Flooding, the GYN and a Screw in my Tire, thank god I have a sense of humor!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I have quite a few personality traits that are less than desirable; I'm not gonna list them here because I want you guys to all still like me. One of my saving graces that allows me to keep my friends is my ability to laugh at let me tell you what has transpired in the last 24 hours in my world.

I really thought I had earned a little karmic reward for the selfless yard work of last weekend but it seems the universe was determined to have a few laughs at my expense after all. In the last 24 hours, my house has flooded, a trip to the "lady doctor", and my tire has needed repair. Seriously? Really? We couldn't have spaced these out a bit? I'm not being greedy but maybe only one of these in a day or perhaps spread them out over a week's time?

One of my closest friends is flying cross country to come visit, her flight lands in just about an hour and it's the first time I've seen her since I moved and I'm pretty excited to see her. Naturally I wanted my house to look nice. Yeah, the Fates noticed and the b!tches were about to play havoc. I went to bed nice and early on Wednesday night to prep for my day of cleaning and the unfortunate trip I had to make to the GYN for my annual pap. I hit the sack at 9 only to be awoken around midnight by the SO saying "Jess, I need your help" He doesn't get wound up often so I sprang up and bolted out of bed to find that 95% of my house was under 2" of water. Ugh. Seems the toilet had been running for HOURS and the previous celebration of my son pooing in the potty had turned ugly... we got it cleaned up and went to bed well into the next day.

The appointment at the GYN was scheduled for 7:30 in the morning, I drug myself out of the bed I had only left a few hours earlier to shower and drive over to the doc's. By the time I get there, my low tire pressure indicator light had come on. Yeah. Investigation lead to the discovery of a screw lodged in there. The actual appointment was the delight that it always is *sarcasm drips* Nothing like a metal crank inserted in your bits followed by a wee bit of scraping first thing in the morning.

I just had to laugh at the alignment of the stars that would set this kind of day up for me. I ended up in a really great mood by the end of the day. Really I was chuckling all day :) It helps to remember that at least I have a house to live in and health insurance to cover my horrible appointments and the money to pay for my tires.

Also I took a nap. This helped with the humor, I'm fairly sure.

My house is dry and clean, my hoo-hoo is safe for another year and that annoying light is gone.
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    Seriously, that Fate person can be a real beotch! But you do have a wonderful sense of humor :) I'm glad there were two of you to clean it up and that the house is completely dry now! That toilette better not do that again or D will have to pay it an a$$ kicking visit!

    I laughed when I cracked my windshield a few months ago changing the wiper blades - I cackled really and a woman walking by stared at me, then inched her way around me with a look of fear on her face. I laughed harder and thought that of everyone I knew you'd appreciate why I was laughing :)

    Thank goodness the lady doc appointments are only once or twice a year!!!!

    IMCONFESSIN - THAT was good sh%t right there lol
    4325 days ago
    haha I laughed with you reading this blog, and then I laughed even harder when I saw IMCONFESSIN's comment.

    thanks for the smile. emoticon
    4326 days ago
    It sounds like a match game in Highlights magazine.

    A) House
    B) Hoo hoo
    C) Tire

    1) Screw
    2) Water
    3) Metal Crank
    4326 days ago
    i am inpressede at you great attitude...after that i would be flustered and easily agrivated....
    4326 days ago


    4326 days ago
    UGH! Sounds like not so much fun....
    4326 days ago
  • NURSE333
    4326 days ago
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