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Friday, September 18, 2009

I was going to post this on my FF teams Challenge thread and decided I needed to blog instead. The Challenge thread has really been awesome for me these past few weeks. I am doing well and I am hoping not to be a discouragement to my freinds in their success with the challenge.

Here is the type of thinking/doing I need to control.

Just got back from an awesome hard and fast bike ride. Burned extra cals already for the week than planned, so I should indulge in a few beers after the game right??? Even though it will be around 9 and I could make it thru the rest of the day without them.

OR if I am close to my cal range or over, it's okay to eat 4 pieces of pizza or a plate of nachos. I'll just work it off tomorrow.

That is what get's me. Heck I wouldn't have to work out so hard (even though I enjoy it most of the time) if I didn't feel the need to binge at least once on the weekend.

AND sometimes I hold off on the majority of my calorie intake till later in the day on the weekends just cause I figure we will eat something not as healthy as during the week. I know that doesn't help my metab and such.

Those are the things I am thinking that are keeping my last few pounds from going away. HAHA! Hey I starting to think I must be at my 'right weight' for me at this time in my life and I need to get over it.

Then I fear.....I'll just throw all caution out the window and pack back on the pounds from living vicariously.

I already hear Neeners telling me I am overanalyzing and spending too much thought on this stuff. Like she told Jenn sometimes you need to just cut yourself some slack and ease up a bit and POOF, things start working again.
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    Steph, We all do what you are doing. You looked awesome during our visit to Nebraska so you are doing something right. I think we are all guilty of saving our calories for somethong we love, rather it be pizza, beer, wine or chocolate.

    I'm happy the challenge is keeping you in check though! You have really excelled at this one.
    4326 days ago
    I haven't read the other post yet but wanted to write without influence first lol

    Steph I sure know what you mean about starting to accept your body and weight at this time in your life because I go through that every single day. I truly think we have to continue to stay on the path of health and fitness here, with at the same time accepting our changing bodies. I know that is really hard because we want to have the same results from all the hard work like we did in our 30's. I really want to break free of the "I did it before and looked great feelings" I want to have a better attitude like, "I will continue my fitness and nutrition program so I can look and feel great today!" Yesterday is gone we can't bring it back but we can keep keeping on to have a healthy life.

    About the giving yourself excuses to eat more food or unhealthy food because you are already over your calories is my problem too. So I can't be much help there but try to keep in your mind that when you have those powerful workout days that they can send the scale down pretty quick. Keep that thought in your mind and power through those days. If you have had a great week then really you can have a few beers or some high calorie food once a week. But having a Cheat day only worked for me if I was really in the zone the other 6 days.

    Just be kind to your mind and you will get off the few pounds you want too.
    4328 days ago
    Thanks for the comments and input friends! Sometimes, I am sure we all do at times, feel all alone in our strifes with such stuff. Getting it out helps and sharing. :)
    4328 days ago
    OMGOSH, Steph, I think you and I were separated at birth. I do ALL of that stuff. I know weekends are hard for everyone, but I approach them the same way you do.

    I hear Nina too. I had an SP friend once ask me if I planned to indulge a little (this was right before Thanksgiving last year). I said, yes, I'm not going to over do it, and I'm going to get up and work out really hard that morning and go for a long walk with my sister...but I am GOING to indulge a little.

    Well, she said, "I'm not". I'm going to focus on the time I am spending with family instead of making the event all about the food. At first it irritated me because she came off as pompus...but then I understood.

    I don't claim to know how to turn that focus around overnight...but I have been working on taking food/alcohol out of the focus of my daily activities. I enjoy it so much that I plan around it like you do...but really I enjoy activity, friends and family more.
    4328 days ago
    ;) not hard to figure out why we're all such good friends! much in common.

    For me STEPH, it always goes back to finding that balance between the things I enjoy that I've determined are "okay" (for me), occasionally, but not allowing myself to be so "lax" I lose control and "give in" to that more often than not. I too ask the question often, is this the "best" I can be, all things considered.

    From my point of view, you eat well the majority of the time and the need ("for speed") LOL (to be active) is part of your DNA; you'll continue to keep the fires burning and take good care of yourself. But trust me, I hear ya!

    AND b/t/w, you're way less mental than me!! Now there!! Don't you feel all better LOL
    4329 days ago
    Kneens, your the greatest!
    4329 days ago
    Moi? You can hear me? LOLOL COOLIO! But that's not what I would've said this time (another time, yup!)

    How 'bout this instead?
    I HEAR YOU!!!!!

    This is what I'm focusing on these days, too. And I'm finding that if I focus on ME instead of on - how do I explain this? - the situation? the fun? - but I don't NOT have fun so that's not exactly it... Well, take for instance what I've been doing all this week... Instead of eating what Matthew and Shelby do for dinner, I tweak it just enough (or completely if I have to) so that it's what I want/need. I'm swearing off pizza for the short-term until I see what my bod does. I'm eating a LOT of potatoes for/with my dinners. I'm trying to not do that eat less during the day to save cals for dinners and beers thing (yeah, I'm WAYYYY guilty of that too). I'm focusing BIG TIME on ticking off those challenge boxes/points.

    But mostly? I'm figuring on being around for a long time yet so that we - you and me! - can have a ball 20 years from now hiking over a mountain or sledding at your cabin or hanging on a beach in Tahiti (I WILL GET THERE SOMEDAY!) I'll be super honest here... I don't see Matthew making it that long. Not with his current habits... Sad, but there you have it. I can't make him change and I won't even try. He's improved his health a LOT since we started dating, but he's still got a LOT to change in order to not be so at risk.

    Enough about him! Sheesh. Man, so you do that too, huh? I over-analyze stuff to DEATH. I drive myself nuts with it sometimes. I think that's one of the reasons I love being up in the mountains so much. What's to analyze? You just put one foot in front of the other, take deep breaths of clean air and ENJOY THE VIEW!

    I love you, woman! We'll figure this all out and show 'em all!!
    4331 days ago
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