gotten up early to do what I need to do and get it over with. I'm fortunate that my new job I am really just working 40 hours and that is it. So I don't have to take too much time away from lil' bit. I guess if I were in your shoes I would make myself get up two days a week and weekends would be a must for cardio days.

    I'm very happy you got a job. I was a little sorry for you last night when I read you email and you were working so many hours. I remember that and I have to say that is one good thing about this job that I'm happy for. Less hours and less stress.

    Good luck. I know you are busy but it sure is nice to see you around SP some!

    4296 days ago
    First rule of life's craziness is "be patient with yourself". Second rule is, if you really want something, be creative in how to get it.

    I'm having a crazy week myself, and something has to give: one thing you can do is examine your goals for the week and adjust them. You've been doing 7 days a week without the job... can you do three or four with it? You've been going to the gym to workout? Is there a way to do some of that workout at home, saving the travel time, and still "being" around your family? Resistance band workout while watching TV with the family?

    Whatever you choose to do, rejoice in what you're able to fit in, and remember: you're worth it!

    emoticon And by the way, congrats on the job!
    4296 days ago
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